Wednesday, December 7, 2022

As Who’s More Naughty, Max or ESPN?

Yo ESPNews, you’ve just gotten a Double Technical foul. You’re Ejected!


As Not sure what’s worse? Knowing the Outcome of the Yabba Dabba Doo GP on Yas Isle in Abu Dhabi before watching the evening’s replay, or having the replay unexpectedly pre-empted?


Having told a particular former Austin F1 Sherpa when He called me on Saturday, prior to the race. That I wasn’t getting up at Gory 5AM Pacific, and would wait for the Sunday evening replay at 6PM instead.


Gee Wally, guess who called me around Noon Sunday? As I made the mistake of answering Ye telephone, Butterfingers!


As Claudio’ asked me if I’d watch the race yet? No. Well you already know the results! No, I Don’t! And I Don’t want to know them! Well regardless of that, you Already know the Outcome! SWELL! Thanks a Gory lot for giving it away!


But I decided I’d “Watch,” Err listen to the 6PM ESPNews Encore Presentation anyways, or so I thought so…


As Kroftie’, aka David Kroft did His usual “And Its Lights Out!” With the replay starting just a minute or two late, and I Don’t think we’d even gotten to the leader making His first Pitstop?


But then FUCKING Unbelievable! At 6:40PM in the midst of the Grand Prix the volume went to about level 87! With a piercing, staccato Static Screeching Reverberating sound like when somebody Doesn’t have the microphone plugged in correctly! And Vamoosh! We were switched Justin-time’ to the start of the El Stupidio Rubber Duckies College Basketball game, I Kids Yuh Not! As we were RUDELY switched to the Oregon Ducks vs. Houston Cougars and that ended that! As who fucking Cares about a college Basketball game? I thought I was watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Jackarses!


What’s that Paul? What’s that John?


Yeah, I picked up the remote

Turned it to the right Channel

Checked my Bloody TV Guide twice

And it says they’re playing the Wong programme!


Yeah, we’re definitely on the One after Gory Nein Das Trolley wagen Nein…


Although I already knew that Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen Had won again! His 15th win out of 22 races, Yikes! And that He’d put another Beatdown on the field! At that moment I Didn’t know the rest of the results. Like the rest of the finishing order and who claimed second Overall in the Drivers Standings until I watched the Herky Jerky F1 Highlights video on Youtube afterwards!


And somehow I felt Good Riddance Formula 1, as Kroftie’ said we’ll see you in 105 days…


And then Mary ellen said How Boring  when looking up the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results  Sunday morning , before arriving in Bumfiddle’ Florence.


Then the next day whilst we were on a Walkabout’ at our Exploding Whale Memorial Park with Hang 10’ Hilo in tow. Mary ellen rand into a man with a white Schipperke, which She said She’d never seen a white one before.


To which the man told us that Yes, the white ones, also known as either Blonde or Cream colour are rare. But His Schipperke and Hilo who were both about the same size and disposition, enjoyed each others meeting…


For which I couldn’t resist, and awhile later when I was sure we were out of Earshot I Quipped. Damn, I cannot get away from the Freakin’ Duthc!

Although Mary Ellen said it was a Bad Joke! Especially since I Had to Explain It.


Yuhs know, Max Verstappen, Schipperke. As one of the latter’s nicknames is Black Devil, Oh Never Mind! Even though obviously, I’ll take the Schipperke Any day over Maximus Hothead… 

Oh Max, You’ve been Naughty Again!

So Don’t be too shocked if Thars a lump ‘O Coal in your Stocking this year!


Hmm, I cannot understand why the North Pole just stamped Return to Sender upon Max Verstappen’s Christmas Wish list to ‘Ol Santa. As apparently Saint Nick said He Didn’t have any time to waste upon reading it…


You’re A Mean One Mr. Max!

You’re A Heel

You’re as Cuddly as A Cactus

You’re  as Charming as an eel!


Oh what’s that Checo?

You wouldn’t Touch Maximilian with a 39 and a Half Foot long Pole!


Uhm, what’s that Sir Lewis? You say Maximus’s Christmas Card got Lost in the Mail?

