Thursday, April 9, 2020

RETRO: Like Steve McQueen, Absolutely!

Car and Driver's long-term 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt edition "Test Mule." (Image source:
As C'mon Sister, Sing It to Me Sheryl...

Although I can say with Absolute 111% certainty My New & Improved winDOUGHS 10 Experience is gonna probably make me have a Coronary! As not only does Lucy’ sound like she’s got a Cold, which I know ain’t a Funny Joke right now but; Freakin’ eh, Ray!

But Y'all probably already have heard enough sniveling 'bout how winDOUGHS 10 is causing Havoc for me, El Correctomundo! Whilst I find it Uber Funny how I went from Ye Past to the Present and presumably Future in thoust span ‘O just over 24hrs – via thou world of Serendipity.

As I’d been talking to “Greg-the-Drummer” Friday evening ‘bout Steve McQueen’s brief interactions with ‘Ol Blue eyes, nee Paul Newman and then SHUHZAMM!

Y’all know what happens here most frequently on thou Isle 'O Nofendersville, where thoust Seas of Synchronicity tirelessly wash over your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso…

And it was an even stronger Dousing ‘O synchronicity, since by shear Blind luck on Saturday, March 21st, the 50th Anniversary of SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti Defeating that Smug Hollywood Hero, the aforementioned Steve McQueen in the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring, wait for it!

Keep Ah-waiting' for It, Tuh-duh!

Surfin’ Ye Boob Tube’ that very Saturday afternoon, I settled upon Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as the voice On-screen sounded vaguely familiar before the rumble of High Performance engines filled the screen, with just the sound of constantly revving and shifting Narly V-8’s filling Thy living room, wondering What the Hell is this movie?

Even funnier yet, I heard the WUMP! WUMP! WUMP! Before the L-O-U-D Pedal was applied liberally once again before the two vehicles got  into an All-out High speed Chase careening thru Hapless Traffic!

As my Brain finally decided it’s gotta be Bullitt, Righto? Which I found very Surreal now being basically totally Blind and Not being able to Discern what the movie Onscreen was?

Although I was 86% certain it had to be Bullitt when I heard the major explosion at the end of the Narly Chase Scene! And then knew afterwards those WUMPOE' Noises were the two cars, primarily McQueen’s Nasty 1968 390cid V-8 big Block Ford Mustang jumping and landing Hard on the steep streets of San Francisco, after having seen the movie multiple times over the years…

Confirmation came for Mwah briefly after the iconic Chase scene when the Chief Detective muttered what were you doing Frank! When Thee Hero McQueen’s being Chewed Out by his Bosses following the Harrowing Chase!

As I simply had to watch; err listen to the end of the movie now, since I’d had McQueen on Ye Noggin’ the past evening. And was Amused over a few items gleamed at the end of the movie.

The first being how Quaint to hear the Airline in Questione the Bad Guys trying to escape on from San Francisco International Airport being Pan American which they mention in the 1968 Movie, when the Gate Attendant makes the customary Thank You for Flying “Insert Airline Here” Notification after telling passengers they’re ready to board, please have your passports ready.

Secondly, after the movie, the TCM Voice Over Narrator not only mentioned how the movie in whole was filmed primarily in San Francisco to give it more authenticity,.

Yet even more interesting to Mwah was the tidbits presumably 'bout the Movie’s Producer, since he was the only person involved in the trio 'O projects mentioned. Being the unknown & unheard of Phillip D'Antoni who "Green-lighted" Thee famous Car Chase in the Movie - Banking on its Revving Up the Film!

As D'Antoni's instincts not only proved correct, but Dramatically upped the Ante over Car Chases in General! And would incorporate them in further movies including The French Connection, for which it won multiple Oscars including Best Picture for D'Antoni, Best Actor for Gene Hackman and Best Film amongst its total Haul of five.

D'Antoni followed up The French Connection with the film the Seven Ups in 1973, his lone Directing credit before turning to lucratively producing TV Shows for NBC afterwards.

And then the following day Sunday, I did the unthinkable and watched 'N listened to my very first ever RASSCAR Roundy-Round i Racing E-Sports Pro Invitational race at Homestead, Miami on Thy Telie', which I've already serenaded Y'all 'bout. Which e-Gads! I'm watchin' the entire NASCAR Virtual Racing Series right now, since it's the Only Gory Motor Racing easily accessible on Television...

