Monday, June 6, 2011

Danica gets the Last Laugh!

Aren’t you that silly Blogger who calls ME DannaWho?
NEVER in a MILLION years did I expect this to happen; CRIKEYS!!! WTF? As Dave “CARPETS” O’Brien and I went to the J.W. Marriot in Downtown Indianapolis to attempt checking out ALL 33 Indy 500 drivers & their BETTER Half’s on the Red Carpet with a very small gathering of Paparazzi... As ‘CARPETS asked after we’d gone thru the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Hall of Fame museum if I wanted to head downtown to see if we could spot any IndyCar drivers Pre Monday evening's (5/30/11) annual Indy 500 Awards Banquet.

And after having stood on the sidewalk curb 15-20mins watching the celebrities roll-in, ‘CARPETS asked: Do you wanna try walking up to the door? At first being told by the senior Valet: ONLY A FEW MOMENTS GUYS...

Then the Camera crew asked us to take a few steps backwards please – in order to make way for ‘Daniker... And whilst I just stood there transfixed – trying to be totally OBLIVIOUS to who’s ‘Dat? Dave: “DAVE’S NOT HERE! Struck up a casual conversation with a very spelt young Sharp Dressed Man who himself coulda passed for a Racing Driver/Marathon runner/Athlete – with ‘CARPETS casually saying how they’d had a tough month of May...

 Then before I was aware of what was happening – Dave MASSIVELY Set-me-up by asking Princess Perma Pout's companion if he could get a picture with Tomaso? To which an overly congenial/positive polar OPPOSITE Ye Danica, nee Mr. Paul Hospenthal? (Danica’s husband – originally from NONE-other then Tacoma, WA...) said: Sure, I can make that happen...


As this pic was snapped just after Danicker's umpteenth TV interview... This time for a local Indianapolis television crew Pre-live Indy 500 Awards banquet broadcast – around 5:30PM... (And NO Danny! It was NOT PhotoShopped! As that’s the exact bright blue dress she was wearing upon receiving her 10th place finish check Monday night...)

As Danica turned ‘round to proceed into the banquet, she was stopped by Paul, turned to me very quizzically and said a very curt DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER PUTTING YOUR FREAKIN’ ARM AROUND ME LOSER! Hiiii?!: To which I simply replied Hello before Danicker quickly stormed off to the “safer” confines of the banquet.

 And That’s The Way It Happened Folks...

So if Daniker runs off to NUTCAR as expected next year and INDYCAR continues to host that OVERHYPED $5m World Finale in Los Wages next year. And if DannaWho does run the Indy 500 in 2012 as a “One-off;” then wouldn’t she be eligible as a NON-Indy Car Series regular to compete as one of the Big 5 Starz – as Inquiring Minds wanna Know, right?

Photo provided courtesy of No Fenders Photographer Dave “CARPETS” O’Brien