Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Other Bowtie' Racers to Admire at Daytona

Boy, those Spotlights upon the No. 10 Caddy are really Bright!

Began thinking about this riveting No Fenders post after attempting to watch a very waterlogged, anemic TV Broadcast of the World Endurance Championship's six Hours of Shanghai last November on the Velocity Channel.

As thou Bowties', nee Chevrolet's Second Stringers; Err 2nd Tier Corvette C7R was making its debut in China, Splish Splashin' away with its thunderin' small block V-8. The same engine used in its Big Bro' Caddy Dpi's?

Although the new first ever mid-engine Corvette C8 is set to debut soon, Corvette will stick with its tried 'N true C7R Vettes for another year...

Yet All Eyes will be upon the B-I-G BOYZ' Cadillac Daytona Prototype International (DPi) ranks instead, most specifically the Wayne Taylor Racing's (WTR) No. 10 which features some Smarmy Spaniard named Fernando at its controls, Ci!

As Fred Alonso will attempt claiming his first Rolex winner's wrist piece with the team's regular Full-season HotSchues' and another ex-Formula 1 Pilote' known fondly here in Nofendersville simply as "K-Squared."

But WTR's fiercest rival is the Action Express Racing (AXR) squad, which leads the GM intra-rival scrum 2-1, as it's No. 5 Mustang Sally; Err Sampling  Cadd 'Oh-lac' is the defending Overall winner, leading home it's Seester' #31 Whelen Engineering in an AXR 1-2 Sweep!

As I say AXR leads 2-1 since five years ago, it was victorious with its Corvette DP racecar, whilst some Dude known as Jeffery "Pretty Boy" Gordon was the Cat's pajamas on Wayne Taylor Racing's 2017 winning Cadillac entry.

Meanwhile JDC-Miller Motorsports has joined the Caddy fold with a two car entry that features Rubino', nee Rubens Barrichello as part of its eight Drivers strong line-up. Whilst IndyCar Newbies Juncos Racing have entered Sports Car racing with a Cadillac of their very own this year, and will make Thar Rolex 24 Debut shortly...

Monday, January 14, 2019

AUTOS: McLaren Coming to IMSA GT Daytona Class Soon...

The 2019 McLaren Senna Supercar is a Kaleidoscope 'O Sound 'N Fury. (Image source:
As will the new GT3 variant be an Evolution of the All-mighty Senna chassis?

Beginning the year as I always do, I began combing the myriad 'O entries for this year's fast approaching 24 Hours of Daytona, which signifies the beginning of racing season for Mwah.

Thus I was excited to run across the listing for the brand new Compass Racing's McLaren 720s GTD (Daytona) Class entry propelled by its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V-8 lump', Wonderin' how it would get on in its North American Debut.

Yet unfortunately, I jumped thou Gun; Err Green flag, as Compass Racing who Hails from North of thee Border, nee Oh KanaDuh eh! Won't be making it's Rolex 24 GTD Debut this January, which is an absolute Shame! As this is arguably IMSA's "super Bowl" signature event.

Instead, according to Racer's Marshall Pruett, Compass Racing will run the evocative McLaren 720s GT3 racecar in the seven race GTD Sprint cup championship beginning at Mid Ohio this May instead. As it's a secondary Championship skipping the Endurance rounds.

As this 720s GT3 racecar has been developed fully in-house by McLaren Automotive, for which I'm left wondering if any of its "DNA" comes from the much Ballyhooed McLaren Senna Street Car? Which is simply one Nasty Bad Arse Supercar!

Sugar Ray? What? Did you say gray Poupon? WHAT! You've got Coupons? Oh Blimey, roll up that Dime Slot window so I can H-E-A-R You! And Don't Spill the Crackers...

Friday, January 11, 2019

AWARDS: And the 2017 nifSTAR winner is...

Tuh-Dhuh Ladies and Germs', it's Showtime Once Again. With another Mesmerizing NifStar Trophy selection...

Continuing with Thy Theme of choosing winners from the Indy Lights ranks; Can Anybody still recall the 2017 Lights season? Nonetheless, I chose the Driver who I found to be the most entertaining Newcomer from that year's fairly Stout Lights class, which eventually featured five of its Drivers Graduating to the B-I-G' Dance, nee Indy Cars.

Nico Jamin , Age: 23
Born: December 5, 1995
Birthplace: Rouen, France

2017 Results
7th Overall, Indy Lights; 3 Wins

2015 U.S. F2000 Championship

Nico originally was focused upon becoming a professional Tennis player, but after twelve years of tennis, at Age 15 experienced knee problems and upon watching his Father racing cars, decided to change career trajectories towards motor racing instead.

