Friday, April 28, 2023

Stop the Hate IndyCar Fans!

As Taylor Swift says, You Need to Calm down!


Being Blind, I Don’t do any of the Social Media stuff, i.e.; Face Book, “Musk-A-Vision,” err TWIT-ER’, Instagram, Snap Chat et al. And having said some pretty Stupid things over the years, and presumably having also written many Here upon No Fenders the past 16 years. Increasingly, I find it a Good thing I Don’t have a TWIT-ER’ account, since who knows what I would have regretted Tweeting, Eh?


Originally I was going to include the link to Racer’s Marshall Pruett article about one of my current, favourite IndyCar Drivers inexcusably receiving Death Threats following His Ontrack “Actions” at Long Beach, which are simply Not warranted, and totally despicable For which I only learned about the day after when  reading said article.!


Listening to the IndyCar Radio Broadcast Sunday, I recall Davey Hamilton wondering out loud repeatedly why Juncos Hollinger Racing (JHR)wasn’t pitting Augustin Canapino during the Caution period, since He’d need to Pit in mere laps! For which I mused to myself that JHR was just leaving Canapino out so He could lead His very first IndyCar laps and garner some Sponsors Attenzione…


Now I have No idea if that’s really what was going on? Or if JHR was simply Hoping to get “lucky” with another immediate Full course Caution, which we All know didn’t happen…


Listened to Callum Ilott on Marshall Pruett’s April 17th (MP1386) The Racing Family Show Podcast, which is definitely worth a listen! Where the very Frank, Honest and Forthright 24yr Old Englishman noted how He’d just barely Brushed the Wall at Long Beach which caused His Tyre to “Delaminate!” Making Him need to Pit Off-sequence.


While Ilott further noted How currently one of JHR’s “weaknesses” are their Pitstops Not being Satisfactory! For which I can only surmise that a Slow Pitstop at Long Beach caused Callum to come out directly in front of His JHR teammate Canapino who was the leader at that point, before the Argentine went Wheel-to-Wheel with Helio Castroneves…


Being a former Ferrari Academy Driver, Alfa Romeo Test Driver and Formula 2 race winner. I’d Arse-sume that Ilott, who’s ambitions obviously were to go into formula 1, knows the “golden rule”, i.e.; Do Not Take Out your Teammate! Although Ilott also Had the right to “fight” to stay on the lead lap.


All of which is to say that You Need to Calm down! And Not send such Malicious Threats to a Racing Driver whose just Doing His Job!


As Sing It Taylor!


You Need to Calm Down!


Now I know that I still somewhat subscribe to Ye late Curmudgeon ‘O IndyCar, ‘Ol R’s, aka Robin Miller’s mantra “Hate’s good!” And everybody Has Good Guys and villains in their lives…


And if you’re still reading No Fenders, then Y’all know I’ve got my share of Drivers I definitely Despise in both Formula 1 and IndyCar!


But there’s absolutely NO reason to Act so Irrationally on Social Media or in Public towards our fellow Humans, be it Male or Female. And Don’t forget Animals too…


Because when you Boil it all Down. As one of my favourite Melody Sheik’s Symphony of Science songs denotes…


“We Are All Connected!”


So C’mon everyone, let’s just enjoy this weekend’s IndyCar race at Ye Barbers’, thee “Augusta of Indy Cars” event and show Callum Ilott and the other 26 Amazing IndyCar Drivers some Love! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

INDY 500: Did we really Learn Anything from the Single Day Test?

Other than Mother Nature is the Queen of the Speedway…


Obviously Testing is Always a Good thing, especially since IndyCar allows so little of it these days. Yet I simply cannot help feeling that the Uber Ballyhooed Indy 500 Open Test was Akin to Formula One’s annual “Winter Olympics”.


As the Media’s Droned On and On about Josef Newgarden’s lap of 227.686mph being the Quickest of the single Day’s Testing, due to Mother Nature being P1 Friday! As Newgarden’s No. 2 Team Penske Dallara/Chevrolet Hit a peak speed of 237mph-plus entering Turn-3. Whilst Newgarden was also second quick upon the No Tow list…


Not surprisingly, Noblesville native Conor Daly aboard His #20 Ed Carpenter Racing Chevy, (ECR) popped up to second Quick in the final minutes of practice. Being the only other driver to record a lap speed in the 227mph bracket at 227.466mph.


As I tend to recall that Conor Hit a Mega’ speed of 240mph-plus entering Turn-3 sometime during last year’s Month ‘O May, aye Karumba!


Scott Dixon was the Quickest of the four car Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) Armada at 226.788mph, the fastest Honda of the day. Followed by Andretti Autosport’s Kyle Kirkwood and CGR’s Takuma Sato rounding out the Top-5.


The Day’s most pleasant surprise has to be Stefan Stork’ Wilson slotting into sixt fastest with a speed of 225.960mph aboard the No. 24 Dreyer and Reinbold Racing Chevy. With Wilson’s DRR teammate Ryan Hunter-Reay clocking in P14.


And then P7-10 was Colton Herta, Alex Palou, Pato O’Ward and Scott McLaughlin.


