Friday, February 22, 2019

Spinning the Wheels 'O Racing 'N Black History Month together

A rare Patterson Automobile. Presumably from the early 1910's, during the height of its popularity. (Image source:
Sadly, why do we still need to be reminded of the Amazing contributions that African Americans have made over the Century's, and why Cant' We All just Get Along?

Last year around this time, I posted the following Ditty' upon No Fenders, after listening to a great interview with NHRA's Top Fuel Champion AB', nee Antron Brown with the Statmann' on Speed freaks.

As Antron's one of the Coolest Cats I know from Afar, as his Charisma is just infectious to Mwah...

Whilst it was current Bad Arse Floppers' Driver J.R. Todd joining Antron as an NHRA Champion, after claiming his Debutante NHRA Top fuel Funny Car crown last year, along with his second consecutive U.S. Nationals title, the Mac-Daddy 'O NHRA Events!

Although to date, Antron's won three NHRA Top fuel Nitro Dragster Championships along with 50 Wally's, i.e.; Winner's Trophies...

Presumably the least known of thoust Story's Quintet 'O Characters is Jann Mardenborough, who I'm ARSE-Sumin' is still tollin' in virtual anonymity abroad, driving Tintops in Japan, albeit I haven't heard his name mentioned lately...

While obviously the two Biggest Stars are Lewis "golden child" Hamilton and Roundy-Rounds' Darryl "Bubbah" Wallace, Jr. As Hamilton's aiming for the unthinkable, by becoming Formula One's second ever Six-times F1 World Champion this year. Although I'm hoping that it won't happen!

Whilst Bubbah drives the iconic No. 43 in RasscarLand's premiere Taxicabs' series. Y'all know the number The King!" Richard Petty's immortalized.

Yet even more interesting to Mwah, was the 'lil nugget I found in this month's Car and Driver Magazine, which like  the majority of my News comes courtesy 'O Thy NFB's Newsline for The Blind telephone service.

As how many of Y'all have ever heard of the past Patterson Automobiles? C'mon, let's see a show of hands, anybody? Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? As I know that I'd certainly never heard of this mysterious All Black automotive Company. Which like almost all of the time period began by producing what was then known as Horseless Carriages Wayback Yonder.

Along with listening to another very interesting story in Air & Space Magazine about the totally unknown to Mwah Perry Young, who became our Nation's first-ever Commercial African American Pilot, albeit in Helicopters. As Americre' still wasn't ready to relinquish the Aeroplane controls to a Black Pilot...

And lastly, as we Celebrate another Black History month, right Donald? You may wish to check out another No Fenders story I posted last November - regarding some more Unknown 'N Forgotten Black Pioneers...

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fernando the Bull's Ever Growing Tail!

IMS Scoring pylon with Alonso's name displayed on 2017 Indy 500 Pole Day. (the Tomaso Collection)
Uhm, what did 'Ol Tony Stewart say 'bout the Bestest Thingy since "Sliced Bred?"

Presumably it's just Mwah, but enough with the Platitudes 'O Fernando lore! As sadly, I was largely inspired to pen this rant due to reading; Err Hearing "My Gal" Lucy', my ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader cooing over one of the few remaining Diehard IndyCar Bloggers having scribble that Fernando Alonso's driving in the rain during the 24 Hours of Daytona made him see the "Ghost of "Saint Ayrton," nee Ayrton Senna" during this year's rain sodden Rolex 24

Say What?

Holy Hero Worshiping Batman!

While I Don't Dispute Alonso's prodigious Driving Talent, I do take Offense to him being compared with the late, great Ayrton Senna, for which I fear Thar's NO Comparison!

Otay, you could perceivably compare Fredrico Suave to Michael Schumacher, who after all was called the Rainmeister during his days at la Scuderia, where 'Ol Fernando never managed to Close thou Dealio', aka win a Formula 1 World championship in Scarlet Overalls. But Senna? P-P-Puhlease!

"Fernando is Faster Than You, Ayrton..."

Although last time I checked, Michael,  who's presumably still taking a Nap, Righto? Has more than Three Times as Many Formula One World Championships as Alonso. Not to mention nearly Three-times as Many Grands Prix victories... 

Yeah, Fernando's now won two prestigious Sports Car events, the legendous' 24 Heurs du Mans and Rolex 24 in less than 12-months, which many former Formula 1 Pilotes' have never accomplished, But...

With the Spaniard's carefully crafted "Marketing;" Err Self-promotion Machine, how much of Alonso's trumpeting his Quest for the "elusive" Triple Crown is nothing more than his Hypefest 'O Trying to extricate himself from a largely disappointing Formula 1 career?

Look, I get it, Fred's a Two-times F1 World Champion, and a total Bad Arse Driver who had the Kuhoonas' to Beat Herr Schumacher in his prime No less, but Alonso also let the splendor of winning a World Championship for la Scuderia slip thru his fingers how many times? Most notably the year he couldn't even get past the lowly Lotus of Vitaly VO5' Petrov on Yas Isle! Before the Testy Spaniard told the Rooskie' he was No. 1, Ci!

