Tuesday, March 30, 2010

INDYCAR: Streets of St. Pete

As Ryan has noted in his recap of St. Pete’s weekend “Junior” Formulae’s outing, there’s an abundance of Race Reports out there in Bloggerland and thus, I’m not gonna try reinventing the Wheel, so-to-speak...

JOWT: Grand Prix of St. Petersburg recap
While I tried vainly to listen to the Indy Car race via le internets, which I’ve already scribbled ‘bout in The Road to Indy? It was pretty funny after I gave-up and turned on le Telescreen instead and was immediately bamboozled as it was on lap 70 and WTF? Eddie Cheever was commenting... Although I had a good laugh as they called out You-know-who running in 5th place... Hmm? What’s Davey Hamilton doing against the wall in the number 44? Hey, I think I’ve seen this race before; yep! I was there last May on the IMS Media Mezzanine listening to 33 Honda lumps blast around The Brickyard!

And I did indeed get up “Just-in-Time” for the 7AM Television coverage of St. Pete on “The Deuce,” and watched the whole blasted thing, which was quite entertaining after they got thru the HORRENDOUS Infomercial portion of the Broadcast... Princess Glitter Pony’s up to 19th, Commercial-break 96 and oh wait, there’s some other drivers racing out there! As I just couldn’t decide on whom to root for in the closing laps of the race, when the ‘BIG UNIT was pressuring the HELL outta Mister Street Circuit...

But somehow the commentating just seemed way too lackluster to me – or perhaps it was the early morning hour? As I did enjoy Rick Debruhl standing in for that Hippy Dippy Weatherman; Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute, but Scott Goodyear simply seemed to be putting me to sleep... Along with Marty “Nationwide” Reid finally admitting that DannaCar does indeed get the Lion’s share of publicity whilst the Chosen ‘Juan was running behind the Swiss Miss. (AGAIN!)

Yet, this season I’m gonna try giving a very brief Lowdown, along with Highlighting a bevy of my No Fenders “Fave-Five-ish” IndyCar Drivers, whom are not necessarily in order but simply “Alfuh-Bettically” Team-wise, while I’ll leave the “Proper” race reports to the rest of the Bloggeratzi... (So here goes NUTTIN!)

Dreyer & Reinbold RacingNo. 22) Justin WilsonMr. Zeeline’s Design, nee THE ‘BIG UNIT, or better known as “Team England’s” team leader once again put on a great show, having started from P3 on the grid. As I kept saying to the TV, Where’s Justin? As he seemed to slip back to 6th for awhile, although he made some great passes and ultimately hounded Will “Hunka-Hunka” Power for the win, before having to settle for runner-up, in what was Dryer & Reinbold’s second best series finish behind Team Owner Robbie buhl’s victory at Orlando way back in 2000 in the team’s inaugural IRL race.

FAZZT Race TeamNo. 77) Alex Tagliani
’TAG and NOT TAGS or The MayTag Man ran a good race, getting a bevy of Television coverage for having the Golden Girl directly behind him in the latter stages of the race, although I said out loud; she AIN’T gonna pass Alex! Who’s only downfall? Was staying on used tyres during his final Pitstop and ultimately got passed by Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti, as TAG came home 6th.

Sarah Fisher RacingNo. 67) Graham RahalAlthough Obviously NOT the normal pilot of the number 67, I’m very happy that Sarah Fisher made this bold move for her Minnow-esqe Indy Car Team, as apparently Graham threw everything ‘but the Kitchen sink towards trying to wrassle the Dallara to the front, having rolled off from P16 and having struggled to get the car to his liking. Nevertheless Graham brought ‘her home in a respectable 9th place with one more guest outing before hopefully returning Fulltime?

HVM Racing No. 78) R- Simona De Silvestro(Hola Viva Mexico)

Whale GAAL-LLLLLLLLL-LEE!!! Guess who started ahead of DannaCar again, as Simona simply has been shining so far in her Debutant season, starting on the outside of Row 7 with some Dude named Franchitti next to her... And thru NO fault of her own, De Silvestro basically got punted off by an overly aggressive “Son ‘O Stash” in a chain reaction involving Rahal, Mike Conway and Ryan Hunter-Reay, as Simona got spun-out before getting refired and ultimately finishing 1-lap behind in P16.

KV Racing Technology No. 5) R-Takuma SatoWhale Taku-san made it past the first lap this time, but I think he’s still trying to come to grips with the extra stopping distances of an Indy Car vs. the uber-amazing carbon brakes on a Formula 1 chassis... Although apparently Taku pleaded with his Pit crew to come in every single lap to replace a worn left front tyre before ultimately hitting the wall! And finishing in 22nd ahead of only Alex Lloyd and Milka Duno. So much for the return of the Lotus Cosworth Engineering Dallara Honda, eh?

Team Penske No. 12) Will Power
What can I say about the “Toowoomba Toranadoe,” who I’ve been calling “Hunka-Hunka” due to that overly clever Red flag interview with Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute in Brazil, where Will was eatin’ a PB ‘N Honey sandwich... As Jack Arute explained to the Aussie that Elvis was a PB ‘N Banana’s Man... Oh Never Mind!

Yet Power has simply kicked ARSE in the first two races of the season, putting on a Driving Clinique on the past two Temporary Street Circuits, as I’d find it absolutely hilarious ‘N COOL if it was the third Penske Wheel bringing The Captain home his first Championship since ’06! Although I’m guessing that Ryan Briscoe is gonna have something to say about it, eh? Yet Pole Position, fastest in every session and winner of his second race in a row is a pretty DAMN Fine Job Will!

And Power’s Back-to-Back victories are only the second time ever in the league’s 15yr history, with the first Driver to pull off the feat being somebody named Sam Hornish Jr. back in 2001...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Road to Indy?

Is paved with good intentions... As I have just finished listening to the Indy Lights season opener in St. Pete via le internets and found it to be a somewhat frustrating experience... I warmed-up le Confuzer at 9:38AM, (Pacific) which is 12:38PM New York time... And opened up my bookmarked IndyCar.com (IMS) Radio Broadcast page, scrolled down to the March 28th link and clicked the tiny YES button... And, wait for it... NOTHING! Otay, may be I’m too early, eh?

Ok, it’s now 9:44AM – which is 1min prior to the advertised race start time so it should work now... right? NOPE! NOTHING as I click YES again... So I jumped out of the page entirely and started over again, and you guessed it... Still nothing... SHEISA! But the top of the page in GIANT letters says Login on TWITTER... And at the top of the page’s right-hand side it says that the Firestone Indy Lights is Now Playing. NO IT ISN’T!

And A) I do NOT have a Twitter account and B) I DON’T wanna sign-up for ‘Juan... I just want to listen to the FREAKIN’ Indy Lights race on le internets...

So after repeating this a few more times, I logged off completely and simply went to IndyCar.com which is the MOST Painful website for a visually impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer to navigate; I mean can you put a little bit more colour, splash ‘N pizzazz on the site?

So I decided I’d try goggling 2010 St Pete Indy Lights Radio Broadcast instead which of course sent me back to the IndyCar.com website which I PAINFULLY navigated my way to the Radio Broadcast section and clicked upon the Learn More tab... And Wallah! I was back at my same bookmarked IMS Radio page, but this time when I clicked upon the YES link suddenly Mark James voice could be heard and the first two laps had occurred with ‘HINGE, nee James Hinchcliffe being outta the fray, as it was now 10:04AM Pacific and I’d missed the beginning of the race... Which turned out to be a most chaotic event, a la Sao Paolo...

So why did I decide to Scribble ‘bout this? Whale, you see... I’m one of those 40 Somme-thun year olds with a Confuzer – AHEM, Mr. Barnes and I may be wrong but I’m guessing that the vaunted 18-35yr old Demographic that’s so coveted would simply have NOT bothered to persevere for nearly a half hour of trying to find a “Quote” Feeder Series race, which is the final rung before the Big Boyz, a.k.a. the IZOD Indy Car Series; as I’d like to see a simple LISTEN LIVE BUTTON Option on the Top Left Hand corner of IndyCar.com available for those of us who are visually challenged...

As I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone in this weekend’s experience... As I listened to the entire IndyCar and Indy Lights Qualifying via le internets and had to refresh my internets link three times during the IndyCar broadcast and a fourth time during the Indy Lights coverage... While Stephanie of Planet IRL who’s doing a great job of providing “Live” coverage noted that this had also occurred in St. Pete, as you can check out her reports here;

St. Pete – Saturday Thoughts

So I missed out upon Phillip Major “Tom” making a Greg Moore bonsai pass from P9 – collecting the leader, WTF? Not to mention about half of the field it seemed like, as the competitor’s came in under a Red flag to allow for switching over to the dreaded Rain tyres, for what became a pretty entertaining race.

And while its easy for me to sit here behind “The Curtain” and critique the HELL outta the nuances of listening to the various events via le internets... I thoroughly appreciate the ability to do so via IndyCar.com and realize I’m fortunate to have the luxury to do so... While sitting here inside warm “N DRY as suddenly Mark James & Kevin Lee reiterated the Public Address announcement of a SEVERE Weather Advisory having been issued and pleading for ALL Spectators to leave the Grandstands in a Safe & Orderly procession and go to other various locales they were announcing... As the Indy Lights race was cut short in order to facilitate this...

As Mark James pleaded with how much they enjoyed the “Heartiness” of the Spectators but PLEASE EVACUATE NOW!

