Friday, December 8, 2017

F1: Is Robert Kubica the right Man for Williams in 2018?

And does it really matter what an Over-the-Hill Blogger residing in his Mums' Basement sippin Ye Eggnog thinks?

With the fanfare over Alfa Romeo's tie-up with Sauber and the announcement of its 2018 Drivers lineup, there's' just one seat left up for Grabs on the 2018 Formula 1 Grid, for which Team Willy's definitely getting Thar money's worth exposure wise, Eh?

Since we all know that the debate simmers on whether or not the 32yr old Polish ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica should return to F1 or not next year...

For Mwah, it's a somewhat strange situation, since I feel a Wee Bitamyte' flummoxed over this Questione, and whether or not I really have the right to say Somme-thun' on somebody else's desires or future.

As I once was a H-U-G-E' fan of Kubica's, having Oh, So cleverly given him the nom de plume; Err Moniker "The Krakow Kid," as he's always seemed like a likeable Chap, and he was bloody Quick! Before that Fateful day Wayback in the winter of 2011.

Strangely though, my feelings have changed since scribbling that No Fenders story some five years ago, as I cannot help but simply think this is a marketing gimmick that Williams Martini Racing's taking, a la running Susie Wolff in four Friday Free Practice F1 Sessions. As I really think Pascal Wehrlein would be the Grove based Squad's best bet.

And I cannot say why, but for a weird reason, all of this push, or Hype to get Robert back into Formula 1, makes me think of an ex-IndyCar Driver named Paul Dana; YIKES! Along with the aforementioned Sandro', another very likeable ex-Formula 1 driver.

As Italian Alessandro Nannini has another similarity to Kubica. besides being a Rally Driver and severing his same arm... As both drivers have currently won a single Grands Prix, when Nannini was the unexpected victor at the controversial 1989 Japanese GP. After Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's infamous coming together, and Senna subsequently being DSQ'ed!

And whilst I have a whole Helluva lot more faith in Juan Pablo's opinion's vs. Jack Vanilla's, nee Jacques Villeneuve's, as JPM just says what he thinks, with conviction vs. Villeneuve who I find to be a Blowhard...

My only concern is for Robert's and ultimately the entire F1 Grid's safety. Since although I have ZERO idea how this Darn Blasted HALO contraption works or attaches to the 2018 Spec F1 Chassis.

My main worry is how does the Pole, or any other Formula 1 Driver extricate themselves quickly enough, especially in the event of an electrified chassis suffering a KERS/ERS failure? Especially with Halo potentially blocking their exit?

Not to mention how do you test a driver today for what will surely be deemed part of the Mandatory F1 FIA Crash Structure Tests for 2018?

As I mean absolutely NO Disrespect towards Robert in the slightest, and if he passes the mandatory fitness checks, and is Williams best selection Driver-wise then Good Luck and Welcome Back!

But if you've read my previous comments above, I sincerely feel that Pascal Wehrlein, who to date's been saddled with inferior equipment during his two Formula 1 seasons, is the driver who's likely to wring the most performance out of Williams 2018 F1 Challenger...

But then again, what do I know?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

INDY 500: Borg Warner goes on first ever Road Trip

Some Seattle nerd by Borg Warner (replica) Trophy on Main St in Speedway, IN. (the Tomaso Collection)
Perhaps, right about now? The Magnanimous Borg Warner Trophy will be making the rounds in Tokyo? Since Y'all know that Mother Speedway's prized winner's trophy is currently visiting Japan. The first time it's ever gone out of the country, and is approximately halfway thru its Japanese journey.

As I still revel in that most awesome Indy 500 race this past May! When Takuma Sato BEAT the Best of the Best! Along with the other 31 Drivers taking part...

Whilst I still recall being more jubilant over Taku-san's most enjoyable Podium interview at Suzuka this year, being the Highlight of the Japanese Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton was most bedazzled by Sato's Indy 500 ring!

With another example of Takuma's grace, wit and charm coming thru quite clearly during 'Ol 'R's, nee Robin Miller's interview during his Borg Warner trophy unveiling.

While lastly, I think you can hear Takuma Smiling when describing how his face upon the famous Borg Warner trophy simply looks like a Happy Man!

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')

AUTOS: Celebrating A late Anniversary of an Overlooked Manufacturer...

Since why do I incorrectly conjure up thoughts of 'Ol "Joe Isuzu" when thinking of Mitsubishi? Especially since they're often called Mister bitchy...

Or not knowing the fact that they're now essentially owned by the Renault-Nissan alliance, since Nissan Motor Corp. now has the largest company stake with 34% ownership.
As how many of Y'all know of Mitsubishi Motors celebrating their Centennial as an Automobile manufacturer this year? As I certainly wasn't aware of the milestone until reading 'bout it via The Detroit News previously.

As the Detroit News story sez' Thar anniversary was May 4th, whilst WICKEDPedia' claims the company's birthday as October 1917...

Funny how when I think of Mitsubishi, for which the only two cars I recall are the Starion and the 3000GT, indelibly, it's somewhat raunchy nickname "Mister Bitchy" immediately comes to mind!

And although it was actually supposed to be its Chrysler Kissin' cousin's Dodge Stealth pacing the "Diamond Jubilee" 75th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 1991.

But when word leaked out that the Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT were produced in Japan, "My-Oh-My!" Mother Speedway fans implored: We Can't have NO Foreign built Car pacing our Race; aye Karumba!

For which Chrysler quickly relented, rushing out a pre-production Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster, for which 'Ol Shel' (Carroll Shelby) became it's Pace Car chauffer...

Ironically, I wasn't awares' until penning this story that the Starion's successor was the Dodge Stealth!

As the last news I heard about Mitsubishi was when late last year, Nissan took a 34% controlling interest in the scandalized company, after its CEO admitted to their cheating Fuel Economy testing practices. Now making it part of the Nissan Renault alliance.

But this story's about the Japanese Auto Maker's plans to celebrate their heritage with a custom built California's West Coast Customs Coachbuilder producing a Resto Mod of the company's debutant 1917 Model A vehicle...

As you've gotta admit it's the perfect way to brighten up their tarnished image. And that was before I'd heard 'bout Thar current improper Metallurgy crisis...

Monday, December 4, 2017

The New look Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team...

But How Many licks does it take to get to the center of a Sauber?

By now, Y'all have probably heard of the branding exercise going on in Italy, with the return of the Alfa Romeo name to Formula 1, albeit just as the 'lil Hinwil based Sauber's title sponsor. Since the Swiss team  will be running brand new  2018 Spec Ferrari PU's (Power Units) next year.

Meanwhile, with the ever increasing Ferrari links, i.e.; technically and monetarily. Obviously Germany's Pascal Wehrlein, who's also a Mercedes backed driver's future with the team is Kaput. Which is somewhat bemusing, since he scored all of the team's meager five points this season.

As expected, reigning Formula 2 Champion Charles Leclerc has finally been confirmed at Sauber, as the 20yr old Monegasque will race alongside Sweden's Marcus Eriksson, a somewhat controversial choice, albeit due to his financial backers of the Swiss team.

Whilst Ferrari protégé Antonio Giovinazzi will serve as the team's third driver, along with making multiple Friday morning Free Practice appearances in 2018...

Naturally, Monsieur Leclerc's more happy than Messer Giovinazzi right now, although I'm left ponderin' if this is some slick ploy to ease the Swede' out gently by let's say, after the mandatory Summer break? Since I'm guessing the young Italian's pace is quicker than Eriksson's...