You say that He’s A Bad Banana

And Greasy as A Black Peel,

And that You’re A Monster Mr. Max!


Oh DannyRic’, you Didn’t want to say much on Yas Isle, but what’s that?

You say Mr. Max is Full of Vile,

His Smile’s Full of Termites

And His tender Sweetness

Matches that of A Seasick Crocodile!


And being known as the “Honey Badger” and the “Smiling  Assassin,”

You’d rather spend your Holiday with the Seasick Crocodile!


What’s that Pierre?

When it comes to Mr. Max Sharing Setup’s

He’s a Foul One

As Rank as a Waspy Skunk!

And the three Children’s words that Best Describe Him Are

And you Quote: Stink, Stank and Stunk!


Pardon the interruption ‘lil syd viddle, did you want to say something?

You say Mr. Max’s Driving style Nauseates you

And All that Herky Jerky Swerving

Reminds you of ‘Ol Edward Irvine

And that His Crooked Jerky style is

Straight as A Hook!


Ok, with Apologies to All those who are Fans of that timeless classic “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch!” For which I Shamelessly Pilfered above, I think Y’all get the idea, Righto?


As ‘lil Maximus Hothead’s certainly been Naughty this Year! Which is Sad, but Not surprising in the least.


Only Sad since it simply continues Blotting His and Red Bull’s “Copybook,” Err Reputations! Not to mention now surrounding His first two Formula 1 World Championships in Controversy!


As Y’all know Max Verstappen’s ridiculous, Child-like Tantrum throwing comment at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix when His Team instructed Him to give Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Checo’ Perez sixth place Back in order to enable Perez to go to Abu Dhabi two points Ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who He was Battling for second Overall in the F1 Driver Standings.


As it’s Sad How I was suddenly rootin’ for Leclerc to finish One point Ahead of Perez! And Not because I Don’t like Sergio, who I Always Root for instead of Max! But just that it would further totally demonstrate Max’s insolence! As Max tersely said over His IN Car radio following the Chequered Flag:


“I told you Already, Don’t Ask that  again to me . Are we Clear on that? I gave My reason and I Stand by It!”


Regardless of your “Double Secret” reason, you cannot Have It both ways Max! Telling the Media to leave you alone, but then refusing to give them any substantive explanation…


As you only Have yourself to Blame for opening up another Can of Worms Max! As seriously? You couldn’t simply move over for your Dutiful Wingman and let Him Have P6? As Sergio’s In Car radio comment following your Disgusting antics at Interlagos was 110% Spot On!


“This Shows who He really is!”


Although I truly Hope this Spilled Milk Ain’t over Checo’s supposed, purposely wrecking at Monaco, for which I Don’t understand why the FIA Doesn’t have a rule like IndyCar. Y’all know if you cause a Red Flag, you lose your two Quickest laps!


But this rant’s supposed to be about ‘lil Boo Hoo Max Verstappen. So let’s All Shed some Crocodile Tears over Max getting a Stocking Full of Coal this year!


Uh, I mean after all, if He’s currently racing on a $240m as in Millions Contract extension. Then Gory Hell, Maximilian can Dearly Afford to Buy His own Presents, Ho Ho Ho! 

Monday, December 5, 2022

Santa brings Haas F1 Team early Present in Sao Paolo

As I just Hope Kevin gets to Keep His trophy!


Yeah, if Y’all haven’t already noticed. No Fenders Ain’t the place to go for Breaking News. As it’s a rough life being thee Head Bottle Washer on Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville Matey’s, but I digress!


By sheer luck, I was able to catch the Friday Qualie’ session from Interlagos, a proper ‘Ol School racing circuit! And the outcome not only put a smile upon my face. But kept a Rosy Glow upon my Cheeks all the way up until the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, when ‘lil Maximus Hothead’ was Naughty!


Whilst Kroftie’, aka David Kroft chimed in that it was the first American (Flagged) chassis to win a Pole position since the 1975 British Grand Prix, Aye Karumba! For which I’m not sure if they mentioned it or not? But I Don’t recall them saying anymore after that.