As the only Emergency location which didn’t make sense to me was the Baseball Stadium... Unless it’s a Dome? Since wouldn’t it be just as dangerous as it sounded like they were trying to get everyone inside somewhere as Thunder ‘N Lightning began to overtake the Temporary Street Circuit as the chequered flag was unfurled and there was NO victory celebrations... With one inch of rain predicted to fall from 2-8PM ET, if the IndyCar race indeed is run today? So stay Dry ‘N Safe ‘Steph...

Now for humour, lets see if things are any better in St. Pete as I sit inside on a soggy Sunday afternoon as the IMS Radio link now declares;

Now Playing: IZOD IndyCar Series - Honda Grand Prix of St.Petersburg with IMS Radio Network

LIVE coverage from St.Petersburg

NO IT ISN’T! OH SHEISA! Here we go again... As guess what AIN’T working at 3:01PM New York time, eh? As I’ve spent another 26min trying to open the page and thus... In a New York minute I’m outta here! Although I really did NOT wanna have to watch the ABC program which I’m certain will be another DannaCar Slobberfest! And oh lookee ‘dare, it’s probably gonna get bumped by Women’s Golf since they’re in a RAIn delay...

As 45 minutes after broadcast time and NOT wanting to watch that syrupy HULIO ‘N RYAN Singing’ in the Rain comedy, and having shut down le confuzer and re-logging on... TUH DUH! I’ve now got a really snappy musak only IndyCar Nation LIVE Streaming connection... As perhaps you should break-in and explain the situation? And now at 1:02PM Pacific they have very shakily tried re-running the Indy Lights show that I’ve already listened too! And now the site has gone DARK once again, CRIKEYS!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Whale that just seemed too easy and too hard to pass up, after having read Jeffie’s story about Dario getting TP for 200... As in Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti will apparently be making career start No. 200 in the ‘Big Carz: CART/IRL this Sunday, as it’s hard to believe it’s his 200th start, for which I’ve watched at least half of those, having avoided year’s 2003-07, but I digress...

As mention of Dario’s name always makes me flash back to those Good ‘Ol CART Dazes and the Team KOOL Green duo of ‘PT ‘N Dario, as in Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy as Dario’s sidekick, Err teammate at one of the then Big 3, as in TCGR & Team Penske... Whale, actually I guess Penske was in the doldrums back then, circa 1996-2000, which was largely a Target Chip Ganassi Racing affair, with the Team KOOL Green Boyz nipping at its heels, along with the Players/Forsythe Team, eh? And my favourite Shell liveried Team Rahal cars for Kenny Brack...

Guess Dario picked the right sponsor this weekend as he can go blow his nose over getting “Cough-Cough!” Blocked in Qualifying by Ryan Briscoe... BOO-HOO-HOO!

Street Pete windup

Whale, I’m actually a bit more ‘GEEKED over the impending Indy Lights race then the ‘Big Boyz... As after all, the lower category appears to be a total “Crapshoot” in regards to the outcome, nee winner... As I’m guessing it’s only a single-digit event this year unlike last year’s double header that Junior Strous captured for the little PDM Team... So who knows? As ‘Hinge (James Hinchcliffe) of Team Moore Racing could have his mitts full this weekend, eh? Not to mention the likes of Sebastian Saavedra and Stefan Wilson of Bryan Herta Autosport, the latter reportedly partially sponsored by Forsythe Solutions, Hmm? (Where Oh Where have I heard that name before...) While of course AFS/Andretti Autosport and Sam Schmidt Motorsports cannot be overlooked, with Strous now driving for HVM Racing’s “Junior” Team…

Then again, I’m very pleased to see Will “Hunka-Hunka” Power kicking ARSE! As the Aussie was quickest in Friday’s practice, with Team England’s, Err Dreyer & Reinbold’s Justin BIG UNIT Wilson slotting in at P3, with the KVRT New Boyz ‘N Stash Jr. all inside of the Top 10... No word on where ‘TAG wound up yesterday, and OOPS! I almost left out the Swiss Miss, a.k.a. Simona De Silvestro who apparently was also outside of the Top 10 cut.

Gotta run... As hopefully IndyCar.com has given me the correct New York time for conversion to West Coast time in order to listen to the Indy Lights and Indy Car qualifications today...

Oh yeah, you may wanna check out Ryan’s Indy Lights Season Preview, click here. As you can also get his USF2000 & Star Mazda season previews there too, as after all, they’re all part of ‘The Road to Indy now...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hamilton misses Road Safety memo Down Under

Apparently McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton didn’t get the memo regarding this weekend’s FIA Make Roads Safe campaign launch... As the Young Lion failed to keep his foot off of the “Loud Pedal” in his loaner Merc... As apparently Lewis had to drive around in a 2010 Mercedes C63! And got nabbed outside of Albert Park Friday evening for doing excessive burn-outs in his Mercedes rental car, after having earlier set the quickest lap time of the day...

As the Police apparently cited the young Briton for braking Australia’s "Anti-hoon"law, which is set to keep young drivers from excessive wheel spinning, fishtailing or doing Doughnuts on public roadways! As the ‘Copper’s impounded the young “Louise’s” vehicle before giving him a lift back to his hotel...

Meanwhile this week marks the kickoff of the FIA’s 10 year Make Roads Safe campaign in conjunction with the United Nations Decade of Action (2011-2020) program, as all F1 Constructors will carry decals on their chassis, along with various makes running extra signage – which the Renault is said to be sporting the message upon its front wing and sidepods this weekend, while I suppose some cynics might suggest that the Reggie is simply filling in a bit of its unsponsored car?

Meanwhile a very week apology was issued by McLaren in the wee hours of the morning, noting how the 2008 World Champion was sorry for his shenanigans...

Hmm? Wasn’t it Melbourne a year ago where Lewis Hamilton and McLaren were subsequently caught for LYING to the F1 Officials over radio communications which ultimately cost the team’s Sporting Director Davey Ryan his job...

Oh whale! At least Lewis’s father wasn’t behind the wheel, eh?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another McQueen Ferrari on the Block

I find it amazing how many Steve McQueen cars are coming outta the woodwork – so to speak, as I just learned about another vintage car from the iconic Actor’s personal stock, a very rare 1953 Siata 208S Spyder that McQueen denoted as his little Ferrari...

Steve McQueen’s little Ferrari for sale

Bernie spins New York F1 talk, again

Whale although I heard the story this morning via the AP News, once again THE ‘DAWG has beaten me to posting it... As Uncle Bernaughty, nee Mr. Bernard Ecclestone has gone to the well once again with his favourite rag Gazzetta dello Sport, to unleash his visions de Grandeur upon the masses of his plans for Formula 1 to race around the streets of New Jersey, with Manhattan’s skyline in the background...

Hmm? Another Temporary Street Circuit in America, (YAWN) my they certainly are all the rage right now aren’t they? Say Emperor Bernardo, what’s wrong with that place called The Speedway? I mean it’s already built and I’d go there again... Even if it’s not the greatest circuit on the calendar, Oh Whale! What to do now? Baltimore or New Jersey... For pressdog’s take, click here.

French Lion’s triumphant at Sebring

The Peugeot Sports Car Team has just won the 58th Annual Sebring 12hrs Endurance race, with a 1-2 finish, seeing the No. 07 head the No. 08 across the finish line, as Anthony Davidson, Marc Gene and Alexander Wurz were victorious ahead of teammates Sebastian Bourdais, Pedro Lamy and Nicolas Minassian.

And for Mwah, it seems just like yesterday that I recall the Austrian “Giant” Alex Wurz stepping into the Benetton B197 cockpit as Gerhard Berger’s substitute, as much banter was made over Wurz’s six foot four inch frame vs. the diminutive ANT’s five foot six inch stature, with a bevy of jokes being made towards SPEED commentator Calvin Fish...

But back to 1997 when Wurz filled in for his elder countryman Berger, beginning with the Canadian GP as Gerhard had become sidelined for three races due to illness, before coming back to score his final Grand Prix victory at the Hockenheimring...

So could that really have been a long 13yrs ago? Especially since way back then, Wurz wore one red and one blue driving boot after having a prank played on him very early in his career, as I don’t know if he still carries on this way now? Since after his Benetton days he made a career as a McLaren test driver before capping off his F1 career at Williams, along with having scored the second of his three podium positions as JPM’s (Juan Pablo Montoya) substitute at McLaren during the Columbian’s tennis ball slippy caper, which was even more impressive since the chassis wasn’t designed to accommodate his large frame...

Thus it seems somewhat “synergistic” that Wurx’s final podium came at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in ’07, where he began his F1 career, while the lanky Austrian who’s also a two time 24 Heurs du Mans winner still holds the record for youngest driver to win the event.

Marc Gene’s name is synonymous with the Scuderia Ferrari to me, albeit as a longtime tester, after a brief racing stint in Formula 1 with Minardi and substituting for Ralf Schumacher at Williams while pining away as their tester before beginning his association with Maranello in 2004. Yet Gene can claim something his Spanish teammate Fernando Alonso cannot, as Gene became the first Spaniard to take the overall glory at Circuit de la Sarthe last year...

‘ANT, nee Anthony Davidson is another long term F1 tester who really never got his fair shot in the Pinnacle of Motorsport, (Formula One) having spent the majority of his career as another Honda F1 test driver, a la Darren Manning. Yet the plucky Brit did manage two outings for Minardi, a one-off at BAR-Honda and then a short stint during the final days of “Super Best Friends,” a.k.a. Super Aguri.

And we all know Bourdais’s CV, as in the only driver to ever win four consecutive Vanderbilt Cup’s in American Open Wheel Racing history, while having a very brief and not so enjoyable career in F1 as Scott Speed’s replacement at Scuderia Toro Rosso...

