Thursday, March 11, 2010

Versus TV line-up reminder… Along with a very funny story from Mrs. JP on telling directTV to take a HIKE!

First ‘N Foremost… Kudos to the brilliant story JP’s “Better Half,” a.k.a. Mrs. JP recently penned on JP’s IndyCar Blog over the plight of trying to DITCH that DASTARDLY dirrectTV behemoth, which still DOESN’T carry Versus on its satellite system… Which makes me cringe every time I see/hear those pesky dirrectTV commercials whilst watching my Comcast Cable service… As perhaps I’ll scribble about the horrors of trying to obtain CART/Champ Car Television coverage someday… Or did I already do so? As I DON’T Recall! But this story is HILLARIOUS! As in what? You mean they race Go Karts in Indiana?

Mrs. JP’s Adventures in Satellite TV

Meanwhile, in case you weren’t aware… Versus is broadcasting some ‘lil ‘Ol Open wheel Racing series this weekend, which WOO-HOO! Your esteemed scribe will be able to either watch live or record before gallavanting across the Mountaintops…

VERSUS IndyCar Info
Versus will air an action-packed weekend of sports, beginning on Saturday, March 13, at 2PM ET, with 60 minutes of pre-race qualifying coverage for the Sao Paulo Indy 300 race - the 2010 season-opening IZOD IndyCar Series event, before the network shifts into high-gear on Sunday, March 14, with three hours of live race coverage beginning at 11:30 AM ET.

Also, I believe that Versus will be re-airing the Sao Paolo IndyCar race Monday night at 9PM ET. But as ALWAYS! Check your local listings and also beware that many portions of the country Spring Forward this Sunday morning at 2AM!
And lastly, if by any chance Y’all have dirrectTV and can void your contract in order to receive Versus, then by all means DUMP the BASTARDOES TOOT SWEET!

As I hear that DishTV is CHEAPER!