Thursday, June 4, 2020

INDYCAR: Texas All Set to G-O!

In Ye Immortal words 'O P.T. Barnum, or was it 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty? Thee Show Must Go On!

In case You've been Hunkerin' down, Oh Never Mind! For those that Don't Know, this Saturday Nites' IndyCar Season Opener at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) has been move to Primetime Television viewing, on what Ye Elder Statesman 'O IndyCar Bloggers Denotes as Big NBC! Although the Days Television coverage is split between its two TV Networks, i.e.; NBC Sports & NBC.

According to my Zap2It' TV Guide, Qualifying presumably Airs at 2PM Pacific, followed by Half Hour Pre-Race and Post-Race Vignettes All on NBC Sports, (NBCSN) with the Race itself Airing on NBC from 5-7PM Pacific. But as Always, Check Your Local Listings!

Meanwhile it's good news for the Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh Squad on the Driver Front, as Spanish Rookie Alex Palou has successfully returned Stateside to Texas, while (ECR) Ed Carpenter Racing is expecting Thar Niederlander'  Rookie Rinus VeeKay to also make the race, which interestingly Racer's Marshall Pruett notes is the last International Driver affected by possible Travel Ban issues.

Hmm? That implies to Mwah that Carlin's got it's two Drivers already lined up, But is waiting for its turn in thou Spin Cycle of News-bytes'; Err Press Releases, Eh?

Whilst on a trivial note, is it just Mwah? But I tend to recall that Yo Adrian! (Fernandez( ran the "Double Nickel" #55 during his Super Aguri IRL Days, which makes me wonder if Thars some nebulous tie to Palou & Co. choosing this number?

Naturally this sent me Down another Wabbithole', as 'Ol sir Paul *McCartney) once Crooned 'bout Fixin' A Hole to See Where It All Goes: Oh Never Mind!

Although I learned that it was actually Super Aguri Fernandez Racing originally running Roger Yasukawa in the Dreaded Indy Racing League Fulltime that first sported the number 55 in association with Adrian. As Mario "Boom-Boom!" Dominguez campaigned the No. 55 in CART's Final Season; Err Bridgestone Presents the Champ Car World Series Powered by Ford '03 season...

Then for '04, arguably Adrian's finest Open Wheel Racing season, when he netted three victories, albeit now competing Fulltime in the IRL; ACK! Once again in-conjunction with ex-Formula 1 Driver Aguri Suzuki's Super Aguri Fernandez Racing, Adrian drove the team's No. 5 G-Force/Honda entry with team-mate Kosuke Matsuura piloting the #55.

Although the Fernandez Racing Squad ran two cars in 2005, one for Scott Sharp and the other once again for Matsuura, for reasons unknown, Adrian was unable to secure Funding for himself and only contested that year's Indianapolis 500 in a Mo Nunn collabouration.

Adrian apparently Quit Open Wheel Racing in '07, and the last I recall of the #55 in Indy Cars I'm aware  of is when Aguri-san' (Suzuki) brought Matsuura to the Panther Racing team Wayback in 2007, remember them Y'all?

As All of this conjecture over the #55 and it's nebulous connection to Aguri Suzuki, Japan and Hondre' backed entries makes me wonder if there's some Honda connection I Don't know about? Or am i just grasping at Straws?

But it's Not All sunshine, Bunnies 'N Rainbows, as finally comes word of what seemed somewhat inevitable, with Carlin publicly confirming Tuesday that they'd be parking the team's No. 31 entry for Texas, citing lack of Funding. which means only 24 Entries will be contesting Indy Cars Season Opener Saturday Night.

And since Marshall notes that Conor Daly will be driving the team's lone #59 entry , which he's contracted to do for Carlin on All Ovals excluding Indianapolis, presumably Rinus VeeKay will indeed participate Saturday aboard the No. 21 ECR entry.

Meanwhile continuing the Not So Rosy, Glitzy, Slap Happy News regarding the return of IndyCar's, Racer's Marshall Pruett also laments how we'll be losing an essential component in our Motorsports coverage with the loss of the Independent Photographers; OUCH!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Indy Lights Scraps 2020 Season

Was reading Raymond Hando's For The Love of Indy Blog-site's Weekly Musings Monday afternoon, and was surprised to read that Indy Lights was curtailing it's 2020 Lights Season and going on Hiatus until 2021!

Although the two lower Road to Indy rungs, i.e.; Indy Pro 2000 and the USF2000 series will contest the entire 2020 season, and presumably a New Calendar will be Forthcoming...

Monday, June 1, 2020

INDYCAR: 2020 Season Set to Begin in Earnest, Again...

As Here we G-O! Uhm, What's that 'Ol Saying 'bout Thee Wheels Go Round 'N Round, especially on an Oval...

Obviously I Hope for the very Best for Indy Cars this Saturday Nite' at (TMS) Texas Motor Speedway, and that we have a Safe 'N Entertaining race to give us IndyCar Fans some momentum towards Kick Starting the Stilted 2020 season. But what's that 'Ol Saying 'bout Cautions Breed Cautions, especially on Ovals, Eh?