Of course Pedro Lamy is another dare I say it? Journeyman ex-Formula Uno Piloto who mostly trundled around at the back of the grid in inferior equipment driving for the fading Lotus concern and Minardi; as I seem to recall that he had a monstrous accident at Silverstone during a test session where then Benetton mechanic Steve Matchett wrote about the horrendous crash which saw Lamy’s Lotus ultimately end up scattered in pieces with the driver’s tub landing inside a pedestrian tunnel! As Lamy broke both of his legs and spent a year recovering before returning to drive a Minardi...

Meanwhile Nicolas Minassian unfortunately seems to have a history of finishing runner-up, (2nd) or as some drivers claim, “First Loser.” Yet what is the Frenchman’s connection to Juan Pablo Montoya? Whale; recall that one Mr. Chip Ganassi took Minassian and Bruno Junqueira in a package deal as Montoya’s replacements when the Columbian bolted to Sir Frank Williams Grand Prix team in 2001, as Junqueira and Minassian had finished 1-2 in the 2000 F3000 Championship, then the final step-up to Formula 1. Yet Minassian’s tenure at TCGR was very short lived, having been given the boot shortly after a not so stellar Rookie outing at Indianapolis.

But if you think the Peugeot Boyz weren’t trying to beat each other and simply cruising about, then think about The Hamburgular (SeaBass) spinning on cold tyres upon exiting the pit lane for his final pit stop whilst trying to jump ahead of the fast approaching Wurz in the leading 908 HDi FAP as both cars had completed their final pit stops enroute to the chequered flag.

As the aforementioned sextuplets will comprise the bulk of Peugeot’s driving line-up for this summer’s 78th running of the 24 Heurs du Mans, as the final year of the Lion’s mighty 908 turbo diesel’s will sport the numbers 1-2-3 when the French squad squares off against Audi and the other competition. (As apparently there’s a massive rules change pending for 2011...)

The No. 1 will have the same Sebring 12hrs winning driver combo of Davidson, Gene and Wurz, while the No. 2 will be an all French affair, with Minassian joined by Franck Montagny and Stephane Sarrazin. Meanwhile The Hamburgular (Bourdais) will be joined by Lamy and Simon Pagenaud in the team’s No. 3 entry, with last year’s driver Christian Klien serving as the team’s Reserve Driver...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yanks going to Le Mans

With feverish worries over the influx of Ahem! Darn Foreigner’s comin’ over here and snapping up all of those vaunted Indy Car seats... Whale fear not, as there appears to be a small cadre of Americans planning to cross the pond this June to compete in the 78th running of le 24 Heurs du Mans.

As some Cat named Marco, as in Marco Andretti has already been confirmed to drive a Rebellion Lola LMP1 chassis with co-drivers Nicolas Prost and Neil Jani. Recall that Jani is an ex-KV Racing Technology Champ Car driver while Nicolas Prost is indeed the son of Four Time Formula 1 World Champion Alain Prost.

And in today’s Robin Miller piece on SPEED.com, now claiming that The Son ‘O Stash, neee Graham Rahal will return to Newman Haas Lanigan Racing as Heideki Mutoh’s teammate beginning at Long Beach... Robin noted that Graham had just finished testing GM’s ALMS Corvette GT racecar, as all I could find was Graham’s tweet ‘bout how he couldn’t wait to drive the C6R GT2 racecar... In what apparently was an audition to potentially race the ‘Vette at the Circuit de la Sarthe this summer? Since I cannot get into the American Le Mans Series Fan Forum about Graham and American Butch Leitzinger testing for Corvette...

And I’ve already mentioned that Scott Pruett will drive the new Jaguar XKR GT this summer in France, where Corvette Racing’s Johnny ‘O (O’Connell) likes to get speeding tickets out in the countryside.

And while Graham could be lining up at Long Beach after hopefully driving Sarah Fisher’s Dollar General ride onto the Podium in the next two Indy Car events, I still find it hard to believe that Mr. IZOD, nee Ryan Hunter-Reay’s drive there still isn’t confirmed? As in really? IZOD’s going to pass up the largest populated state in the country?

Ooh lah lah, Mon Cherie!

Sharp has Extreme outing at Sebring

Don’t know if Y’all saw Scotty Sharp goin’ up in flames last Saturday evening... As apparently the team’s name was an example of things to come, as in Extreme Speed Motorsports... Whale, Scotty surely got the best rush available when his new Ferrari F430GTE burst into fire during the latter portion of the race, as Sharp claimed there had been a vibration, but the team couldn’t find anything... So we’ll just Keep On Truckin! Then as the F1 lads on SPEED like to say, KABLAMOE! As the rear end of the Ferrari illuminated le Telescreen in a large yellow fireball as Sharp wisely pulled off at the nearest hole in the wall, which signals a corner worker’s station. As Kudos to an overly courageous corner worker who put out the fire before the actual fire crews had arrived by aiming his fire bottle at the base of the Ferrari’s flames!

Much later on, SPEED’s Pit reporter Justin Bell interviewed the uninjured Scott Sharp who claimed his first thought was how expensive it was gonna be as a team owner... While Justin asked if he’d be giving the brave corner worker a silver bottle of his sponsor’s spirits, to which Sharp replied definitely... Which probably isn’t a problem when your teammate is the CEO of Tequila Patron, eh?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

F1: 2010 Bahrain GP highlights

So, I must admit that I found the 2010 season opener to be a bit dull, especially after having first watched that overly entertaining Sao Paolo Indy Car Hydrofest... And thus, not surprisingly, “The Big-4” Constructor’s, who coincidently are the favourites for this year’s Title contenders locked-out the first four rows upon the grid, albeit reigning World Champion ‘JENSE had to be a bit miffed with being in last place of these vaunted eight competitors... As it’s a bit funny to think that there are others outside of these four Teams who want to crash their party. Thus well done by Renault’s lead driver Robert Kubica to start P9, with Force India’s Adrian Sutil claiming the final grid spot of the ‘Q3 “Qualie” session...

Yet unfortunately the Row 5 recipients who were the only Top 10 runners opting to start out on the “Harder” prime rubber had their strategy go up in smoke when Mark Webber pulled an 007-like maneuver when the Aussie called Smoke-On upon the lights going green and laid down an immense amount of blue oil smoke!

And while all of the Big 4 runners finished in the points, these are now awarded to tenth place and thus Force India’s other driver Vitantonio Liuzzi finished in P9 with the ageless ‘Rubino, a.k.a. Rubens Barrichello scoring a single point for tenth place in his record 285th start.

Meanwhile I thought the ‘New Boyz did an admirable job in their respective Organization’s debutant Grand Prix and look forward to seeing them claw their ways forward, although I suppose somebody will have to disappoint sooner or later, eh?

Race Drive of Bahrain
Whale although I plan on “Awarding” this in the remaining races to hopefully some of the “lower” drivers, I’d have to say my choices are between Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and Mercedes Nico Rosberg, as Nico has been overshadowed by his teammate, some Seven Time World Champion named Michael Schumacher. Yet the Scuderia’s Massa is returning to action from that horrible accident at the “Hunga-boring” race weekend, which still gives me chills when I sit there and watch his Ferrari’s V8 lump idling away in monotone with NO movement from the cockpit which I’ve kept on tape. So, for his heroics, not to mention out qualifying the much ballyhooed double World Champion Alonso, Felipe Massa gets my nod upon closing that very scary racing chapter of his career!

Don’t forget that this year features a new points scoring system that now pays out to 10th place, with a higher total points scoring system enacted: 1st = 25pts; 2nd: 18; 3rd: 15; 4th: 12; 5th: 10; 6th: 8; 7th: 6; 8th: 4; 9th: 2; 10th: 1. So keep those calculator’s handy!

Not a bad start to the season, albeit both drivers only passes for position came courtesy of their pit stops and their crews excellent work, as Hamilton was gifted his podium by Vettel’s troubles, while button was perhaps too cautious in regards to expected tyre wear and still wasn’t able to pass Schumacher even in competitive equipment.

No. 1) J. Button: Q) 8th; R) 7th
No. 2) L. Hamilton: Q) 4th; R) 3rd

Although the spotlight was firmly affixed upon Seven Time World Champion Michael Schumacher’s return to the cockpit of a Formula 1 car for the first time since his retirement at the end of 2006, it was his junior teammate Nico Rosberg who outshone his elder countryman on track this weekend, as Nico not only out qualified Schuey, but finished ahead of him, as I enjoyed Michael’s comments about his coming together with Nico at the start by saying: “May be we kissed a little bit...”

No. 3) M. Schumacher: Q) 7th; R) 6th
No. 4) N. Rosberg: Q) 5th; R) 5th

Red Bull
Talk about the tales of two different races inside a team, as ‘ZEBB, a.k.a. Sebastian Vettel clearly held the upper hand upon teammate Mark Webber, easily out qualifying the “Aussie” by taking his sixth career Pole Position and then apparently cruising off into the sunset to lead wire-to-wire, before a mysterious spark plug failure robbed him of apparent victory... As Vettel had to settle for fourth place, while Webber came home further down after his smoke screen dissipated.

No. 5) S. Vettel: Q) Pole; R) 4th
No. 6) M. Webber: Q) 6th; R) 8th

Although I feel that Alonso’s victory was gifted to him after Vettel’s mechanical woes, nevertheless the Spaniard joined the rarefied company of Fangio, Mansell and Raikkonen as first time Scuderia debutants to claim victory... Although I was more impressed with Felipe Massa’s outcome, as he outpaced Alonso in qualifying, which for only the second time in two years the Double World Champion lined up behind his teammate! And recall that it was Massa who decimated The Iceman last season.

