Thursday, June 1, 2023

LE MANS: Toyota Wins Again, during Another Dull Intra-team Scrum’

Where None of their Competitors weres saying “Oh What A Feeling!”


Yeah, I know we’re All still Ah-Wash, or is that Aglow following another fantastic Indianapolis 500. But as I’ve lamented many times Here upon No Fenders: Motor Racing Never Sleeps!


Especially since we’re now fast approaching the E91 Centenary running of le 24 Heurs du Mans…


Began “Watching,” Err listening to the 90th edition of le 24 Heurs du Mans on Motor Trend TV early Saturday morning (June 9th) during Breakfast. Although I missed the first Half Hours-plus action, when Thar was some sort of incident at the start of the race. As one of the Talking Headz’ noted how Felipe Albuquerque was Mega’ Insensed over the first lap collision He was involved in, driving the No. 22 United Autosports LMP2 entry. For which I know that the #31 LMP2 entry was given a One minute Stop ‘N Go Penalty, so Arse-sumedly the #31 Hit the #22…


Ho Hum, the No. 7 Toyota was leading ahead of the No. 8, whilst the Alpine was the Meat in the Glickenhaus Sandwich, with the trio running 3-4-5 respectively.


Interesting note about how the top speed of the LMH Hypercars was 342.2kph vs. LMP2’s 328kph. Which as ‘Ol Professor (Steve) Matchett would say, in Old Money equals 212.056mph vs. 203.688mph.


Whilst I heard Sky Sports F1 lead Presenter Kroftie’, aka David Kroft say that the Formula 1 Cars were Hitting 347kph at Baku, i.e.; 215.487mph; Holy Terminal Velocity Batman!


Whilst the Formula 1 cars were routinely Hitting 208-209mph in Miami Gardens Hard Rock Stadium’s Parking lot! Where I thought I even heard somebody saying that Alfa Romeo’s Guanyu Zhou reached a staggering 217mph during this year’s 2023 Miami Grand Prix, Aye Karumba!


Ollie’ Gavin Dropped by the Commentary booth, whith the lead Announcer Joking How Everybody wanted some of Thar cool Air, (AC) since it was a Blistering Hot Day Trackside!


As this was Apropos, since the Corvettes were running 1-2 and hoping to not only give the C8.R it’s first Le Mans W’. But also Corvette’s first win since 2015, which it just seems impossible that Corvette’s gone winless at Circuit de la Sarthe that long…


As the 2021 24 Heurs du Mans was the debut of the first ever Mid-engine Corvette (C8.R) at Le Mans. Where the team’s #63 entry finished runner-up to AF Corse’s Ferrari 488 GTE.


Racer magazine had a good article about the various Corvette generations posted last year.


Mentioned the #5 Penske was running third in Class briefly. As Penske was racing an LMP2 entry in preparations for their FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) IMSA LMDH Porsche 963 campaign in 2023. With Dane Cameron, Felipe Nasr and Emmanuel Collard at it’s controls.


And I believe the #23 LMP2 entry was having trouble with it’s tyres? Making an unscheduled Pit stop early, i.e.; inside 1st Hour. As both United Autosports entries would have torrid races, whilst think the #5 Penske entry ran as High as second in Class before I lost track of it…


As the No. 5 Penske Boyz’ finished fifth in the LMP Class and ninth Overall. Twelve laps behind the winning Toy-Yoter’ Hypercar, and one lap behind the #38 Jota LMP2 Class winner.


Waited until 6PM Pacific to finally Hear John Hindhaugh for first time during Broadcast. Although I always enjoy Shea Adam and Johnnie Moler. While Bruce Jones Ain’t Bad and I like Pitlane Reporter Joe Bradley, but I could totally do without the raspy, Chalkboard like tones of Paul Truswell! Which makes sense that He’s currently the longest serving Radio Le Mans member…


As my year old notes say that I “watched,” Err listened to a combined low total of some ten-plus Hours. Having begun Saturday morning at 7:30AM on Motor Trend TV. Before switching off at 10:45AM to go listen to IndyCar Qualifying from Road America via IndyCar Radio. Then after lunch, I tuned into Radio Le Mans beginning around 1:30PM and kept it “On” until calling it a night at 9PM Pacific.