Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Streets of Sao Paolo preview

Whale its almost time for the season opening Indy Racing League’s kickoff event in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which I’ll apparently be missing… As I’m quite interested to know if it’ll turn out to be a good race or not? Although it’s gotta beat that other stuff on le Telescreen right now, eh?

And apparently 24 Dallara chassis have been shipped to Brazil, so we’ll have a decent field, perhaps even some of the not so Usual Suspects up front? And here’s a very brief look at some of the rule changes.

Technical changes
Honda 4-position fuel map button removed, now only full rich or safety modes available in cockpit.

P2P, Err Push to assist horsepower button’s available “boost” effectively doubles along with multiple duration’s dependant upon racing circuit.

Reverse gear mandatory for all Road/Street circuits.

Hopefully Milka-licious ‘N DannaCar won’t need to use it!

Brazil Entry list