Monday, March 22, 2010

F1 Teams Double Stuff Diffuser’s modified

Ah, those clever Bastards... As in give a Formula 1 Designer an inch, and you know the rest, eh? As upon the conclusion of this year’s Bahrain GP, a minimum of four Constructors have been asked to revise the rear diffuser of their respective 2010 Challenger, as McLaren has followed BRAWN GP’s, Err Mercedes lead... With the clever interpretation of a hole being allowed in said diffuser for engagement of the external starter motor... Problem was, that there weren’t any size limitations and thus the teams have taken to concocting very elaborate starter motor openings to function indirectly as another diffuser hole!

Thus McLaren and Mercedes, with Renault and Force India rumoured to be one of the offending teams have all been asked to modify their chassis prior to Melbourne scrutineering, whilst the FIA has now sent a set of more clearly defined dimensions to all of the competing teams. Of course it is unknown if this will have any effect upon increased overtaking this weekend at Albert Park...