Friday, February 17, 2017

F1: Team Willy' Steals Sauber's thunder...

First look of Williams FW40 revealed to public. (Image source:
Otay Broomhilda, I'll see Yuhs Juan' and leak some clever Confuzer images two days earlier...

In what's become the F1 Car launch Wars, over who'll be first to reveal their latest mount for the forthcoming season, Team Willy', aka Williams Martini Racing's just decided to bump Sauber F1 from P1 in what poorly resembles the dying moments of Qualies' Q1 session...

Whilst I haven't had Lucy', my ARSE-STEAMED Screen-reader read I-T yet, nevertheless, Y'all can check out this F1 Fanatic 2017 v 2016 comparison...

As Sauber, who'd intended to publish; Err launch first this coming Monday, will apparently just be launching via Zed Internetz' from their winter's lair in Hinwil, Ja-Ja!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Memo Gidley continues making Headway on his long recovery

It's so refreshing to hear somebody's exuberance over the simple daily tasks 'O life...

Just prior to this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway, believe I must have been perusing's website to see who'd won Pole for this year's race when coming across the good news.

And although in some typically brilliant ryth-Muh-tickin', your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso apparently carried the one too many places; Hya! When I first scribbled my thoughts about the unheralded CART/IndyCar Driver some two-plus years ago after appearing on an episode of Speed Freaks, proclaiming I'd heard of Memo 24yrs ago.

As I scribbled previously, I first became aware of Gidley's Open Wheel Racing prowess Wayback in Twenty-oh-One when he was  driving for Chip Ganassi's Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) entry.

And although I didn't witness this horrendous Sports Car accident, since I'd never followed Grand Am racing 'cept for the yearly 24 Hours outing at Daytona.

Yet somehow I either missed the race, and most definitely missed this horrifying accident for which Memo's truly lucky to have "Walked Away" from, albeit he's been thru countless surgeries over a very long three year recovery period! Nonetheless, The Freaks have kept in contact with him ever since.

Thus I was hoping that The Freaks would find time to interview Memo during their now yearly outing to the Rolex 24, for which I can say they indeed did, and it's another GURR-REAT! Interview which I recommend Y'all listening to.

As Kudos to Speed Freaks for keeping Memo Gidley on our radar's the past three years! As he's one of the Nice Guys who deserves recognition.

As you can check for the latest news on Memo Gidley's website by clicking Here

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Diva Britannia

Whilst Queen Danica's looking for somebody to sponsor her Taxicab, Thy Leggy Juan' was busy at work poundin' the High Banks 'O Day-Toner'

Typically I celebrate Valentine's Day by posting my Ode to DannaCar', but this year I'm honouring Katherine Legge instead, especially after just hearing another typically witty, enjoyable and Groovy interview of her with The Speed Freaks following her final stint in this year's Rolex 24, piloting the #93 Michael Shank Racing (MSR) GTD (Daytona) class Acura NSX GT3, which was making its competition debut.

As it's over eleven years now since I saw Katherine race for the first time in thee Champ Car World Series (CCWS) at Portland International Raceway, where I subsequently stood in line Friday afternoon to get her autograph, along with the other Champ Car drivers.

As the nice lady ahead of me said she was their solely to meet Katherine and get her autograph, since Legge was CCWS's answer vs. Queen Danica who was A-L-L the rage at the time in TG's rival Indy Racing League.

As Legge was embarking upon her rookie season in the B-I-G' CARZ aboard Craig Pollock, Kevin "Smiley Face" Kalkoven and "Top Jimmy's" (Vasser) No. 20 PKV Racing's Lola/Cosworth, before being moved "Sideways" to Dale Coyne Racing for the final Champ Car season in '07.

With the Mergification of IndyCar, Legge found herself without a ride and migrated abroad to contest the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) series for Audi for three seasons, (2008-10) before returning Stateside.

For 2012 Katherine joined Jay Pissenbootz' Penske's Dragon Racing, bringing Truecar sponsorship in their touted "Empowering Women" sponsorship campaign, in what can only be called a most trying experience for the affable Brit, before Jay pulled a fast one upon her!

Yet in typical Femme Fatale fashion, Katherine picked up the pieces and joined Don Panoz's Gang and raced the provocative Delta Wing Prototype Sports Car for 2014-15, along with contesting one season of Formula E for Amlin Aguri.