Can You Hear Me Now, IndyCar? Seriously, you need 'lil E' to boost your Virtual Ratings; Oh Never Mind!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

IndyCar, MotoGP continue Shuffling Schedules, Others to follow

As the COVID 19 Pandemic continues wreaking Havoc upon thou globe...

As you're well aware of, the Corona Virus is still in Full Force and continuing to impact All Avenues of life, including Motorsports. As IndyCar announced the cancellation of this year's Belle Isle Double-header yesterday.

Along with the News of further IndyCar Calendar revisions including two new Double Header events at Iowa and Laguna Seca plus a second event on Mother Speedway's Road Course to be called the Harvest Grand prix.

As the latter event at IMS will be held in conjunction with the previously scheduled 8 Hours of Indianapolis Intercontinental GT Challenge (IGTC) over the October 3-4 weekend. Which may also include the addition of the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship's Belle Isle round that's also victim of the May 30-31 weekend's cancellation.

Meanwhile, Not Surprisingly comes word today that MotoGP has Postponed the next
two events in Italy and Spain, which are two of the Hardest Hit Countries by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

And I'd still hazard guessing that Germany and the Netherlands rounds will be next to be Postponed, along with the Inaugural Finnish MotoGP round at the KimiRing', but stay tuned, since I'm just guessing like everybody else...

Whilst Racer's 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller thou Curmudgeon of Indy Cars keeps us entertained as always with his Quarantined Humour...

MOTO GP: Further 2020 Season Postponements Continue while A Potential Future Star Waits in the Wings

As the 2020 MotoGP Season continues to Freefall, along with every Motor Racing series on the Planet...

Not surprisingly, especially as Spain's currently ravished by the Dreadful COVID 19 Pandemic, the Hoped for Season Opening round at Jerez slated for May 3rd has been Postponed until a New Date can be Confirmed, along with the rest of the 2020 MotoGP Calendar being continuously updated.

As I can only Speculate that the earliest the season will now begin will be on June 21st at Germany's Sachsenring, but I'd hazard that's fairly optimistic also. As I Don't see how France: Le Mans Bugati Circuit; 5/17,  Italy: Mugello; 5/31 or Spain's Barcelona June 7th rounds preceding that Date will happen presently. Or if the Dutch round at Assen TT will retain its current June 28th Date?

Meanwhile, back in Qatar where the Moto2 and Moto3 Classes were the Headliners after the March 8th MotoGP Season Opener was Cancelled, a relative unknown Yank' Moto2 Kneedragger emerged, by stunningly claiming what presumably was his Maiden Moto2 Pole Position.

As the rider in Questione is named Joe Roberts, for which Motorsport Magazine's Crack Reporter Matt Oxley coyly notes in his article is Not related to "The King" Kenny Roberts, which Arse-sumedly would be a natural conclusion, Righto?

Although like its premiere class MotoGP, it's lower tier supporting Acts are now also in "Suspended Animation" and we'll have to wait awhile to see how Joe gets on with the remainder of the calendar when it resumes. And N-O! No JoeMentum' Jokes Here!

As it would be great to have another American in MotoGP, which it seems quite Silly that Thar Aren't any presently, since presumably it's one of the largest Motorcycle segments, or surely one of its most important Markets...

As presumed, MotoGP has now officially Postponed the French round at Le Mans Bugati Circuit indefinitely, as the Calendar cannot even be truly considered until the COVID 19 Pandemic is under control. As look for Italy's Mugello round to be Postponed next.

While if I had to guess, which is the only thing Anybody can do for the time being. I'd say that the August 2nd Czech Republic round at Bruno will be the earliest realistic shot for resuming motorcycle racing, but then again that's just total speculation on my part...

Monday, April 6, 2020

E-SPORS: IndyCar joins the Fray

About Freakin' time NBC! Especially since Virtual Sports is Sweeping thou Nation right now...

Otay, I'll admit I was playfully accused of acting like a Kid on Christmas Morning after learning that NBC Sports had wisely changed its mind upon not wishing to Air the IndyCar's i Racing Series originally. But it's pretty sad that's All I could think about the 48hrs before the actual event. Hmm? Ain't that Jimmy Johnson's number? Oh Never Mind!

And I suppose I need to heed Leigh Diffey's words during the TV Broadcast 'bout it being a work in progress, but. I sat Thar listening to Thy Telie, after having tuned-in to the 30mins Proving Grounds vignette from Mother Speedway and was Bemused to note that the 1912 Indy 500 racecar that TK' follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan and IMSA's Ryan Eversley? Co-drove round the Obstacle Course made more noise than the pack 'O 29 i Racing Virtual IndyCar racecars filling my television did!

