Thursday, June 9, 2011

More on the Bahrain GP...

Apparently the ‘Jig’s UP! As further damaging reports have now come to light over the BUFOONERY of the FIA’s “Fact Finding” mission to Bahrain... Most notably the leaking of Carlos Gracia’s report to Jean Todt and the decision makers at the FIA/WMSC.

FIA Bahrain report ‘dangerously irresponsible,’ says Avaaz

Obviously I KNOW NOTHING! Herr Schulz, Ja Volt! About Messer Gracia - And thus can only hope that Spain’s Senor Carlos was not chosen for this mission potentially as a Sacrificial Lamb... Yet, with the news that 800 people have been arrested and 31 DEATHS reported, it seems painfully clear that Formula 1 needs to cut its losses with Bahrain IMMEDIATELY!

Mosley on Bahrain: “F1 will share the regime’s guilt”