Friday, March 5, 2010

Pickett Out, Bodine’s “Hulkie Shuffle” tribute in for Hot-lanta

According to Marc of Full Throttle, NielsenHo, who I’ve taken to calling Nelson Pickett Junior, a.k.a. Nelson Piquet Jr. has apparently, ran into that gigantic impenetrable wall known as sponsorship Dinero… Or in his case lack of Greenbacks to continue his budding TinTop career in the rarefied world ‘O RASSCAR… As it appears that Pickett Jnr. Will not contest this weekend’s Pickem-Up race in Atlanta.

Don’t cry for me, Nielsen ho

Meanwhile, apparently 60yr old Geoff Bodine, the man behind the Bodine bobsleds that just won Gold Up North Eh! Will take part in the Atlanta Camping World Truck race in a specially prepared Dodge replicating the famous Night Train motif that Steve Holcomb ‘N Co. rode to fame in Kana-Duh, so check out the No. 95 Danny Gill Racing truck this Saturday evening, along with younger brother Todd bodine’s No. 30 which will also pay homage to the Night Train’s success, along with everyone who helped make it happen…