Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling duh Steel

So once again the KarmicWhip has found me squarely in its sight’s and smacked Mwah in der Keister... As I magically managed to tune in ‘Justin-time to see SPEED’s Barrett-Jackson Ringmeister Bob Varsha quipping it was time to anoint the newest member of their tribe – a ‘Juan Mr. Justin Bell to an old skit called Feel-the-Steel... Whereas Messer Bell was dually blindfolded and taken upon a ‘Walkabout nearby’s where he’d have 20-seconds to attempt identifying said mystery automobile...

Ready? Set? GO! To which Justin correctly guessed in 9-seconds that it was a Dodge Viper GTS-R, circa 1997-98? Saying he’d spent countless hours climbing in ‘N out of one of those, whilst admitting that and the Peugeot 205 which he’d crashed! Would probably be the ONLY two vehicles he’d haveda been able to identify... Thus, it appears that Messer Bell is still gainfully employed by the Fine Folks at SPEED, eh?

Meanwhile, your Humble Scribe will be doin’ his own impersonation of Feeling duh Steel, and NO! No steel blades will be involved, albeit my lead sled will most likely be of utilitarian type, as in some sorta vintage PickEmTruck – which obviously will NOT be in as pristine shape as Justin’s machine was. Especially since I’ll be travelin’ Ooot ‘N Aboot the next few Dazes with the Two Bitches, aka the FURR-Rocious lap Hoonds who’d admirably do a fantastic job as Stunt Doubles for the Taco Bell & Wizard of Oz pooches.

Back Shortly...

Spies savors First Moto GP win in Netherlands...

Ben Spies on top step of Assen TT podium – upon his maiden Moto GP victory. (Source:
Whale, with all of the motor racing action occurring this past weekend, albeit I NEVER saw a program listing for it - as I can only surmise it was televised sometime early Saturday morning? Whilst I was still stewing over that PATHETIC thingy called “live” FIL ‘Quals – NO they’re NOT Indy Car – as they do NOT F%%KING work! But I digress...

And thus, although I know the results, I’ve set the timer to capture the rebroadcast (Monday morning) and will watch Captain kOOL! Err, Ben Spies who’s also known as ‘ELBOZ – capturing his maiden MotoGP victory in der Neitherlandz, a.k.a. the TT at Assen, in the Netherlands as soon as I return from a short jaunt to the other side of Ye mountains...

Making this victory even more sweeter for the Texan, who’s reportedly had an up ‘N down Sophomore season to date as the reigning World Champion George Lorenzo’s “Wingman,” was the fact that apparently many Yamaha Brass were on hand to celebrate the Japanese Scooter’s 50th Anniversary in World Championship Grand Prix motorcycle competition – with Spies appropriately riding a special liveried YZR-M1 WGP50th Anniversary Edition Scooter to victory. As Spies, along with Lorenzo were debuting the special red & white paint scheme – as the “Works” Boyz will run this livery again at Laguna Seca.

And Spies was his typical ‘Californian kOOL as Dave Despain’s Last Call on Wind Tunnel Sunday night, already back in Italy – where I assume he’s now headquartered for his mostly European Moto GP campaign. Although Spies wasn’t arrogant or gloating over his first victory, saying he really hadn’t expected it to come this soon – along with mentioning he’d just had a celebratory dinner with his pal Kevin Schwanz. Nevertheless, the victory was the first for an American rider in five years, the last being The Kentucky Kid’s win at Laguna Seca...

Vettel to his Competition – Map This!

So I don’t know ‘bout Y’all; BUTT! I found that to be an utterly boring race held upon the streets of Valencia yesterday... Although MASTER ‘ZEBB simply CRUSHED the opposition – despite the FIA’s new rules intended to crack down upon the supposed encroachment of all F1 Constructors manipulating their engine mapping software between Qualifying and the Race; as ‘Hobbo, aka David Hobbs of Carz2 Fame labored upon how the cars are supposed to be in Parc Ferme from Saturday’s ‘Qualie sessions ‘til Race’s end.

Valencia: Ban on engine map changes

Yet the reigning World Champion simply rocketed away from Pole, led Wire-to-Wire and took Fastest Lap enroute to his 16th Grand Prix victory – equaling him with some chap by the name of Sir Stirling Moss... And one victory ahead of the ever aggressive “Louise ‘JAGUAR” Hamilton, whilst just ten wins shy of Fredrico Suave, a.k.a. Fernando Alonso – who’s driven nearly two and one half times races more then the young German.

Vettel also created a bit more of his never ending rewriting of Ye Record Books with his latest victory in Valencia by becoming the Sport’s very first EVER driver to finish NO worse then second in his first eight starts. (Six-wins & Two-seconds) Breaking the record previously held by somebody known at No Fenders as the TERMINATOR! Nee Herr Schumacher, the elder Seven Times F1 World Champion brother of the previously famous – whale famous in his own mind Ralfanzo; Hya! As in a ‘Juan Michael Schumacher – who had set the previous record in 1994 whilst driving for Benetton by beginning the season with a streak of seven Top-2’s – including that AMAZING runner-up finish to his arch nemesis Damion Hill in Espana when the B194’s Gearbox became stuck in 5th gear!

Just DON’T call him Baby Schuey – Yuhs Hear!

How Many Lumps - Sir?

Err, I meant how many cylinders? On the heels of my interview with PURE’s Craig Pollock – who wishes to become a new Formula 1 engine manufacturer for the 2013 F1 season, I’m guessing it’s real hard to begin any sorta construction without knowing exactly what the FIA engine regulations are to ultimately be, eh? As I just read Gordon Kirby’s take upon the apparently never ending debate over whether or not to implement the proposed 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbo ‘lumps currently mandated...

