Thursday, September 21, 2017

F1 Never Sleeps...

Although your humble No Fenders scribe does spend lotso time Sleepless in Seattle...

Since I've been Out 'N Aboot' lately, now having missed my second Formula 1 race's TV Broadcast in-a-row, i.e.; Monza and Singapore, naturally I'm running behind la typicali...

As I'll save my riveting conjecture upon Golden Child's, nee Lewis Hamilton's ultimate snatching of thou Sleeping Terminator', aka Michael Schumacher's career Pole positions record for another day.

Yet is I-T just Mwah who finds it Karmic that Hamilton scored P69 at Monza, Italy, la Scuderia's home track, whilst Herr Schumacher scored the majority of his Poles when driving for Scuderia Ferrari...

Meanwhile, perhaps I've missed more Memos over what seems Formula 1's current worst kept secret; Nope! NOT that Fernando Alonso will stay at McLaren... But the other portion of the Deale,  that Carlos Sainz, Jr. is getting his way after all, by not contesting a fourth season with the 'lil bulls', especially since it's been reported he's now signed a contract to drive for le Reggie', nee Renault in 2018.

As Sainz Jnr's movement appears to be part of the package Dealio to swap engine; Err PU supply deals between McLaren and Toro Rosso in order to keep its Numero Uno Driver happy.

With the beleagured McLaren casting off its Honda Power Units Ball 'N Chain to Toro Rosso, in order to run the third best Power Unit on the grid next year, when it'll take a little getting used to saying McLaren-Renault.

Although this won't be the first time Woking's used French engines, as recall that horrid year's outing with Peugeot V-10 lumps' strapped into the MP4/9 in 1994. Which I certainly hope the Renault partnership goes far better!

And since I'm Juan 'O Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's revered Cut 'N Paste Brigade; Hya! I'll be curious to see if All of the F1 Driver moves he's previously mentioned when prattlin' on 'bout Sainz Junior' happen?

As Joe Knows; Uhm, mentions that Sergio Perez, who wanted to go to le Reggie will now remain at Force India, where he's currently getting on Swimmingly with his Bosom Buddy Esteban Ocon, his youthful team-mate and Mercedes prodigy.

As the two current Formula 1 Drivers who's future is most uncertain appears to be Renault's Joly', aka Jolyon Palmer, or Jo as Cyril Abiteboul calls him. And Sauber F1's Pascal Wehrlein, another of Mercedes Juniors.

As the only part of Joe's story I don't get is his mentioning how Team Willy's title sponsor Martini requires at least one of its drivers being over 25; Huh? Which therefore would apparently preclude Wehrlein slotting in alongside Lance Stroll, whose father is paying handsomely for his race seat.

If so, I've got a wild haired; Err Shaken idea... Why not hire The Krakow Kid', nee Robert Kubica, now 32 to take over Felipe Massa's ride? Although I do like Massa, but Brazil's involvement in Formula 1 reputedly is waning, Ci?

But why wouldn't Martini want two youthful hard chargers instead of one Thirty Somme-thun' is besides me. As I still think Williams would enjoy getting reduced PU bills from Merc' for the trouble of inserting Wehrlein as Stroll's team-mate. Although Palmer would tick the team's boxes for having a Bloody Brit in its employ.

then again, 31yr old Brit'; Err Scotsman Paul di Resta, who unexpectedly substituted for Felipe Massa at Hungary, is already on Sir Frank's Payroll...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mercedes keeping Bottas; Duh!

As why was this even a topic of discussion this year?

By now, Y'all know that Mercedes has wisely decided to give Valtteri Bottas a one year contract extension, thru the 2018 season, for which I've wondered for months why they wouldn't keep the likeable Finn? Uhm, like he's won two races so far, prior to Singapore, etc.

Obviously Mercedes is doing this to keep its options open for 2019, when both of Red Bull's current drivers will be available, as Ferrari will also have Kimi's seat available, as The Brat! Max Dutchboy' Verstappen, or more likely his Poppa Joss is salivating over a possible bidding war? But who knows 'bout 2019 yet, Eh?


Vettel re-ups at Ferrari, Hamilton next?

Uhm, like are we surprised?