Upon the announcement of this being the NTT IndyCar Series Season Opener nearly a month ago, somewheres' I read that IndyCar was anticipating 25 entries, which made me ponder who they were?

Team Entries
A.J. Foyt Enterprises: 2, Andretti Autosport: 4*, Andretti Herta Autosport: 1, Andretti Steinbrenner Autosport: 1, Arrow McLaren SP: 2, Carlin: 2, Chip Ganassi Racing: 3, Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser Sullivan: 1, Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh: 1,
Ed Carpenter Racing: 2, Meyer Shank Racing: 1, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing: 2  and Team Penske: 3. TOTAL = 25

* = James Hinchcliffe running three races this season for Andretti Autosport, i.e.; TMS Indy GP & Indy 500.

But  I' had No Clue who'd be filling Carlin's No. 31 entry when TMS was confirmed as the season opener, And still don't know who'll get Thee Nod this Saturday.

Since the original plan calls for Conor Daly driving the No. 59 for Max Chilton on All Ovals except for Indianapolis. And would Carlin be willing to throw prosective Rookie IndyCar Driver Felipe Nasr into the Deep end on an Oval?

As the Brazilian ex-formula 1 Pilote would not only be making his IndyCar Debut, but on a High Bank Oval No less! And that's before we even get into the potential Travel Ban issues...

As Racer's Marshall Pruett notes in his article above, the IndyCar Drivers facing the largest Travel Hurdles are those International Drivers currently at Home being Rookie's Alex Palou in Spain and Rinus VeeKay in Holland, along with some of Carlin's Staff.

And whilst I'd Arse-sume Nasr's currently at Home in Brazil, Ci? Pruett notes that both Swedes' Marcus ericsson and Felix rosenqvist along with Japan's Takuma Sato All stayed Stateside following the St Pete cancellation. And Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown', aka James Hinchcliffe now resides in Indianapolis Me Thinks.

As now comes word that the latest U.S. Travel Restrictions do Not include Racing Drivers or their Affiliated Crew Members/Team Personnel, still being Deemed Not Essential since Thar Not Gory Stick 'n Ball athletes...

While Marshall alludes to the fact that Conor Daly could likely Fill-in if VeeKay's unable to race at Texas for (ECR) Ed Carpenter Racing, which would imply that Carlin would need to find two Drivers, Hmm?

And while Carlin seems to be the Biggest Wildcard on Drivers of the IndyCar Leaders Circle Mandatory Full Season participants, which comprises the entire Texas Grid; along with adapting the Dale Coyne Amalgamations Gong Show scheme, A la multiple drivers, albeit Sadly, A.J. Foyt Enterprises has also succumbed to this practice this season due to lack of Sponsorship funding with its No. 14 Three Card Driver Monty...

Yet I'm more interested in whether or not another relative Newcomer IndyCar Team will be able to answer Thee Bell this season in what's intended to be Thar Sophomore campaign. As I'm a Fan of the Plucky Elton Julian and his Minnowesqe DragonSpeed concern who presumably are now focusing upon the Indy 500 as their next IndyCar race, while Thar intended six race season is presumably in shambles.

While I'm also intrigued by V-8 Supercars Star and reigning Bad Arse Kiwi' Scott McLaughlin, who was initially set to make his IndyCar Debut at this May's Indy GP in a fourth Team Penske entry, which naturally now his IndyCar Debut is currently on Hold. As I'll hazard guessing he'll make his maiden appearance at St Pete's Season Finale since Portland seam's Iffy for now.

Although I know it's of small consolation to him, a tiny silver lining in beginning at Texas means that TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's Consecutive Starts streak is extended at least one more race to an incomparable 318 Starts!

As 'Ol Narly Pinball', aka Charlie Kimball will be Foyt's only Fulltime season driver in its #4 entry. Whilst  we All know of NBC Sports Darling Colton Herta's move to Mikey A's IndyCar armada, which swells to seven cars during periods of this year's events; Aye Karumba!

With Meyer Shank Racing and Jack Bloody Nige! Harvey contesting Thar first Full Season this year now as an Andretti Affiliate, who they take up their Honda Technical Alliance with.

And Don't forget that we'll also see the mandatory introduction of the Aeroscreen, which somehow I doubt IndyCar wished to have it make its series Debut on an Oval, El Correctomundo?

As I also noted the Over-the-Wall Pit-crew member Addition in my previous No Fenders eclectic original season preview... 

Whilst lastly, I'm somewhat Cornfuzed over just how many Rookies will truly be contesting this year's IndyCar season? Since some in Ye blogosphere' and elsewhere are proclaiming that Pato O'Ward is one once again, Huh? Since I've always unofficially tallied Rookies, albeit focusing upon my first love of Formula 1 being for any Driver having contested more than three races. Hence I find the following information suspect...

Although O'Ward  will indeed be making his Oval Debut after having failed to Qualify for last year's Indy 500, we know that he competed in nine races last year for Carlin; Rounds 2-8, 10, beginning at Barber Motorsports Park thru Road America, ironically with the exception of (TMS( Texas last year since Charlie Kimball was contesting multiple events for Carlin aboard it's No. 23 entry.