And it seems that Grizzled Journo Joe Saward is hedging his bets on the “BIG” Engine Manufacturer’s getting their wish and changing to a six cylinder formulae vs. four? As indeed, the powers-to-be – along with the F1 Teams and Engine Manufacturers have now agreed upon delaying the new 1.6-liter era until 2014 along with changing to six cylinder turbocharged ‘lumps instead...

F1 agrees to delay engine rules to 2014

Friday, June 24, 2011

Simona told to take Weekend Off

Just came across the news that Simona de Silvestro has not been medically cleared by Indy Car to race this weekend at Iowa, after exhibiting Concussion-like symptoms related to her Milwaukee qualifying crash. Thus Simona-Simona – who’s now been given the moniker “Iron Maiden” will sit out Saturday’s race in order to recoup for the Toronto race instead...


Justin Walks Away?

Whilst doin’ my daily Internetz trollin’, I came across a very short story by ‘Juan of the Wedge Brothers – specifically Alan Wedge over at Grab Bag Sports... Lamenting the apparent loss of SPEED’s Justin Bell, who I magically caught both segments of Justin’s CrowdCrawl at le Sarthe upon le Memorex... And as those BLOODY BRITS would say: BRILLIANT! Or is that those ‘Aussies instead, eh?

Thus, I don’t know if Justin is truly leaving the SPEED Network or not? As he mused into the Camera Eye that he’d be writing books from now on, WTF? As I for ‘Juan can personally say I enjoy Justin’s British wit and find him far MORE palatable then his predecessor, the overinflated great Allen “dee Cadden-eh!” (Alain de Cadenet) So, please DON’T go Justin!

And it was an interesting comment, which I believe Leigh Diffey made ‘bout how Justin can joke around with Vanina Ickx – seeing how they’ve spent countless hours growing up around each other, with Justin’s Old Man Derrick having won LeMans a time or three with Vanina’s Papa Jacky, being known as the previous Mr. LeMans - before some ‘Dane named tom Kristensen showed up.

As Y’all may know, Derrick won the 24 Heurs du Mans five times while Jacky notched up six overall victories at Circuit de la Sarthe – one being the closest finish in the track’s history I believe... When Jacky drove the wheels off of the older (obsolete) JW Automotive Gulf Oil liveried Ford GT40 against Hans Hermans Porsche 908, after Porsches future Panzerwagon, a.k.a. the 917 had all dropped out during the 1969 event.

Interestingly, both Justin and Vanina have raced with their fathers – with varying degrees ‘O success. Vanina’s career path (CV) seems far more diverse then Justin’s though... As she’s competed in the Paris Dakar  Rally 3-times; (once with her father)  FF2000 Stateside; Ferrari Challenge – having won two events; DTM; Belgian GT Series; Porsche Supercup and various Endurance racing series, i.e.; LMS, LeMans, Spa 24hrs, etc.

Ironically, Vanina – who reportedly had a not so impressive season in DTM while driving for Audi was replaced by “Thee Leggy ‘Juan,” nee Catherine Legge, who’s subsequently departed Audi and come back Across-the-Pond in hopes of landing an IndyCar ride.

Yet, Vanina seems to keep moving up the ladder year-by-year, now a yearly fixture aboard the ACO’s premiere class; LMP1 Prototypes, albeit the older, nee less powerful Petrol class sleds, as it’d be nice to see her behind the wheel of an Audi R18 next year...

Meanwhile, Justin was no slouch of his own, having mentioned how he’d raced with Pops; as I seem to vaguely recall the Bell’s in a Shell sponsored Porsche 962 at le Sarthe... Before Justin went solo and won the 1997 FIA GT2 Championship for Dodge, along with a Le Mans class victory the following year, both aboard those provocative Viper GTSR’s.

Justin then moved over to rival GM’s Corvette Racing concern, racking up a trio of runner-up finishes in 2000 at Daytona, LeMans and Petit Lemans, before moving onto the SCCA’s Pro Racing Trans Am series (2001-03) where I was unaware of that he’d won two races in the waning years of the series, as I know Justin more as a very quick witted Sports Car Pitlane Reporter along with multiple Barrett-Jackson assignments; both for SPEED respectively – to which we’ll hopefully see Justin continuing to do so...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make A Wish T-Shirts now Available...

Stumbled upon this over at More Front Wing late last week – and it’s definitely for a good cause, especially since I know how devoted Team ‘KanaDuh’s Mike Cockrell is to his Home-race of Edmonton and his excellent Charity work – for which he was featured on the local TV network last year, as Mike knows somebody by the initials ‘PT (Paul Tracy) who likes to contribute to Mike’s efforts.

So if you’re in the mood for helping out and getting some new threads, then check out the link below – as I’m awaiting my spiffy new duds to arrive any day now...

Bullish on New ‘Junior Reporters – Not so Bullish on NASCAR...

RBR’s Chief Designer Rob Marshall shares a moment on the Top Step with reigning F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. (Source:
The following story link was sitting in the No Fenders Mailbox recently, and I decided to toss it out there for Y’all to read, as it’s a story written by Holly McCluskey, a “Newby” reporter taking part in the Red Bull Reporter project – where aspiring scribes are given Wings, Err exclusive No Holds barred unprecedented access to cover a diverse range of topics...

