Tuesday, May 17, 2022

INDY 500: Searchin’ Far and Wide

As the yearly Hunt for the perfect, Classic Tenderloin Rolls On…


Every May, the Media likes to Salt ‘N Pepper us with stories of People’s yearly Indianapolis 500 traditions, since after all it’s the Gurr-Reatest’ Something Ruther…


And although I can No longer recall if I’ve ever Had one? Since I only remember paying $9.00 for a Steak Sandwich during the 2006 USGP Formula 1 race instead, but I digress…


Thus for over a Decade Now, I’ve lived vicariously thru the written and spoken word  of one such person with the tradition of Hunting for the elusive, perfect Classic Tenderloin Sandwich at Mother Speedway every May! For which this ‘lil Ditty’s in regards to and Good Hunting!


Testing Testing, 1-2, 1-2, Is this Thingy’ On?


“The Searcher”

I looked Under Stand J

I looked Behind the Museum

I Asked around the Pagoda

But They couldn’t Help Me either


They Call Me The Searcher

I’ve been Searchin’ Far and Wide

I Won’t Get to Taste what I Came For

Until I’m Trackside


I Asked Doug Boles

I Asked Mark Miles

I Asked Jay Frye

But He Couldn’t  Help Me either


They Call Me The Searcher

I’ve been Searchin’ Far and Wide

I Won’t Get to Taste what I Came For

Until I’m Trackside


People ten to Scoff at Me

They Think I’m Crazy lookin’ for the perfect Tenderloin

Always interrupting Me to Say Hi George

When I’m putting Mustard on my Bun


Finding A Classic Tenderloin

I’ve been Searchin’ for Miles


Because I’m The Searcher

And I want A Real Tenderloin


And I Won’t Get to Get What I’m After

Until I’m trackside


I’ve learned Not to Stop at the First concession Stand

But Yeah look at My Face, Ain’t that A Smile


I’m Happy when I’ve found My Classic Tenderloin

Cause I’ve Got Values and I Won’t be Denied


I’m lookin’ for Mine

You’re lookin’ for Yours

We’re Both lookin’ together, But we don’t Know where to Turn!


They Call Me The Searcher

I’ve been Searchin’ Far and Wide

I Won’t Get to Taste what I Came For

Until I’m Trackside


This Lyrical Prose was Shamelessly inspired by The Who’s The Seeker song, which Y’all can listen to in the Youtube link below…



Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Other “Half” of Indy Lights 2022 Title Rivals

As can the HMD Motorsports Juggernaught Defeat Andretti Autosport this year?


By now, the Indy Lights Championship has wrapped up hosting it’s third round of the season at Mother Speedway. It’s first of three Double Header outings this year; the others being at Detroit’s Belle Isle and Laguna Seca. As perhaps Y’all caught them Trackside as part of IndyCar’s “guns & Roses” IndyCar GP “Undercard,” Eh?


Prior to this weekend’s action on Indianapolis’s Road Corse, the winners were split 1-1 between the two Big Dawgs’, i.e.; Andretti Autosport’s four car entity vs. HMD’s five car Armada. Whilst “We” shouldn’t take Anything Away from the other Lights Competizione…


Global Racing Group with HMD Motorsports (1)

#24 Benjamin Peterson, USA


Had never heard of this racing Organization before last year’s Lights season, which is funny since the Global Racing Group’s based in Samammish,Washington, on the East side of Seattle. Having apparently spent the past several years competing in the unknown U.S. F4 and F3 Americas Championships, with the latter having been rebranded Formula Regional Americas Championship in 2020. Having won the Championship twice (to Date) between 2019-2020 with drivers Dakota Dickerson and Linus Lundqvist respectively.


Benjamin Peterson is a Danish American racing driver currently living in Seattle and holds Dual Citizenship. He’s contested Single Seater racing around the Globe, including a best season finish of fourth in the U.S. formula 4 Championship in 2017.


Peterson also finished Runner-up behind Dakota Dickerson in the 2019 FR Americas Championship, and finished fourth Overall in last year’s Lights Championship.


Prior to the Indianapolis Lights rounds, He’d scored two second place finishes, including a wild All Skate’ on Shreaded rain tyres  with HDM Motorsports teammate Linus Lunqvist at Barber Motorsports Park! And surely is close to finally standing on the Top step of a Lights podium soon.


HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing (4)

#7 Christian Vogle, USA

#26 Linus Lundqvist, Sweden

#59 (R) Manuel Sulaiman, Mexico

#68 Danial Frost, Singapore


This season, HMD Motorsports in conjunction with Dale Coyne Racing, where David Malukas has joined their IndyCar team, Bulks up to four cars, albeit really a five car operation, including Peterson’s GRG/HMD effort.


Christian Vogle moves over from the departed Carlin effort, having finished 11th Overall last year. While Danial Frost moves over from Andretti Autosport where He finished 5th Overall last season, one place Ahead of former Lights teammate and now Rookie IndyCar Driver Devlin DeFrancesco.


Mexico’s Manuel Sulaiman previously won the NACAM Formula 4 Championship consecutively between 2018-2019 before joining Juncos Racing’s Indy Pro 2000 effort, where He won at Road America, before jumping up to Indy Lights with HMD Motorsports in 2021 at Portland for a partial season. As Manuel tackles his first full season Lights campaign with the HMD/DCR Boyz’ Alphabet Soup Brigade, Hya!


Sweden’s Linus Lundqvist is a multi-times Championship winning driver, including winning the 2018 BRDC British F3 title and the 2020 FR Americas Crown, where He thoroughly Dominated the season. Crushing Runner-up David Malukas with 15 total wins, including eight in-a-row at Seasons beginning!


As his reward was that year the FR Americas began giving the Champion a fully funded Indy Lights Scholarship, which Lundqvist put to good effect with the Global/HMD Partnership. As Lundqvist won at Alabama and Road America enroute to finishing third Overall in the championship.


As mentioned, Lundqvist won a very entertaining All Skate’ at Barber Motorsports Park this May, barely Holding off teammate Peterson for his third Lights win to date. As these two drivers seem to be early favourites for the Championship this year.


TJ Speed Motorsports (2)

#12 (R) James Roe Jr, Republic of Ireland

#21 (R) Kyffin Simpson, Barbados


(R = Rookie Driver)


This team was born out of the former Belardi Auto Racing Lights team, which team owner Tim Neff purchased late 2020. As Neff said it was too late for a “proper” Lights campaign last year, so they focused upon the FR Americas Championship instead, which they won first time out!


As Aussie’ Neff is an interesting character, being a former triple World Jet Ski champion who competed against the likes of Beth Boles, Conor Daly’s Mum’. Not to mention being a veteran Open Wheel Racing Engineer whos worked both in Lights and IndyCar, and won Lights Championships with the former Powerhouse Sam Schmidt Motorsports effort.


Irishman James Roe Jr. came Across thoust Bloody Puddle and finished fifth Overall in the 2019 FR Americas Championship behind Global Racing Group teammates Dakota Dickerson and Benjamin Peterson who finished 1-2 that year. Roe graduated to the Indy Pro 2000 championship and claimed his first W’ at the 2021 Season Finale at Mid Ohio before moving to Lights this year.


Kyffin Simson who Hails from the Cayman Islands is a 17yr Old Teenager, who’s only in his third year of racing  Single Seaters. Making his debut in 2018 in U.S. formula 4 after nine years of Karting in the Caribbean, and already has a Championship title to his credit. As Simpson won seven races in last year’s FR Americas Championship and graduates to Indy Lights courtesy of his title winning Honda Scholarship.


As Kyffin also was Guest of the Haas F1 Team at the just concluded Miami Grand Prix, which you can read about below…




And now on the Heels of scribblin’ this No Fenders story comes word that Chip Ganassi Racing has just signed Simpson to a multi-year Driver Development Deal, which will allow him access to it’s IndyCar Drivers along with being part of Driver Debriefs, etc. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Presenting Half of the 2022 Indy Lights Contendahs’

As it appears to be a Good ‘Ol donnybrook between Mikey A’s team and the multi-car HMD Motorsports concern for Top of Ye Pops…


This weekend, the Road to Indy’s “Premiere” Category, i.e.; Indy Lights holds the first of it’s three Double Header weekends at Mother Speedway, which for those of you with that Dastardly Peacock service can watch today and tomorrow. Or for those of us Visually Challenged, Ahem Blind, they’re also Available on the IndyCar Radio Network.


And although I still think it’s a Bad idea to Not run the Freedom 100 anymore, arguably Indy Lights signature event at Mother Speedway. Nonetheless, I like to believe that Indy Lights is making positive gains, even if appearing only minutely. But Arse-sumedly with Penske Entertainment having reacquired Indy Lights from Anderson Promotions, and installing former racer and USAC Official Levi Jones as it’s Series Director, the final rung on the Road to Indy ladder will indeed move forwards…


From what I can ascertain, Thars a “Boomp” of one car to this year’s field vs. last year’s, i.e.; 14 entries vs. 13. Along with three brand new Lights teams, one being rebranded and four leaving the series.