No. 7) F. Massa: Q) 2nd; R) 2nd
No. 8) F. Alonso: Q) 3rd; R) 1st

2010 New Boyz
What can you say about these guys? Whale, they all made it onto the grid, and their finishing order seems to be indicative of their resources and amount of effort made by each of them, as clearly it would appear at the moment that Lotus is the best funded of these three...

So Round 1 goes to the Lotus squad who was the only team of the newcomers to actually finish, with “Kovy” taking top honours, whilst his elder teammate also limped home to see both cars classified as finishing, albeit “The Scrumptious One” (Trulli) was 3 laps down and suffering from a hydraulics problem.

No. 18) J. Trulli: Q) 20th; R) 17th, R-Hydraulics (-3 laps)
No. 19) H. Kovalainen: Q) 21st; R) 15th (-2 laps)

Hispania Racing
As I’ve already noted, it was a superb triumph just for this team to make it onto the grid, not to mention have both cars contest the race, even if the second chassis didn’t actually run its first lap until Saturday’s Q1 “Qualie” session, where debutant Karun Chandhok promptly found out just how far the deep end of the grid was! And due to his total lack of practice, not surprisingly Chandhok crashed out on the race’s first lap after hitting a patch of the new infield’s bumpy portion of track! While his Rookie teammate Bruno Senna had a far better showing, albeit also retiring with mechanical gremlins.

No. 20) R-Karun Chandhok: Q) 24th; R) Retired; Accident (24th)
No. 21) R-Bruno Senna: Q) 23rd; R) Retired; Engine (19th)

Virgin Racing
Although Timo Glock won the qualifying duel of the New Boyz, after an entertaining scrum with Lotus’s Heikke Kovalainen, the German was forced to retire due to a noted Gearbox issue. Rookie teammate Lucas di Grassi Also retired early with hydraulic gremlins, which seemed to be the Achilles’ heel of the Virgin racecar this weekend, as perhaps the virtual world’s design computations cannot account for the real world beatings they take?

No. 24) T. Glock: Q) 19th R) Retired; Gearbox (120th)
No. 25) R-Lucas di Grassi: Q) 22nd; R) Retired; Hydraulics (23rd)

Q) = Qualifying;; R) = Race

Monday, March 22, 2010

F1 Teams Double Stuff Diffuser’s modified

Ah, those clever Bastards... As in give a Formula 1 Designer an inch, and you know the rest, eh? As upon the conclusion of this year’s Bahrain GP, a minimum of four Constructors have been asked to revise the rear diffuser of their respective 2010 Challenger, as McLaren has followed BRAWN GP’s, Err Mercedes lead... With the clever interpretation of a hole being allowed in said diffuser for engagement of the external starter motor... Problem was, that there weren’t any size limitations and thus the teams have taken to concocting very elaborate starter motor openings to function indirectly as another diffuser hole!

Thus McLaren and Mercedes, with Renault and Force India rumoured to be one of the offending teams have all been asked to modify their chassis prior to Melbourne scrutineering, whilst the FIA has now sent a set of more clearly defined dimensions to all of the competing teams. Of course it is unknown if this will have any effect upon increased overtaking this weekend at Albert Park...

Remembering ‘Doc

Hoyt Kerr Jr.
On May 25, 2006, “The Speedway Six” hosted The 90th Running of Doc for his 90th birthday. The Speedway Six are a group of six friends (the group that sits up front at Don Kay's Autosport Radio Show), who do a lot of things for people just because they like too... In the program for ‘Doc’s party, the following excerpt of Hoyt’s life story was told as follows. E. Hoyt “Doc” Kerr, Jr. was born June 8, 1916 in Mechanicsville, Iowa and he was named after his father Ezra Hoyt Kerr, who was a Dentist. His mothers name was Ruth Buffington and Hoyt had a brother, Lionel McPherson Kerr. Hoyt graduated from Mechanicsville High School in 1934 where he was known as Junior Kerr. He attended Miliken University in Decatur, IL between 1934 - 1939 and majored in Philosophy. His family moved to Decatur during that time and his parents remained there til their deaths. Hoyt met his bride to be, Frances North, at Miliken and they were married shortly after graduation. Their first and only son, David, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with their three daughters Judy, Patricia, and Kathy being born in Clarksville, Arkansas. The Kerr family lived in Clarksville in the late 40's and early 50's where Hoyt was the Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at the base of the Ozark Mountains. It appeared he was associated with the College of the Ozarks. (Having previously graduated from the McCormick Seminary) In the late 50's, early 60's the family moved to Newark, OH where Hoyt was the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. Then in 1967 they moved to Troy, MI. Where it’s believed he sold insurance for several years before going to work for the Bradford Scott Corporation (BSC) to manage their office and operations. BSC sold real estate in Michigan, and then bought 1600 lots in Indiana known as Heritage Lake.

Doc and 1996 Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier
Hoyt moved to Indy in 1977 to work for BSC at Heritage Lake, before he was given a gold Rolex watch upon retiring from BSC in 1988. Hoyt was then introduced to Hemelgarn Racing thru Dennis Weeks and Ron Burton and has worked for the team ever since. He was a Crew member on the Team’s 1996 winning Indy 500 entry.

Hoyt “Junior” Kerr got the nickname "Doc" because of his resemblance to TV’s Doctor Marcus welby...
Although I didn’t know ‘Doc personally, I briefly knew of him via the World Wide Web thingy, a.k.a the internets, as he was a regular fixture (like many) at Donald Kay’s Autosport Radio Show which I was introduced to upon my visiting the Speedway in 2007. Thus, it seemed like Don would have some sort of ‘Quip to say about ‘Doc almost every “radio” program. (Weekly...) And although I never saw him on the webcast, nevertheless I knew he was there and the Elder Statesman of a lively group of regulars.

So in 2009, when I had my 15mins ‘O Fame and got to be a guest interviewee on Autosport Radio, Dave O’Brien arranged for me to very briefly meet the legendary ‘Doc who was exiting the show. And even at 93yrs “Young,” he was a Gentleman to me and a pleasure to meet for that very brief moment in time...

I’m told that during Sunday’s Sao Paolo Indy Car race; at 1PM ET, Friends & Family stopped to raise a toast to Doc.

I also learned that at 91 years “Young” ‘Doc became the oldest person to ever drive a racecar around The Brickyard and completed 2- laps, which is quite the accomplishment...

When Dave told ‘Doc’s son David at the funeral how I’d appreciated him coming up and meeting me after my big interview, he said: "That's how dad was. He wanted to make everyone feel good."

And I know its just another strange coincidence, but a few years ago when making my first trek to the Howard LeMay museum, it was ironic that the only Indy Car in its collection just happened to be a shiny deep blue Hemelgarn Racing model of some unknown vintage...

(Photo’s courtesy of Don Kay)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Putting on a Good Show Down Under

Although I knew the winner of both day’s races of last week’s Clipsal 500 “Aussie” V8 Supercars race, (round 3 of 14) I didn’t know how it had gone down... As I’ve just finished watching the Boyz Down Under put on a most entertaining Show... Even if it was perhaps a bit staged? As the Track Marshals made a very mysterious mechanical Black flag call upon runaway point’s leader Jamie Whincup.

Interestingly, this call apparently was made by ex-Formula 1 driver Tim Schenken, who faired better as a Ferrari Sports Car racer and now serves as the Race Director for the Australian V8 Supercars series, along with being the Clerk of Course for the Australian Grand Prix, as the announcers seemed to think that once a Black flag is unfurled, it cannot be taken back...

Yet double race winner Garth Tander of the original HRT Team, as in Holden Racing Team and not 2010 F1 New Boyz Hispania Racing Team, nor Hormone Replacement Therapy as that “Cheeky Brit” James Allen earlier eluded to...

Err, where was I? Oh yeah, Tander had already passed Whincup before the current points leader and defending champion was smacked from behind and had his rear bumper torn away... Which the Black flag was displayed for, although it dislodged itself from the car before Jamie completed the mandatory drive thru penalty and returned in P18!

Yet it was Tander’s weekend, who became the first driver this season to win other then Whincup who’d won the first four Middle East races, (rounds 1-2(as Tander rolled the dice on Day 2 of the Clipsal 500, stretching his fuel mileage to an impressive 28 laps around the city streets of Adelaide, as the phrase of the week was said by one of the Broadcast Boyz, by claiming;

“On the smell of an Oily rag!”

As Tander went to reserve in the final laps as all HELL broke loose behind him, with the crowd’s 89,000+ going bananas over the massive scrum taking place in the races dying laps...

With a “Mega” 227,000(?) 3-Day attendance figure being mentioned towards the end of the broadcast, CRIKEYS! These Boyz definitely put on a great show, along with it being very amusing to watch the car directly behind your flanks Dive Bomb the car ahead. Not to mention how much more pleasurable these announcers are to listen to vs. some Roundy-round RASSCAR Boyz named DW ‘N Larry Mac!

Next up, is this week’s Australian GP Formula One race, live on SPEED from Melbourne’s Albert Park in the wee early morning hours...

Friday, March 19, 2010

May the I500 Games begin

Whale, I’m certain that Will of Is it May Yet? Knows all ‘bout this... But according to Curt Cavin there’ll be something big happening at 16th & Georgetown in 57 Days... Hmm? What’s that Bruce Springsteen song ‘bout 57 Channels? Oh Never Mind!