SO I Arse-sumed it must have been Shadow, and when I looked it up I learned that it was Welshman tom Pryce scoring His one and only Pole position at arguably His Home Grand Prix. For which I immediately said to myself, wasn’t Messer Pryce the F1 Driver Killed by an errant Marshall’s Fire Bottle?


As yes, sadly, tom Pryce Died during the 1977 South African Grand Prix when two Marshalls Had run across the track and Pryce was unable to avoid one carrying a 40lbs Fire Extinguisher, which Clobbered Pryce on His Head, Killing Him instantly!


And Karmically, or ironically? As many will know, 1975 was the year of Mauro Forghieri’s second Formula 1 championship for la Scuderia, as the Italian Engineer died on November 2nd at Age 87. As Niki “the Rat” Lauda won the first of His eventual three F1 World Championships for Ferrari that year.


Whilst 1975 also saw the Death of Penske Great Mark Donohue following that year’s Austrian Grand Prix. As I previously scribbled about Donohue in the following No Fenders tome.


As I’ll say American flagged for Haas, since we All know that the car’s obsessively produced by Dallara of Italy. Utilizing as many Customer Ferrari parts as the FIA permits under current regulations…


But back to our Dane’ in Question, as I just absolutely loved K-MAG’s reaction over His In-Car radio played upon the world feed. Are You Fucking Kidding Me! For which naturally the F-Word was summarily Bleeped. For which I think Kevin repeated twice…


Although somebody on the other end, presumably His Race Engineer told Kevin to Not get Ahead of Himself. As the Q3 Qualie’ session had been Red flagged and there was still 8mins and 10 seconds on the “Clock,” but I’m getting ahead of myself…


As arguably, you’d have to say Magnussen’s biggest claim to fame in Formula 1 was His infamous Suck My Balls! Comment to Nico Hulkenberg Wayback’ in 2017. Although the duo made up earlier this year when Hulkenberg was Deputizing for ‘lil syd Viddle’, aka Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin.


Which I suppose is a good thing, since thee “Incledible Hulk,” aka Nico Hulkenberg has just been announced as Magnussen’s teammate for 2023, replacing Mick Schumacher.


Although I now recall that Kevin ultimately finished Runner-Up on His Formula 1 Debut Down Under at Melbourne for McLaren in 2014. When originally Magnussen became the first F1 Rookie to score a Podium in His maiden Grands Prix since Sir Lewis Hamilton did seven years prior.


As this was the Grand Prix where the Race Stewards were loathe to Strip Daniel Ricciardo’s second place finish after He’d celebrated during the Podium exercises to a Delirious Home Crowd! Before DannyRic’ was subsequently Disqualified for a Fuel flow violation.


As Kevin’s since raced for Renault in 2016 and Haas between 2017-2020, before He and Romain Grosjean were replaced by a pair of Rookies. With K-MAG’s lone Podium to Date being upon His F1 Debut some eight years ago…


Yet I came to admire Kevin more for His year Stateside driving for Chip Ganassi Racing’s IMSA Sports Car team aboard their Cadillac DPi’s, where Kevin even won a race with teammate Renger Van der Zande on Detroit’s Belle Isle.


And then I really enjoyed Kevin’s “One Off” IndyCar Debut, when He Deputized for the injured Felix rosenqvist at Arrow McLaren SP at Road America. As ironically Rosenqvist had suffered a Nasty, Scary Accident at Belle Isle where His throttle stuck wide open!


And although I really Hoped that Kevin would find His way into a Fulltime IndyCar ride, it had already been announced that He’d signed to be one of Peugeot’s Sports Car drivers for the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship.


Although we know now that Kevin got a surprise call to return to Haas this year upon the Sacking of Nikita Mazepin, where the Dane’s F1 career seems to have been totally revived…


Fast Forward to this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix, and with the ever changing weather, i.e.; Rain. Along with Haas strategically getting Kevin to the Head of the Pitlane for Q3. And then Magnussen setting the Quickest lap Ahead of the other nine drivers, Wallah!