Although I heard the news that 'lil Sid Viddle, aka Seb' Vettel had inked a new three year contract extension with la Scuderia, nee Ferrari late Saturday afternoon, it wasn't confirmed when I heard 'bout it...

As I waited 'N waited A-L-L Day Sunday for the sliced, diced, pureed, brought to Yuhs by Ghinzu Knifes Belgian GP Race's 2hrs encore presentation on Peacock-lite', nee NBCSN.

And what an ABOMINATION that cobbled together replay was! As it STUNK UP the Airwaves so BAD! That apparently NBCSN couldn't even Dare showing a replay of the following weekend's Italian GP; BASTA!  

Hence, I couldn't G-O Anywhere's' on Duh World Wide Web, my Telephone News et al, without learning the winner of the Belgium race prematurely, and hence, Y'all have had to wait, just like me  for this riveting post; Hya!

As surely Golden Child'; Err Lewis Hamilton will get his way; Uhm Wish, for a new 3yr Dealio too, eh? Whilst surely Mercedes will keep Valtteri Bottas at least a further year, leaving just the few possible Midfield seats to haggle over...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gone Campin', again...

Tomaso viewing Ocean at Fort Casey, part of Washington's past Triangle 'O Fire Forts. (The Tomaso Collection)
But does anybody care? Hey! I'm just girding Thyself for the now de riggour 243 Dazes IndyCar Off-season...

While much noise will have been made over the Uhm, excitement of the IndyCar season finale at sleepy 'lil Sonoma, yesterday, which potentially was a good 'Ol Donnybrook between the title protagonists.

Yet Infineon or Whatever it's called these Dazes? Will forever be Sears Point Raceway for Mwah, having last made a return engagement in 2014...

Instead, your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso and his traveling Wyldberry's' have set off to the tranquility of Maristone Island in Duh GURR-REAT! Pacific Northwest for two nights of rustic camping in one of Fort Flagler's multitude 'O veritable Army "Huts" reputedly built in 1896; Aye Karumba!

As pretty certain they've got running water now... Electricity? Crickets? Oh Never Mind!

Hence, as previously mentioned, Watkins Glen was my final IndyCar race of this year that I got to follow; Uhm watch; Err listen to, remotely. Thanxs to the IMS Radio Network, where it was fun hearing Davey Hamilton muse over how the Juan' Guy you DON'T want chasing you is; Guess Who? Drum-roll please; Tuh-Duh! Scott Dixon.

As I've already previously lamented how I DON'T want any of the Penske boys Kissing the Astor Cup this year, instead wanting Dixon to win an amazing fifth championship!

But since I'll be "Out 'N Aboot" during the Sonoma Double Points Season Finale; BARF! Yo Marcus "I've Gotz A Plan?" Miles, scrap the El Stupidio Double Points format, Puh-lease!

Therefore, I'll need to rely upon F1 News Hound Jonathan's Smartfone' to tell me the results of the race's outcome, along with the score of how badly those Seattle Seahawks lit up his San Francisco 49ers!

Which I suppose is somewhat Apropos, since after all the Wine 'N Cheese crowd from the Bay like hosting Indy Cars final outing at Sonoma, where they can party and be fashionable all weekend long...

Meanwhile, going down another Wabbit Hole, believe this will be the original Captain America, nee J.R. Hildebrand's first time back at Sonoma, to race in anger in four years, when he substituted for TAG' during the season ending Californian events, i.e.; Sonoma and Fontana, then the season finale. As J.R. hails from Sausalito, albeit now residing in Denver.

As Alex Tagliani, who'd presumably brought the Barracuda Networks title sponsorship with him to Bryan Herta Autosport that season, was unceremoniously Dumped following his twin home races in Toronto, with rookie Luca Filippi filling the seat for three races that year while splitting driving duties with Hildebrand.

Since I do like J.R., one of the few IndyCar Drivers to honour me with an eclectic interview request, along with having tested for Force India Wayback in 2009! It would be nice if he topped off his first full season campaign for ECR with another podium finish.

Whilst I also recall that Hildebrand ran a San Francisco 49ers theme livery racecar at Sonoma that year, right?