Meanwhile, Y’all may have heard via Jenna Fryer, that apparently Deeter Majestic has decided to throw in the towel upon his struggling ‘RASSCAR operation, with Fryer’s source reporting that Red Bull will wind-down its Roundy-round team at the end of this season – with NO word on whether or not somebody will decide to purchase the floundering team; Hmm? Perhaps it doesn’t give Yuhs Wings ALL the time after all, eh? Although unlike Indy Car teams, both of the Red Bull Toy-Yoterz are solidly inside the Top-35 points – which ‘GarRunTees potential Franchisee buyer’s instantaneous entrance into next season’s first 5-races, including DayToner...

Scuttlebutt also suggests that Red Bull may decide to invest its ‘RASSCAR moohlah into the Austin, Texas 2012 USGP as its title sponsor to accentuate it’s winning F1 image instead...

Portland’s LOSS is Milwaukee’s Gain...

So I know I’m the ONLY ‘Juan who cares ‘bout my Home track Portland International Raceway still getting STIFFED by IndyCar... What was that ‘bout Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard wanting to return to tradition? As in you’ve managed to give away Portland’s traditional Father’s Day weekend race date to the venerable Milwaukee Mile instead! And thus I won’t bother lamenting too much more over how it’ll be five years next summer since the last major Open Wheel Racing event was held at PIR, which NO! Doesn’t stand for Phoenix Int’l Raceway, albeit I’m not sure which ‘Juan came first; Hya! (HINT: Can you say Valley of the Sun?)

Yet, interestingly? Phoenix’s ‘lil Bullring Ovaltrack last held an “INDYCAR” sanctioned race there in 2005, while Portland’s last gasp came with the much maligned ‘N pummeled ’07 Champ Car World Series race, which your Humble Scribe endured all 3-days of, even having stayed thru the warbled tones of mighty Mazda Miata KillerBeez buzzing around the track and providing the backdrop for Robin Miller’s race recap...

And NO! I don’t wish to see Milwaukee fade away again, after apparently this year’s event was very poorly attended; Hmm? Sounds like the same song that’s been sung to me for years over Portland’s demise...

Yet, if Loudon can come back after a 13-year hiatus, I guess it’s still semi-feasible that Portland could once again host an Indy Car Series race, eh? Just please Mr. Bernard – DON’T make us wait another nine years! Although I’m hearing Fontana, CA, Chicagoland, Road America and Houston Street race instead; URGH!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ground Control to MAD-DAMN’ IndyCar – FIX your BLEEPIN’ Internetz programs... PRONTO!

So far this nebulous season Ye Indy Cars, your Humble Scribe has refrained from pickin’ upon that PAIN in the ARSE “Tokyo Fly-by-Night” Overly Neon-lightish intensive webpage commonly known as; BUTT! This morning’s attempts to tune-in to Thee second FIL practice session at 12:55PM INDY/New York/ET time; which according to my warbly NFTECz (NoFenders Time Extrapolator Converterz) Decoder ringy courtesy of KRACKERJAX - shoulda been 9:55AM SEATTLE/Pacific/West Coast time – right ‘CARPETS?

Logging onto my Bookmarks page instead – thus circumventing the OVERLY way TOO MUCHO Graphically Intensive Homepage, Hmm? Can you find the IMS Radio Network link upon the vaunted Multimedia tab? I Dares Yuhs to find it! Hmm? This AIN’T part O DUH glorious CONversNBC TAKEOVER is it? But I digress...

Thus scrolling down previously bookmarked page, (can you say last year?) thru the tiny font to the corresponding June 18 YES link ‘N clicking upon it... WAIT for it, viola! NOTHING! In the immortal wurds ‘O Meesh – FUCKING EH RAY!!!

As the page redirected itself to the Press Conference Room (Centre) page with banner BOLDLY proclaiming: UP NEXT: LIVE INTERVIEW WITH WILL POWER... WTF? But NO! It didn’t start playin’ right away – as it took an agonizingly LONG time for Scott Dixon to start speaking ‘bout Dario’s HUGGIES car; which ironically, is exactly what Mr. Dashley needed to be wearin’ during the Blind Draw in Texas, right? As I won’t go down a Rabbit Hole ‘bout how Ye endless badgerin’ O the word BLIND Draw is really starting to annoy me, seeing how I’m legally blind; Oh Never Mind!

Thus I went back and tried repeatedly clicking upon the various other June 18th YES links, i.e.; INDYCAR & FIL 1st practice + FIL ‘Quals and YEP! Yuhs guessed it... Drumroll please – they ALL defaulted to where I’d previously dropped Scotty’s mesmerizing HUGGIES conversation; SHEISA!

Thus, note to Mr. Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard... In this Day & Age of instant gratification, i.e.; all things E-lectronic, or as they say upon Aeroplanes – including any devices that start with the letter i... Then I think if you’re truly trying to build up a following in your revered 18-34yr Demographic – and you list access upon your website to the weekend’s various events - BY-GUMMIT! IT HAD BETTER FREAKIN’ WORK!

Having read before about LOSING the casual fan, thus I’m ASS-suming that only the Hard Core DEVOTED Open Wheel Racing fans, i.e.; your Humble Scribe and members of Ye Bloggaratzi - are potentially attempting to follow your ‘lil Racin’ series, eh? (Along with commenting about it at a very nominal fee...) As I WON’T even launch into the facts that the live “Streaming” broadcasts have gone away – along with the ABYSMAL television coverage – CHIRP, CHIRP! Where’d it go? Up North Eh! (Can you say TSN?) As I know you’ve got bigger fish to FRYE BUTT! If you truly wanna recover some of those 15-20 MILLION LOST CART/Champ Car/IRL Souls... Then Here’s Your Sign! Make your product EASILY ACCESSABLE to those of your remaining fan base TOOTHSWEET!