Interestingly giving us a 50-50 split between the Boytie Boyz’ and Honda Runners. As CGR led the way with three entries in the Top-10, followed by Team Penske and Andretti Autosport with two apiece. With three “Singles” for ECR, DRR and Arrow McLaren.


All 33 Drivers participated, with the “Last row” being Held by Callum Ilott, who had the Worst day of everyone! With the No. 77 Juncos Hollinger Racing Chevy (JHR) Hitting a terminal velocity of 220.911mph. No. 44 Katherine Legge’s Rahal Letterman Lanigan  Racing. (220.113) And the “double Nickel” No. 55 A.J. foyt Enterprises entry of Rookie Benjamin Pedersen at 220.109mph.


AS noted above, Ilott had a miserable day, for which He and JHR just could never find what was wrong with the car’s Handling? As Ilott was the Only Driver’s time recorded during the morning’s first Test session.


Whilst Adding Insult to Injury was the JHR Crew releasing Ilott directly into the path of an unsuspecting Rinus VeeKay! All of which Racer’s Marshall Pruett chronicles in another typically Brilliant Interview with Ilott, which Y’all can check out below.


Ilott’s JHR teammate Augustin Canapino was the Quickest of the three rookies at 222.162mph. With RLLR’s Jack Harvey the Meat in a rookie Sandwich, with Dale Coyne’s Sting Ray robb’s No. 51 Honda being P29. While Robb’s DCR teammate David Malukas was P12, one place ahead of somebody named Will Power!


As here’s another good interview with the Argentine Rookie telling Marshall His thoughts upon just a single day’s practice at Mother Speedway…


Meanwhile, it was entertaining hearing IndyCar Radio’s Ryan Marin chatting up Jacob Able with Cars on track. With Jacob stating He couldn’t talk about the worst kept secret. That Able Motorsports announced a day later. After IMS CEO Doug Bowles had told Mark Gravelly’ James they’d have 34 Cars and bumping this May earlier during the Broadcast.


As R.C. Enersen will indeed attempt making His maiden Indianapolis 500 race about the #50 Able Motorsports Dallara/Chevrolet, giving us a potential total of four rookies this year.


Also enjoyed hearing thee Viking! Aka Anders krohn, who was the Team Manager of Cusick Motorsports last year. And Arse-sumedly is currently involved in some fashion “Overseeing”  Cusick Motorsports involvement of funding Stefan’s Wilson’s DRR entry.


The other “One Off’s” and Oval Only Drivers were led by Marco Andretti 11th, ahead of Arrow McLaren’s Tony Kanaan and Ed Carpenter P15-16.


And even though I got Sucked into It once again, I really tire of How Mother speedway Hogs All of the IndyCar Attenzione, especially when it’s still April! And like will any of this single day of Testing correlate to anything of significance come the Month of May? You Make the Call… 

Monday, April 24, 2023

F1: The Sleep Inducing Sounds of Max!

And I chose that title before learning about Herr Schumacher’s “exclusive” Interview…


Really cannot sufficiently put into words my feelings of total apathy for Formula 1 right now. Y’all know, thee Pinnacle of Motorsports. Although I can guess it’s partly due to the agregious transparency of Liberty Media’s outright Greediness to suck All of the profits possible out of F1!


Case in point. I had an in-home appointment recently and was pleasantly surprised when Christine said Formula 1 when looking at my Wall of “Paintings”. And then followed this up by saying there’s going to be a Grand Prix in Las Vegas this year! As I’m Always blown away when complete strangers correctly say Formula 1 when looking at my Art collection! Even if there’s a ‘Ol Hollywood’, aka Danny Sullivan Long Beach Molson IndyCar Serigraph sprinkled in-between, but I digress…


After All, I do live in the land of RASSCAR’, where IndyCar now seems to have slipped to a semi-irrevelant P3 in terms of Motor racing! Even if Portland Hosts an IndyCar race on Labour Day weekend…


As I told Christine that She’d better buy Her tickets quick! To which She immediately replied I Don’t think I can Afford it!


Being “On Holiday” in Warshington’ during the season’s Kickoff event in Bahrain, I missed that race completely. Although I did “Watch,” Err listen to the entire Saudi Arabian Grand Prix which I found to be a fairly Dull Affair! Although I was Happy that Checo’ nee Sergio Perez basically led Wire-to-Wire on the streets of Jeddah.


Then as what’s now become a long running Joke with former Austin F1 Sherpa Claudio’, I staid up for the start of the Australian Grand Prix. But as soon as Maximilian, aka Max Verstappen took the lead for good, I immediately switched off Thy Telie’ and made a beeline for Bed at 10:45PM Pacific!


As the Joke goes, albeit it used to be about Sir Lewis, nee Golden Child, or simply Lewis Hamilton. Who’d Quipped that when He was a lad, He’d simply wake up to watch DER TERMINATOR’, aka Michael Schumacher roar away into the lead at the start. Then He’d go back to Bed and take a nap before waking up again, with Schumacher leading. Doze Off again on the Sofa during a lazy Sunday afternnon. Before awaking once again Justin-time to watch the finish and see Schumey’ win another Grands Prix! And So it would go, week after week…


Yet now All one must do is insert Verstappen’s name instead of Hamilton’s, who for the past several years between 2014-2021 had upstaged Herr Michael.