There’s seven rookies in this year’s field from six Nations, All with Diverse racing Backgrounds…


Abel Motorsports (2)

#11 Antonio Serravalle, Canada

#51 (R) Jacob Abel, USA


Abel Motorsports is a Family racing team located in new facilities in Speedway, Indiana, previously having contested the Road to Indy’s Pro 2000 Category, and making their Debut in Lights this year.


As Jacob Abel began his Single Seater career contesting the U.S. Honda backed F4 Series, before moving up to what then was the F3 Americas series, now rebranded as the FR Americas Championship. Followed by two partial seasons in Indy Pro 2000 along with racing GT3 Sports Cars in the World challenge series.


While Jacob’s presumably the Only Lights Driver who’s contested a round of Robby Gordon’s Stadium Trucks series, having done so last year at Nashville’s IndyCar race, Yeehaw!


Antonio Serravalle returns for his second Lights season after racing for his own “Cobbled” together Lights team, having finished 12th Overall. As the 19yr Old Kuhnuck’s followed a similar progression with stints in FR Americas, etc. and hasn’t ever finished in the Top 10 Standings of any Single Seater series contested.


Andretti Autosport (4)

#2 Sting Ray Robb, USA

#27 (R) Hunter McElrea, New Zealand

#28 (R) Christian Rasmussen, Denmark

#83 Mathew Brabham, Australia


This is one of the two “Powerhouse” Lights team’s on the Grid, with Mikey a’s team seeing former Juncos Racing Lights Driver Sting Ray Robb, the 2020 Indy Pro 2000  Champion joining the Multi Lights Championship winning team for his second Lights campaign. Whilst former Andretti Autosport Lights Driver Mattie B’, aka Mathew Brabham makes his return after  seven years out of the series.


As Brabham took a fortuitous win at the St Pete season opener when leader and Andretti teammate Christian Rasmussen who’d led much of the race, ran Out of Fuel with less than two laps remaining!


Meanwhile, Andretti teammate McElrea who’d started from Pole, lost the back end of his racecar and Crashed Out on lap 13! Leaving the Door Open for Brabham, who’s last Lights start came Wayback in 2015 at Long Beach to lead just the final two laps, scoring his first Lights win since long ago in May, 2014 on Indianapolis’s Road Corse! As Mattie B’ like All Lights racers Hopes to win the Championship in order to resume his Stillborn IndyCar career…


Kiwi’ Hunter McElrea is seemingly Fast, but has had multiple collisions in the season’s first two races!


Having won the 2018 Australian Formula 4 Championship with 13 wins in his second season, McElrea won the U.S. F2000 Shootout Scholarship prize and finished Runner-up in the 2019 U.S. f2000 Championship. Hunter then spent the next two seasons contesting the Indy Pro 2000 Championship, scoring multiple wins enroute to a best finish of third Overall in 2021 before graduation to Indy Lights.


Denmark’s Christian Rasmussen is a multiple Single Seater Championship winning Driver, having secured the U.S. F2000 title in his second season with nine wins and eight Poles.


Then the Dane’ won the 2021 Indy Pro 2000 title in his Rookie season with seven wins, scoring Both titles driving for Jay Howard before graduating to Indy Lights, where He fills the #28 Andretti Autosport seat previously occupied by Kyle Kirkwood, Just Sayin’. As Rasmussen gets my nod for One of the three Lights champions candidates…


Force Indy (1)

#99 (R) Ernie Francis Jr., USA


(R = Rookie Driver)


Presumably Y’all know the story of Force Indy being part of El Capitano’s Shrinking Violet’s Diversity Campaign, having unceremoniously Dumped Myles Roe after their initial U.S. F2000 campaign last year in favour of moving up to Lights this year with Ernie Francis Jr. For which I harbour No ill will against Ernie Francis Jr, who’s one Bad Arse Tintops’ Hombre!


As the 24yr Old Floridian Francis Jr. Burst upon the National Scene in last year’s (SRX) Superstar’s Racing Experience series, winning once at Lucas Oil Raceway and finishing runner-up to SRX Champion and series Co-Owner Smoke’, aka tony Stewart.