As I mused to myself that it was a virtual Formula E race; CRIKEYS! Although I did hear someone scrubbing copious amounts 'O rubber off Thar Flinstone tyres and an audible WHUMP!  When somebody smacked the wall! Perhaps Thee Great Santini? Or may be Felipe Nasr?

As typically the real life On-track Indy Cars action usually Drowns Out the Talking Headz' Booth Boys! Yet this race was the complete opposite, sounding virtually Silent for more than Half the race! So it would be nice if NBC Sports could find a happy medium beginning next week and ultimately whenever we return to real Honest-to-Goodness Motor Racing.

As I think I enjoyed the winner's Post-race interview more than the actual race itself, since being Blind, obviously sound is a huge component of what I "See" on my virtual monitor!

As Scott McLaughlin who I've never heard speak before, was a total Breath 'O Fresh Air! And sounded very grounded for somebody who Leigh Diffey pointed out more than once had to get up at 2AM Australian time to compete in the event. With Scott noting it was 5:50AM local Brisbane time Me Thinks - When doing his winner's interview.
But what I enjoyed most from the 26yr old Kiwi' was how smoothly he wouldn't answer PT's Questione on what type of specific Sym Rig  equipment he was utilizing. Giving "Ol Sugar Ray Tracy the typical racer's non-answer answer.

As Diffey Dryly chimed in may be he's Not gonna answer you Paul; Hya! While Paul Tracy tried a second time and McLaughlin just casually noted he's running a Touring Car set-up a bit like his V-8 Supercars Gig', unlike the fancy IndyCar Rigs you Yanks' are Deploying.!

But he didn't seem to make too much out of his winning his first IndyCar race after Diffey noted he's the winner of 44 Supercars races. So Good On You Mate!

While the  Driver He'd most likely replace at Team Penske, DJ WillyP', aka Will Power, for which I'm just totally speculatin' here, but believe Power's the Elder Statesman at Penske, Righto? Nipped at the Kiwi's Heels chasing him home to the Chequered Flag in P2.

Whilst the Announce Booth Crew took great glee in making Quips 'bout Power having his radio turned off for making too many mouthy comments 'bout lapped traffic, for which I think PT' sardonically chimed was just like real life; Hya!

As apparently the IndyCar Driver who topped the virtual Time Sheets on Twitter, nee Conor Daly revealed that Will had called him A Wanker! Which led to his radio transmissions being cut...

While Conor also pointed out the differences between virtual racing and the real world by noting that Scott Dixon would never Spin Off-track in a Real Race!

And (Townsend) T-Bell' spent quite a Bitamyte 'O Time Belabouring how difficult it was to drive these virtual IndyCars while conceding he'd have qualified near the end of the field if racing, after having taken part in the open practice session.

With Scotty The Goose! Speed substituting for Marco Andretti bringing home his virtual No. 98 Andretti Autosport machine home in third place all-the-while on a massive Fuel Saving strategy.

And I also enjoyed Sage Dangerboy' Karam's forthrightness when queried over whether or not he liked the Competition Caution? Saying quickly and emphatically NO! As Sage apparently got a bit 'O Red Mist Fever this weekend, first tanglin' with Felix Rosenqvist. Then a penalty for Speeding in the Pits and finally parking his Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Dallara.

Meanwhile how 'bout Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh's Alex Palou who reportedly was competing from a Coffee shop in Brazil alongside his girlfriend, as the IndyCar Rookie Spaniard finished fourth overall I believe! Whilst DCR Alphabets Soup Brigade team-mate Santino Ferrucci didn't have such a "Hot" Day...

But obviously the Feel-good story of the event was the return of Thee Young Wicky', aka Robert Wickens making his  competition return after nearly two year's hiatus while still recovering from his multiple injuries suffered in his Horrendous Accident at Pocono in August, 2018!

As much has been made 'bout Wickens utilizing a Hand Controls set-up, albeit he didn't get to use his "Mad Max" Massimiliano (Max) Papis set-up, which reportedly is similar to what El Zorro', nee Alex Zanardi used to compete in the 2019 Rolex 24. And instead used another Sym Rig provided by McLaren.

But it was great to hear Leigh Diffey interviewing Wickens briefly at the end of the TV Broadcast, with Robert noting he'd just gone for a Fuel Saving Strategy which helped him stay On-track en route to an eighth place finish.

With Diffey announcing at the end of the broadcast that next week's I-Race will be held on Michigan International speedway...