Thus I only was aware of the first Red Flag incident which summarily Hosed Mercedes Benz’s George Russell. And thus I simply cannot comment upon the further two Red Flags and subsequent Controversy! Other than I have to say it sounds a Wee Bitamyte’ too Gimmicky! And indeed, the Powers that Be were attempting to ensure their own, unique F1 style of RASSCARZ’ Chequors or Wreckers’, Uhm Green-White Flag finish. Simply in the vain of making it Uber exciting for today’s Whiz Bang Video Games Reset Real Housewives of F1 Crowd…


Hard to believe that I began watching Formula 1 as a young Adult Wayback in the Summer of 1986. As I can still vaguely see that beautiful looking, iconic John Player Special Black and Gold Lotus 98T/Renault 1.5-liter V-6 turbo with Ayrton Senna’s bright Banana Yellow Helmet poundin’ round the Streets of Detroit…


Thus as Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen likes reminding me of what I’ve said in the past. Nobody rules Forever… And Formula 1 like All Sports is cyclic in nature. Since I’ve witnessed the Ronster’s, aka ron Dennis’s McLaren’s total Domination of F1 with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. For which I have to wonder will this F1 season see something akin to 1988 when Senna and Prost won 15 of the 16 Grands Prix with Red Bulls duo of Verstappen and Perez?


Although for Mwah, and I’ll never be able to adequately explain it. But I was simply captivated by All things Herr Schumacher from the day He burst onto the F1 landscape at thee Mighty Spa for Jordan Grand Prix over 30 years ago…


As His brief tenure at Benetton led to this upstart racing team audaciously winning two World Championships over the then mighty Team Willy’, aka Williams Grand Prix engineering with the dominant Renault V-10’s.


Obviously for Mwah, thoust Glory Years were Schuey’s reign at la Scuderia, winning five consecutive F1 World Championships between 2000-04.


Skipping past Fernando Alonso’s brief reign and Ross Brawn’s brilliant “Double Stuff Oreo” Diffuser and Bloody Jense’s )Button) titles. Next ‘lil Syd Viddle’, nee Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull dominated Formula 1 thru His and the Team’s four, consecutive F1 Drivers and Constructors Championship between 2010-13.


And then with the switch to today’s Power Unit era, we All know how Mercedes and it’s mighty silver Arrows simply crushed the competition from 2014 onwards. Even if  Nico Rosberg had the audacity to win the World Championship ahead of Bosom Buddy Sir Lewis in 2016…


Thus I’d surmise with the current Power Unit (PU) regulations effectively “Frozen”. We’re in for an uninterrupted run of Red Bull’s and Max Verstappen’s Dominance thru the end of 2025. Before the new E-E-E-lectrified’ PU era  commences in 2026.


For which I can only wonder if Ford’s gotten it All wrong, and another Power Unit manufacturer will finally Overtake Red Bull? Which only seems obvious to Mwah…


Yet why was it totally wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable when Michael Schumacher and Ferrari Dominated, but now I have little, or No interest in Maximus Hothead’s, nee Verstappen’s similar Dominance?


As I’ll begrudgingly admit the obvious. That Max is the Best driver currently on the F1 Grid, with only Charles Leclerc and George Russell being able to challenge Him. But I just cannot “See” how Max’s utter Domination of Formula 1 the next three years is good for the Sport…


And No, this No Fenders story was written by an actual Human named Tomaso! As we Don’t even know how to spell Artificial Intelligence upon Ye Isle of Nofendersville!



Image Source:

Long ago photograph of a jubilant Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari glory days purchased from Speedgear. (The Tomaso Collection) 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

INDY 500: Can Abel Motorsports Bump It’s way into this Year’s race?

But just who is Abel Motorsports?


News broke during Friday’s first day of activity at Long Beach that there would indeed be a 34th and Final Indianapolis 500 entry for this year’s 107th running of the fabled 500 mile race. With Indy NXT entrant Abel Motorsports in conjunction with Neil and R.C. Enderson.


As you may recall, the Enerson’s, Father and Son happen to own a Dallara DW12 Chassis and extra “tub,” previously used for R.C’s unsuccessful 2021 Indianapolis 500 entry with Top gun Racing.


Whilst Chevrolet will now provide a total of 17 engine leases this year, one more than previously announced. Equaling Honda’s 17 entries, to give us a total of 34 entries on this year’s Indy 500 Grid.


As Thar are 12 Full season bowtie’ runners, with five “One-off” Indy 500 entries, the latter comprising of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing’s two entries, plus extra single car entries for Arrow McLaren and Ed Carpenter Racing.


Whilst the fifth and final Chevy lump’ was reportedly being “Chased” by Beth Paretta for an entry in conjunction with A.J. foyt enterprises. But apparently Paretta Autosport’s will now focus upon running “Symona-symona,” aka Simona de Silvestro in a few selected races later this year. Hence leaving a single Chevy lump’ available for Mother Speedway…


R.C. Enerson, who’s 26yrs Old and has previously made five IndyCar starts in His career. Will be the driver of Abel Motorsports No. 50 single car entry.