Whilst I’ve previously scribbled Here upon No Fenders how Ernie’s a Bad Arse Trans Am Driver, having won seven Trans Am titles consecutively! Not to mention lagging only behind such legendous’ Trans Am Aces Paul Meatheadz’ Gentilozzi, Mark Donohue and the Other TK’, aka Tommy Kendall for most Trans Am series victories!


Francis Jr. cut his teeth in Open Wheel Racing in last year’s FR Americas Championship, where He finished third Overall before graduating to Lights this season. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Is this Myles Roe’s last weekend in Racing?

And do we really want to see His talent Wasted?


Read Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s story about Myels Roe’s Conundrum regarding his burgeoning U.S. F2000 season, and most likely racing career potentially coming to a Crashing Halt after this weekend’s Double Header outing at Mother Speedway. For which All I can say, would be an absolute Shame!


Credit to Augie Pabst for Hiring Myles to drive one of his Pabst Racing Team’s U.S. F2000 entries this season without Roe having a Full Budget! For which Myles has rewarded his Boss by scoring two wins from four starts, and was leading the Point Standings entering this weekend’s Indianapolis events.


Which makes it really Disappointing to think that somebody with much Deeper pockets than your Blind Cellar Dwelling Blogger has, isn’t willing to front the necessary $175,000 Roe needs to complete the season…


And  whilst I’m Not saying Myles is the next Pato O’Ward, Roe’s current situation makes me think of the Mexican IndyCar Standout who faced similar funding issues when driving for Carlin briefly at the beginning of his IndyCar career.


As I cannot believe somebody out there isn’t wishing to Cash In upon this Feel good story and see if Myles Roe can win this year’s U.S. F2000 Championship title, which would guarantee him at least one season in the Indy Pro 2000 series, and who knows? Perhaps one day a seat in Indy Cars…



Tuesday, May 10, 2022

INDY 500: The Saga of Saving No. 33

As C’mon Down Stefan, You’re the Final Contestant…


By now, Y’all know that Cusick Motorsports, Stefan Stork’ Wilson and DragonSpeed comprise this year’s 33rd and Final Indianapolis 500 entry, albeit Don’t know if the Official Indy 500 Entry list has been published yet?


Thanks to Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s typical Yeoman reporting, we’ve learned that the #25 DragonSpeed/Cusick Motorsports entry will be a Hastily converted A.J. Foyt Enterprises chassis. With Twisties’ Only Rookie Tatiana Calderon’s #11 RokiT Dallara Chevrolet being swapped over from Road Corse configuration following the “Guns ‘N Roses” (GMR) Indy GP, Justin-time’ for Opening Day upon Ye Big Oval at 16th & Georgetown the following Tuesday!


Although Arse-sumedly Stefan will need to pass the Veteran Refresher Orientation programme, which I’ll also Arse-sume IMS will give Him some Solo track time before Opening Day running for the entire field commences?


Naturally I Don’t Know Nothing ‘bout Don Cusick, other than He’s the Money Man, Err Patron behind Stefan Stork’ Wilson’s continued racing at Mother Speedway in May. As Stefan once again will run the #25 in tribute to his late Older Brother Justin B-I-G UNIT’ Wilson. As Cusick Motorsports funded Stefan’s drive with Andretti Autosport last year, which finished a disappointing 33rd.


As I tend to recall Marshall Pruett having written a story following last year’s 500 about how many drivers, including Stefan and The Dude! Aka Ryan Hunter-Reay fell Afoul to team’s attempts at pulling Brake Pads back in order to minimize that All important reduction of rolling Drag resistance to the absolute Entht Degree! Causing unsuspecting Drivers Not being able to engage their Brakes properly when making Pit Stops…


Whilst I’ll speculate that ‘Ol Narly Pinball’, aka Charlie Kimball also learned about this rolling friction reduction last year when trying to Qualify aboard one of A.J. Foyt’s four car entry with another converted Road Corse chassis…


The other interesting part gleamed on the Cusick Motorsports side of the equation is that The Viking’, aka former Road to Indy driver Anders Krohn is Cusick’s team Manager.


DragonSpeed as we know, is former Formula 1 Hopeful Elton Julian’s racing team, which has participated in two Indianapolis 500’s previously with a different English Bloke behind it’s keyboard. As Ben Hanley Qualified twice for the Indy 500 in 2019-2020. Most notably making the 2019 field with real “Boomping,” including Frederico Suave’, nee Fernando Alonso Failing to make the race, when another Minnowesqe team named Juncos and Kyle Kiser Bumped Alonso out of the Field, Yeah Baby!


