Wednesday, December 11, 2019

AWARD: Robin Miller Recognized for his Lifetime of Covering IndyCar's

This 1950 Cummins Diesel Special No. 61 Green Hornet "Roadster" is one of the few racecars to contest the Indianapolis 500 before Robin Miller arrived at IMS. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although NO Word on who bought the Long's Doughnuts!

Pretty Cool how IMS and IndyCar previously recognized 'Ol R', thoust Curmudgeon 'O IndyCar Reporters this past Month 'O May for his tireless effort of promoting the Sport the past 50 years. As I especially like Mario Andretti's Quip 'bout Thank Gawd' Thars' only One Robin Miller; Hya!

Whilst his Co-partner in Crime at Racer Magazine Marshall Pruett filed a pretty funny video with various IndyCar Drivers Saluting Robin for his impending 50th Indianapolis 500 this year as a Reporter. While Miller celebrated his 70th Birthday this past October.

As Will Power's Dry, Sardonic Aussie' Wit is quite Hilarious! Oh? He wasn't a very good Driver?

While I'm guessing it was largely overlooked that Cummins was celebrating the Centenary of its  Diesel Engine Company by featuring five of its Diesel powered Indy Cars gathered together for the first time, and running a Parade lap at Mother Speedway to commemorate said anniversary...

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS'

RETRO: One of Indy's Overlooked Drivers

Play It Again, robin! since presumably many of us are now sufferin'the from thoust Drip-Drip-Drip 'O IndyCar Off-season Hibernation Syndrome - since Thars' only 86 more Gory weeks 'til the 2020 IndyCar season begins, Righto?

And Speakin' of Colourful Characters, Front Engine Roadsters and a time long since forgotten, although I'd have to argue that Lance Reventlow was the far Bigger Star...

Alas, A few weeks ago, Whale' at least when this began Percolatin' in thoust Mind for another ramblin' No Fenders story. As Mother Speedway was still on Thy Cranium, Wayback' when intermittingly listening to the IndyCar Open Test at Mother Speedway, last April in-between Rain Delays. As Y'all remember that El Correctomundo?

I finally got round to having "My Gal" Lucy', my ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader read me one of Robin Miller's latest rants upon, where 'Ol r', Thee Curmudgeon 'O IndyCar's rightly pontificated over how Tiger's Master's victory wasn't Thee GURR-Reatest Comeback Of All-time; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? Uhm Crickets...

Halleluiah Robin!

As the story reminded me of another ofRobin'sGems, when Stooging' for his Hero, now some 50+ years ago in Gasoline Alley, when Herk' and his Mighty Mallard became the final Front-engine Roadster to ever Qualify at Mother Speedway.

Whilst you may also enjoy another No Nonsense, Straight Shootin' look upon Jim Hurtubise's racing career penned by Thee OLD-est IndyCar Blogger, Geo. Phillips...

Movie Stars, Racing Cars and Aeroplanes

Yeah, really Bad Take-off of an 'Ol John Candy & Steve Martin Movie I just watched the ending of once again recently...

Ah, thou Plot Thickens, as they say in Hollywood Me Thinks? As towards the beginning of Ford v Ferrari, when Ken Miles is busy throwing wrenches at 'Ol shel', aka Carroll Shelby at Willow Springs Raceway. Thars' a brief bit 'bout some Porsche Guys are trying to "Hire" Miles and somebody asks what do you think Reventlow?

To which Lance Reventlow Quips Somme-thun' to the effect He's Bloody Quick since All I've seen is his Rear the past Two years!

But the Movie Star I'm referring to isn't Lance, even if he was definitely running in Hollywood Circles, being Pals with some Dude named James Dean. Not to mention his first wife was Actress Jill St John.

Nope, instead I'm referring to Carey Grant, who briefly was Lance's Step Father, for which I can't get over the Quip in the Grant Biography Audiobook I listened to earlier this year noting Barbra Hutton, Lance's mother and Grant were frequently referred to as "Cash & Carey" in Hollywood!