Abel Motorsports is a Family operated racing team run by Bill Abel, presumably the owner of Abel Construction, which reportedly began business Wayback’ in 1938.


The Team’s primary driver has been Jacob Abel, who at 22yrs Old has just begun His second season of Indy NXT competition. Having just scored His NXT career best results. Being a bittersweet third place, His first Podium after leading the first 27-laps at St Pete. Remember that Y’all?


The Team is led by John Brunner, a longtime Indy Lights veteran who guided Gabby Chaves to the 2014 Indy Lights Championship with Belardi Auto Racing as it’s Team Manager. Along with winning the prestigious Freedom 100 twice, also with Belardi.


The Team built a new Facility in Speedway, Indiana, just across the street from Juncos Hollinger Racing in 2022, where it currently runs a two car Indy NXT effort from. With Jacob as the team leader, and Indy NXT Rookie Colin Kaninsky alongside this season.


Abel Motorsports has steadily worked it’s way up the FeederSeries and Road to Indy ranks. Campaigning Jacob in the U.S. Formula four, Formula Regional Americas, U.S. F2000 National Championship and Indy Pro 2000 racing series before moving up to Indy Lights in 2022.


Reportedly, if everything comes  together in the relatively short timespan, we should be seeing Abel Motorsports and R.C. Enerson taking part in the two day IMS Open Test currently occurring.


As could Abel Motorsports become the next brand new Fulltime IndyCar team of the future? For which could ultimately lead to Jacob Abel becoming an IndyCar driver, which surely is the goal…


As I have to say I’m naturally rooting for this Upstart Organization to make the field ths May. Meaning somebody else will be going Home Disappointed! 

INDY 500: Open Test at IMS Commences

But will Mother Nature attempt being on Pole Position?


Although  according to Racer’s Marshall Pruett, Friday is just a contingency day in case Mother Nature does indeed play Havoc on thursday…


Without going into any detail, other than I needed Long Beach as a Pick Me Up, since it was an extremely tough week for Mwah emotionally! It’s Hard to believe it’s already time for the yearly Open Test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, just over one month prior to Race Day. Or to be concise, 38 days as of April 20th.


Yet speakin’ of Long Beach, albeit I first learned about it from The Pit Window Blog. Very Cool thing McLaren, Err Arrow Mclaren’s doing for this year’s Indianapolis 500.


Guessing Y’all have heard about Arrow McLaren’s special “One Off” Indy 500 liveries the team’s running on it’s four car entry commemorating McLaren’s 60th Anniversary, Righto? Which were introduced at “The Beach” on Friday morning, preceding the day’s first IndyCar practice session.


And is it just Mwah? Or Isn’t it Ironic? How Mr. Zakery Brown has borrowed from former McLaren Superstar Fredrico Suave’s coveting of thoust mythical Triple Crown playbook. With Mclaren paying homage to it’s Triple Crown winners of years past.


As Pato  O’Ward’s No. 5 IndyCar entry will feature an All Black motif honouring McLaren’s 1995 24 Heurs du Mans victory wit it’s 1995 McLaren F1 GTR.


“Felix-the-Cat” Rosenqvist’s No. 6 entry will be adorned in a Red and White livery recalling those iconic “Bad Habits” Marlboro years and Alain Prost’s 1984 Monaca Grand Prix winning MP4/2 TAG-Porsche.


While Alexander Rossi’s No. 7 will be a solid Papaya livery recalling Lone Star Jr’, aka Johnny Rutherford’s 1974 Indianapolis 500 victory aboard it’s McLaren M16C/D Offenhauser. With Tony Kanaan’s yet unrevealed No. 66 entry said to be a tribute “Collage” of All three primary team cars entered at this Month of May’s Indy 500.


Here’s a list of everybody I’m aware of that’s running in this year’s Indy 500 to date.  


Chevrolet (16)

(2) A.J. foyt Enterprises: #14 Santino Ferrucci, #55 Benjamin Peterson; (4) Arrow McLaren: #5 Pato O’Ward, #6 Felix Rosenqvist, #7 Alexander Rossi, #66 Tony Kanaan; (2) Dreyer & Reinbold Racing: #23 Ryan Hunter-Reay, #24 Stefan Wilson; (3) Ed Carpenter Racing: #20 Conor Daly, #21 Rinus VeeKay, #33 Ed Carpenter; (2) Juncos Hollinger Racing: #77 Callum Ilott, #78 Augustn Canapino; (3) Team Penske: #2 Josef Newgarden, #3 Scott McLaughlin, #12 Will Power.


Honda (17)

(5) Andretti Autosport: #26 Colton Herta, #27 Kyle Kirkwood, #28 Romain Grosjean, #29 Devlin DeFrancesco, #98 Marco Andretti; (4) Chip Ganassi Racing: #8 Marcus Ericsson, #9 Scott Dixon, #10 Alex Palou, #11 Takuma Sato; (1) Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing: #51 Sting Ray Robb; (1) HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing: #18 David Malukas; (2) Meyer Shank Racing: #06 Helio Castroneves, #60 Simon Pagenaud; (4) Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing: #15 Graham Rahal, #30 Jack Harvey, #44 Katherine Legge, #45 Christian Lundgaard.