And let's Not Overlook his somewhat "toxic" reputation, most notably his first Go-around at McLaren during thee Ronsters' (Ron Dennis) reign, which ultimately cost Woking a cool $100m, as in Million! Not to mention "Crash Gate," the sorid affair involving le Reggie', nee Renault and Fred's Wingman Nelson Piquet, Jr.

And what constitutes Stardom, and whose' a Better All-rounder Driver? As not sure why, other than I've always been a Fan of 'lil Stevie Johnson', aka Stefan Johansson... The Swede's won Le Mans during Dare I Say It? A far more competitive era, i.e.; 1997.

As let's call a Spade A Spade. As the Toyota's were just racing themselves last June for the victory, en route to a crushing 10-laps advantage over the third-place finisher, nearly 100-miles ahead!

Not to mention Stefan's won the arduous 12 Hours of Sebring twice, in two different vehicles separated by 13yrs! Aboard a Porsche 935 and Ferrari 333 SP. As Sebring's Cement Mixer tarmac's noted for being twice as rough as Daytona Beach's High Banks - and tougher to win vs. Daytona.

Or how 'bout "Mansell Mania?" As the world Class Thespian's the only Driver to win back-to-back Championships, i.e.; Formula 1 and IndyCar, when the latter was Arguably more popular (and competitive) than F1.

Not to mention EMMO', aka Emerson Fittipaldi's accomplishments. And I haven't even Delved into some of Sports Cars Baddest Cats like Hurley Haywood, Al Holbert, Peter Gregg, Jacky Ickx, Klaus Ludwig or "Mr. Le Mans," thou "Other" TK', aka Tom Kristensen - Just to name a few potent Drivers.

Or the Hapless, but very Amiable Bloody Brit Johnny Herbert, who won at the Circuit de la Sarthe in a Mazda NO less, as I could go on 'N on...

Whilst I've already noted here on No Fenders last year, what would the press have said if Good 'Ol Monty', nee JPM or Mac Montoya, aka Juan Pablo have said if the Columbian had won the LMP2 Class in last year's 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Wouldn't he have theoretically Beaten Fredrico to that Oh, so Coveted "Triple Crown?" But I've never heard JPM Honking His Own Horn over such trivia as that...

Meanwhile, as I've poonded on previously here in Nofendersville, contrary to popular belief Near and Abroad, can Y'all say Viva la France? Alonso's 2019 McLaren Indy 500 project will Not be in Cahoots with FAST EDDIE', nee Ed Carpenter and ECR, but instead in partnership with Carlin...

As now I've got two Drivers I'll be rootin' Against  at Mother Speedway this May. The first being HULIO', and the second Alonso! As the Brickyard's a fickle Mistress, who chooses who She wants to Win, not the other way round Fernando...

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')

Monday, February 18, 2019

Carlin's Newest Young Blood?

Certainly Y'all have heard the riveting IndyCar News about 'Ol "Narly Pinball," aka Charlie Kimball returning for a muted five races outing this season with Carlin, Righto?

As it was Good 'Ol Jeffie' of O.L.D. Fame, nee One Lap Down, Wherever Yuhs Are? Who came up with another of his Oh, So Clever Driver Nicknames, which I borrowed for another No Fenders story...

Whilst I'm ARSE-Sumin' I'm not the only "Eagled Eye" Indy Cars Aficionado who spotted this, and I'm Freakin Blind to Boot; Hya! But My Gal Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader cooed the name RC Enerson tabbed to drive the #23 Kimball occupies at Carlin to Mwah, when reading Marshall Pruett's article upon Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) IndyCar Pre-season testing.

Having read Pruett's COTA prose prior to the first day of Indy Cars Laguna Seca Winter Test outing, (Feb 8th) where Enerson ran 61-laps for Carlin and seems to signal his arrival at Trevor Carlin's Squad...

As I'd been ARSE-Sumin' it would be Jordan King getting the bulk of Seat-time aboard the No. 23 this season, since it's been one of the worst kept secrets that Kimball was not gonna be Fulltime at Carlin this year.

But Enerson's name was a surprise to Mwah, albeit perhaps King will be in this ride too? As apparently Carlin will be pullin' a Dale Coyne rotating Driver scheme this season.

As Enerson last impressed the IndyCar masses when Driving briefly for Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) during 2016, making his IndyCar Debut at Mid Ohio, before two further outings at Watkins Glen and Sonoma.

Although Enerson's short lived move to Indy Cars was controversial, having started the season in Indy Lights for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports - before effectively Breaking his Contract after the Freedom 100 to graduate to thee B-I-G CARZ', for which I tend to recall Thar was some legal wranglings over this between Schmidt and RC. And Nah, NO "Uncola" Jokes here...

As it would be good to see Enerson back in the Indy Cars field, along with Jordan King, as obviously both of these aspiring Young Guns would like to G-O Racin' Fulltime. Not to mention Kimball also, meaning Carlin's got plenty 'O talent to choose from.

As Dare I Say It? Kimball could be a valuable addition at the fledgling Juncos Racing team, and definitely lend a Helping Hand to their future maturation in Indy Cars...

And although it seems that Enerson has the inside track for filling in part of the remaining IndyCar season races aboard the No. 23 when Kimball's not driving. Now comes the conundrum 'O Pato O'Ward's availability. As I really hope O'Ward can find a seat in Indy Cars...