But we know that O'Wards SPAM' team-mate, nee Arrow McLaren SP No. 7 will be occupied by Oliver Askew, the reigning Indy Light Champion. While the #55 Dale Coyne with Team Goh cockpit will host Alex Palou, and the #21 ECR entry will find Rinus VeeKay at its controls as the series three Full Season Rookies.

Meanwhile, Oh KanaDuh's Dalton Kellett anxiously awaits making his IndyCar Debut in the storied #14 entry presumably at the Indy GP, Eh? Although only a Part-time campaign since Kanaan is the No. 14's lead chauffer, with the caveat of making his Indy 500 Debut in a third SuperTex' (A.J. Foyt) entry.

Otherwise the Grid's fairly Status Quo, with the exception of The Great Santini, nee Santino Ferrucci who made waves during the i Racing Season Finale at virtual Mother Speedway now becoming the lead driver at Dale Coyne's Alphabet soup Brigade with Top Jimmy', nee Jimmy Vasser and James sully' Sullivan in the #18 formerly occupied by le Hamburgular', nee Sebastain Bourdais, who's trying to resurrect his IndyCar career with a part-time Gig at A.J. Foyt, also in the No. 14 later this season.

While Marcus Ericsson moves to Chip Ganassi Racing in the Sweetest Ride on Ye Grid, in the third CGR #8 entry sponsored by Huski chocolate, Ya-Sure-Yuh-Betcha!

As the race will now be shown this Saturday Night, June 6th on what Ye Eldest IndyCar blogger Denotes as Big NBC.

Yet be Aware that IndyCar will be running a Single Day event on multiple Platforms, i.e.;  a solitary practice session that morning, only available on NBC Sports Gold Bricks Paywall Pass! Followed by Qualie' on NBC Sports (NBCSN) and then a Shortened Distance Race reportedly beginning at 5PM Pacific on NBC. But as Always, Check your local listings for All Television Air times and let's G-O Racing!

Friday, May 29, 2020

AUTOS: A Blind Man's Quest for Breaking A Virtually Unknown Record

Dan Parker Corvette. (Image Source:
As what's that 'Ol Saying 'bout Thee Need for Speed, Eh?

Continuing the never ending theme 'O Virtual Racing, albeit this has real world connotations, since it's being conducted on real Honest-to-goodness Ash-Fault', nee Drag Strips.

As I totally hope Dan accomplishes his Quest to Break this record, whenever we're allowed to G-O Motor Racing in earnest once again...

Otay, so what Thee Bloody Hell am I talking about? As I'm Arse-sumin' most of you, like myself have never heard of Dan Parker before, El Correctomundo?

Having only learned of Dan's ambitions to break the existing Speed Record for A Blind Person Driving an Automobile via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service a month ago, when reading; Err listening to said story.

Although Obviously Dan's Computer technology is presumably better than current Screen Reading technology, like my currently unusable Zoomtext 2020 product that won't interface correctly with my Brand New winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer! Since technology's a Double edged Sword!

Alas, as a legally blind person who totally Depends upon Technology Daily, A la writing ye "Award Winning" No Fenders Blog. Unfortunately I'm constantly inundated  by the never ending flukes' O Computers, which I prefer calling Confuzers!

Not to mention how Gory Finicky the NFB's Newsline service is. Constantly having its content Corrupted! Although I'm Arse-suming that Newslines myriad 'O Glitches is largely Due to the never ending IT Boffins' of it's many Newspapers constantly tweaking Thar Software's Coding!

since ironically, I listened to this Car and Driver Magazine article before the magazine's content was "Corrupted" once again, losing All of the April 22nd to April 30th Articles. Before Finally resuming service some Gory Four Weeks later on May 18th; But I Digress...

As Dan Hopes to Break the Existing Record by going 201mph or Faster! Along with piloting his 2008 C6 Corvette Solo', or Un-assisted - utilizing a novel Computer Guidance System, that I'd really like to know more about! Especially since I'm Arse-suming' he used a similar system to set a new Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville Wayback in 2013; Aye Karumba!

As Dan has been around Speed his whole life and began competing at Age 8 and lost his sight in a Narly 2012 testing Accident when Hitting a Concrete "Jersey" Barrier at 175mph!

Yet Dan has persevered, albeit with much help in his Quest to topple the existing Blind Speed Record of 200.9mph currently held by Mike Newman Driving a Nissan GTR in 2013.

While Dan's already made the first of his many testing passes in his 2008 C6 Corvette, beginning with a run of 120mph!

While I've got Zero Clue of where this test run was made or how it fits into his whole test programme? Since I believe the only thing the brief video says is it's from 2018. While the current Car & Driver article claims Dan's made a test run just South of 154mph! And his custom Guidance system kept him within 5-feet of his virtual Centerline the entire run while Battling side Wind gusts of 22mph.

Reportedly Dan is aiming to make his record breaking attempt sometime this Fall, and is confident of reaching 210mph! Which would be absolutely Amazing...

Good Luck Dan!