Monday, September 1, 2014

F1: Mirror-Mirror On the Wall, Who's the Worst Constructors in 2014?

Otay, as I've already mentioned 'bout being late to thee party once  again... As typical here in Nofendersville, this tiny story mushroomed into a three-part harmony, albeit I doubt any of our lowest three ranked Constructors are singing in harmony, with the exception of Marussia currently punching above its perceived weight! And hence, here goes with some very brief first-half 2014 F1 season assessments, albeit technically just past the half-way mark, having  compiled results thru the Hungary Grand Prix...

Engine: Ferrari
Points: 2

(Car #/Driver/Country/Points)
4. Max Chilton; Great Britain: 0
17. Jules Bianchi; France: 2-points

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Bianchi) 18/R; 19/R; 20/16; 19/18; 19/18; 19/9; 19/R; 19/15; 12/14; 18/15; 16/15.
Chilton) 17/13; 21/15; 22/13; 21/19; 18/19; 20/14; 18/R; 21/17; 13/16; 21/17; 19/16.

Qualifying = Bianchi 8-3.
Race = Bianchi 7-3.
(* = 1-Double Retirement)

What can I say 'bout my sentimental Back-marker team, especially having become the first of the two remaining 2010 F1 series 'Newbies to "Break their 'Duck" and finally score their debutant Grand Prix points after four-plus years of frustration! Even if  Jules Bianchi, whose one of my favourite newcomers massively utilized "The Chrome Horn" treatment upon his competitors, most notably arch nemesis Constructor Caterhams "K-Squared" (Kamui Kobayashi) in order to score a Top-10 finish in thy Principality, nee Monaco...

Yet team-mate Max Chilton is no slouch, even if being outperformed by Monsieur Bianchi, as the Briton has a massive tally of finishing races, as both drivers are surely doing the best with the sluggish Ferrari PU, albeit,  probably ranking second out of the three current engine manufacturers supplying the grid with this year's overly complex Power Units.

Thus will this Minnowesqe Constructor be able to cling onto its lofty ninth place points standing? And will Bianchi manage to score any further points? Only time will  tell, obviously...

Engine: Ferrari
Points: 0

21. Esteban Gutierrez; Mexico: 0
99. Adrian Sutil; Germany: 0

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Gutierrez) 19/12; 12/R; 15/R; 18/16; 14/16; 17/R; 22#/14; 18/19; 14/R; 14/14; 14/R.
Sutil)         14/11; 18/R; 18/R; 14/R; 17/17; 18/R; 16/13; 17/13; 16/13; 17/R; 12/11.

Qualifying = Gutierrez 6-5.
Race = Sutil 5-3*.
(* = 3-Double Retirements)

Really not sure what's happened to this long established mid-field team this year, who are without doubt the second biggest disappointment on the grid after the Lotus F1 concern. As how galling must it be for this once proud F1 Constructor to be trailing the much smaller, and presumably lesser(?) funded Marussia team, whom also utilize the Ferrari powertrain in the back half of its recalcitrant (Sauber) C33 chassis.

As  surely Adrian Sutil has to consider this season to be somewhat of a nightmare, especially with the fact that it appears that his younger Mexican team-mate Esteban Gutierrez has apparently gotten the upper-hand upon him somewhat in regards to their  intra-squad scrum so far.

thus, obviously about the only bright  spot the Himwil based squad can hope for is to somehow springboard  ahead of that pesky Russian-flagged concern Marussia in the battle for ninth place in this year's Constructors points standings...

Engine: Renault
Points: 0

9. R-Marcus Ericsson; Sweden: 0
10. Kamui Kobayashi; Japan: 0
(R = Rookie)

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Kobayashi) 15/R; 20/13; 19/15; 18/17; 21/R; 21/13; 20/R; 20/16; 22/15; 20/16; 18/R.
Ericsson)    20/R; 22/14; 21/R; 20/20; 20/20; 22/11; 21/R; 22/18; 21/R; 22#/18; 20/R.
(# = No Time)

Qualifying = Kobayashi 9-2.
Race = Kobayashi 6-2*.
(* = 3-Double Retirements)

Really cannot be too shocked over Caterham's woeful performance this year, as I'm more disappointed by Tony Fernandes's decision to cut 'N run instead of building his team into a winner - having decided to sell his Formula 1 team to a bunch of mysterious Swiss-Middle East money men... 