Yes, I realize that the five Mikey A’ Cars are being run under three different Banners, but I Didn’t feel like typing All of that! As Dale Coyne and His veritable Alphabet Soup Brigade were taxing enough…


There are only three Rookies in this year’s field. With Benjamin Peterson, or Pederson it He’s being a Dane’ and Augustin Canapino for the Bowtie contingent. Whilst Sting Ray Robb is Honda’s lone entrant.


There’s also a massive nine former Indianapolis 500 winners in this year’s field: Helio Castroneves, Scott Dixon, Marcus Ericsson, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Tony Kanaan, Simon Pagenaud, Will Power, Alexander Rossi and Takuma Sato.


Nah, that wasn’t typed in Age before Beauty, Hya! But alphabetical order instead…


Whilst the only Big News were All Ah-Waitin’ with Baited breath. Is whether or not Indy NXT entrant Abel Motorsports in conjunction with the Enerson’s will be able to enter a 34th “One Off” Indy Only entry for R.C. enderson with a 17th Chevrolet engine lease?


For which I’m Arse-suming will be at least one of the “Talking Points” over the next two days testing at Mother Speedway. Along with whether or not anybody Sticks it Into the Wall, Err Safer Barrier? Which Y’all know RASSCAR’ invented; Buh-Buh-Believable!


Presumably coverage will be provided via Peacock and the IndyCar Radio Network. So Check your local listings as Always, since Arse-sumedly Testing has already begun this Morning… 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

PHOTOS: Spirit of America Sonic I

Side view of Spirit of America Sonic I on display at the IMS Museum. (The Tomaso Collection)


These pictures of Craig Breedlove’s Sonic I Turbojet Land Speed record car were taken during May of 2012. As this is the vehicle which Breedlove was the first to surpass 500 and 600mph aboard! Along with His then wife Lee setting the Women’s land speed record of 308.5mph, which stood for nearly four decades…


Picture C/O No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’ 

PHOTOS: Spirit of America’s Backside

Rear view of Craig Breedlove’s Sonic I Turbojet LSR car. (The Tomaso Collection)


Picture C/O No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’            

Monday, April 17, 2023

Noted Land Speed Record Holder Craig Breedlove Flames Out!

Who as a 13yr Old boy felt “the Need for Speed!” When making His very first pass in a Dragster…


I initially “Heard” the News via the Car and Driver Magazine section upon my Newsline for The Blind telephone service on Wednesday, April 5th. Stating that multiple sources were reporting that Craig Breedlove had Died at the Age of 86 on April 4th.


Breedlove as many may know, was synonymous wit His Spirit of America Jet engine “Rocket” Cars. For which Breedlove became the first to officially break the 400, 500 and lastly 600mph speed barrier. With Breedlove being locked in a Mano e Mano duel with the Arfon Brothers, i.e.; Walt and Art, of Akron, Ohio in their quest to be the Fastest Man on Earth!


Initially Breedlove’s record of 407.447mph over One Flying Mile was Not recognized by the FIA as an official Land Speed Record (LSR) since it failed to meet their guidelines of having four wheels and two driven wheels.


As Breedlove had set that speed in His original Spirit of America, a three wheeled vehicle propelled by a surplus -F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter J-47 Turbojet engine in the Fall of 1963. For which His accomplishment was immortalized by the Beach boys Spirit of America song that same year.


Then between October 2, 1964 to November 15, 1965, Walt, His younger Half Brother Art and Breedlove traded the land speed record a further eight times! Although Walt hired Tom Green to drive His Wingfoot Express in 1964 after suffering a serious Hand injury when unloading the vehicle at Bonneville. With Art claiming three land speed records vs. Breedlove five.


As Breedlove’s Two way average Flying Mile speed of 600.601mph mark stood for five years until Gary Gabelich aboard His Blue Flame Natural Gas powered Rocket Car broke the record at 622.407mph over One mile, which I’ve previously scribbled’ about here upon No Fenders ong ago in my two part The 700 Club tome.


Craig recorded a speed of 526.277mph in His Sonic I in 1964. Yet His parachutes failed to operate and Breedlove went onto claim another record, albeit surely unwanted. With the Guinness Book of World Records denoting His five mile Skid as the World’s longest!


Before the out of control Sonic I Hit a telegraph Pole with legend claiming Breedlove had the presence of mind to unlock the Sonic I’s canopy before submerging itself in a Brine water lake! And when rescuers finally arrived. Breedlove calmly pronounced for my next trick I’ll set Myself on fire!


