Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Two Wheel Thunder, Did Yuhs Hear It?

And what Were those two-wheelers doing in Circle City?

Yeah, Y'all are probably salivatin' now over the fast approachin' Month 'O May, which means Indy Cars By Gummit! And will there, won't there be real Honest-to-Goodness Bumping this year? As the only Questione left is will Thar' be 35 or 36 entries?


Per Tipicali here on thou Isle 'O Nofendersville, I've been waitin' for a landing spot upon the Burms, in order to post this riveting No Fenders story...

Alas, by pure Happenstance, as I sat down to eat Dinner, (many weeks ago) I decided to turn on thou Telescreen for some ambiance, and scrolling round the Dial, I landed upon the AMA Monster Energy Supercross event from the Lucas Oil Dome in Indianapolis on March 24th; Huh?

And even more remarkable, I'd landed my virtual Triple-gainer during the race's Finale, with the Staccato Tones of Ralph "Keyboard Warriors" Sheheen and past Supercross Champion Jeff Emig calling the action.

And although the winning rider put a total Beatdown upon thou Competizione, this French Motorcyclist was totally unknown to Mwah. As France's Marvin Musquin won his second 450 SX Main Event race of the 2018 season, for which all I could say was Who?

And Obviously I've missed the Starting Gates being Dropped! And after the smoke cleared in the Kingdome; Oh wait a My-nute, that's ancient history. Although it was funny that as I approached the Whoops section, the Supercross Circus had just departed 'Der Clink, nee Century Link Field, home pitch of those Championship winning Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC!

As I was busy the same evening watchin'; Err listening to some 'lil IndyCar race going round 'N round in Avondale, AZ.

But this Muskrat' feller' intrigued me, since I'd never heard of him before, although France seems well versed in Der Vurld' de Motorsporten these Days, Ja-Ja!

With three "frenchies" currently contesting Formula 1, along with two in Indy Cars, and one very promising MotoGP rider named Johann Zarco. As once long ago, many top notch French racing drivers began their careers by racing motorcycles.

And although this meandering story is about Supercross, I'd have to say that Zarco is really "Hotting Up" the MotoGP landscape right now, and I'm guessing he'll be snapped up El Pronto by one of the Works Manufacturers Teams shortly! As he seems like a future World Champion in waiting...

Yet I must say I was somewhat surprised when reading that Ryan Dungee had retired after winning his fourth Supercross title last year, with the 28yr old Musquin taking over his seat at Red Bull KTM this year, after having capped off an impressive 2017 season.

Marvin finished third overall in Supercross and runner-up in the Outdoors (MX) Motocross 450cc championships, before claiming the million dollar prize upon winning the Monster Energy Cup. Followed up by winning the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and Geneva SX events.

As Marvin's won multiple Motocross Championships during his racing career, most recently winning the 2015 250cc East Coast title, along with helping France win the prestigious Motocross des Nations the same year before graduating to the "Thumper" 450 Big Bikes category in 2016.

And when did Husqvarna join the Supercross party? As Musquin seems to be current points leader Jason Anderson's main competition this season, albeit the Rock Star Husqvarna rider's managed his points lead ever since amassing a healthy 42-point lead over Musquin, who cut the deficit to 35-points after winning at Indianapolis.

As the AMA Monster Supercross series heads to its penultimate round this weekend at Salt Lake City on April 28th. Then the season wraps up at its usual finishing locale, Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas on May 5th.

Monday, April 23, 2018

MOTO GP: Marquez keeps His Mega' Winning Streak Intact in America!

Ah, once again, I've been Snookered by the good 'Ol Internets, which is what happens when Yuhs Don't do your Own Research...

By now, if you're a MotoGP Fan, then Y'all know that the rider I now refer to as "The Pinball Wizard!" Marc Marquez won again at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) for his sixth time in-a-row, having started from Pole all six times; Aye Karumba!

And yes! I'm aware that he rolled off from P4 this year, but that was after being given a three place penalty for impeding Maverick "Top Gun" Vinales - after having won the Pole position...

Whilst I should have known Somme-thun' was Amiss when doin' my ryth-Muh-tickin' over just how many consecutive races Marquez has won in Americre', especially when typing how he'd won All three events on U.S. soil during his Rookie campaign in 2013, which was Laguna Seca's final MotoGP event.