Thanks to the combination of Mercedes George Russell Beaching Himself and causing the Red Flag, and then the Rain summarily arriving! As it was wonderful Hearing the Happiness in Kroftie’ and Ted Krabitz’s voices when saying we know we’re Not supposed to Root for Anybody, but How can you Not? With Even Martin BillyBob’ Brundle saying we all love Underdogs. Magnussen Shocked everybody with His and Haas’s maiden Pole position!


As Magnussen’s Pole came one day before Team founder Gene Haas’s 70th Birthday, ironically Kevin’s 100th Start for Haas. And occurred on Haas’s 143rd  Grand Prix start.


As Kevin now becomes the third longest wait for an F1 Driver to score their maiden Grands Prix Pole on His 140th Start. As crazily, three drivers have now eclipsed the previous record Holder for longest wait to claim their debut Pole. Which Mark Handlebarz’ Webber had Held since 2009 with 132 Starts.


Yet Sergio Perez shattered that number when finally scoring Pole at Jeddah on his 215th Start! Then Carlos Sainz Jr. scored His maiden Pole at Silverstone on His 150th Start.


As Congratulations Kevin, you Deserve it! 

Friday, December 2, 2022

Is IndyCar trying to Kill Iowa?

And just who the Hell is the Zac Brown Band? As I thought we’re Here to see Indy Cars racing…


Perhaps you’ve already heard the nonstop Criticism over the forthcoming 2023 Iowa Speedway Double Header IndyCar race weekend, where ticket prices have Skyrocketed! Anywhere between 211-300% Over this year’s inaugural Hy-Vee Double Header event with four musical Acts.


So my only question is why, when IndyCar has had nothing but trouble keeping Oval events Alive, would they decided to Hammer a Stake in the Hearts of true IndyCar Fans?


I mean, I get swapping the Hy-Vee sponsorship from Jack Harvey to Cristian Lundgaard. But if Nobody’s able to Afford attending Iowa, then how long will Hy-Vee wish to remain in Indy Cars? As this Ain’t Circuit Of The Americas, it’s Newton Iowa Y’all Hear!


Shame On You Penske Entertainment! 

Pierson’s “NXT 2” Moves

As watch this Space for the Portland Teenager’s promising future…


Yeah I know, I know. Enough of the NXT Jokes already! Especially since it’s way too easy pickings! And that was way before I learned via another Marshall Pruett Week in IndyCar Podcast that there’s a WWE NXT! Y’all know like them World Wide Entertainment Professional Wrasslers’,Yikes!


Being a transplanted Oregonian, I’ve been loosely aware of Portland teenager Josh Pierson ever since He was signed to drive for Mr. Zakery Brown’s United Autosport’s FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) LMP2 team in 2021, a year before making His Sports Car debut.


Never having Heard of Pierson before then, I Had Zero Clue what McLaren Racing’s Head Honcho Zak Brown Saw in the then 15yr Old youngster. Other than saying He’s very Mature for His Age and it would be interesting to See how He progresses


As Pierson has gone onto set a few Sports Car records this past year. First becoming the youngest driver to ever win a Sports Car race at Age 16. As Pierson, co-Driving with Paul di Resta and Oliver Jarvis won the season opening Sebring 1000 miles WEC race, where Josh even completed a triple stint enroute to the LMP2 Class victory!


Next, Josh became the current youngest ever driver to contest the 24 Heurs du Mans at Age 16yrs 117 Days when joining Oliver Jarvis and Alex Lynn once again behind the controls of the #23 United Autosport LMP2 Oreca-Gibson entry.


Prior to Josh’s Sports Car exploits this season, I was totally unaware about this Rose City (Portland) teenager had finished fourth Overall in the 2021 U.S. F2000 National championship with five Podiums. Notching a pair of second places and a trio of third places abord the NO. 24 Pabst Racing entry.


Then in October, it was announced that Pierson would resume His Open Wheel Racing career by joining what Marshall jokingly calls the HMD Motorsports Orphanage, Hya! HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing’s nine car Indy Lights, OOPS! NXT programme.