Anyway’s, now Y’all can rush over to Curt’s latest IndyStar piece and start dissecting who’ll make the cut for this year’s upcoming Indy 500, or as the ‘CAM-WOW likes to call it, the I500!

No dearth of entries expected for this year's Indianapolis 500

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cat is back!

Although I suppose I’ll always associate that iconic British brand “Jag-U-wyre” (Jaguar) with its former parent, the Ford Motor Company... Even if the FoMoCo has sold off all of its luxury brands, with Jaguar now under the control of TaTa Motors of India, but I digress...

As Y’all may have heard? Paul Gentilozzi, ex-Co-owner of CCWS (the Champ Car World Series) and his RocketSports Racing have been appointed to return the “Cat” back into Sports Car racing, as Gentilozzi’s RSR concern will campaign its Jaguar XKR GT in this year’s American Le Mans Series overly competitive GT2 category.

And Paul Gentilozzi has signed-up some very good talent to chauffer the XKR GT, with HotSchue’s Marc Goossens and Ryan Dalziel,, who won this year’s Rolex 24, as it’s season’s pilot’s, whilst ‘Scooter, nee Scott Pruett will co-drive the RSR entry at Le Mans this June, with the 60yr old Gentilozzi being listed as the Team’s third driver this weekend.

The team will eschew its traditional number 33 instead for the No. 75 as Jaguar honours its 75th Anniversary this year!

Previous to this year’s Sebring 12hrs event, Gentilozzi ‘N Co. took a “Bare metal” XKR GT racecar over to England for static display in the town’s big Auto show.

Gentilozzi and Jaguar RSR Racing tour England
And I was unaware of the fact that Gentilozzi had set a new Land Speed Record aboard a Bonneville Jaguar XFR in 2008, where he clocked a top speed of 225.675mph!

I just hope the Jag’s GT Programme goes better then Gentilozzi’s earlier exploits in stewarding first SCCA’s Pro Racing Trans Am series and later the Champ Car World Series, of which both unfortunately are now extinct...

Sebring preview, sorta...

Yeah I know this is supposed to be the home of Fender-LESS Racing, but as Y’all may know, many of the top Open Wheel drivers on the planet ultimately find there way into prolonging their driving days by taking up residence in various TinTop categories, as I’ve already noted five ex-Gran Primo Piloto’s appointment at Peugeot.

Anyway’s here’s a further look at the competition for this weekend’s event...

ALMS: Sebring Entry list

ALMS: Squeezing in 12hrs of Sunshine at Sebring

Pretty clever, eh? As I’ll let Y’all ponder that... As in it’s got something to do with its (Presenting) Florida citrus connection, which why does that make me think ‘bout “EMMO,” a.k.a. Emerson Fittipaldi drinking Orange Juice at the Brickyard, but I digress...

This Saturday, the 58th Annual running of the Sebring 12 hours Sports Car Enduro will commence on America’s bumpiest circuit, as after all, the lady of Sebring is the remnants of a bunch ‘O concrete WWII runways.

Yet for me, Sebring is one of the Big 3 Endurance events, after Le Mans and Daytona, and although this year’s American Le Mans Series may be a little light upon international talent, nevertheless Peugeot looks set to capture its first Sebring victory, with Audi pulling out over its French rival’s demand for the Huns to run their 2010 Le Mans bodywork, and thus, Audi will test its updated R15’s on the Monday following the event at the venerable Airport circuit.

This year’s event sees the debut of the American Le Mans Series four class restructuring, with a new Prototype Challenge class, (LMPC) along with an updated GT Challenge Class, (GTC) while the LMP1 & LMP2’s will run together. Meanwhile the Corvette’s only GT1 category has disappeared, with the Chevy’s now joining the overly competitive GT2 category.

Having just been asked what’s the ‘Hamburgular up too... Y’all may know him better as SeaBass, a.k.a. Sebastian Bourdais, who’ll be driving one of the two Peugeot Diesel 908’s this Saturday, as I’d assume SeaBass will remain Abroad as he seeks to claim history by finally winning his Hometown race, le 24 Heurs du Mans... As Bourdais will be partnered by Pedro Lamy and Nicolas Minassian, with Peugeot’s other turbo diesel being piloted by Marc Gene, Alexander Wurz and ‘ANT, nee Anthony Davidson. Not a bad grouping, eh? Five ex-Formula 1 Piloto’s and two reigning Le Mans winners...

Last year’s LMP1 Champions Hicroft Racing will campaign a Honda ARX-01c in the LMP2 category with Simon Pagenaud having joined David Brabham and Marino Franchitti.

Sao Paolo Indy 300 runner-up Ryan Hunter-Reay will be at the wheel of a Level 5 Motorsports LMPC, whilst interestingly, J.R. Hildebrand who lost out on the DCR Boy Scouts of America ride in the Big Carz to Alex ‘Pink Lloyd, will be behind the wheel of another of the Le Mans Challenge ORECA FLM09 Spec-class Prototype’s that he’ll be driving for Genoa Racing.

Not to mention the major ‘Blow-over John Field endured aboard his Lola B06/10 AER LMP1 chassis during testing, as apparently after being buffeted by a 30mph gust of wind, Field Barrel rolled his racecar several times, which the team has reported was due to a right rear suspension failure. Meanwhile Andrea Robertson mangled her beautiful Ford GTR Bass-Ackwards into the tyre barriers upon losing control, as both teams will be pulling lots of “All-nighters” to repair their damaged equipment “Just-in-Time” for Saturday’s green flag, yet both drivers were ok.

And that’s before we even get to the hotly contested GT2 category, so you can read all ‘bout it here in SPEED’s testing report, as qualifying is set for Friday, with live race coverage beginning at 7AM PACIFIC on SPEED this Saturday...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty’s Day

YIKES! I just realized I’m NOT wearin’ any Green... As after all it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, which Y’all know the drill, eh? Although I WON’T be partaking in any green jello shots, nor a very crazy drinks concoction known as an Irish Car Bomb...

So here’s a not-so-little ditty I scribbled ‘bout a brace ‘O Irish racing drivers awhile ago, cleverly titled; Drumroll please............... Tuh Duh!


So, what about Bob?

(Jenkins in Studio; Source: Bob Jenkins racing.com)

I am not really sure what triggered the insult posted on the world wide web thingy directed at Versus lead commentator Bob Jenkins... Nor do I plan to go ‘N search for it, as I feel it was unwarranted, since I listened/watched the entire Sao Paolo telecast and I thought that all three announcers did fine! Although I’m not sure what to think about that “Hippy Dippy” Weatherman, a one Messer BRUT Arute-Arute... As I’m actually looking forward to having “LyndieCar” Thackston and Robbie “Purple” Floyd back on the show...

So, I don’t know if Y’all are getting’ tired of Mwah remindin’ yuhs that I’m a Visually Impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer... But I only bring this up to illustrate the point that for myself the “Talking Heads” are a very integral part of my continued Motorsports coverage, as obviously they “Paint” the Picture for me and thus I depend on decent Broadcasters covering the action to fill in the details for me...

I’ve been listening to Mr. Jenkins (amongst others...) for a very long time now, as in way back to his RPM2Night Dazes, when ESPN actually broadcasted other racing series besides RASSCAR... And I’ve always found him to be a credible Broadcaster, not to mention becoming convinced of how much of a Class Act he is by the multiple times he’s dropped into AutoSport Radio to give another enjoyable interview.

And perhaps it was just me, but I thought that Professor Jon Beekhuis ‘N Robbie Buhl did the majority of the talking Sunday morning, to the point where Buhl’s voice became raspy from his excessive chatter... As Robbie ‘N Jon bantered back “N forth over what strategy should Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay employ towards the stalking Ryan ‘Disco Inferno Briscoe... To which Bob seemingly steered clear of.

And my only critique of Messer Jenkins performance would be that somewhere in the middle? He seemed to have a “DW” moment where he momentarily swooned over something Princess Sparkle Pony was doing, but I can’t even recall what that was?

Nah, Mr. Jenkins, you Sir do NOT need to apologize... As I rather appreciate the way you lead the In-Booth Crew, even going so far as to admit on air that you don’t try to stop the two ex-drivers consternations, a la Mike Hull’s self appointed “Mediator” role at TCGR, which I’m certain is by design...

Next up will be Marty “Nationwide” Reid and Scott “What Pace Car” Goodyear... Which means most likely a veritable Slobber-fest over DannaCar’s every move, which means I’ll most likely need to tune-in to Mike “Yippee-Kai-Eh!” King and Davey Hamilton on the IMS Radio Network instead, as long as IndyCar.com can bother to post the correct New York time!

Oh, and lastly, another thing I appreciated was Bob Jenkins actually reading off the Row-by-Row Starting Grid instead of running it on some little tiny ticker tape stripe upon le Telescreen, So later today I’ll raise a Guinness in a Toast to you Bob! So, don’t fret, I’ll be back for the next Versus broadcast...

Jenkins is the Man

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

F1 World Champions parade

Don’t know if Y’all caught the SPEED Formula 1 Pre-race show or not where they showed a very brief glimpse of selected former Formula One World Champions taking parade laps in their respective winning mounts... As by far, from past Vintage events, there’s nothing like the sound of a Scuderia Ferrari Boxer 12 cylinder shrieking about!

Thus it was really cool that to denote the 60th year of the modern F1 era that the majority of the living World Champions were on hand and would be taking part in kicking off the Grand Prix season.

Yet somewhere upon the blogosphere I read that a few members of this elite collection of personalities were missing, with two former World Champions absent, as in Nelson Piquet (Sr.) and Kimi Raikkonen.