Ahem – a competitor of yours with the initials SPEED even has now begun airing the NON-televised F1 practice sessions upon its website – FREE to the Public!

Meanwhile, albeit I realize it AIN’T exactly a super strong scientific Poll –YET! From four different sources; Uh Hum? – Especially if ze DannaStar does indeed decide to split for the allure of ‘RASSCAR; Hmm? Interesting how Danicker’s main car colour is green, i.e.; thee colour O GREENBACKS – Co-winkadence? NOT!

Then Y’all may wanna put out a memo to the other teams – start promoting yourself, i.e.; Team & Driver merchandise ASAP! As I myself was disappointed but NOT overly surprised that there appeared to be NO Dreyer & Reinbold Racing booth on the IMS premises, as I’d love to haveda upgraded my RuSport Justin Wilson T-Shirt to some sorta DRR/Z-Lines JW (Justin Wilson) ‘BIG UNIT apparel... But it DON’T exist...

Along with the previously written Oil Pressure blurb ‘bout there being NO Tony Kanaan hats, etc. (See Susan Scrubbs typically great post below...)

While another yearly Indy 500 attendee (Who along with her ‘Hubby fly-in from California every year aboard their OWN twin-engine Aeroplane!) mused afterwards Sunday night how they’d gone to at least ten merchandise booths at IMS and were unable to find any desirable merchandise – having been informed that the “limited edition” I500 hats they purchase EVERY year had been sold out since the Wednesday prior to the race!

While a certain Torontan fan; NOPE! Not Meesh also lamented on Saturday to the lack of desired merchandise that he’d been asked to procure for other I500 fans Up North Eh! Was simply not available this time around...

So Mr. Bernard, I know that fixing the dilemma of new Body-by-Mennen AFX Aerokits is probably a much larger pressing issue; BUTT! If the fans in the stands cannot find the merchandise they’re wishing to freely spend their hard earned Dinero upon – and if those of us who have NO IndyCar event within LESS then 1,000+ miles cannot follow it via le Internetz, etc, then how in DARNATIONS do you expect to improve your potential audience – which I suggest most likely will find something OTHER to do instead, eh?

Yet, since apparently I’m a Glutten-for-Punishment! I tried tunin’ back in at the published time of 1:50PM Pacific/4:50PM INDY/NY/ET to attempt listening to the Firestone Indy Lights Qualifying session – BUTT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DID NOT FUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!! Instead defaulting to the now quite ANNOYING Press Room page and karmically playing Chuck Berry’s With NO Particular Place to GO! – GET IT??? Perhaps IndyCars new Theme song? As unbelievable the links were ALL defaulting to the New for 2012 Indy Car Gala Press Conference held at the IMS Hall of Fame museum – with Jana Strange as one of the microphone bearers for the audiences riveting questions; Aye Karumba! As I just DON’T GET IT! So, please somebody tell me why there are apparently NO more IMS webcasts???? Really comca$t – you’re afraid of a little competition? Like FIL Broadcasts are gonna hurtz Yuhs; Oh Never Mind! As I’m torqued now – having given up on the IMS Radio Broadcast page at 2:06PM Pacific, rambling on and think I’ll go get an Adult beverage (or 12) instead! As walking in the gloomy wet Northwest, trying to dodge the overgrowing sticker-bushes and stepping on something smooshy on the way home seems to complete my current mood towards the apathetic state of “live” FIL & Indy Car Series coverage...

And to think I stayed home instead of going to a much more important monthly meeting today - just to listen to some Indy Lights ‘N IndyCar coverage Saturday morning; which I wasn’t anymore successful with in the afternoon – using duh BLEEPIN’ Internetz broadcasts whilst tryin’ during their respective ‘Qualie sessions; SHIT! (Which may have been the smooshy substance I stepped upon coming home...) As I’ll be going to the Art Car Bazaar instead of watchin’ the Milwaukee race Sunday...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Interview with Craig Pollock

If your aware of who Craig Pollock is, then you’ll probably know that he was 1995 CART Champion and 1997 F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve’s manager, before becoming the Team Principal of Formula One Constructor BAR in 1999, (British American Racing) for which Villeneuve served as the team’s lead driver. Pollock departed BAR and subsequently co-established in 2003 the Champ Car team PK Racing with Kevin Kalkoven with BAR Test Driver Patrick Lemarie before the team saw Pollock depart and become PKV Racing the following year with the addition of Dan Petitt and Jimmy Vasser – now known as KV Racing Technology in the Indy Car Series...

Thus, without trying to reinvent the wheel, (see interview above) albeit Mr. Pollock will most naturally wish to discuss his current venture known as PURE, (Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d’Energie) hopefully he’ll be willing to allow me to ask him a few different motorsports related topics before getting to the “Meat-in-the-Sandwich,” eh?  

Tomaso (T)
Having just returned from this year’s Centennial Indy 500 – I’d assume that your best memory of the Speedway is 1995 when your charge Jacques Villeneuve won the race. What other memories of Indianapolis can you briefly share and have you been back since ’95?

Craig Pollock (CP)
Yes the best memory by far was when JV won the 500. It was by far the best race I have ever seen as he had to drive 500 plus 2.5 miles to win. In actual fact he was one lap ahead of the field. He was penalized 2 laps for overtaking the pace car twice. He finished with thread bare tires. I have been back a few times and have to say that this is one of the best motor sports events in the world.

(T) Having forgotten that your Champ Car team was formed out of the Ashes of PacWest Racing, which long-long ago, was my Hometown racing team. Did you enjoy your brief tenure as a Champ Car World Series Team Owner. What caused you to depart PK Racing and did it have anything to do with Patrick Lemarie’s dismissal?

