Monday, March 8, 2010

Roush has Penske’s number

Nah, nuthin’ to do with some Roundy-round action from somewhat Hotlanta…As I was scourin’ le internets for something to scribble ‘bout… I found it interesting to learn that Jack Roush (Senior) has just scored his most amazing 400th victory… While I thought it was simply astonishing when The Captain cracked the massive 300 mark in 2008.

So I guess its somewhat ironic that Roush’s monstrous “W” tally comes no less than from the hands of his son Jack Roush Jr. and co-driver Billy Johnson in this weekend’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race at Homestead, where after Roush Jr. had secured Pole Position, the Ford Mustang GT was deemed to have illegal brake ducting and forced to start from the rear of the grid.

Yet I suppose its worth noting that The King of the Outlaw’s, a.k.a. Steve Kinser has amassed more victories then either the Cat-in-the-Hat or Roger Penske with an insane 520-plus! Not to mention 20 World ‘O Outlaw titles, as interestingly it was the same Messer Kinser who made his one and only Indy 500 start as a 42yr old “Rookie” in 1997…