As I was fortunate enough to see Breedlove’s record setting Spirit of America Sonic I, a General electric J-79 Phantom Jet Fighter engine’s four wheel Jet Car on display at then the IMS Hall of Fame Museum Wayback’ in May, 2012. For which I’d have to say it seemed totally out of place amongst the various classic Indianapolis 500 racing cars…


Yet when I think of Messer Breedlove, my mind invariably wonders back to the years 1996-97. When over the course of approximately one year, Breedlove saw the Highs ‘N Lows for the pursuit of becoming the first person to break the Speed of Sound on land, then the ultimate Land Speed record!


As I cannot say that I really remember Craig’s incident in October, 1996, when a garbled radio message left Him misunderstanding the winds velocity of 15mph Crosswinds, which He heard as 1.5mph! Therefore, during a High Speed run of some 675mph, Craig Heavily crashed His latest land speed record Challenger, the Spirit of America Formula Shell LSRV!


As this latest Spirit of America LSR vehicle also utilized an ubiquitous GE J-79 Turbojet engine for it’s motivating power, albeit being converted to produce it’s maximum 22,650lbs thrust running on unleaded Gasoline.


Yet what I still remember most, was working in what was affectionately Not! Known as the “Plywood Palace,” with a Blimey’ British Engineer John Somebody’ politely throwing Barbs back “n forth with me daily over Breedlove’s race against Richard Noble’s ThrustSSC at Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, for ultimate Bragging rights over being the first to break the Sound barrier on land. For which we All know ThrustSSC did so in October, 1997.


As I do recall how a loose bolt completely destroyed Breedlove’s primary J-79 engine during a speed attempt run. And His underfinance, tiny volunteer crew never recovered from that incident! Even after installing a backup jet engine, Craig just couldn’t compete against ThrustSSC and Andy green.


Being a Shelby American and All things Blue Oval Devotee. I’m aware of the Arse-sumedly obscure fact that Craig would set some 23 Speed records aboard one of ‘Ol Shel’s Cobra Daytona Coupes Wayback in November, 1965 at a Goodyear tyre test. And then later again at Bonneville, along with His wife Lee, would set multiple records for AMC in both it’s radical AMX and Javelin “Pony Car” automobiles.


Since I’m guessing most, like myself originally, aren’t aware that Craig’s wife Lee was also a Speed Junky. Having become the world’s Fastest Couple in 1965!


Although Breedlove was married a total of six times, and He and Lee Divorced in 1968…


Having only discovered that Lee had held the Women’s land Speed record at 308.5mph, also set aboard the Spirit of America’s Sonic I in 1965. When learning of Jessie Combs Death in 2019.


As Combs had broken Lee Breedlove’s record in 2013 and was then chasing Kitty O’Neil’s record before perishing in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, before being awarded the current Women’s land speed record posthumously… 

Friday, April 14, 2023

Marshall Pruett Catches Up with Myles Rowe

Although winning an Indy NXT Championship definitely does Not guarantee you a Full season Ride in Indy Cars these days!


Love Marshall’s “Playful” dig at those Bus Bros’, noting how they’re just Posers in a Motorcoach! But Myles was actually riding a real “City” Bus in New York enroute to the Gym to work out whilst talking to Marshall…


This is a very enjoyable interview from Marshall’s Catching Up Podcast segment with current USF Pro 2000 racer Myles rowe.


And with No disrespect to Indy NXT driver Ernie Francis Jr., Myles is definitely the Driver I want to see making it into Indy Cars in the future!


As Rowe finished Runner-up to Michael D’Orlando in last year’s USF2000 Championship. With Marshall Catching Up with Him after winning three of the USF Pro 2000’s season’s first four races in-a-row! Driving for Pabst Racing with Force Indy in the No. 99, presumably “Red Tail” racecar.


As Rowe will battle D’Orlando once again this year in USF Pro 2000, with the caviot of the Series Champion being awarded a Scholarship prize to compete in Indy Lights, Err NXT next year. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Some lingering Thoughts upon IndyCar’s TMS Race

Who’s it gonna Be? Pato O’Ward, Josef Newgarden? And the winner takes it by a Nose!


Yeah, most of Yuhs have already moved on from that Fantastic Oval race at Texas Motor Speedway. (TMS) Especially since we’re off to “The Beach” (Long Beach) this weekend. As here’s just a few, lingering thoughts…


First off, like everyone else on Ye Blogosphere, it was a Great race! And easily one of the best at TMS in a long time. Which seems to have been a combination of Indy Cars new “Aero” package along with the “rubbering-in” of the second groove. Although it really shouldn’t be Indy Cars problem to resolve wrecking it’s track’s surface with that dreaded PJ1 Traction compound!


And you could tell it was gonna be a good race just by the passing and repassing of the lead during the opening laps, with Scott Dixon battling Alex Palou Me Thinks?


As this is the first race of our early racing season that’s gotten me Geeked! Which I suppose was partially aided by my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Pato O’Ward putting on such an amazing performance! As I really felt that the Mexican driver had the car to Beat! Even though Josef Newgarden scotched that, albeit it would have been interesting to see what happened at the end of lap-250, if we’d gotten there…


As I’d say from lap-192? To the end of the race was truly enjoyable Edge of your Seat Stuff! For which I’m not going to try rehashing or recapping here, since simply too much happened…


Happy to have read that attendance was up this year at TMS, albeit it couldn’t have gotten much lower than last year’s paltry 5,000 turn out. But I was left wondering if IndyCar really even cares about this?


