Tuesday, March 16, 2010

F1 World Champions parade

Don’t know if Y’all caught the SPEED Formula 1 Pre-race show or not where they showed a very brief glimpse of selected former Formula One World Champions taking parade laps in their respective winning mounts... As by far, from past Vintage events, there’s nothing like the sound of a Scuderia Ferrari Boxer 12 cylinder shrieking about!

Thus it was really cool that to denote the 60th year of the modern F1 era that the majority of the living World Champions were on hand and would be taking part in kicking off the Grand Prix season.

Yet somewhere upon the blogosphere I read that a few members of this elite collection of personalities were missing, with two former World Champions absent, as in Nelson Piquet (Sr.) and Kimi Raikkonen.

Now of course I wasn’t present in the celebrations, nor in sending out the invites, so I don’t know who’s at fault here? As I’m not aware of any World Rally Championship event that conflicted; or was that The Iceman simply being Kimi? Nah, then again The Kimster is always up for a party, eh?

But the one driver I’m really disappointed about not being there if indeed Uncle Bernaughty, nee, a one Messer Bernard Ecclestone told the organizers that on NO occasion is Mr. Piquet’s presence to be requested due to something called “Crash-gate,” then Shame On You Emperor Bernardo! Then again perhaps Mr. Piquet said F-YOU Bernie!

Anyways, for what I think is a really cool photo check this out!

A Gallery of World Champions