As Josh will continue His WEC Sports Car career for United Autosport in addition to contesting His Rookie Indy NXT season in 2023.


And now comes word that Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) has just Inked Pierson to it’s first ever Driver Development program a la Chip Ganassi Racing’s (CGR) signing of Kyffin Simpson last year. Where Arse-sumedly Simpson will be contesting His Sophomore campaign in Indy NXT against Pierson.


As Pierson’s also set to get His Debutante outing aboard one of ECR’s Indy Cars sometime next year.


Whilst Fast Eddy’, aka Ed Carpenter says He’s also really impressed by the teenager and their plans are to guide Him to an IndyCar career beginning in 2025, which makes me wonder which of ECR’s current IndyCar Drivers Days are Numbered? Or is this just insurance if Rinus VeeKay decides to Bolt to a rival IndyCar team?


As No Pressure Josh. You’ve just got the weight of Zak Brown and Ed Carpenter on your Shoulders! And Hey Zak, did Fast Eddy’ just pull a Zak upon you? As “Let Go of My Eggo,” err Driver… 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

F1: Mauro Forghieri, Distinguished Ferrari Designer Dies at 87

As this tall, lanky Bespectacled Engineer was responsible for much of Ferrari’s Glory…


What more can I say to sum up the remarkable career of the late Mauro forghieri, who took the Chequered Flag on November 2nd. Besides The Guardian’s Obituary noting His being the last Man to be capable of designing World Championship winning racecars from Chassis and Suspension, to Engine and Gearbox.


Most notably, Mauro’s known for leading John surtees, (1964) Niki Lauda (1975, 1977) and Jody Scheckter (1979) to their Formula 1 World Championships for Scuderia Ferrari.


Along with Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Reutemann and Gilles Villeneuve winning Grands Prix behind the wheels of His Ferrari F1 Chassis. In total winning 54 Grands Prix, four Drivers and seven Constructors F1 Championships.



Forghieri was also responsible for two of my All-time favourite Ferrari racecars, the Ferrari 312T2 and 512M. As reportedly, the Scuderia’s 312T for it’s Transverses Gearbox was the most successful F1 chassis, garnering an impressive 27 wins! And I was fortunate enough to see the 1975 312T’s of both Lauda and Regazzoni in action during the 1994 Monterey Historics.


And while I should be impressed over Mauro’s Monoposto F1 Designs beginning with the 158, to being the first to introduce a rear wing onto a Formula 1 chassis in 1968. Along with creating the stellar 312T series to His final creation, la Scuderia’s first turbocharged 126C chassis. I’m also suitably impressed with His Sports Car CV.


Reportedly Mauro began by redesigning the suspension on the most evocative 250 GTO, before being responsible for the 250P, Ferrari’s first rear engine Sports Car Prototype that won the 1963 24 Heurs du Mans. Followed by the 275P taking a 1-2-3 Sweep the following year. Along with ultimately la Scuderia’s final Le Mans triumph to date, the 1965 race with the controversial 250LM, albeit in the hands of Ferrari’s North American “Customer” team…


As forghieri was responsible for All of la Scuderia’s Sports Cars from 1963 to 1973, i.e.; 250P, 275P, 330P, 512M and 312P and other variants.


As Mauro’s Sports Cars won Le Mans, the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and the famous Targa florio to begin with, along with countless other Sports Car races. As reportedly His favourite Sports Car was the 330P3/4 which fought a losing battle vs. Ford’s All Conquering Ford GT40’s!


Mauro was born on January 13, 1935 in Modena, Emilia-Romagna Italy and went onto earn a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Bologna. Although interestingly, Airplanes were His first passion and He’d originally planned to take up a career working for the U.S. Northrup Aircraft company instead.


Yet Enzo Ferrari who’d kept track of Him, with Mauro’s father being a Ferrari employee, Hired the young Forghieri in 1960 as an Apprentice working in the Engine Shop. And the rest as they say was History.


