Monday, March 1, 2010

MicFish ‘N Chip

Sitting down for lunch on Friday afternoon I turned on le Telescreen for a little background noise… And indeed NOISE it was, as the SPEED Channel had once again digressed into the DannaCar Network… URGH! As Kyle Petty rambled on ‘bout Lazyboy recliners and Princess not bein’ comfortable with her Steering wheel position, Blah-blah-blah…

Thus my DannaCar-intolerant thoughts were interrupted by the Talking Heads noting how Jamie ‘Mac, (McMurray) winner of this year’s DayToner Pothole 600 was sportin’ a new sponsor this week, as in those very same burnt orange arches that jumped off the Newman Haas Lanigan Racing Ship, leaving the Son ‘O Stash without an Indy Car seat… (Currently)

So I’m wunderin’ if it’s just me who finds it interesting how ‘Cheep has pilfered MicDougal’s away from rival Carl Haas… And if this will lead to seeing Graham Rahal windup at TCGR after all, Hmm? Couldn’t Chip do another “Development Driver” deal with Graham, say having him pound ‘round in a second Grand Am Riley-BMW (coincidence that his Pappy runs BMW’s ALMS GT Program, not to mention some car dealerships, eh?) and perhaps drive a third Ganassi entry at let’s see? The Brickyard, Hmm? Another RLR/Ganassi effort sponsored by Mickey D’s?

Then The Cheepster could bring him back full time in 2011, as after all ‘Cheep… Roger’s got three fulltime Open Wheel Racecarz, so DON’T you needs to up the ante? Or is it just one more sign of how ACK! That Tin Top Bomber series Down South still rules the roost…

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