Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, what about Bob?

(Jenkins in Studio; Source: Bob Jenkins

I am not really sure what triggered the insult posted on the world wide web thingy directed at Versus lead commentator Bob Jenkins... Nor do I plan to go ‘N search for it, as I feel it was unwarranted, since I listened/watched the entire Sao Paolo telecast and I thought that all three announcers did fine! Although I’m not sure what to think about that “Hippy Dippy” Weatherman, a one Messer BRUT Arute-Arute... As I’m actually looking forward to having “LyndieCar” Thackston and Robbie “Purple” Floyd back on the show...

So, I don’t know if Y’all are getting’ tired of Mwah remindin’ yuhs that I’m a Visually Impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer... But I only bring this up to illustrate the point that for myself the “Talking Heads” are a very integral part of my continued Motorsports coverage, as obviously they “Paint” the Picture for me and thus I depend on decent Broadcasters covering the action to fill in the details for me...

I’ve been listening to Mr. Jenkins (amongst others...) for a very long time now, as in way back to his RPM2Night Dazes, when ESPN actually broadcasted other racing series besides RASSCAR... And I’ve always found him to be a credible Broadcaster, not to mention becoming convinced of how much of a Class Act he is by the multiple times he’s dropped into AutoSport Radio to give another enjoyable interview.

And perhaps it was just me, but I thought that Professor Jon Beekhuis ‘N Robbie Buhl did the majority of the talking Sunday morning, to the point where Buhl’s voice became raspy from his excessive chatter... As Robbie ‘N Jon bantered back “N forth over what strategy should Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay employ towards the stalking Ryan ‘Disco Inferno Briscoe... To which Bob seemingly steered clear of.

And my only critique of Messer Jenkins performance would be that somewhere in the middle? He seemed to have a “DW” moment where he momentarily swooned over something Princess Sparkle Pony was doing, but I can’t even recall what that was?

Nah, Mr. Jenkins, you Sir do NOT need to apologize... As I rather appreciate the way you lead the In-Booth Crew, even going so far as to admit on air that you don’t try to stop the two ex-drivers consternations, a la Mike Hull’s self appointed “Mediator” role at TCGR, which I’m certain is by design...

Next up will be Marty “Nationwide” Reid and Scott “What Pace Car” Goodyear... Which means most likely a veritable Slobber-fest over DannaCar’s every move, which means I’ll most likely need to tune-in to Mike “Yippee-Kai-Eh!” King and Davey Hamilton on the IMS Radio Network instead, as long as can bother to post the correct New York time!

Oh, and lastly, another thing I appreciated was Bob Jenkins actually reading off the Row-by-Row Starting Grid instead of running it on some little tiny ticker tape stripe upon le Telescreen, So later today I’ll raise a Guinness in a Toast to you Bob! So, don’t fret, I’ll be back for the next Versus broadcast...

Jenkins is the Man

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