Since I cannot help but remembering Good ‘Ol Uncle Bernaughty’, aka Bernie Ecclestone’s famous Quip about F1 made it’s money off of the Television contracts, and they could run the races without Fans and it wouldn’t matter to Him.


Hence, I’d Arse-sume this is typical for All Motorsport entities, albeit it naturally looks far better on TV to have Fans in attendance. And obviously the track Promoter prefers more “Gate” revenue. Yet I’m left wondering if All that truly matters is what Big NBC’s Nielsen ratings were?


And we All know how poorly both Meyer Shank Racing (MSR) and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLLR) performed as a whole at TMS. For which I agree with whomever said it? That Graham Rahal was probably “lucky” to have had Devlin DeFrancesco take Him Out for a second year in-a-row!


For which you could have guessed that DeFrancesco’s day might have gone aray when IndyCar Radio reported following His first Pitstop, and I’m paraphrasing here: To just “Shut Up” and Drive the Car! (“Sparky”) After He’d complained on the radio how He wasn’t Happy with His racecar.


Whilst I’ve got Zero Clue why both Jack Harvey and Christian Lundgaard were both so off the pace at TMS? As may be they’d better swap car numbers again? Although I cannot help but think that neither of these drivers have forgotten how to drive an IndyCar…


And I just Don’t get what’s wrong with MSR? Besides having Hulio’, the Elder Statesman of IndyCar on it’s Drivers roll. But you’d think with it’s Technical Alliance with Andretti Autosport they’d have enough Data to not be running far Outback’ in the field’s Mid-pack.


Also have to wonder what Team Penske’s signing Will Power to a Contract extension thru at least 2025 signifies? As is this just a reward for winning the Championship last year?


Or does this imply that El Capitano’ and the rest of Roger Penske’s Braintrust Don’t see any better drivers currently available? Or that the market’s firmly “locked up” until the end of the 2025 season already? Since pretty sure that Colton Herta’s not available until then.


And Penske’s typically not been one to bring on Rookies or Young Guns, preferring to let other Teams “Season” them, albeit Scott McLaughlin is one exception that’s panned out pretty good!


Yet I’d have to think there’s countless talented “Youngsters” just waiting for the chance to drive an IndyCar, not to mention driving for Penske, Ganassi, Andretti or McLaren…


Thus, I would like to know how reigning Indy Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist got on with His test at TMS the day following the race for RLLR, who were also running Katherine Legge.


As did either of these two drivers help RLLR figure anything out?


For which I thought that RLLR has just “revamped” it’s Engineering? And I know that Graham Rahal has reunited with His former winning Race Engineer. But still, if seems like there’s some sort of major issue here…


Whilst I suppose that Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) shouldn’t get a “Pass” upon it’s lackluster performance either…


Meanwhile, as I’ve already been a Fan of Juncos Hollinger Racing (JHR) and Callum Ilott, naturally I’m tickled Pink! Uhm, think that colour’s already taken by MSR and Andretti’s Kyle Kirkwood, Righto?


As it was pretty ironic that it was Kirkwood whose car Alexander Rossi collided with during an early race Pitstop!


Naturally I’m just super Happy over how great their season’s begun for both cars! As you’d have to wonder if Ilott will be in the Catbird seat for Chip Ganassi Racing’s vacated No. 10 come season’s end? And perhaps Felix Rosenqvist would be a good replacement for Castroneves?


Although I’d still really like to see Tom “the Bomb” Blomqvist in one of the MSR entries next year, and may be it’s time to Clean House and let Symone’, aka Pageantry’, nee Simon Pagenaud Depart also?


Yet I’m even more impressed with the “rawest” Rookie of this year’s small crop. That being Argentinian Touring Cars HotSchue’ Augustin Canapino! Who’s just finished a super respectable 12th for His second race in-a-row! And being His very first ever Oval to Boot!


As it was fun hearing how incredulous Canapino sounded to note that He’d been racing with Helio Castroneves for 10th in His first ever Oval race during a Post-race interview with Racer’s Marshall Pruett…


And No Pressure! But I’m picking Canapino to be Rookie of The Year (ROY) at this year’s fast approaching Indianapolis 500!


Whilst I’d say that my Top-3 favourite IndyCar Drivers All had a very good day at TMS. With Pato O’Ward a tantalizing Runner-up! With David Malukas an excellent fourth and Callum Ilott an impressive P9 respectively! 

Monday, April 10, 2023

INDYCAR: Texas Motor Speedway recap – Day One

As Not even that different rubber compound from those PickemUp’ Trucks could Slow the Indy Cars Down!


For All of Yuhs who thought that the four weeks break between Indy Cars first two races was far too long. Whale’, then Y’all better feel sorry for the Indy NXT Boyz’ and Girl, who are currently in the midst of a 56 days, eight Freakin’ weeks Hiatus between St Pete and their next race at Barber Motorsports Park on April 30th, Yowza!


As one of the Talking Points for Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) was this year’s Chassis Technical revisions, which Arse-sumedly were TMS specific. For which Racer’s Marshall Pruett explained in the following video.