As for the 3-way Rookie battle so far, Sweden's Marcus Ericsson seems completely off the radar map thanks in large part to the disappointing season Caterham's having, largely due to the downtrodden Reggie' (Renault) Power Unit's apparent lack of pace - with Seb' Vettel going so far as to mention how they're lacking on the "easy part," nee straights, which is a subtle way of saying that the Renault's are currently lacking horsepower!

And thus, with no disrespect to Ericsson, I'm not overly surprised that he's being upstaged by his veteran team-mate "K-Squared," (Kamui Kobayashi) who's got experience as a  Formula 1 driver, including seat-time with the ex-Toyota F1 works effort.

Hence, it'll be interesting to see how much surgery Dr. Colin Kolles can perform on the last place Constructor, having installed his former driver Christijan Albers as the team's principal, along with the continuous axing of staff, with accusations of sue v counter-sue having been the latest headlines concerning the Leafield-squad, in regards to forty employees having been given their pink-slips! Yet on the positive side, now comes word that a serious technical upgrade is on the way, possibly as early as Spa, to which hopefully will improve  the struggling team's performance...

No Fenders is NOT responsible for ANY Statistical Anomalies/Mistakes, albeit I've compiled the following information by painstakingly reviewing each 'N every Qualifying & Race Results to the best of my ability - simply for use in this story...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Few Quick Formula 1 Tidbits from Nofendersville...

In case Y'all are wonderin' why I haven't posted anything upon the momentous Dust-up between Merc' Boyz Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the mighty Spa-Francorchamps circuit; 'Whale, it's because I had gone off to Sonoma for the penultimate round of this year's Indy Car Series instead - and since I've long since mightily goobered-up my 'Ol School recordin' machine, alas this year I haven't been able to record anythingy and hence, didn't see any of the Belgian Grand Prix... Other than tuning in Monday night to "Peacock-lite" Justin-time' to hear 'Brittany (Nico Rosberg) being loudly booed upon the podium before discovering he'd finished runner-up once again to Daniel 'Ricky Ricciardo! While my boy Valtteri Bottas made another of what's becoming customary podium appearances, this time in third place.

Thus apparently the early race incident between Hamilton & Rosberg was quite the kerfuffle between team-mates  to which I enjoyed most the part 'bout thy "Young Louise" (Hamilton) being upstairs with 'Brittany downstairs simultaneously giving their completely opposite versions  of said incident according to Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward, whilst naturally, both Merc' drivers are none too pleased with each other at the moment.

Mercedes’ meeting of minds fails amid latest Hamilton-Rosberg row

Thus obviously, both Nico and Lewis are still feuding over their latest incident in the constant ratcheting up of contretemps between the warring Silver Arrows duo...

Silver duo still warring long after Spa crash

Meanwhile, more fodder upon Dutch teenager sensation Max Verstappen's appointment to a Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 seat for next year continues making the rounds, as thy 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) had the following to say;

While ex-Formula 1 driver turned TV Pundit Mika Salo had the following to say upon Verstappen's lightening quick ascendency to Formula 1...

Early debut for teen Verstappen reallybad says Salo

Thus, the following three-part Mid-season harmony; Err recap doesn't include the just concluded Belgian GP, as I still haven't found any time to read the various race reports on Zed Internets, nor form any opinion upon who's fault the Rosberg v Hamilton crash was, other then I'm very happy that  Nico's simply not rolling over for his supposedly much more exalted world champion team-mate!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Autographed Mikhail Aleshin "Hero Card" obtained at this year's Go Pro Grand Prix of Sonoma. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although I wasn't present at Indy Cars final practice session at Fontana where Russian rookie IndyCar driver Mikhail Aleshin was involved in a 'Uber Wicked, Narly, Nasty accident! (Friday night) Fortunately both the track's Safety Catch Fencing and the Dallara DW12 chassis did their respective jobs of saving and protecting both the driver and fans, albeit Aleshin's currently listed in Serious, but Stable condition in nearby hospital...

Mikhail Aleshin in serious conditionafter IndyCar crash