But Alas, without mentioning at least one reporter's name I know I took his erroneous statistic from, albeit Thar were others I mistakenly believed. Contrary to what I wrote previously. This year's COTA victory was only Marquez's tenth consecutive MotoGP victory in America. And eleventh in-a-row including his 2012 Moto 2 victory at Indianapolis before graduating to the B-I-G BOYZ' premiere MotoGP class...

As I now feel 99% Certain I've gotten Marquez's current Win Streak tally in Americre' correct, with the 25yr old Spaniard having won the following events...

American Victory Tally
Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Category: Moto 2
Year: 2012

Venue: Circuit Of The Americas
Category: MotoGP
Years: 2013-2018

Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Category: MotoGP
Years: 2013-2015

Venue: Laguna Seca Raceway
Category: MotoGP
Year: 2013

Friday, April 20, 2018

MOTO GP: Can Anybody beside Marquez Win at the Circuit Of The Americas?

Can either of the MotoGP Riders Cal Crutchlow or Johann Zarco who finished 1-2 in Argentina, end Marquez's winning Streak at COTA this year? (Image source: motorsport.com)
Didn't Y'all Stateside see them ultimate Kneedraggerz' on Good 'Ol Americre' television last April on beIn Sport? Hmm? May be this year? C'mon Bein' Special, Bein' Proud, Patty-Cake, Patty-Cake, bake me Uh; Oh Never Mind!

 But once again, Marc Marquez wasn't to be denied his being crowned King of COTA, when taking his fifth straight W' in Austin, whilst notching his eleventh straight victory on American soil.

Can Marquez Net a Perfect Dozen?
To date, reigning Four-times MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez has won the previous ten B-I-G BOYZ' MotoGP races held on American soil, beginning with his victory at Laguna Seca during his rookie season Wayback in 2013. Then won the next year's event, which was Laguna Seca's final MotoGP race.

And the 25yr old Spaniard I've taken to calling the Pinball Wizard', subsequently won three years straight at the now vacated Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (2013-15)  And to date has won every single race held at Circuit Of The Americas, (COTA) beginning with its 2013 event, now having won five in-a-row!

Even more impressive is the fact that Marquez scored an unbelievable Hat Trick in 2013, winning all of Americres' MotoGP races that year! Whilst surely his unprecedented winning Streak has to end sometime soon, Righto?

As it took me quite awhile to find what his mysterious 11th race victory was, before finally learning he'd won the 2012 Moto 2 support race at Indianapolis on August 19th, preceding his current MotoGP romp! Hence his current 11-for-11 Streak that some stories denote. Prior to this weekend's outing at COTA...


Although most likely I WON'T be Wrong Next Year, when the MotoGP Circus returns to Austin. In my haste to finish this ever growing story, not to mention the many misleading articles on Zed Internets, Marc Marquez had only won Nine MotoGP events consecutively on American Soil! Or Ten in-a-row including his 2012 Moto 2 victory prior to this year's race.

As perhaps I Cornfuzed' the No. 12 with the number of current Champions on the Grid, Ci?

Currently, I'd say that Italy's Dovi', nee Andrea Dovizioso, who won the season opener Qatar race, is Marquez's stiffest competition.

As obviously Dovi's Works Ducati team-mate Jorge Lorenzo, a two-times MotoGP champion's getting pretty irked being overshadowed by Dovizioso! And to Mwah, Jorge seems to have gone Off the Boil...

Whilst the Yamahopper Boyz', most notably the Movistar Duo of Maverick "Top Gun" vinales and "The Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi, who at the remarkable age of 39 has just inked a further 2yr contract extension - And then finished on the Podium at Qatar. Will obviously wish to upset Marquez's winning streak.

while last year's Rookie Standout Johann Zarco, riding for Yamaha's Satellite Squad Monster Yamaha Tech 3, is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Having started from Pole in Qatar, leading the race before falling back to a
disappointing P8. then qualifying third on a drying but slippery track in Argentina. Before spending the entire race battling for the lead, eventually finishing runner-up to Cal Crutchlow.

And suppose we shouldn't overlook Marquez Repsol Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa, along with the other Usual Suspects, a la Cal Crutchlow, who's presumably a Dark Horse choice. With Suzuki's Andrea Iannone and others wishing to crash Marquez's Party, Ci!

Alas, after having finished putting this "Story-to-Bed" prior to the Argentine GP's outcome. Naturally Crutchlow swooped to the lead and won the race, vaulting him to the top of the points standings after Dovizioso's sixth place finish.

Afterwards, I learned that Dani Pedrosa had suffered a fractured wrist in his racing incident with Johann Zarco. As Pedrosa has subsequently undergone surgery, while the verdict was still out upon whether or not he'd participate at Austin...