Jamin made his Professional Single Seater Debut in 2014 with Belardi Auto Racing and Pabst Racing Services, before Dominating the 2015 U.S. F2000 season with 10 wins in 15 starts for Cape Motorsports with Wayne Taylor Racing.

In 2016, having won Automatic entry into the Pro Mazda series, Jamin won two races en route to third Overall in the Championship before being signed by Andretti Autosport for the 2017 Indy Lights season.

As the 2017 Lights season comprised six Teams with 14 Fulltime Drivers competing, including the likes of Andretti Autosport's Rookie Colton Herta, Carlin's Zachary Claman DeMelo and Rookie Matheus Leist.

Juncos Racing's Kyle Kiser won the Lights Championship in his third campaign, whilst Team Pelfrey's Pato O'Ward made his Rookie Debut in a partial season outing, contesting the season's first two Double Header events before focusing upon his "Day Job" in IMSA's Prototype Challenge (PC) Class. With All of these drivers eventually graduating to Indy Cars.

Albeit Kiser & Claman DeMelo ran just a partial season last year, whilst Herta & O'Ward made their series debuts at Season's end, now set to make their Fulltime series Debut's. With Claman DeMelo now returning to Indy Lights in 2019 for another crack at the series championship's $1.0m prize - including automatic entry to the 2020 Indy 500; but I digress...

And although Nico was the second highest placed driver from Andretti Autosport's four car Armada, pipped by Herta's third place overall in 2017. The Frenchman who scored three wins in Lights, tied with Leist for most Wins. Also suffered four DNf's - causing him to finish Mid-pack in his Rookie campaign. And apparently either due to lack of finances? Since I'm not privy to why, Jamin headed back Across thou Puddle.

For 2018, Nico, who's apparently known as Nicolas abroad, joined the Blancpain GT Series. Driving for Aka ASP Team Mercedes, behind the wheel of an AMG Mercedes GT3 racecar and had decent results towards season's end.

As it was Bloody Hell trying to find out which exact Blancpaine Team Nico's competing for, albeit I found his Driver page below...

2017: Nico Jamin
2016: Zach Veach
2015: Shawn Rayhall
2014: Jack Harvey
2013: Conor Daly
2012: Tristan Nunez

Inaugural Award Winner
2007: Marcus Wilkinson

Thursday, January 10, 2019

AWARDS: Fourth Annual EuroNifStar trophy winner...

Pietro Fittipaldi. (Image source:
Continuing on with these amazing selections, of some very capable racing drivers Spanning thou Globe... Whilst playin' Ketsup in Der Vurld de Motersporten; Ja-Ja!

Pietro Fittipaldi, Age: 22
Born: June 25, 1996
Birthplace: Miami, Florida; USA

2017 Results
WINNER: World Series Formula V-8 3.5 Championship (Series Final Champion)

2011 NASCAR Welland All American Challenge, 2014 Protyre Formula Renault, 2015-16 MRF Challenge, 2017 World Series V-8 3.5 Championship

Although I learned after the fact that Pietro, who's Gran-pappy's some Cat named Emerson... Also has a younger brother named Enzo, with both being Ferrari Academy Drivers in Thar brief motor racing careers.

I originally became enthused over Pietro whilst accidently discovering that he was cleaning up in the World Series Formula V-8 3.5 Championship in 2017, for which I was rootin' for him to win. Which Pietro did exactly that on the back of 10 Pole positions & 6 Wins prior to the season's final weekend at Bahrain, where he secured the title.

His performance in the ill-fated Open Wheel Racing series led to his garnering an audition for testing top flight World Endurance Championship (WEC) LMP1 Prototype machinery, where he ended the day as the Fastest Rookie, ahead of some Spaniard named Alonso, Ci!

Next, Pietro was confirmed as part of the two driver's who'd be sharing the second Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) IndyCar seat with fellow Rookie Zachary Claman DeMelo, before suffering a massive Shunt in Sports Cars at the "Mighty Spa," (Francorchamps) breaking his legs, which ultimately led to his missing out upon his planned rookie debut in the Indianapolis 500.

Yet Pietro pulled a "Sebastain," nee Sealmeister B' (Bourdais) and returned to the cockpit as quickly as possible in order to finish off his rookie season in Indy Cars, with a best finish of ninth at Portland, his only Top-10 finish of his six starts. With his best Oval finish coming at Gateway in P11, before electing to become the Haas F1 Team's Test and Reserve Driver for 2019.

Effectively making a straight seat swap with former Haas "Simulator Jockey" Santino Ferrucci, who's been confirmed to drive the same #19 Coyne IndyCar entry that Fittipaldi drove this year...

EuroNIFStar Winners
2017: Pietro Fittipaldi
2016: Tom Dilmann
2015: Alexander Rossi
2014: Dean Stoneman