(CP) It was nothing to do with Patrick We replace Patrick with another old F1 friend Mika Salo. The reason for my departure was that I did not see eye to eye with my business partners wishes and it was better to move on.

(T) While I seem to recall that BAR attempted to run two different liveried Tobacco sponsorship cars a la CART/Champ Car with the brands 555 & Lucky Strike – which I think was vetoed by either Bernie Ecclestone or the FIA. Whose idea was it to run that double livery paint scheme on what I affectionately denote as the “Zipper Car” (BAR001) in 1999.

(CP) It was a joint decision between BAT and myself. In reality I had another idea but was veto’d (with good reason) as I wanted the zip to open progressively showing a middle finger but I guess that would have been a bit over the top!

The FIA has recently confirmed the 2013 rules as follows:
Power units will be four cylinders, 1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm, with extensive energy management and energy recovery systems (now known as ERS), reflecting the decision taken by the WMSC in December 2010…

(T) Anything you can say about the recent Engine Manufacturer’s meeting held in Monaco. (Did you attend?) Or what is your take upon the scuttlebutt of the FIA supposedly leaving the door ajar for a possible delay/cancellation of the 2013 implemented turbo engine package.

(CP) The meeting took place on May 21st in Barcelona and yes I did participate. It was an interesting meeting and a lot calmer than I expected. In reality I am still the new guy on the block so I reacted when absolutely necessary. It would be a great pity if the FIA have to go back on their decision.

PURE (Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d’Energie) has been set up and joined by partners TEOS, Mecachrome, D2T and IFP Energies Nouvelles – all labeled as specialists in powertrain design.

(T) So, I’ve heard of Mecachrome  – since it’s involvement as an engine assembler for Renault beginning back in the 1990’s; but I don’t know anything about the other three parties mentioned above. Yet a very brief search resulted in the name TEOS Engineering - a Prototype Manufacturer with some linkage to Mecachrome. And have just read that IFP Energies Nouvelles Is a Hybrid Systems expert, while it looks like D2T may be an Electronics firm? Can you elaborate a little more upon each of these companies and their respective roles in your partnership.

(CP) Mecachrome manufacture certain engine parts for each and every F1 engine program and have done so throughout the last 20 or so years. They actually manufactured and assembled the whole Renault engine when the same company left the sport in 1998 when the engine reappeared as a “Supertech”.TEOS is our design and development office and is half owned by Mecachrome and the IFP. D2T is the company that will test what we produce and the IFP are our experts in Hybridation.

(T) Does PURE engine production just consist of the 4-cylinder ‘lump, or do you work with potential Gearbox producers such as XTRAC, etc – not to mention how are the correlating Hydraulics developed?

(CP) The drive train will be developed with an outside partner as yet to be fully exposed!

(T) Does PURE get involved with the Engine mapping/Exhaust gas/Blown diffusers portion of the chassis? And are there strict guidelines for this in the 2013 rules package.

(CP) Yes to all.

(T) And it seems if the FIA was truly wishing to push the “GREEN” envelope – then they’d also mandate running upon some sort of high concentration Biofuel mixture in 2013, although I believe that a small amount (5%) of Biofuel is mandated as a blend in the current “Pump” gasoline F1 engines run upon. Does PURE intend to utilize a standard “Base” pump-gasoline or establish a relationship with a Petroleum supplier? How critical is the fuel and lubricants in engine development and how does it impact engine design?

(CP) PURE will have a relationship with a fuel and lubricant supplier and we are currently in contact with a few interested parties. This is a very important area that we do not want to miss out on.

(T) And although I’d assume you’ll run your engine upon a Dyno when/if possible. (Which you mentioned in the interview above) I’ve read that Bench Testing cannot completely simulate the forces of an actual racecar. Do you have any intensions of purchasing an F1 “Mule” chassis – say a Toyota TF110? (For example)

(CP) No intentions as yet to purchase a mule. We do want to be linked to a current team as soon as possible.

(T) Naturally, I’m guessing you’ll be targeting any interested current Formula One Constructors – although I’d assume you’re limited to the Midfield runners and below, i.e.; Force India, Hispania, Lotus, Renault, Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams... Is there a possibility of targeting a brand new Formula 1 Constructor; for example I believe Jacques Villeneuve tried to create his own F1 concern with Durango back in 2010; any chance you’d be interested in partnering with JV (or ANY other interested party) if he so decided  to try securing the 13th Grid Slot for 2013?

(CP) As far as I know there will be no 13th grid slot as there remains limited space in the paddock. We are looking at all teams from the top down and have had meetings with all teams not just middle of the grid teams.

(T) Will you be satisfied by landing a single F1 Constructor in 2013? Obviously I’m guessing PURE may prefer more then one engine supply deal. Yet is there a maximum production limit and can PURE break even financially by supplying just one customer?

(CP) We will have to start by walking and not running! However, we would be happy to supply all teams without a contract. How many that may be is speculation. There is no doubt that multiple supply is the way forward and at 2 teams we can easily break even in a few years.

(T) And is PURE solely interested in Formula 1 engine productions due to its perceived “GREEN” image with the various Hybrid technologies proposed, or would it be interested in potentially producing a 2.2-liter turbocharged IndyCar engine running on Ethanol – provided the series is still seeking more engine partners?

(CP) Absolutely!

(T) What are your thoughts upon the current batteries utilized in today’s KERS systems and will the new rules encourage better battery design?

(CP) We are already working on this subject and will try to take it to another level in the near future. This is an area where we could find a clear advantage.

