Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sharp has Extreme outing at Sebring

Don’t know if Y’all saw Scotty Sharp goin’ up in flames last Saturday evening... As apparently the team’s name was an example of things to come, as in Extreme Speed Motorsports... Whale, Scotty surely got the best rush available when his new Ferrari F430GTE burst into fire during the latter portion of the race, as Sharp claimed there had been a vibration, but the team couldn’t find anything... So we’ll just Keep On Truckin! Then as the F1 lads on SPEED like to say, KABLAMOE! As the rear end of the Ferrari illuminated le Telescreen in a large yellow fireball as Sharp wisely pulled off at the nearest hole in the wall, which signals a corner worker’s station. As Kudos to an overly courageous corner worker who put out the fire before the actual fire crews had arrived by aiming his fire bottle at the base of the Ferrari’s flames!

Much later on, SPEED’s Pit reporter Justin Bell interviewed the uninjured Scott Sharp who claimed his first thought was how expensive it was gonna be as a team owner... While Justin asked if he’d be giving the brave corner worker a silver bottle of his sponsor’s spirits, to which Sharp replied definitely... Which probably isn’t a problem when your teammate is the CEO of Tequila Patron, eh?