Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Motorsports three Card Monty. Is IndyCar playing with Fire?

And when will the Dragon’s Flame finally “burn” Somebody?


Yeah, like always your Haggard No Fenders Scribe tomaso’s late to thee Party! Since everyone’s already given their opinions upon the matter. Which regardless, the record books will forever denote Josef Newgarden as the winner of the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500…


But I’d like to share my two pesos worth anyways, since that’s why I’m still scribbling here upon No fenders some 16+ years later, El Correctomundo?


It’s funny to Mwah how the Formula 1 race in reality was another fairly Dull procession upon thee streets of Monte Carlo. With Max Verstappen effectively leading wire-to-wire.


Although I thought that 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill wrote a very good article for the Telegraph describing how for Him, the race was on Saturday when watching the drivers needing to be millimeters perfect during Qualifying!


Yet instead, since I skipped Monaco again, (along with Barcelona) I have to say that I felt totally Deflated by the ending to this year’s Indy 500! Especially after All of the tension and build-up leading to the actual race.


As I believe I heard or read somebody saying that the final 20-laps took an Hour to complete due to the unprecedented three Red Flag periods! For which apparently I’m in the minority? But I’m not a fan of multiple Red flags being use to essentially manipulate the finish, in what effectively is a nod to RASSCAR’s Chequors’ or Wreckers Green-white finishes, Spew!


As do we really want it to become the Indianapolis 520?


Now I’ll agree that the first Red Flag on lap 186 was warranted, since Kyle Kirkwood’s racecar was lying upside down on the race track! Along with His rear tyre that had gone Flying over the Catch Fencing! Fortunately only striking somebody’s unattended car! Although one Fan was treated for minor injuries from flying debris.


And since I’m blind and simply listened to the race via IndyCar Radio. I can only Arse-sume there was a fairly major field of carbon fibre debris littering the racing surface? Not to mention Felix Rosenqvist’s wrecked racecar.


The second Red Flag for Pato O’Ward’s ill advised move on lap-193, when O’Ward desperately tried passing Marcus Ericsson for second place, with Josef Newgarden leading. Apparently was a bi-product of the Dallara’s Areodynamics, and how only the second place car could make a pass upon the leader, with third on-back being stuck and unable to move forward…


Not sure how many cars were finally involved? Since I know that rookie Agustin Canapino, who had a wounded racecar ended up unceremoniously crashing into O’Ward’s stricken car!


But the third and final Red Flag on lap-198 seemed totally unwarranted! With me initially feeling that Marcus Ericsson had been Robbed! Even if I preferred Santino Ferrucci inexplicably winning. I simply wanted Anybody besides Josef Newgarden drinking Milk!


Yet I suppose it would have also been somewhat controversial for Ericsson to become the first Back-to-Back winner since Hulio’ (2001-02) by simply racing back to the Start line before the Caution should have been thrown! As I’m still Cornfuzed over the need to reshuffle Ferrucci and Newgarden?


And Yeah, I heard El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske pronouncing that Race Control had just done what the Fans wanted, since Nobody wants the race to end under a Yellow Flag. But Yuhs know what Roger? Sometimes that’s what happens!


As I won’t even bother on the point that it was Roger’s car winning! Since Josef Newgarden did what He needed to do to win On-track “legally”, so Congrats to Newgarden.


But for Mwah, where it gets Dicey! And perhaps I’m blowing this out of contention? But I find it funny how I cannot keep thinking of How Race Control did something unprecedented on Yas Isle at the season finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that “Gifted” Max Verstappen His Debutante F1 World Championship!


Thus I simply feel that IndyCar is playing with Fire here by doing the unprecedented in order to simply “Spice Up the Show!” As sing it ‘Ol Jerry Lee Lewis!




And although once again, Josef Newgarden did Nothing wrong enroute to victory, for which has been pointed out how He was the leader after the second Red Flag…


But my Biggest problem with the race is what has simply become known as the dreaded “Dragon” move. When the leader becomes a Snake serpentining back ‘N forth across the entire track to effectively Block the path of the second place car!


For which I’ve read two Bloggers opinions about playing Chicken with the Pit Wall Attenuator! Which really shouldn’t be occurring at over 200mph!


Since when I think of the consequences of a driver crashing Heavily into the Attenuator. I immediately Flashback to when I could vividly see Mark Dismore lying on His Hospital bed with a ginormous neck brace fashioned around him staring into the camera!


Two things that are related, seemingly are not being discussed currently, regarding next year’s Dallara DW12 racecars. That being what happens when we’re racing with Heavier cars with more Horsepower?


As I’d like to Arse-sume that Dallara has already factored in the needs to strengthen the wheel tethers on All four corners! Along with other necessary Safety updates.


And lastly, do we really need Indy Cars going any faster at Mother Speedway? Ergo the reportedly 100 extra Horsepower the ERS Super capacitor “Hybrid” motors will provide?


And what happens when two of these Heavier racecars collide with each other whilst performing the Dragon?