At Age 26, Mauro was unexpectedly promoted to Chief Designer and Technical Director of Scuderia Ferrari following the Great Walkout of 1961. When Ferrari’s top eight Engineers were summarily fired by Il Commendatore, nee Enzo Ferrari following a Heated dispute over the previous firing of la Scuderia’s Production Manager.


Thus led by previous Technical Director Carlo Chiti, these men along with Ferrari F1 World Champion Phil Hill created the rival ATS Formula 1 team which failed due to miserable results in 1963…


Yet Ferrari weathered the storm, along with Forghieri leading la Scuderia to it’s 1964 F1 World championship.


Following the arrival of Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite at Ferrari in 1981, Forghieri was essentially pushed out of His leadership role at la Scuderia, albeit spending the next few years designing the Ferrari 408 Prototype Road Car, before leaving Ferrari entirely.


As I tend to recall from a long ago Sports Car Illustrated magazine, the 408 was a study by Ferrari upon how to bond Carbon Fibre to an Aluminum/Steel car’s chassis…


Mauro’s services were then snapped up by rival Italian Automobile Manufacturer Lamborghini, now owned by Crysler in 1987. Being commissioned to build a 3.5-litre normally aspirated V-12 Formula 1 engine, which was raced by Larrousse, Ligier, Lotus, Minardi and the Stillborn Modena F1 Team with fairly unimpressive results. As I believe the Lambo’s weakness was it’s thirstiness for petrol.


Although Aguri-san’, aka Aguri Suzuki scored Lamborghini’s lone F1 Podium when becoming the first Japanese Driver to stand atop the podium. Appropriately finishing third at the controversial 1990 Japanese Grand Prix.



Yet upon revisiting the Chrysler-Lamborghini connection, it triggered my memory into recalling that McLaren had tested a “Mule” version of it’s 1993 chassis, known as the MP4/8B, which Ayrton Senna was said to be most impressed with! Especially the Lambo’s superior Horsepower over the customer Ford HB V-8 the team was utilizing that  season.


Unfortunately thee Ronster’, aka Ron Dennis opted for the vastly inferior Peugeot V-10 lump’ for ’94 instead, and Crysler then killed it’s F1 involvment.


Next Mauro who would only work in His Hometown of Modena, went to work for the revitalized Bugatti concern, where He worked upon the EB110 Supercar, before creating His own Design company, along with remodeling His 18th century villa.


As ironically, Mauro Forghieri passed away following the public unveiling of la Scuderia’s first factory Prototype, the 499P, which will make it’s Competizione debut 50 years after Forghieri’s 312P was raced by Jacky Ickx and Mario Andretti… 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Some languid, tepid IndyCar Cheer

    As what’s NXT? Gene Simmons singing  “I am Indy” Justin-time’ for Ye Holidays, Fa la la la lah…


First off, I’ll admit I scribbled this a Fortnight before this year’s Turkey Lurkey Day. As I’m not sure what it was exactly that knocked Ye Wind outta My Sails? That it was the Dreaded Offseason when everybody makes Pigskin analogies. The Outright Ho Humm Boring nature of The Max Show in formula 1, or the vauted Braintrust’s at Penske Entertainment decided to Obliterate their storied Indy Lights Championship?


Although I’m guessing the latter Had much to do with my lethargic feeling, since I believe it was Racer’s Marshall Pruett whom so succinctly noted this Snazzy Name change was akin to somebody Pooping in the Punchbowl!


And as I’ve said before, I totally realize that winning the Indy Lights Championship shouldn’t be an Automatic Graduation to the Big Leagues, ergo IndyCar. Yet after all, that is the point to the vaunted Road to Indy ladder system, El Correctomundo?


Thus perusing this year’s IndyCar Grid, I’ve come up with a total of four former Indy Lights Champions currently racing. With Scott Dixon being the Oldest! Along with Josef Newgarden, Pato O’Ward and Kyle Kirkwood.


As Scotty Thee Iceman 2.0’ Dixon being an anomaly, having won the title in 2000, and being tied with Helio Castroneves for currently longest tenure Fulltime IndyCar Drivers, both beginning in Gory 2001, Aye Karumba!


