Saturday, March 13, 2010

Starship F1 stirs up the Desert Sands of Bahrain

As Bahraini Ground Control has given the Green Light for the 2010 Formula 1 season to commence, some scant 24hrs ago, as I feel like I’ve been running around the clock, in my anticipation of hearing one of the sweetest sounds in Motorsports live once again, whilst awaiting the highly anticipated return to the Grid Iron of one of the sport’s all time Greatest… As in the Seven Times World Champion.

Michael Schumacher
“I’m like a ‘child looking forward to Christmas,” and that his ‘batteries are recharged.’
(Source: Adam Cooper’s F1

Michael Schumacher – Like a child looking forward to Christmas

Ah, the Life “O Riley, Err an esteemed Bake ‘N Shake (Cut ‘N Paste) ‘Vurd Botcherer, eh? Or is ‘Dat a 40 Somme-thun with a Confuzer… As I’ve been coundin’ down the months “N weeks ‘til we finally went racing proper, Err Open wheel Racing, with not one but two great Left ‘N Right Twisties venues slated for this weekend. As Formula 1 kicks off its season in the Desert Sands of Bahrain, whilst Indy Car contests the inaugural Streets of Sao Paolo…


So perhaps I was feeling a wee bit like a ‘Young-un on Christmas morning as I decided to arise at 3AM to hear those glorious landSharks ripping up the ‘Ash-fault in the Kingdom of Bahrain Friday morning, Aye Karumba!

As I guess the curiosity of just how the return of DER TERMINATOR! Nee Michael Schumacher would transpire got the better of Mwah, eh? Although I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Schuey wind-up in P3 on Day 1, albeit the meat in the McLaren sandwich, with Lewis ahead and Jenson behind, in the somewhat controversial MP4-25’s, which there’s much speculation over its rear wing bleed slot arrangement.

Thus, I’m still awaiting the 41yr old German to become awash in a Battle Royale between such esteemed SuperStarz like the young ‘ZEBB, ‘JENSE, Fredrico, JAGUAR, Felipe, Weber, etc, along with the Young Lions like the Nico Brothers, The Krakow Kid, Timo, etc nipping at his heels. Not to mention the Rookies, who will hope to not be lapped too many times by the legend… While it’ll be interesting to see who does what and which new boyz Team excels, eh?

Schumacher’s return, what’s changed?

And there’s been much banter over the new teams “lack” of speed, which is always such an oxymoron for me… Ok, yeah, Bruno Senna was a most un-F1-like 11+ seconds behind in the brand new Hispania Racing car built by Dallara, but it was the very first ever 20 laps it had ever run, grounding to a halt at the end of Practise 2 with a rear wheel nut failure… Of which I’d like to see the Team & Driver not Sugar-coat next time, albeit spare a thought for this Team’s Mechanic’s, Engineer’s, etc who are doing Yeoman’s like work just to get the two Spanish racecar’s onto the grid and I expect to see them improve quickly! As it would be ironic if they were to outpace both the much more hyped Lotus and Virgin efforts, eh? And although I know ‘tis because of a lack of sponsors, nevertheless the driver’s name on the sidepod reminds me of some cars with Mika, Kimi and DC on their McLarein flanks…

And I was gonna say something sarcastic ‘bout wanting ‘The SPEED Boyz (Bob, David ‘N Steve) to shut their traps at 3AM for the very first time in order to let us just hear the banshee wail of those marvelous V8 lumps… Not to mention going off to commercial break just a scant 8min after starting the telecast… BUTT! Apparently my Old School recordin’ device has gotten back at me in their defense as for reasons unexplained it didn’t record today’s “Qualie” session at Oh-DARK-30, SHEISA! (So I’ll haveda wait ‘til 7:30PM tonight… After the Supercross)

Now I wunder if I’m gonna have as much fun tryin’ to get the IMS Radio Network to come up on the newly BASTARDIZED IndyCar website… Ah, the life of a visually impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer, eh?