Now of course I wasn’t present in the celebrations, nor in sending out the invites, so I don’t know who’s at fault here? As I’m not aware of any World Rally Championship event that conflicted; or was that The Iceman simply being Kimi? Nah, then again The Kimster is always up for a party, eh?

But the one driver I’m really disappointed about not being there if indeed Uncle Bernaughty, nee, a one Messer Bernard Ecclestone told the organizers that on NO occasion is Mr. Piquet’s presence to be requested due to something called “Crash-gate,” then Shame On You Emperor Bernardo! Then again perhaps Mr. Piquet said F-YOU Bernie!

Anyways, for what I think is a really cool photo check this out!

A Gallery of World Champions

Monday, March 15, 2010

INDYCAR: Sao Paolo Indy 300

Or was it 400 or 500 miles? As I feel a bit like “Punksta-Tony Phil,” after having let my face grown long whilst hibernating inside in front of le Telescreen in anticipation of the two Open wheel races this weekend...

As Saturday felt like a total letdown, as first I managed to ‘Bugger the recording device’s inputs and thus was overly bummed when trying to watch F1 Qualifying in the morning. Oh Whale! At least I’ll be able to listen to the Indy Car qualifying session via le internets... Although that too was almost GOOBERED by the fine folks at IndyCar.com... Before Brian “LMA” BraveHeart ‘N Tony Cottman decided they’d better scrap the ice skating demo thru the SambaDrome in Sao Paolo, as apparently many of the drivers weren’t sticking their triple toe loops, eh?

While fortunately I didn’t have any hot liquids in hand to spew all over myself when reading ‘Jeffie’s Sao Paolo Live Blog last evening... As I’d missed the Preamble portion when Mr. Dashley claimed that Messer BraveHeart musta had really Large Manly Attachments to cancel the Qualie session in front of 50,000 frenetic Brazilians!

Thus, upon hitting the snooze button around 7:34AM, I knew there was a reason for setting the alarm clock... OH SHEISA! ‘Dat’s right we jump ahead this morning/LOSE 1hr of sleep as I ran out to le Telescreen “Just-in-Time” to see Guess Who? Whale it woulda made me spew my drinks if I had one since it was none other then You-know-who... Or whoever coined the moniker Princess Perma Pout! A.k.a.DannaCar or as Meesh likes to call her; Princess Sparkle Pony... (Otay, got that outta duh way, eh?)

So tunin’ in ‘bout 7:45AM, Err 8:45AM I totally missed the Sunday morning Qualifying session which was a first in league history and thus was overly surprised ‘N pleased to learn that ‘TAG and NOT Tags which Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute really started to ANNOY me with... Hey if we put ‘MAGS ‘N TAGS together does that mean we’ll get the Maytag Man? Oh Never Mind!

As Alex Tagliani uncorked a great lap to wind-up second on the grid behind Dario...

But where’s my Numero Uno Boy? Ah, way-to-go Justin BIG UNIT Wilson, who’s slotted into P3, and Gee Wally, AHEM! Guess what? The Swiss Miss, a.k.a. Simona De Silvestro was starting one row AHEAD of Danica... With Simona in P11, one spot behind the highest qualifying Rookie; Takuma Sato, whilst Princess Sparkly was directly behind De Silvestro on Row 7, while later on Sunday Night I believe I heard the Speed Freaks mention that She’d finished 2nd in class...

And speakin’ of Drinks... TANK GAWD I wasn’t playing NO Drinks games for every time Danica PEAK’ed at me on the TV or whenever their was the mandatory Talking Heads Public Service Announcement of her progress...

Yet Professor Jon (Beekhuis) ‘N Robbie Buhl had me in stitches before we’d even gone Green when Eagle Eye Beekhuis said hey, Ryan Briscoe just found out a really COOL way to gain positions by going down the Pit lane... As it just made me bust out laughing how these ex-Drivers still think like they’re behind the keyboards and notice any driver trying to get that “Unfair Advantage.”

And I won’t try describing the Race, especially since all of the IRL BloggaRatzi have scribbled all ‘bout it, as I enjoyed the two Live blogs take’s of So Here’s What I’m Thinking & My Name is IRL, as the latter is definitely more PG Rated... Something to do with having his Kindren P1 – P4 in the house vs. Toronto’s fiery Meesh being the only Blogger I know whose site has a Cuss-O-Meter upon it!

And is it bad to root for more then ‘Juan driver or even perhaps against your “Favourite?” As I found myself cheerin’ for TAG to do the improvable in his very first outing for his brand new FAZZT Race Team... Then it was onto Justin before it was obvious they’d gotten the strategy wrong, before ultimately rooting for Will “Hunka-Hunka” Power... As that Hippy Dippy Weatherman, a.k.a. Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute broke into a really BAD segway ‘bout Elvis when asking the Aussie if he knew that Mr. Presley was a big PB ‘N Banana’s Fan when asking Will what’s-ya eatin? No, Thank You Very Little Jack!

But back to Rio, Err Sao Paolo ‘N the Hippy-Dippy guy, as yuh got the second part right Sparky! Err that Mother of All Rainstorms... As I don’t believe I’ve ever heard/seen HAIL during a racing event... So spare a thought for all of those devoted Fans, not to mention brave Track workers along with everybody who did a great job in getting the show back on the road! Not to mention did Y’all notice that there was LOTSO passing on a “Twisty” circuit, eh?

And hey, wasn’t it COOL how Versus BUMPED the program following the Indy Car race instead of breaking away for Golf or Veggie Slicers when the Rain’s Red Flag period made the show go past the 11:30AM end time... Or did I just imagine that?

As wouldn’t it be funny if it was the “Toowoomba Toronadoe” (Thanxs, Jeffie) who delivered The Captain’s second “Wally,” Err IndyCar Crown? So keep kickin’ ARSE Will and Good On You Mate! As you’ve definitely Passed the Audition! As in what’s up with those bloody, blistered hands, CRIKEY’S!

And that was before I’d even watched the day’s Big Show, the Formula 1 race from Bahrain, which I have to admit was kinda a let down after the Sao Paolo Hydrofest!

Sharp Dressed Ferrari’s

Last night I listened to a very brief interview with Scott Sharp about his new American Le Mans Series Race Team, Extreme Speed Motorsports, which is funded by his longtime sponsor (6yrs) Patron Tequila.

Sharp got a very brief chance to talk about his new team which is apparently running a brace of the Scuderia’s F430GTC’s in the hotly contested GT2 class, as Scott’s team prepares for this Saturday’s upcoming 58th running of the 12hrs of Sebring.

Sharp will co-drive his F430GTC with Dominik Farnbacher And Johannes van Overbeek, While his team’s
Second racecar will feature Ed Brown driving with some guy named Joao Barbosa and Guy Cosmo, as you may recall that Barbosa won this year’s Rolex 24 aboard the unsponsored Action Express Daytona Prototype.

Barbosa and Farnbacher have been drafted into the team for just the Endurance events at Sebring and later-on at Petit Le Mans, while Brown who’s slowly working his way up the ranks of Amateur racing drivers also just happens to be the President & CEO of Tequila Patron Spirits, which has also signed on to be the ALMS Title Sponsor this season.

You can check out Sharp ‘N Co’s brace of red cars prepared by Maranello’s Ferrari Corse Clienti going head-to-head with Meesh’s favourite Team Owner Boobie Ray-X’s (Bobby Rahal) BMW squad this Saturday on the SPEED Channel, who’ll be broadcasting the majority of the race...

Tommy Hilfiger to get IZID treatment

Just had this ‘lil news blurb sent to me from Indiana... that the Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. has announced that it will acquire Tommy Hilfiger in a deal worth 3 billion... As in B in Billions! As the tie-up of the sheik Hilfiger with IZOD’s parent company PVH should see combined sales of $4.6b... As PVH owns a multitude of clothing brands such as Calvin Klein and Arrow to name just a few, as the deal will enable PVH to introduce its brands abroad...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lotus back to Indy

(Photo courtesy of KV Racing Technology)

So according to the KVRT press release awaiting me in the No Fenders mailbox this morning was the announcement that Lotus and Cosworth are set to return to the Indy Car ranks beginning at St. Pete in just a Fortnight’s time, as Lotus and Cosworth will partner with KV Racing Technology in its collaborative effort to return the storied marcque back into Indy Car racing, as Takuma Sato will pilot the classic Lotus green & yellow Dallara Honda in 2010.

So, I’m not sure what this means if anything for the young British lion James Rossiter? Or how does Honda feel about having Cosworth potentially plastered on the racecar’s flanks whilst the Japanese company has an “exclusive” arrangement with the Indy Racing League until 2011...

Yet, remember that KVRT co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe own Cosworth Engineering, so this is definitely a vested interest for Kevin’s engine building concern which has just returned to the rarefied climes of Formula 1 after a 3yr absence, coincidently with the rebranded Malaysian Lotus Racing F1 Team.

Yet according to Kevin Lee during today’s third practice session in Sao Paolo during what was supposed to be the very first Indy Car qualifying session... He noted that the James Rossiter “Deal” still isn’t dead and we could see up to a five car operation at KVRT sometime during the season? As Mr. Chrome Horn, a.k.a. Paul Tracy will run Indy and the two Canada events for the team, so it looks like the ex-Champ Car squad will be extremely busy this season as it tries to crash the Penske-TCGR Party...

Sao Paolo IndyCar Blues

So, I’m NOT gonna rip the racetrack, designer or city for Sao Paolo, Brazil’s Indy Car Qualifying debacle that has just occurred due to the extremely slippy concrete surface of the Sambadromo super special straightaway spectator bowl... Try sayin’ that fast five times, eh? And although the event seems somewhat poorly planned, take into consideration that it’s a condensed 2-day schedule along with taking place in a city of 12 million people, which would be like shutting down traffic in New York say on a Friday night!