Newgarden won the 2011 title for Sam Schmidt Motorsports. While O’Ward and Kirkwood won the Championship both driving for Andretti Autosport in 2018 and 2021 respectively.


Although I suppose it’s not so different on the opposite side of Ye Puddle, EH? Since over the past decade, Thars just four FIA Formula 2/GP2 Series Champions on this year’s Formula 1 Grid.


As the most current is Mick Schumacher, the 2020 FIA F2 Champion, albeit the German is expected to lose His Haas F1 ride at season’s end, and probably be out of F1 completely.


Schumacher “Junior’s” followed by Mercedes GP 2018 F2 Champion George Russell. With Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc being the inaugural F2 Champion in 2017. While finally, Scuderia AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly was the final GP2 Series Champion in 2016.



Yet if we factor in Lewis Hamilton, who’s another anomaly’, being the 2006 GP2 Champion, the current Formula 1 Grid “Swells” to a Quarter of the Grid being former F2/GP2 champions…


Yet interestingly, Nyck de Vries, who’ll finally make His F1 Season Debut next year as Gasly’s replacement at AlphaTauri, Had to wait four years to graduate to the Pinnicle of Motorsports, i.e.; Formula 1! As the 2019 F2 Champion instead went directly to formula E due to Thar being No openings on the F1 Grid.


And then there’s the plight of 2021 F2 Champion Oscar Piastri. Y’all know the Aussie’ whom successfully landed a seat at Messer Zakery Brown’s Roundtable. Aftert rival Alpine thought they’d done enough to keep Him as Frederico Suave’s replacement next year. As it’s become somewhat de riggour for the reigning Formula 2 champion to sit on the Sidelines for a year, or more…


As lastly, this year’s F2 titlist, Brazilian Felipe Drugovich has already signed to be Aston Martin’s F1 Test and Reserve Driver. Apparently “Banking” on Fireworks to erupt between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll next year…


In the past Decade, a total of six GP2/F2 Champions have graduated to Formula 1, with the aforementioned above, minus Sir Lewis. (Hamilton) With 2014 and 2015 GP2 titlists Jolyon Palmer and Stoffel Vandoorne joining this very select group.


Although Jolyon, son of Jonathan Palmer spent 2015 as the Lotus F1 Test and Reserve Driver before racing for le Reggie’, aka Renault between 2016-17. Whilst Vandoorne graduated directly to F1, driving for McLaren from 2016-18.


Yet Indy Lights has a Higher success rate of 89% vs. Formula One’s feeder Series 60% Graduation Rate. As every Lights Champion, with the exception of this year’s Champion Linus Lundqvist Has ultimately raced in Indy Cars, albeit Not All of them landed Full Season rides.


Beginning with the 2012 Lights Champion Tristan Turbo’ Vautier, followed by Sage Karam, Gaby chaves, Spenser Pigot, Ed Jones, Kyle Kiser, Pato O’Ward, Oliver Askew and Kyle Kirkwood. With NO 2020 Lights Season due to COVID-19.


As All of the Lights Champions got an Advancement Prize commiserate of three guaranteed drives in IndyCar, including the most cherished Indianapolis 500! Meaning that Lundqvist is simply getting Screwed! And that Roger Penske’s next move should be re-establishing this prize if He’s truly trying to promote the Next Generation of IndyCar Drivers!


As I suppose it just really boils down to that I, like almost everybody? As I’d say it’s pretty universal that the new Indy Lights Moniker STINKS! Can You Hear Me Now Roger?


Although I’m guessing that El Capitano’ and Penske Entertainment are pretty Happy Having Jim Irsay’s Holiday Bon Fire to roast All of His Indianapolis Colts members right now!


While the Formula 1 ladder system is now Far more easier to understand, i.e.; F4-F3-F2-F1, and definitely more palatable!

Picture Courtesy of Blogmeister’ Miguel

The wonderful, large picture Hanging on Display at the Penske Racing Museum of Roger Penske Joyously Spraying Champagne! Following Gil de Ferran scoring The Captain’s 100th IndyCar victory at Nazareth Speedway on May 27, 2000. (The Tomaso Collection)