(T) And on a personal note as a legally blind Blogger – I found the article by James Allen (above) about the new 2013 chassis potentially using a “Run Silent” mode upon Pitlane both intriguing and yet somewhat worrisome. If this is indeed correct – then what are your thoughts about F1 mandating some sort of noisemaking requirements, i.e.; recently passed Pedestrian Safety legislation spurred by the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) being required from 2013 onwards on Formula 1 racing cars too – in order to warn wandering mechanics, reporters, etc, since I can personally attest to the importance of audible noise in regards to detecting moving foreign objects...

(CP) This makes sense. Running electric does not mean running without noise to warn in advance.

(T) And lastly, typically new engine design in racing use to require a 2yr head start – although this timeline seems to be getting compressed. Being approximately 21-months away (March, 2013) from the start of the 2013 Formula One season – is there a “Drop-dead” date by when PURE needs to have a customer “Inked” in order to begin engine production & development, or will you continue seeking customers past 2013?

(CP) We are seeking customers now and will continue to do so until the end of 2012. 2013 for that season is too late. Do not forget that the engine has to fit the car and vice versa!

Thank you for your time + answering my questions Mr. Pollock and good luck with your new endeavour. Kudos to Tom Nutt for making this interview possible...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TELECON: Will Power on Indy Cars return to Milwaukee

So I’ve just been invited to my second INDYCAR Teleconference of the season – this time a solo affair with current ICS points leader Will Power in the run-up to this weekend’s return to the fabled Milwaukee Mile, which use to follow the Indy 500 a week after the B-I-G Memorial Day race.

Although I must confess I have mixed emotions about this race date, especially since it’s now filling the calendar date that was FOREVER associated with CART/Champ Car’s annual trek to Portland International Raceway – and theoretically I should be on the Amtrak  Cascades Express to the Rose City tomorrow for my once much anticipated yearly pilgrimage to PIR!

Psst Mr. Bernard... Wanna get back some of those coveted 15-20 MILLION Fans you claim the series has LOST... Then bring back IndyCars to the Pacific Northwest!

Thus I called-in at the appropriate time and listened to a very entertaining chat from Mr. Will Power who claims that Milwaukee is one of his most favourite tracks – stating it’s a flat oval that requires both upshifting and downshifts. And upon being asked ‘bout the next Ovaltrack on the schedule – Iowa, another Short-track, Will noted how it’s where he got his very first-ever Oval Pole and its got two lanes for good racing.

Will also mentioned how Texas felt like his very first win and it was a great place to get his first Oval victory since his wife is from Texas and her whole family was there.

Power mentioned how he enjoys Ovals and had a really good race at Indy – Ok, I know we didn’t get the results I wanted, but I was enjoying that race... Probably until the wheel came off and severed a brake line, eh?

Then the questions segment began with Nate Ryan of USA Today asking Power about an ex-teammate by saying he’s doing a story on Oriel Servia. (Which is great to hear that Servia’s finally getting some recognition...) As Nate asked Will if he was surprised by Oriel being in the Top-3 of the points standing so much this season?

Power said emphatically NO! Claiming that Servia’s a really fast racer, as fast as I was at KV, super easy to get along with and very smart ‘bout setting up a chassis - as Will thought they’d both be contending for wins if they’d just had another season at KV Racing Technology which was the plan but they had to go after other drivers for financial reasons... And he’s not surprised by Newman Haas’s performance at all, saying they’ve got a really fast rookie to boot in James Hinchcliffe and he’s very happy to see Oriel’s got a fulltime ride this year – as they were both unemployed, with Power getting picked-up by Penske first.

Next up, Kurt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star asked Will ‘bout Texas & if he was tired of hearing ‘bout it? To which actually got a chuckle outta Power who said: I really don’t read anything after races and the only time I know about it is if the Team tells me I said something wrong! (Which made Kurty laugh...)

Will acknowledged how he agrees Mr. Charmin, a.k.a. Dario Franchitti did get a bad deal but they ALL knew it before the race and that’s how it was for everyone... To which later Power mentioned how he didn’t think they should necessarily invert the entire field for race-2, but perhaps a GP2 style race instead where they invert the Top-10 finishers from round-1 and then the rest of the grid is filled out by finishing positions from the first race. (As GP2 inverts the Top-8)

Cavin brought up an interesting point that IndyCar’s Dave Lewandowski unearthed – ‘bout how Dan Wheldon’s car was a 2003-spec Dallara, having been a Marty Roth chassis, Sam Hornish Jr., etc and was he surprised by that? To which Will was definitely surprised by – especially considering how the 1st-generation Dallara’s are 30lbs heavier! With Power saying it was an even better testament to Wheldon and the team for getting the most outta that ‘Ol Mule...

Then after a few repeated requests for anymore questions, your Humble Scribe took the plunge and asked Mister Power ‘bout Portland which used to be raced on Father’s Day weekend – noting how I’m happy that IndyCar is  going back to Milwaukee.

Once again, Will bowled me over with his genuine response of saying: Yeah, I LUV that place and wish we were going back there. To which I said so do I. (MAN!) To which Will said you’ve just gotta keep rallying for it... Noting how he had a BLOODY AWESOME START! Mentioning it was the very first Standing Start ever and where’d I go? From seventh to third I think; Yep – great place... As the Champ Car World Series brand new for 2007 Panoz DP01’s made the very first IndyCar Standing Start at Portland some four years ago. (And I was there to witness it...)

And there Y’all have it – as that’s the way the cookie crumbled, and Will Power has made even a HUGER Fan outta Mwah! So good luck this weekend Will ‘N kick Dario’s ARSE!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back from ‘LOTCH...

