Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moss does triple gainer

In case by now you haven’t’ heard, Sir Stirling Moss took a nasty tumble down his home’s elevator shaft after apparently not noticing that the lift had malfunctioned, stopping on the floor above as the 80yr old Brit stepped thru the floor’s partition and fell a long ways down an empty elevator shaft Breaking both ankles, four foot bones and chipped four vertebrae, along with a lot of nasty skin abrasions…

Sir Stirling Moss recovering in hospital after lift shaft accident

The last chance I had to see the “Best Man to never win the World Championship” was last summer whilst milling about the BRDC’s Clubhouse at Jolly ‘Ol Silverstone, but I missed him by ‘Dat Much… As I was told I’d just missed seeing Sir Stirling upon returning from the Loo…

And my favourite memory of Moss has to be upon walking past the mangled front bodywork of an extremely rare Shelby GT350R at the Monterey Historics that he’d crumpled against his opposition upon giving it the Rowdy Holmes treatment, as Moss’s solution to the crumpled front fender was to autograph it and simply walk away! (Although you’re NOT supposed to have any contact when Vintage Racing…)

Stirling Moss Speaks