Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WMSC Decision to reinstate Bahrain leaves BAD taste...

Sorta like when you’ve got something stuck in your teeth – but don’t have any toothpicks handy to dislodge the aggravating item...

As I find it absolutely INSANE that F1 really wants to return to this Kingdom anytime soon, especially this year – as can the World Motor Sport Council really be so incredulously BLIND to what the current status of this Kingdom is? As I DON’T know the validity of this story posted on Joe Saward’s blogsite, but! If its even remotely true – painting an overly CHILLING insight into the state of current affairs, then how in Damnations can Formula One afford to return to the site of such a CORRUPT Regime and put itself so firmly in the crosshairs of such Political upheaval and Governmental ATTROCITIES!

An article in The Independent in London

And even more bizarre yet, is the fact that none other then a one Mr. Max Mosley has become such a voice in the matter against the return to Bahrain, even potentially giving the FOTA/F1 Teams a way out by pointing out Article 66 of the FIA Sporting Code.

Mosley says teams have to agree date change

The irony of Mosley’s outspokenness is obviously his previous foray as Sir maXXum – when he reputedly had a ‘lil LUV tryst with some ladies of the evening playing some Nazi-theme Spanking games...

As I firmly believe this reinstatement is all Smoke ‘N Mirrors, as in the fact that Uncle Bernaughty, Jean Todt and the FIA/WMSC are ALL trying to coyly cover their ARSES by forcing the Teams to rightly call OFF a return to this Kingdom which still clearly continues to abhor the Human Rights of its Citizens... (And NO! I DON’T believe for one second that the USA is a worthy Role Model!)

And Kudos to Mark Webber for his usual Straight Talk and willingness to be the only F1 driver to clearly speak his mind upon the matter...

Webber speaks out on Bahrain decision

And while I realize many people, i.e.; Constructors, Teams, Drivers, Personnel and Media may be contractually obligated to partake in said event if it does indeed occur, albeit – isn’t it funny how quickly Uncle Bernaughty is once again Backpedaling? I hope that there’ll be enough of an outcry against this FARCE and NOBODY will participate; especially the Freelance Journalists who cover said sport.

As ALL I can do is pledge to NOT watch or Scribble ‘bout the Bahrain GP if it does actually occur later this year along with signing the Petition below, which states:
“To Red Bull, and other F1 teams: We call on you to declare publicly that you won’t race in Bahrain this year, because the government has killed and injured hundreds of innocent people who were standing up for their rights. Your reputation, and Formula 1′s, will suffer if you reward this deadly regime.”

As NOBODY seems to be mentioning the fact that a Trial against 47 Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals began yesterday with their offense being that they aided, took care and treated the physically injured Protester’s challenging the Government in Peaceful Demonstrations...

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