Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vampish' ladies

As think Lady and The Uhm, is already taken, Wee-Wee...

Although with NO Disrespect towards Vampires; Hya! Every once 'N awhile we need a 'lil Scandal, righto? Some juicy gossip, especially since we all know what sells Newspapers; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Although Sexual Harrassments All the Rage right now, for A-L-L the wrong reasons! As even the Pacific Northwest's not immune, as our beloved Hawks' Radio's Colour Commentator's feeling the Heat right now... 

Hence, per tipicali, whilst doing my nightly News Trawl, sometime last week, I ran across a name I recognized immediately, as she'd figured into a story I scribbled a few years ago.

As Missy Christine Keeler was quite the Provocateur', ultimately causing then British Prime Minister McMillan's government to collapse! Due to her ruffling the Bed-sheets of then British Secretary of State for War Brigadier John Profumo, whilst allegedly romantically involved with a Russian Agent.

Which is somewhat funny, since right now the CD Audiobook I'm listening to at a snail's pace, about the plight 'O Berlin in 1961, when some 'lil 'Ol Wall went up! Portrays Harold McMillan as the stately, solid conservative "Father Figure," while someone with the initials JFK is the Playboy!

But back to our newly departed lass Christine, who's roommate at the time of this scandalous Profumo Affair was another Tart named Mandy Rice Davies, whom herself was having Dalliances with Lord Astor, where many a raunchy Pool party was held upon Cliveden Estate, which I scribled briefly about in;

Or Y'all can start at the beginning of my elongated Two Part Astor lore harmony, by reading a 'lil tasting 'O the Astor's and Thar shiny 'Ol Mug, thou Astor Cup in;

Whilst naturally, now I've just learned of some more "Obscure" Astor lore gossip Thanxs to 'Ol Grizzled Journo' Joe, as Yuhs know; Joe Knows! As Messer Saward's currently regaling us all with another round of his par excellante Fascinating F1 )fun) facts revelry.

As it's got Somme-thun' to do with the prodigal British marque Aston Martin and Countess Margaret Zborowski, the former Baroness de Steurs, who was also Margaret Laura Astor Carey, but that's another story for a different day!

Monday, December 11, 2017

F1: Halo to Formula 1's Crapwagons era...

Is Halo really the ultimate solution for Driver Safety in Formula 1?

At the risk of repeating Thyself. Obviously I do not wish for any current, or future racing driver, in any category of motorsports to be seriously injured or worse yet suffer fatal injury from participating in a motor racing event.

When I originally heard the news that the FIA had Ram Rodded; Uhm, implemented the mandatory usage of the controversial HALO system for 2018 in Formula 1, I was so despondent, I simply put out a meager paragraph on No Fenders denoting this last July.

Yet what I left out of that riveting blog post, and have kept silent on 'til now, is my Disgust over what I simply perceive as Jean Todt's ultimate Hypocrisy! Since after all, Monsieur Todt's "Pet Project" during his first two terms as FIA President has been Road Safety.

Yet, how could Monsieur Todt let 'lil sid viddle get off with nothing more than a slap upon his wrist after deliberately crashing into Lewis Hamilton at Baku under a Safety Car period during this year's Azerbaijan Grand Prix!

I mean Sebastian Vettel had already gotten away with bringing the sport into disrepute when telling Charlie Whiting to FUCK OFF! Not once but twice, when not getting his way at Mexico in 2016.

And then in what can clearly be nothing more than a case of Road Rage, Jean Todt says move along people, I cannot even find my ruler to wrap the German's knuckles with after his car apparently "swerved" sideways towards Hamilton's Mercedes...

Which simply leads me to believe that in a desperate attempt to "Save Face," Monsieur Todt has come up with mandating this horrendous Halo contraption, while playing the "safety Card."

Yet since I'm visually impaired; Err Blind! I haven't been able to SEE what Halo truly looks like, other than what the word conjures up in Thy Mind's eye, i.e.; a round circular shape atop the driver's heads...

"After Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault rolled to a stop on Lap 26, his crew radioed it wasn’t safe to hop out; instead, he was instructed to walk down the nose and jump – signalling a KERS failure which had left the chassis electrically-charged."

 Now I'll remind Y'all once again that I'm NOT an Engineer, and I like to believe that these aspects have already been considered by the much smarter, clever, astute and pragmatic folks of the FIA, its vaunted Technical "Working Group" and the Formula 1 community in whole...

Like I said above, I've perceived Halo being a round composite structure, akin to a toilet seat being placed overhead the driver's helmet, envisioning a hideous looking horseshoe shaped "Habit' connecting to the corresponding Airbox structure. Along with knowing the front or leading "edge" is affixed to a post/pole in front of the driver's line of vision.

Thus what I'd really like to know, and am concerned about is, what happens in the case of an unintended incident as noted above occurring in Mexico City this past October to Nico Hulkenberg, who needed to escape his electrified vehicle by hopping down his Renault RS17's nose.

As the KERS System, which I believe is now known as ERS; the most controversial portion of today's modern F1 Chassis, ISN'T going away in 2018! And in fact, I believe stays unchanged until the end of 2020...

As how does a driver extricate himself from said vehicle without touching the Halo apparatus? And worse yet, keep from imp ailing Thyself upon the safety device's post?