But Once again, instead of trying to profile every rider, I'll leave the Heavy lifting to someone else more qualified than Mwah, by Deferring to Motorcycle.com's Brad Miller's Team-by-Team 2018 preview.

Since according to Messer Brad, I've gotten my Suzuki riders Arse-backwards, with Alex Rins getting the preferred nod over the unpredictable Iannone. For which naturally, Rins shined in Argentina, ultimately finishing third, scoring his Debutante Podium finish!

Stumbled across the news that MotoGP tyre supplier  Michelin has decided to Freeze the 2018 rubber compounds  for the entire season, claiming it's what the Riders wanted...

While apparently thee "Other JZ'," not the American "Crooner," but Kneedragger Johann Zarco will contest this year's championship for the Monster "Tek Twah" (Tech 3) Yamaha Satellite Squad aboard a two year old Yamaha YZR M1, as the Frenchman feels the 2016-spec Scooter's a better platform than the 2017-spec machine.

All of which I find interesting since Monster Tech 3 has announced its switching to KTM machinery for the 2019 season, with Scuttlebutt suggesting that Zarco could even be in line to jump to the Factory team in lieu of the French team's manufacturer swap.

And apparently Suzuki wishes to jump on the "Double your Pleasure" Satellite Squad movement, while NO word on whom will replace Tech 3 in the Yamaha fold, since obviously it's simply better to have more than a single team upon the grid.

#10. Reale Avintia Racing: Xavier Siméon, Belgium;
#12. ED 0 0 Marc VDS Racing Team: Thomas Luthi, Switzerland
#21. ED 0 0 Marc VDS Racing Team: Franco Morbidelli, Italy
#30. LCR Honda: Takaaki Nakagami, Japan
#55. Monster Yamaha Tech 3: Hafizh Syahrin, Malaysia

Franco Morbidelli is the most celebrated of the Rookie Quintet, having won the 2017 Moto2 Championship, riding for the same Estrella Galicia/ Marc VDS Racing Team he's graduating to the top echelon of Motorcycle racing with.

Ironically, Italy's 23yr old Morbidelli, who's not related to other racing Morbidelli's - Defeated rival Thomas Luthi,, who was medically unfit for the season finale in Malaysia after fracturing his ankle during practice.

Franco had his Breakout Moto 2 season last year, scoring eight wins and six Poles en route to the Moto 2 title, and will be joined by fellow MotoGP rookie team-mate Thomas Luthi, from Switzerland.

As the 31yr old Swiss Kneedragger' Luthi can only be defined as a "Journeyman" rider, after having spent the past eight seasons (2010-17) toiling in Moto 2, preceded by contesting the GP250 class from 2007-09. Although Luthi did amass 11 Wins & 7 Poles during his 135 Moto 2 starts.

Japanese Moto 2 rider Takaaki Nakagami, a most amiable Chap is reportedly getting the ride on the Big Bikes courtesy of Honda's wishes. While all three rookie Hondre' Satellite team riders will campaign year old 2017-spec Honda RC213V Scooters'

Sadly, Germany's promising Jonas Folger, who contested last year's championship has unfortunately withdrawn due to a lingering illness, which scuttlebutt ponders if he'll ever return?

Thus, Folger's departure sees Hafizh Syahrin,  another Moto 2 Midfielder becoming the first Malaysian rider to contest MotoGP. As reportedly the 23yr old Malaysian's "Fearless," especially in the wet and could surprise in Dodgy conditions.

Yet I cannot help but wonder, with Tech 3 becoming a KTM entity next year, is Syahrin simply a "Placeholder" for the 2018 season until other riders can Jockey for the KTM seat?

Meanwhile, Motorcycle.com's Hack' Brad Miller's assessment of the totally foreign Xavier Siméon from Belgium, campaigning a Ducati Desmosedici GP16 Scooter for Reale Avintia Racing, caused me to cackle out in laughter!

Bemusing his curiosity over the choice of this rider nearing age 30, who's spent eight years toiling in Moto 2 obscurity, by proclaiming:

"His Daddy must own a large chain of liquor stores!"

But once again, I'll just have to rely upon my Newsline for The Blind telephone service, to hear the Reuters Sports snippet over who won the race. Since if my BOMBASTIC, MONEY GRUBBIN' Cable TV Provider comca$t cannot give me the "Mainstream" (Fox Sports) FS-2 Channel, then forget Bein' Who...