Yet COVID-19 TKO’ed DragonSpeed’s plans for running a limited six race programme in 2020, ultimately just running that year’s Indy 500 before Julian ended up selling his Dallara DW 12 to the fledgling Meyer Shank Racing concern and returned to focusing on his core business of international Sports Car racing instead. As DragonSpeed has been primarily involved in competing in LMP2 Across thou Bloody Puddle in the FIA World Endurance Championship, albeit they’ve also run at the Rolex 24 and most recently at Sebring with two Montoyer’s,aka Juan Pablo and his son Sebastian Montoya this past March.


Thus DragonSpeed will provide the most crucial element according to All of the Media reports this year, i.e.; Manpower, ergo the necessary Crewmembers which supposedly are in scarce Supply currently, although I tend to believe this is Balderdash!


Thus many eyes, including Mine will be watching this unique Indy 500 entry collabouration which is guaranteed entry in this year’s race, and Hopefully will finish further up the Grid vs. Stefan’s unfortunate P33 finish last year.


Good luck Cusick Motorsports, Stefan Wilson and DragonSpeed! 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Netherland’s Next Max?

Although this Kid’s getting a late Start compared to K-Mag’


Ran across this story last week when perusing The Guardian Newspaper.


As some clever Dutch Polizia’ Good Naturedly posted a photo of a 4yr old Dutch youth, with the caption proclaiming the Next Max Verstappen?


As the enterprising four year old was initially found wandering the streets alone Barefoot and in Pajamas! Before a report about an Abandoned Car was received.


This led to the Police calling the owner and then watching the young Boy Demonstrate with Hand gestures Steering the Car when talking to his Mom.


Which said vehicle was found nearby two Damaged Cars, before the Boy was reunited with his parents after demonstrating how to start the car and Viola, Case Solved!


Although the aforementioned K-Mag’, aka Haas F1’s Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen was given a Go Kart for his first Birthday by his father Jan. Nonetheless, you’d better watch your “six” Max!



Sunday, May 8, 2022

F1: Miami’s Sound Machine

Wasn’t that the SS Minnow Harbourside? Toot Toot, Ahoy Mateys!


It’s a strange world we live in, although suppose I should be glad that Formula One’s finally being recognized Stateside. Although it makes me wonder how come I discovered it Wayback in Gory 1986, Huh? Whilst if I did ever come across Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher in the U.S. during the late ‘90’s or early oughts’ I totally would have recognized Him, Ja Volt!




Whilst it now seems like a lifetime ago I was attending my Debutante Formula 1 race, the maiden Iceberg Grand Prix in The Valley of The Sun some Gory 33 years ago, Crikeys!




I have Never pretended to be an Engineer, and No, I Don’t typically stay at Holiday Inn’s either, Hya! But it seems somewhat Apropos that F1 is headed to Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium’s Parking lot racetrack, where Porpoising is the current Buzz Word in Formula 1! Since after all, Don’t the Miami Dolphins play some ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin games Thar, Botta Boom, Chuh Ching!


What bothers me most about this Pogo Stick phenomenon of bouncing Up ‘N Down race circuits straightaways, is that Formula 1 bills itself as the Pinnacle of Motorsport! And this Bouncy Bounce routine, which Austin F1 Sherpa Claudio’ told me you could see All of the cars doing repeatedly at Imola is simply embarrassing for such a Technological Sport!


For Mwah, the easy fix would be for the FIA to mandate the chassis being raised slightly off the ground, which I know would alter the intended Ground Effects and potentially slow the Cars down, slightly. Although F1 Engineers have a reputation of prodigiously clawing back Speed yearly…


Whilst I believe that Racer’s Marshall Pruett said that Indy Cars solved this similar problem by simply installing stiffer springs to cancel out the Porpoising…


Yet that sounds like a Horrible solution for the Drivers! While I take Mercedes George Russell’s comments seriously about how the F1 Drivers cannot sustain the physical effects of Porpoising over an entire 23 Grands Prix season! With the lanky Englishman noting how He’d suffered real Back and Chest Pain at Imola inflicted by the Mercedes W13’s Harsh Porpoising tendencies.


As this made me wonder out loud, are Old Racing Drivers like Cripled NFL Players afterwards, needing Walkers to get round? Not to mention having top line Dentists on Speed Dial to fix All of Thar teeth and fillings lost over the Bumps!


