Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bernie spins New York F1 talk, again

Whale although I heard the story this morning via the AP News, once again THE ‘DAWG has beaten me to posting it... As Uncle Bernaughty, nee Mr. Bernard Ecclestone has gone to the well once again with his favourite rag Gazzetta dello Sport, to unleash his visions de Grandeur upon the masses of his plans for Formula 1 to race around the streets of New Jersey, with Manhattan’s skyline in the background...

Hmm? Another Temporary Street Circuit in America, (YAWN) my they certainly are all the rage right now aren’t they? Say Emperor Bernardo, what’s wrong with that place called The Speedway? I mean it’s already built and I’d go there again... Even if it’s not the greatest circuit on the calendar, Oh Whale! What to do now? Baltimore or New Jersey... For pressdog’s take, click here.