Whilst I was Unawares' of the fact that Shelby once drove one of Lance's Automobiles, a Scarab Roadster to victory in a race. Not to mention Reventlow later leased his Venice, CA Workshop to 'Ol shel at the beginning of building the Almighty Cobra! Which perhaps, just perhaps? Is why Thars' brief inclusion of Reventlow in the Ford v Ferrari movie?

And I also didn't know that Shelby had earned his "Wings",  becoming a Pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII - which perhaps has Somme-thun' to do with the flying scene in Ford v Ferrari?

While Lance was Killed in a Small plane accident in Aspen, Colorado in 1972 at the age of 36, when scouting properties for a future Ski Resort...

As Y'all may be interested in watching the following Shelby interview I just stumbled into upon Youtube', even if the sound is a bit wonky, it's great hearing Carroll saying How Many Hours Have Yuhs Got Son? But be aware, it weighs in at a Hefty One Hour, 38mins duration...

Monday, December 9, 2019

MotoGP's Silly Season High-wire Act Outshines 2019 Season's Final races

Although for Mwah, I-T were Over A long time ago, especially since it's so G-Damn Hard to follow these days Stateside anymore...

Not really sure why I was even inclined to search for news about my current Numero Uno MotoGP Kneedragger' Johann Zarco Wayback a Fortnight before Halloween. But was ultra surprised by the results that popped up on Ye "Intrawoods'," nee Internetz'.

As I'll confess I was totally unawares' that Zarco had been Dismissed from his Factory ride by KTM midway thru the 2019 MotoGP Season; Huh?

And only became aware of this when inadvertently stumblin' upon the news that Johann was being given a life-line by LCR Honda as Rookie Takaaki Nakagami's substitute for the final three races of the year. As the Japanese Rider would be undergoing season ending shoulder surgery after his Home race.

As this spawned much Scuttlebutt, including Thee Doctor', nee Valentino Rossi saying that Zarco appeared to be giving up a future Yamahopper' test rider opportunity in favour of aligning himself as Jorge Lorenzo's replacement at rivals Repsol Honda next year.

Whilst you'd have to think that Yamaha Rookie Satellite Rider Fabio Quartararo is All the rage right now for future Yamaha Works inclusion, Eh?

Thus I casually followed Zarco's return, noting he was outpacing Lorenzo, even if on an inferior Scooter', albeit the Honda RC 213V wasn't noted to enjoy Johan's smooth riding style. And then Zarco was injured in a Freak Crash at the Season Finale, which once again I was totally unawares' of...

Yet the final round at Valencia saw the Media Centre in Ah-Tizzy' upon Jorge Lorenzo's "Shock" Retirement Announcement on the Thursday of the MotoGP Race Weekend.

This led to rampant out of control speculation upon who'd become Marc Marquez's new team-mate for 2020? With Zarco a leading contender.

Yet I must say it's a curious choice to Mwah, even if he's now the reigning Moto2 Champion, but seriously?

As this announcement seemingly left Johann Zarco without a MotoGP ride for next year, especially after the Frenchman lambasted the one lone possibility, Reale Avintia Racing by claiming he'd rather return to Moto2! Specifically to the Mark VDS seat vacated by Alex Marquez.

Although Mark VDS has subsequently announced Augusto Fernandez as Alex Marquez's replacement next year, meaning the Zarco to Avintia MotoGP seat is the worst kept secret currently...

Yet Zarco has since Backtracked after being spotted talking to Ducati Bosses, and then the Door to Avintia was thrown wide open with the Team's Sacking of current rider Karel Abraham, who was None to Impressed over his Firing, and has since announced his retirement.

Thus, we're just left Ah-waitin' the public confirmation that Zarco will indeed return to MotoGP for 2020 aboard the Satellite Duc', albeit he'll be riding a 2019 Spec Desmosedici GP19 Scooter.

Whilst perhaps in waiting to a Call-up to the Factory Squad in 2021 as Danilo Petrucci's replacement? Although Pramac's Jack Miller might have something to say 'bout that himself, Eh?

Meanwhile, Inquiring Minds wanna Know, is it finally time for Thee Doctor to hang up his racing leathers?