And if there is some sort of Quick release mechanism to detach Halo, what's to prevent it from accidently disconnecting itself? A la fire extinguisher bottles that are accidently triggered inside F1 cockpits...

And that's before I even bring up the issue of the current FIA Rule requiring drivers to be able to extricate themselves from an F1 cockpit in five seconds...

Yet according to the Daily Mail's Matt Malby, McLaren recently tested  a Mini Wing element atop it's Halo concept, for which he described the Halo being of a Wishbone shape instead.

Which makes me wonder about the "Safety" of said extra wing element, and what happens if it detaches and strikes a trailing driver? As note how other portions of this year's F1 Chassis have managed to detach themselves during races.

And that's before I wonder how inclement weather will effect drivers vision or various electronic components? From the possibility of spray or streams of water dribbling off the various Halo components; Since water has a nasty habit of finding itself into places not expected.

Alas, is Halo really needed? Or is it just a byproduct of Jean Todt trying to cement his legacy as FIA President and doing something during his tenure?

Friday, December 8, 2017

F1: Is Robert Kubica the right Man for Williams in 2018?

And does it really matter what an Over-the-Hill Blogger residing in his Mums' Basement sippin Ye Eggnog thinks?

With the fanfare over Alfa Romeo's tie-up with Sauber and the announcement of its 2018 Drivers lineup, there's' just one seat left up for Grabs on the 2018 Formula 1 Grid, for which Team Willy's definitely getting Thar money's worth exposure wise, Eh?

Since we all know that the debate simmers on whether or not the 32yr old Polish ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica should return to F1 or not next year...

For Mwah, it's a somewhat strange situation, since I feel a Wee Bitamyte' flummoxed over this Questione, and whether or not I really have the right to say Somme-thun' on somebody else's desires or future.

As I once was a H-U-G-E' fan of Kubica's, having Oh, So cleverly given him the nom de plume; Err Moniker "The Krakow Kid," as he's always seemed like a likeable Chap, and he was bloody Quick! Before that Fateful day Wayback in the winter of 2011.

Strangely though, my feelings have changed since scribbling that No Fenders story some five years ago, as I cannot help but simply think this is a marketing gimmick that Williams Martini Racing's taking, a la running Susie Wolff in four Friday Free Practice F1 Sessions. As I really think Pascal Wehrlein would be the Grove based Squad's best bet.

And I cannot say why, but for a weird reason, all of this push, or Hype to get Robert back into Formula 1, makes me think of an ex-IndyCar Driver named Paul Dana; YIKES! Along with the aforementioned Sandro', another very likeable ex-Formula 1 driver.

As Italian Alessandro Nannini has another similarity to Kubica. besides being a Rally Driver and severing his same arm... As both drivers have currently won a single Grands Prix, when Nannini was the unexpected victor at the controversial 1989 Japanese GP. After Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's infamous coming together, and Senna subsequently being DSQ'ed!

And whilst I have a whole Helluva lot more faith in Juan Pablo's opinion's vs. Jack Vanilla's, nee Jacques Villeneuve's, as JPM just says what he thinks, with conviction vs. Villeneuve who I find to be a Blowhard...

My only concern is for Robert's and ultimately the entire F1 Grid's safety. Since although I have ZERO idea how this Darn Blasted HALO contraption works or attaches to the 2018 Spec F1 Chassis.

My main worry is how does the Pole, or any other Formula 1 Driver extricate themselves quickly enough, especially in the event of an electrified chassis suffering a KERS/ERS failure? Especially with Halo potentially blocking their exit?

Not to mention how do you test a driver today for what will surely be deemed part of the Mandatory F1 FIA Crash Structure Tests for 2018?

As I mean absolutely NO Disrespect towards Robert in the slightest, and if he passes the mandatory fitness checks, and is Williams best selection Driver-wise then Good Luck and Welcome Back!

But if you've read my previous comments above, I sincerely feel that Pascal Wehrlein, who to date's been saddled with inferior equipment during his two Formula 1 seasons, is the driver who's likely to wring the most performance out of Williams 2018 F1 Challenger...

But then again, what do I know?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

INDY 500: Borg Warner goes on first ever Road Trip

Some Seattle nerd by Borg Warner (replica) Trophy on Main St in Speedway, IN. (the Tomaso Collection)
Perhaps, right about now? The Magnanimous Borg Warner Trophy will be making the rounds in Tokyo? Since Y'all know that Mother Speedway's prized winner's trophy is currently visiting Japan. The first time it's ever gone out of the country, and is approximately halfway thru its Japanese journey.

As I still revel in that most awesome Indy 500 race this past May! When Takuma Sato BEAT the Best of the Best! Along with the other 31 Drivers taking part...

Whilst I still recall being more jubilant over Taku-san's most enjoyable Podium interview at Suzuka this year, being the Highlight of the Japanese Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton was most bedazzled by Sato's Indy 500 ring!

With another example of Takuma's grace, wit and charm coming thru quite clearly during 'Ol 'R's, nee Robin Miller's interview during his Borg Warner trophy unveiling.

While lastly, I think you can hear Takuma Smiling when describing how his face upon the famous Borg Warner trophy simply looks like a Happy Man!

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')