Grizzly Bear image for No Fenders Official Photographer ‘CARPETS who’s apparently become a devoted “GurrRanimal’s LUVer upon this ‘lil ‘BLOB thingy; Hya!

That’s Land ‘O Thee Chrome Horn (L-O-T-C-H) for all of uze Hosers out ‘Thar without your No Fenders “Magically-delicious” Decoder-ring thingy... As so much for the feel good MoJo; NOT – SHEEZ! First time in a zillion year’s I’ve actually sat down to watch a Hockey game, albeit its somewhat karmic that my only ever attended NHL game was to see the ‘KuhNucks play way back when, perhaps a quarter-century ago? Yet, after all it was the BLOODY Stanley Cup Finals Game-6 which apparently the ‘KuhNucks FORGOT to show-up for, eh? Having first been unable to find the game upon le ‘Telie – as suddenly Versus was airing some STUPID Poker match after I’d had the Pre-game on as background noise... Before suffering through a pathetic broadcast on C-BUTT! As they apparently were using some sorta mystical sound system that had NO stable volume – instead weirdly corresponding with the travel up ‘N down the rink along with never ending announcers talking at different pitches before I turned off the game in disgust after watching those ‘KuhNucks fall behind 4-0 – before the first period was over; YIKES!

Having ‘ridden Up North Eh! To Vancouver, BC with Mary Ellen and her two ‘Hoonds after a few most enjoyable Dazes in the bush, i.e.; National Forest – having taken a most enjoyable walkabout Friday upon a completely washed out road which has been partially washed away from the over abundance of precipitation we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest – as we’re back to cool weather  between the high-50’s/low-60’s, (deg-f) with Mary Ellen and her FURR-Rocious tandem ‘O ‘Bloodhounds NOT! Leading the way as she spotted multiple fresh Bear droppings; ‘Juan even with some sorta fresh meat (rodent carcass) in it; NO! No Tastes like Chicken jokes here... As I suddenly flashed back to Neil Peart’s wilderness advice in his great book Ghost Rider which inspired my trek to Maryhill - were Thee Rhythm Professor denotes how he takes upon ‘Croonin’ away (badly) to himself upon a walkabout in some potentially Bear infested Woodlands to scare away said critters! But never fear Motorsports seekers; your Humble Scribe didn’t break out into song – especially since I had the two BloodHoonds on-point, except for the time when Mollie simply sat down directly in front of my path to scratch herself; CRIKEYS ‘HOOND! DON’T YUHS KNOW WHO YOU’RE STOPPIN’ IN FRONT OF? Having told our Campground attendant afterwards how I’ve got “BAD EYES!”

But back to some more NON-racin’ blather, eh? As it was funny hearing her friend Pam remark how it’d taken her 2hrs to get home after Game-5, as they’d closed down Granville Street; I guess for the overflowing Hoserz invading the city to watch the game upon multiple Big Screens, eh? As it was even pointed out to Mwah how Boston Bar has been temporarily renamed Vancouver Bar for the duration of play! Thus its now down to the “rubber-match” Wednesday night in Vancouver, where I can only imagine how crazed it’ll be as hopefully the ‘KuhNucks can fulfill their dreams of joining the last two ‘Kuhnadiun squads to win the elusive Stanley Cup after hosting the Winter Olympics, i.e.; Montreal Canadiens (1976-77) and the Calgary Flames. (1988-89)

Then Saturday afternoon on our way to Vancouver to visit a contingent ‘O Hoserz residing Up Above Mwah - Mary Ellen pointed out a sign emblazoned with Langley Quarter Midgets upon it, huh? I thought Langley was on Woodbey Island - Stateside; Oh Never Mind! As this previously unknown track locale seemed to be somewheres just before passing Abbotsford, which I know hosts a humongous Air Show every summer, where my friend Yutaka once got extremely sunburned upon his foray to the yearly event which Mary Ellen said; Oh you mean the Abbotsford Arms Bazaar...

Meanwhile, having past said racetrack, I immediately thought of Kevin Lee, whose son is an aspiring Quarter Midget racer... Even if for reasons unknown, Messer Lee cannot pronounce Tomaso – as I’ve spent the past several days making wisecracks ‘bout his butcherin’ of said name; “Tom Aso?”  As I think I’m really turning Japanese; Hya! Although I did indeed purchase my With You Japan T-Shirt during my Saturday turnout at the Worlds Largest Autograph session – which is awaiting hunting ‘N pecking upon ze keyboards as hopefully meeze nucels won’ts gets ins DUH way, eh?

And now its safe to look at ze Internetz, having just watched a most wonderfully chaotic Canadian GP rebroadcast Tuesday morning, albeit I’ve unfortunately learned which marque won at le Circuit de la Sarthe thanks to a most unlikely source – USA Today; Hmm? I thought they only covered Stick ‘N Ball and ‘RASSCAR; Oh Whale, as I’ve hopefully managed to record six ‘N three-quarters hours of selected coverage on Ye Memorex.

Meanwhile, in case you ever feel like making another 3+ hours trip Kevin Lee, here’s the link to the LQMA website;

Monday, June 13, 2011



Made it back from the Great White Northe Eh! Just-in-Time to hopefully see the KuhNucks WIN theStanley Cup tonight, as hopefully this No Fenders feel good MoJo helps the Boyz from accross the border!
(Gotta run 'N watch the game; More later...)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sorry to all ‘O uze Hosers Up North Eh! Just couldn’t resist; Hya! As I’d certainly like to be at the Il Notre Dam this weekend watching the F1 Landsharks pound ‘round le Circuit Gilles Villeneuve! While I’m also ROOTIN’ for those ‘KuhNucks to WIN the Stanley Cup – after all Vancouver is my next-door neighbor, eh?