But I am gonna RIP IndyCar.com... As not only have they made their website extremely DIFFICULT to navigate for Mwah... Along with having a myriad of Technical Difficulties today, BUTT! They couldn’t even post the CORRECT qualifying time... Claiming it begun at "3:33SP"PM New York Time... (3:30 ET) Which is apparently in a different time zone then Eastern Time? As thanks to “Mr. CHiPs” (Chris Estrada) who got up early today to bring us live coverage of the Indy Car Festiva in South Americana via his Indy Racing Revolution website which has returned to the Blogosphere... Clued me into the fact that the supposed qualifying would actually begin at 10:30AM out here on the West Coast instead of 12:30PM per IndyCar, so you may wanna check him out for further updates...

As the plan now is for grinders to come in and Diamond-grind the billiard table smooth concrete surface this evening, with qualifying slated for 8:30AM ET, as you’ll need to follow the bouncing ball to find it in the either...

And let’s hope Dario Franchitti’s words aren’t prophetic of the race after having claimed that the course was better suited for Ricky Carmichael, you know the ex-AMA Supercross legend...

Starship F1 stirs up the Desert Sands of Bahrain

As Bahraini Ground Control has given the Green Light for the 2010 Formula 1 season to commence, some scant 24hrs ago, as I feel like I’ve been running around the clock, in my anticipation of hearing one of the sweetest sounds in Motorsports live once again, whilst awaiting the highly anticipated return to the Grid Iron of one of the sport’s all time Greatest… As in the Seven Times World Champion.

Michael Schumacher
“I’m like a ‘child looking forward to Christmas,” and that his ‘batteries are recharged.’
(Source: Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog.com)

Michael Schumacher – Like a child looking forward to Christmas

Ah, the Life “O Riley, Err an esteemed Bake ‘N Shake (Cut ‘N Paste) ‘Vurd Botcherer, eh? Or is ‘Dat a 40 Somme-thun with a Confuzer… As I’ve been coundin’ down the months “N weeks ‘til we finally went racing proper, Err Open wheel Racing, with not one but two great Left ‘N Right Twisties venues slated for this weekend. As Formula 1 kicks off its season in the Desert Sands of Bahrain, whilst Indy Car contests the inaugural Streets of Sao Paolo…


So perhaps I was feeling a wee bit like a ‘Young-un on Christmas morning as I decided to arise at 3AM to hear those glorious landSharks ripping up the ‘Ash-fault in the Kingdom of Bahrain Friday morning, Aye Karumba!

As I guess the curiosity of just how the return of DER TERMINATOR! Nee Michael Schumacher would transpire got the better of Mwah, eh? Although I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Schuey wind-up in P3 on Day 1, albeit the meat in the McLaren sandwich, with Lewis ahead and Jenson behind, in the somewhat controversial MP4-25’s, which there’s much speculation over its rear wing bleed slot arrangement.

Thus, I’m still awaiting the 41yr old German to become awash in a Battle Royale between such esteemed SuperStarz like the young ‘ZEBB, ‘JENSE, Fredrico, JAGUAR, Felipe, Weber, etc, along with the Young Lions like the Nico Brothers, The Krakow Kid, Timo, etc nipping at his heels. Not to mention the Rookies, who will hope to not be lapped too many times by the legend… While it’ll be interesting to see who does what and which new boyz Team excels, eh?

Schumacher’s return, what’s changed?

And there’s been much banter over the new teams “lack” of speed, which is always such an oxymoron for me… Ok, yeah, Bruno Senna was a most un-F1-like 11+ seconds behind in the brand new Hispania Racing car built by Dallara, but it was the very first ever 20 laps it had ever run, grounding to a halt at the end of Practise 2 with a rear wheel nut failure… Of which I’d like to see the Team & Driver not Sugar-coat next time, albeit spare a thought for this Team’s Mechanic’s, Engineer’s, etc who are doing Yeoman’s like work just to get the two Spanish racecar’s onto the grid and I expect to see them improve quickly! As it would be ironic if they were to outpace both the much more hyped Lotus and Virgin efforts, eh? And although I know ‘tis because of a lack of sponsors, nevertheless the driver’s name on the sidepod reminds me of some cars with Mika, Kimi and DC on their McLarein flanks…

And I was gonna say something sarcastic ‘bout wanting ‘The SPEED Boyz (Bob, David ‘N Steve) to shut their traps at 3AM for the very first time in order to let us just hear the banshee wail of those marvelous V8 lumps… Not to mention going off to commercial break just a scant 8min after starting the telecast… BUTT! Apparently my Old School recordin’ device has gotten back at me in their defense as for reasons unexplained it didn’t record today’s “Qualie” session at Oh-DARK-30, SHEISA! (So I’ll haveda wait ‘til 7:30PM tonight… After the Supercross)

Now I wunder if I’m gonna have as much fun tryin’ to get the IMS Radio Network to come up on the newly BASTARDIZED IndyCar website… Ah, the life of a visually impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer, eh?

Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Formula 1 Season primer

Just in case Y’all weren’t aware of… Like last season, once again there’s plenty ‘O changes to this season’s running, as there’s been multiple driver changes amongst various teams, not to mention the influx of three truly New Boyz Teams, with a further two F1 Constructors under new management…

Then there’s the multitude ‘O Rule Changes, with a few highlighted here:

Three segment Qualifying session, but slowest 7-cars eliminated in first two rounds, leaving 10 for Pole Position shootout.

Top 10 cars must start upon tyres used in Qualifying, unless sufficiently damaged to warrant FIA Approval to replace.

In-race refueling banned.

Drivers now allowed only 11-sets of Bridgestone rubber per Grand Prix weekend. Three-sets must be returned prior to Saturday running.

Front tyres 25mm narrower width; were 270mm, now 245mm.

2010 F1 Rule Changes

2010 F1 Teams & Drivers line-up

The sole remaining Race Seat listed as TBA for the Hispania Racing F1 Team has been filled by India’s Karun Chandhok, who unfortunately ran zero laps in Friday’s practice due to his car not being completed in time, as a hydraulic systems error was found at 4AM and not correctable by practice, as the Mechanics have been working around the clock nonstop…

pressdog snoops out Graham Rahal’s new 2010 Indy Car ride!


Once again your ‘Steamed No fenders Scribe has been out scooped by that all knowing Iowa Ian pressdog… With the great news that Graham ‘Wunder Boy Rahal will guest drive for Sarah Fisher Racing at the next two Street Course events of St. Pete ‘N Barber, read here!

Let’s hope this is the beginning to something great happening for SFR! Like could you imagine Dollar General being in the winner’s circle, eh? Whale now it could indeed happen… While NO word on Graham’s remaining 2010 season plans… Which hopefully we’ll know more about soon, eh?

And it’s easy for me to say, especially since it AIN’T my Moohlah, BUTT! If I were Dollar General and Tire Kingdom, I’d come up with the extra Dinero to fund a second SFR ride for the races currently not being run by either Sarah Fisher or Jay Howard and insert Graham Rahal for these outings… Then I’d pony up the further coinage to pay for Graham’s Dad to pull his Dallara/Honda outta mothballs and run it as a third SFR-RLR entry in this year’s Indy 500.

Then SFR-RLR could see De Ferran Luczo Dragon Racing, DFLDR or LDR-DFM or whatever they’re going by these days ‘N raise them in the Alphabet Soup wars, eh?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moraes joins KV Racing Technology

KV Racing Technology has announced today that Mario Moraes will drive for the team during the 2010 IZOD Indy Car Series season. He will pilot the #32 Banco Panamericano – KV Racing Technology Honda/Dallara/Firestone Indy Car at this weekend’s season opening Saõ Paulo Indy 300, March 13-14, on the streets of Saõ Paulo, Brazil.

Moraes will also have sponsorship from the Holiday Inn Parque Anhembi and Itatiaia Group in Saõ Paulo, joins Takuma Sato in the No. 5 KV Racing Technology Indy Car and E. J. Viso in the No. 8 PDVSA – KV Racing Technology Indy Car in a three-car effort for KVRT in Brazil.

Originally speculation suggested that Rookie James Rossiter would be behind the keyboard of the No. 32 chassis in a Team Lotus USA collaboration, which apparently either the check hasn’t cleared or this will occur sometime later this season? As recall that Rossiter was originally slated to be one half of the USF1 effort and supposedly comes complete with the necessary budget…

(Photo courtesy of KV Racing Technology)

Versus TV line-up reminder… Along with a very funny story from Mrs. JP on telling directTV to take a HIKE!

First ‘N Foremost… Kudos to the brilliant story JP’s “Better Half,” a.k.a. Mrs. JP recently penned on JP’s IndyCar Blog over the plight of trying to DITCH that DASTARDLY dirrectTV behemoth, which still DOESN’T carry Versus on its satellite system… Which makes me cringe every time I see/hear those pesky dirrectTV commercials whilst watching my Comcast Cable service… As perhaps I’ll scribble about the horrors of trying to obtain CART/Champ Car Television coverage someday… Or did I already do so? As I DON’T Recall! But this story is HILLARIOUS! As in what? You mean they race Go Karts in Indiana?

