Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doing the F1 Team Samba

Three New Formula 1 Teams in, Take one down, pass ‘em around… Two New F1 Formula 1 Teams in…

So late yesterday the FIA finally published its updated 2010 F1 Entry list and GASP! There was NO mention of USF1, whale that’s not exactly true, as the FIA denoted that Pete & Ken had asked for special deferment of their 2010 entry until 2011, albeit USF1 will not be competing this season… While multiple reports claim that on Tuesday the remaining employees were told to pack up and go home as they’re now on Unpaid Leave, as sadly it seems this is probably the end of the road for the USF1 Team, as it would seem hard pressed for them to be given a second chance in 2011, but who knows?

Meanwhile the New & Improved F1 Entry list also made NO mention of the upstart Serbian Stefan GP Team, although Uncle Bernaughty is pushing hard for their inclusion, albeit time is running out as the Big ‘Ol (747) Jetliner’s depart from Heathrow and Milan on Friday, so tick, tock, eh? And the FIA says it’s too late for last minute entries to be added at such short notice and its 2011 selection process will be announced shortly.

Next up is the newly rebadged Hispano-Suiza, Err Campos Meta 1 Team, who applied for the name change of Hispania Racing Team (not hysteria) which the FIA rejected… And instead will now be known as HRT, which seems quite puzzling to me, especially since it’s known that the Holden Racing Team, and NOT Hormone Replacement Therapy As James Allen wryly penned has been flying the HRT banner for some 20yrs now, so go figure? Wonder if GM will have anything to say about this?

Yet it was nice to see Bruno Senna’s name listed on the entry list, while not surprisingly Karun Chandhok is set to be confirmed as the HRT’s second driver today when the Team is scheduled to hold a press conference in southern Spain.

With USF1’s exclusion for the 2010 season, the revitalized Sauber effort has now inherited the American squad’s car numbers 22 & 23, previously having held the No’s 26-27. So will the number 22 be as lucky for Pedro De la Rosa as it’s been for the past two year’s holders Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who both drove it to their respective World Championships… Although I still don’t get the logic in continuing on with the name of BMW Sauber F1 Team, as in BMW ran away from F1...

Final 2010 F1 Entry list