And its certainly NOT Montreal’s fault; BUTT! This weekend begins the now yearly tradition of FOX’s DUMBING DOWN portion of the Grand Prix calendar, when we’re subjected to four dismal 2hr ‘CANNED FOX TV network broadcasts... Yuhs know when there AIN’T NO STINKIN’ Pre-race coverage, along with the usual botchering/elimination of the Post-race interview, so; HERE’S YOUR SIGN! Enjoy the FOX-in-DUH-Henhouse portion of the 2011 F1 season...

More on the Bahrain GP...

Apparently the ‘Jig’s UP! As further damaging reports have now come to light over the BUFOONERY of the FIA’s “Fact Finding” mission to Bahrain... Most notably the leaking of Carlos Gracia’s report to Jean Todt and the decision makers at the FIA/WMSC.

FIA Bahrain report ‘dangerously irresponsible,’ says Avaaz

Obviously I KNOW NOTHING! Herr Schulz, Ja Volt! About Messer Gracia - And thus can only hope that Spain’s Senor Carlos was not chosen for this mission potentially as a Sacrificial Lamb... Yet, with the news that 800 people have been arrested and 31 DEATHS reported, it seems painfully clear that Formula 1 needs to cut its losses with Bahrain IMMEDIATELY!

Mosley on Bahrain: “F1 will share the regime’s guilt”

LEMANS: 2011 24 Heurs du Mans Primer

Sounding like the proverbial Broken Record... It’s totally amazing to Mwah that its already time for the yearly running of the legendary Sports Car race, which to me always signals that half of the year has already slipped by; SHEISA! Not to mention that very shortly we here in the Northern Hemisphere will quickly have that dreaded day called Summer Solstice – which means Daylight will henceforth begin receding... Which I don’t know ‘bout Y’all; BUTT! Seeing how Seattle has just had its first two days of SUNNY, WARM weather last weekend, (6/4-5) when we finally broke the 70deg-f temperature barrier for the first time since September, 2010 – a scant 9-months prier; Oh Never Mind, eh? As its pretty DAMN funny that I still DON’T know who won this year’s 12hrs of Sebring...

Thus it seems kinda funny that the ‘Kuhnadiun Grand Prix will be occurring the same weekend, as I haven’t checked le Telescreen guide yet to see what’ll be what? Timewise that is; OH SHIT! This’ll be the first of the summer’s four BASTARDIZED FOX F1 broadcasts; SHEISA! Not to mention those riveting Twin 275k Ovaltrack IndyCar races in ‘lil Texas Saturday night; which I guess is why “Marky-Marc” (Marco Andretti) has been replaced in the No. 12 LMP1 Rebellion Lola/Toyota by Jerome Blekamolen, alongside last year’s teammates Neil Jani and Nicolas Prost; but I digress...

And the usual “Heavy Hitters” once again are back; this time with Audi running three of its newest R18 TDi variants vs. Peugeot’s dominating 908 turbocharged diesels, as Peugeot’s formidable ex-Formula 1 laden driver line-up’s return, with the nine “French Lions” drivers remaining the same as last year’s runners. Plus for insurance, Oreca will once again campaign a “Privateer” 908 with ex-Formula 1 ace Oliver Panis as part of the lineup.

And I’m somewhat disappointed by my ‘Ol standby Planet Lemans Spotters guide this year, which used to feature a tiny thumbnail pic of each entries chassis... Although it appears this has been rectified for Mwah by SPEED’s Le Man correspondent John Davies who’s doing a Car-by-Car preview which you can peruse here:

GT Preview              LMP Preview

Thus,  I wont try covering all of this year’s entrants, especially since Messer Davies has already done all of the heavy liftin’ in his class previews. (See above) Yet I’ll toss out a few tidbits, as I was totally unaware that once again the GT category structure has been revised – which makes sense, since the deletion of my favourite category GT1, as the bigger cars apparently fell outta favour? At least with the Manufacturer’s, eh? Thus there’s now just GTE, with the ‘E standing for Evolouzione... With the class broken into Pro and Am divisions, i.e.; Pro = Professional and Am = Amateur.

And while I’m personally hoping that the No. 51 AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia chauffeured by ‘FishyFella, a.k.a. Giancarlo Fisichella, Gianmaria Bruni and Toni Vilander – I’m MOST interested to see how their stable-mate’ Mikey “Aw Shucks” Waltrip does aboard his No. 71 Ferrari. DAMN! The life ‘O a RASSCAR Team Owner & SPEED Talking Head, eh? Just hope he remembers ‘Thar AIN’T NO Lucky Dog over there; Hya! Waltrip will co-drive with Rui Aguas and Robert Kauffman...

Once again Vanina Ickx is behind the wheel of a potent LMP1 Prototype, driving for Kronos Racing in the No. 22 Lola-Aston Martin.

Adrian Fernandez returns again with his crowd pleasing Aston Martin V-12 powered LMP1 Prototype with the Aston Martin “Works” team, this time part of a two-car lineup. Fernandez will pilot the No. 009 AMR1 alongside Andy Meyrick and Harold Primat. While the No. 007 sister car features Darren Turner, Stefan Mucke and Christian Klien. Although I‘d guess they’ll be hard pressed to beat the Audi’s and Peugeot’s...

Y’all can check it out on SPEED, who’ll be devoting major chunks ‘O time Saturday/Sunday – beginning at 5:30AM PACIFIC...