Along with Back Specialists, meaning I guess it’s a good thingy’ they get the Mega Millions contracts up front, El Correctomundo?


As something technically needs to be mandated in order to solve this Aerodynamic problem, which apparently Didn’t show up in All of the Super Computer CFD Modeling and Wind Tunnel  testing, which seems a Wee Bitamyte’ Odd to Mwah. Although perhaps we’ll All be noticing the Bogo Stick routine more along Hard Rock Drive vs. those incoming waves and Sea Breezes Harbourside, Ahoy?


So did Y’all notice Lake Rock Hard’s scenic Harbour trackside Sunday? As the Turn 7 Faux Marina has to be the Silliest part of the entire race circuit layout for Mwah!


As I’d already read about the various pleasure Yachts Not being able to go Anywhere, since Thars No Bloody lake! But then I read that there’s Not even any water in this Artificial lake, and it’s just some Faux Seafoam Blue material instead. With the land locked Yachts having been trucked in just for this event!


Thus being Blind, I won’t be able to discern if there were any Party Goers aboard these Mega Yachts? Although they would make a novel “grandstand” Seating option for the weekend. As why not “Plumb” them with lavatories and Bars for those who can afford them, Eh?


Especially due to the exorbitant F1 ticket prices! Since after all, this is a Parking lot race circuit, although Hopefully NO Caesars Palace Rinky Dink layout!


Whilst I believe I’ve read somewheres’ that the inaugural Miami Grand Prix is Sold Out capped at 80,000 Attendance and that tickets started at $900.00, aye Karumba! Having just read that Friday Only’s General Admission ticket cost $300!


Although I do recall the excitement and desire of attending an inaugural Grands Prix which I’ve Done twice, i.e.; Arizona’s 1989 June 4th “Sweatfest” and the 2012 Circuit Of The Americas F1 “launch” event!


But I certainly Hope that they won’t pull another El Stupidio rope A-Dope Let’s Get Ready to Rumble in the Jungle Red Carpet Drivers intro like Liberty Media pulled once in Austin, which was Epically Dumb!


And having “watched,” Err listened to the various Formula 1 teams Drivers in Thar Stetson Hats participating in lassoing competitions at COTA, does this mean F1 Drivers will be required to Wrassle Gators inMiami?


Thus for Mwah, I’m more intrigued over the two differing Chassis Designs currently leading the way in F1. Which once again, Not being an Engineer, I only have a rudimentary understanding of the differences between the de riggour Push Rod Front suspension layout vs. Pull rod suspension, which presumably the latter sits lower on the chassis’s “Nose” and gives “cleaner” Aerodynamics for the rest of the Car?


I only bring this up since our current F1 Constructors and Drivers Points leader Scuderia Ferrari is running the conventional Push Rod layout vs. second place Red Bull’s Pull rod layout. But as we also know, it’s the entire package layout that makes a racecar successful, i.e.; Chassis, Aerodynamics, engine and Driver, albeit Don’t know which is most important?


Much has been made over Ferrari’s resurgence being tied to their engine’s “Power” revival. Whilst Red Bull’s Honda derived lump’ isn’t No Slouch either, with the mighty Mercedes powered teams seeming to be suffering most so far this season…


And with two dare I say it? Fairly equal drivers at Thar respective keyboards, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen were knotted 2-2 in Grands Prix victories prior to Miami.


Hence, with All of the Gimmickery of Faux Harbours and monumentous Hype being engineered by Liberty Media for it’s debut Miami race, far away from it’s intended Downtown Waterfront Haunt. I sincerely Hope the race lives up to All it’s being made out for. Since it seems a long ways from the Downtown Streets of Phoenix, Arizona and nearby Ostrich Festivals. For which when I think of the words Miami Grand Prix, I immediately think of the CART/PPG IndyCar races at Tamiammi Park and Arse-sumedly where Liberty Media wanted to be; On Biscayne Bay Boulevard, where the late Ralph Sanchez first brought IMSA GTP Sports Cars in 1983. Which even saw ‘Ol Hollywood’, aka Danny Sullivan starring in another typically ludicrous  episode of Miami Vice as a racing driver No less! As Queue the Miami vice theme music.




Not to mention a short lived spell of CART/PPG IndyCar World Series races run thru Tamiami Park in the mid-1980’s, before Sanchez’s permanent Homestead Miami Speedway facility opened in November, 1995, serving as Indy Cars season finale for several years…