Last year, Legge was inked to be the chauffer of Grace Autosports all female IndyCar squad for the 100th Running, but the team failed to participate in that year's Indy 500 before joining MSR this year as part of its two car Acura NSX lineup.

As leave I-T to Thy Leggy Juan' to teach us a Wee bit 'O British Humour; Err Slang in this most enjoyable Speed Freaks interview...

While those of you wishing to read my Oh, So clever Yearly Valentine's Day poem honouring Danica Patrick on this most momentous day 'O days can check I-T out by visiting what I posted last year on No Fenders.

As Good Luck to Katherine & her Studly Co-driver Andy Lally in the #93 this season in the Weathertech SportsCar Championship...

Monday, February 13, 2017

INDYCAR: Phoenix Testing goes largely Unnoticed...

Huh? Indy Cars actually ran in "Anger" this past weekend, and the Nation's talking 'bout I-T; Uhm, what's that 'bout Queen Danica's sponsorship woes over whether or not RASSCAR's' Diva will run at DayToner, say I-T isn't so...

Otay, so I'm probably like 0.000031974x; Err what's that answer for the equation Pie? As I found I-T somewhat Bemusing how there was nary a Peep 'bout IndyCar testing this weekend via A-L-L of my usual News sources that I peruse Daily via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Since I enjoy taking a break from le Confuzer and simply letting somebody else do the reading, which I guess is one of my small perks 'O being Blind...

As I'm just left chucklin' quietly over A-L-L Dat Blather 'bout how IndyCar TV Ratings are rising, and IndyCar's getting Better; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

As neither the Indianapolis Star or Reuters had a solitary word 'bout the just completed weekend's outing at Phoenix International Raceway the entire weekend. Uhm, ok, surely the Arizona Republic will have some Fluff piece, right?

No? Well then surely; Hey DON'T Call Me Shirley! Botta-Boom, Botta-Bing! Uhm, the Arizona Associated Press Sports section will have Somme-thun', eh? Oh Yeah, forgot that's Taxicab country; YEEHAW!

And last but Not least, surely's IndyCar section will have a daily recap... Are those Crickets I hear chirping in Avondale?

Yeah, I know it's only the first test session of the year, but like WTF? Them Open Wheel Racing cars haven't been seen or heard since last September 18th, nearly five months ago!

Thus after not being able to find Juan' Bloody printed word anywheres' Friday via traditional news sources, I finally relented and went to IndyCar's Offical' website Saturday morning, for which the following reports were gleamed. And yes,'s website's stories by Mark Robinson did alert me to the fact that everythingy' was available via live streaming; yet not only did I not bother, but I'll forgo digressing into the difficulties of navigating their website as a visually impaired Keyboard Warrior...

Not surprisingly, a Penske Bowtie-powered Dallara led the Time Sheets in Friday's first Day session, albeit somewhat surprising that it was the No. 2 with brand new Team Penske recruit Josef Newgarden leading the way, who'll have DJ WillyP's (Will Power) longtime Strategist Tim Cindric on top of the Nashvillian's Box this season.

Friday's evening test session #2 saw Marco Andretti of Andretti Autosport leading a brace 'O Hondres' at the front. As that's my Aussie vernacular for the REAL Voice of IndyCar on thou Telie', nee Peacock-lite's (NBCSN) Leigh Diffey Mates! Like move over Kevin Lee...

Saturday's third test, and the second Daytime running saw Captain America' put the Fuzzy-Wuzzy mobile at the pointy end. As J.R. Hildebrand, who was P4 in Friday's day session improved to P1 with a blistering lap speed of 193+ mph!

And then the Flip-flopping continued, with the Honda's once again leading the second evening and final test session with "the Dude!" Nee Ryan Hunter-Reay or simply RHR claiming P1 for Mikey A's four car squad. As reportedly they were running in "race trim" mode.

Twenty-one Fulltime entrants took part in the two-day test, with the most glaring absence being last year's KVSH Racing, which saw their former driver le 'Hamburgular, aka SeaBass, nee Sebastain Bourdais's move to Dale Coyne Racing look quite smart.

As the Frenchman who collected a Rolex wrist piece for Cheeps' (Ganassi) winning Ford GT effort at Daytona, was the most notable name mixing I-T up with the B-I-G' BOYS, a la Penske, Andretti and Ganassi both days, with Top-10 finishes in all four sessions.

But like Bourdais said, it's just testing and things will definitely change when they return at the end of April to run the race, when conditions will be a lot HOTTER!