Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Formula 1 Season primer

Just in case Y’all weren’t aware of… Like last season, once again there’s plenty ‘O changes to this season’s running, as there’s been multiple driver changes amongst various teams, not to mention the influx of three truly New Boyz Teams, with a further two F1 Constructors under new management…

Then there’s the multitude ‘O Rule Changes, with a few highlighted here:

Three segment Qualifying session, but slowest 7-cars eliminated in first two rounds, leaving 10 for Pole Position shootout.

Top 10 cars must start upon tyres used in Qualifying, unless sufficiently damaged to warrant FIA Approval to replace.

In-race refueling banned.

Drivers now allowed only 11-sets of Bridgestone rubber per Grand Prix weekend. Three-sets must be returned prior to Saturday running.

Front tyres 25mm narrower width; were 270mm, now 245mm.

2010 F1 Rule Changes

2010 F1 Teams & Drivers line-up

The sole remaining Race Seat listed as TBA for the Hispania Racing F1 Team has been filled by India’s Karun Chandhok, who unfortunately ran zero laps in Friday’s practice due to his car not being completed in time, as a hydraulic systems error was found at 4AM and not correctable by practice, as the Mechanics have been working around the clock nonstop…