Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling duh Steel

So once again the KarmicWhip has found me squarely in its sight’s and smacked Mwah in der Keister... As I magically managed to tune in ‘Justin-time to see SPEED’s Barrett-Jackson Ringmeister Bob Varsha quipping it was time to anoint the newest member of their tribe – a ‘Juan Mr. Justin Bell to an old skit called Feel-the-Steel... Whereas Messer Bell was dually blindfolded and taken upon a ‘Walkabout nearby’s where he’d have 20-seconds to attempt identifying said mystery automobile...

Ready? Set? GO! To which Justin correctly guessed in 9-seconds that it was a Dodge Viper GTS-R, circa 1997-98? Saying he’d spent countless hours climbing in ‘N out of one of those, whilst admitting that and the Peugeot 205 which he’d crashed! Would probably be the ONLY two vehicles he’d haveda been able to identify... Thus, it appears that Messer Bell is still gainfully employed by the Fine Folks at SPEED, eh?

Meanwhile, your Humble Scribe will be doin’ his own impersonation of Feeling duh Steel, and NO! No steel blades will be involved, albeit my lead sled will most likely be of utilitarian type, as in some sorta vintage PickEmTruck – which obviously will NOT be in as pristine shape as Justin’s machine was. Especially since I’ll be travelin’ Ooot ‘N Aboot the next few Dazes with the Two Bitches, aka the FURR-Rocious lap Hoonds who’d admirably do a fantastic job as Stunt Doubles for the Taco Bell & Wizard of Oz pooches.

Back Shortly...

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