Mrs. JP’s Adventures in Satellite TV

Meanwhile, in case you weren’t aware… Versus is broadcasting some ‘lil ‘Ol Open wheel Racing series this weekend, which WOO-HOO! Your esteemed scribe will be able to either watch live or record before gallavanting across the Mountaintops…

VERSUS IndyCar Info
Versus will air an action-packed weekend of sports, beginning on Saturday, March 13, at 2PM ET, with 60 minutes of pre-race qualifying coverage for the Sao Paulo Indy 300 race - the 2010 season-opening IZOD IndyCar Series event, before the network shifts into high-gear on Sunday, March 14, with three hours of live race coverage beginning at 11:30 AM ET.

Also, I believe that Versus will be re-airing the Sao Paolo IndyCar race Monday night at 9PM ET. But as ALWAYS! Check your local listings and also beware that many portions of the country Spring Forward this Sunday morning at 2AM!
And lastly, if by any chance Y’all have dirrectTV and can void your contract in order to receive Versus, then by all means DUMP the BASTARDOES TOOT SWEET!

As I hear that DishTV is CHEAPER!

You really should listen to Trackside

So I’m a little late to the party, as I’ve just begun listening to Trackside with Cavin ‘N Kevin on a weekly basis in the year 2010, BUTT!

I’m certainly warming-up to listening to this Dynamic Duo pontificate each week on 1070-The Fan, which I’ve been tunin’ into via le internets… As after all, where else can you go to hear Curt Cavin actually make Gil De Ferran laugh out loud multiple times? Or go from The Captain’s other Prodigal Son, a.k.a. Gil De Ferran, who’s quite methodical, and always uses thought out reasoning to the mile ‘O minute, flame retardant required verbosity of Davey “STUD!” Hamilton… As I was totally unaware of the fact that Davey and Gil have something in common… They’re both members of the 1995 Indy 500 Rookie Class…

Along with the somewhat coy musings of Cavin, like; we’re still awaiting the announcement of who Dale Coyne’s Primary Driver will be… After Kevin announced Milka Duno’s full season inking… Not to mention Curt’s quip about Milka only meeting 2 of the 4 portions of Boy Scouts of America requirements…

And I’m certain that both Kevin ‘N Cavin will have plenty to say during this Thursday evening’s Preamble for the Indy Car season opener on the Streets of Sao Paolo…

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FAZZT Race Team preview

Sao Paulo Indy 300 Race Preview
Driver: Alex Tagliani
Entry: No. 77 Bowers and Wilkins FAZZT Race Team Dallara/Firestone/Honda
Event/Track: Sao Paulo Indy 300, Temporary Street Circuit, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Event Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010 11:30 a.m. on Versus
Race 1 of 17

No. 77 Bowers and Wilkins FAZZT Race Team News and NotesThis is the first race event for the newly formed FAZZT Race Team. 2010 will be Tagliani's first full IndyCar Series season and his 10th season of open wheel racing. Tagliani previously raced in the CART Series in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and was the pole sitter of the event in 2000. Tagliani last drove at a test on Jan. 20 at Sebring International Raceway.

Alex Tagliani
"The FAZZT Race Team has done an excellent job preparing for this event. It will be the first race for us as a team but with the experience on our team it certainly doesn't feel that way. Starting the season in Sao Paulo will be good because it is a brand new track and everyone will start fresh and from the same page. No one has past information from this track so we will all be relying on our work during testing and applying that to the track. We tested well over the winter and I think we have a good place to start from on Saturday and that will be the difference for the teams this weekend as two days is not a lot of time to work on the car, you have to be happy with the car you brought to the track. I have only seen a video of this track and I think it will definitely be an interesting track to race and also a good track for the fans."

Event Notes
The course is a 2.6-mile, 11-turn temporary street circuit comprised mainly of asphalt with a section of concrete in the Sambodromo area.
This is the first time the IZOD Indy Car Series has raced in South America. The course runs through the Sambodromo, which normally serves as part of the parade route for the carnival celebration…

TAG laces up skates before heading south

Walter Gretzky, Alex and Eddie Shack
(Photo courtesy of FAZZT Race Team)

Alex Tagliani has been busy racking up his Frequent Flyer miles according to his FAZZT Race Team’s latest release, as hopefully he’ll remember to change into his driving boots upon arriving in Sao Paolo, eh?

As Alex Tagliani got his first opportunity as an actor playing a small speaking role for the upcoming film, Score: A Hockey Musical. Alex played himself in the film along with other Canadians such as Walter Gretzky, Marc Jordan and Margaret Atwood in a scene that was filmed at an ice hockey rink in Toronto. Alex thoroughly enjoyed the experience although he wasn't certain he would give up his role as IZOD IndyCar driver anytime soon.

"This was an incredible opportunity," said Alex. "I had so much fun doing this today! I got to put on my hockey skates again and it's been quite awhile since I had those on my feet. And I completely enjoyed meeting all of the actors and singers who are in the film. I don't think I will be pursuing a career in movies, but I had a great time and was honored to be invited to participate in the film."

As it sounds like he’ll be keeping his “Day Job” for now, eh?

Junior Dutchman returns to Indy Lights

Last night around 5:15PM (Pacific) as Don Kay went off the Air from his weekly Autosport Radio Show, he threw out the little tidbit that Junior Strous who was apparently in the audience would be driving for HVM Racing and an announcement would be following shortly… So here’s the Press Release that was awaiting me this morning in the No Fenders mailbox.

HVM Racing Launches Indy Lights Program with Strous
Dutch Driver Eager to Take Winning Ways to IZOD IndyCar Series
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (March 10, 2010) -
HVM Racing will participate in the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights season with a car driven by Junior Strous, with the intention of progressing the Dutch racer to the IZOD IndyCar Series. The 23-year-old driver won two races and led the FIL championship standings in 2009 before having to stop his season early. He will pilot the Shell/HVM Racing car, beginning with the series-opening Streets of St. Petersburg (Fla.) on March 28.

HVM Racing team principal and owner Keith Wiggins recognizes the benefits of a ladder system to develop drivers for the premier-level IZOD IndyCar Series and welcomes the opportunity to work with the young driver.

"Junior is a proven talent," Wiggins said. "He's won races, so we know he has good skills behind the wheel. We will start him in a (Firestone Indy) Lights car and plan to do some testing with him in the big car at some point this season also. I have no doubt that with continued development he will be in an IZOD IndyCar Series car in the future."

"I'm now closer to reaching my ultimate goal and that's racing the big IndyCars," Strous said. "If I have a chance to improve my position, I'll always go for it. The HVM partnership offers me good opportunities both for the short and long term in my racing career. HVM is the place to be to achieve my goals."

Strous will run with sponsorship from Shell and the European-based Car Channel Television Network. Car Channel has acquired the live television broadcasting rights for the IZOD IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights in the Netherlands.

"The IZOD IndyCar Series has a large fan base in Europe," said Etienne Marijnissen, CEO of Car Channel. "Junior driving for Keith Wiggins and HVM is a great development for European televisions viewers, who will get a better understanding and feeling for the fast and exciting Indy Racing League. We will follow Junior and the team on and off track. It will be an exciting racing season in the highest level of motorsports."

HVM Racing currently fields the No. 78 Team Stargate Worlds/HVM Racing entry, driven by Simona De Silvestro, in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BAT Wings unfurled

(BAT IndyCar rendering; Source: nextindycar-wordpress.com)

Coming live from its Bat lair situated somewheres in Indiana… The “5th Wheel” of New 2012 Indy Car’s has finally tipped its hands by releasing the rendering above, along with the launching of it’s new website/blog page, as the story was originally broken by Racecar Engineering.

Fifth firm to reveal Indycar 2012 concept next week
And I’ll defer to “Mr. CHiPs, nee Chris Estrada’s post for more background on the project, since he’s gone to the effort of divulging the image and website info for this story.

The BAT soars
And although I’m adamantly against the notion of covered wheels, wheel fairings or in the BAT’s case the boxed in sidepods, nevertheless I have to say I like their sketch way better then the Delta Wing’s.

Yet I’m not sure why this just finally hit me, or that I haven’t heard one single discussion over it, BUTT! How in the HELL are they gonna do those “lightning-fast” Pit stops with covered rear wheels? I mean how do you change tyres? As in has anybody looked into the problems Formula 1 had recently with its now fortunately BANNED wheel spats… Which were intended to provide front brake cooling, yet caused several tyre issues, as in those black majik rings disembarking the chassis… So, this seems like another potential recipe for problems… And what happens if/when a tyre bursts during racing, as in isn’t this just another way of potentially introducing more shrapnel to be discarded from the chassis, although I’d have to assume this has already been studied?

Moss does triple gainer

In case by now you haven’t’ heard, Sir Stirling Moss took a nasty tumble down his home’s elevator shaft after apparently not noticing that the lift had malfunctioned, stopping on the floor above as the 80yr old Brit stepped thru the floor’s partition and fell a long ways down an empty elevator shaft Breaking both ankles, four foot bones and chipped four vertebrae, along with a lot of nasty skin abrasions…

Sir Stirling Moss recovering in hospital after lift shaft accident

The last chance I had to see the “Best Man to never win the World Championship” was last summer whilst milling about the BRDC’s Clubhouse at Jolly ‘Ol Silverstone, but I missed him by ‘Dat Much… As I was told I’d just missed seeing Sir Stirling upon returning from the Loo…

And my favourite memory of Moss has to be upon walking past the mangled front bodywork of an extremely rare Shelby GT350R at the Monterey Historics that he’d crumpled against his opposition upon giving it the Rowdy Holmes treatment, as Moss’s solution to the crumpled front fender was to autograph it and simply walk away! (Although you’re NOT supposed to have any contact when Vintage Racing…)

Stirling Moss Speaks