Meanwhile the Indianapolis Star’s Nathan Browne noted that unexpectedly, the Andretti Autosport’s Nos. 26 & 27 swapped Race Strategists, beginning at TMS. As Colton Herta was completely mystified on why His Dad Bryan had been moved to Kyle Kirkwood’s Car. With Scott Harder now talking in Colton’s ears on the radio instead.


And this is just total random scatter speculation upon my part, But? Is this in the vein of RLLR’s recent driver swap of the Hy-Vee Car? And is Mikey A’ feeling the “Heat” of Not producing for Colton’s sponsor Gainbridge? Hoping for better results with this Shake-up?


The other Scuttlebutt that makes absolutely No sense to Mwah, are the reports that Takuma Sato’s only “Guaranteed” a ride in the No. 11 Chip Ganassi Racing entry for the first two Ovals, i.e.; TMS and someplace at 16th & Georgetown, Say What?


Seriously? Who is Cheep’ gonna plug into the #11 for Iowa’s Double Header and Gateway? As this is just plain Stupid!


But onto Qualifying, where ultimately Felix the Cat’, as No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’ has nicknamed Him. Err, Felix Rosenqvist surprised the entire field by claiming His second, consecutive Pole position at TMS when being the only driver to average a speed of 220mph plus during His two lap Qualie’ run. Which was even more impressive since He was the 18th driver to Qualify, with Qualifying being run in reverse order of the current Point standings.


As Rosenqvist had to wait for 10 more drivers to qualify, with Scotty thee Iceman 2.0’ Dixon winding up second. And much has been made of Arrow McLaren’s trio taking the first three Odd Grid places, with Alexander rossi third and Pato O’Ward presumably a disappointed fifth. While Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden was fourth.


Unfortunately, another Stattistic that IndyStar’s Messer Browne divulged ran tru for Rosenqvist on Sunday. As I believe He mentioned that of the past 15 TMS Pole Sitters, Only One had gone to Victory lane…


David Malukas put His HMD Motorsports Dale Coyne Racing Honda on the inside of Row-5 in ninth, and later gave a shout Out to His former Engineer Ross Bunneel who was running Dixon’s mount now. While the two Foy Boyz’ performed admirally. With The Great Santini’ (Ferrucci) slotting in 14th, while Benjamin Pedersen was the Top Rookie in P13 on His first Oval No less!


And once again, Juncos Hollinger Racing, (JHR) the little Team that Could! Outperformed again with Callum Ilott P17 and a wide eyed, grinning ear-to-ear Augustn Canapino a very respective P19 on His Oval Debut!


As the Argentine driver repeatedly told IndyCar Radio’s Nicky Salt’ Yeoman He was smiling so broadly because He just couldn’t get over How Crazy Fast it was driving at Texas!


For which I can only say Canapino will be completely Blown away at Mother Speedway! Since He qualified with a solid 218mph plus two lap average! And Conor Daly topped an eye popping 240mph at Indianapolis last year! And lapping at 218mph is just plain “Slow.”


Whilst it would be easy to Pile On both Meyer Shank Racing (MSR) and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s (RLLR) Dismal Qualie’ results, But this is to simple! And I fear a worrisome trend is appearing for both Teams?


But I will say I’m Not surprised over one half of MSR’s vaunted Duo, since I totally believe that Helio Castroneves is Toast! Even if He worked His way to a fortuitous 10th place finish Sunday at TMS.


Yet you’d have to say that both of these Organizations seemed totally Out to Lunch on the 1.5-mile Super Speedway! Which I have Zero Clue if this is an Ominous foreshadowing for the next Oval race? Although you’d think that some ‘lil ‘Ol Oval at 16th & Georgetown is a totally different Animal! 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Rodney Sandstorm Invades COTA

But what did His Alter Ego think about racing at Circuit Of The Americas?


For those of Y’all who Don’t know who Rodney Sandstorm is? I’ll leave it to yourselfs to figure that out. Other than let’s just say He’s the Uber Funny side of a very accomplished Championship winning Sports Car Racer…


Here’s another of Marshall Pruett’s Catching Up Podcasts with IMSA Sports Car Ace Jordan Taylor. With Marshall finding out what it was like for Jordan to tackle RASSCAR-Land’ at the recent Circuit Of The Americas Bumper Cars Fest! Where Jordan was making His Cup debut substituting for the injured Chase Elliot.


As Beatin’ really is Bangin’ After All! But it’s worth a listen, to hear how Insane NASCAR Drivers race each other. Not to mention the Jenson Button reference. Or how vastly different the Le Mans Garage 56 Camaro is vs. it’s NASCAR Cousin… 

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

MOTO GP: 2023 Season Starts with New Sprint Race Format and Plenty of Fireworks

But How many Riders will become Injured during these Sprint Races designed just to Spice Up the Show?


The 2023 MotoGP season got off to a late start this year, due to Qatar’s’ Losail International Circuit being renovated. Thus the premiere road racing Kneedraggers’ began their season on March 26th in Portimao, Portugal.


On Friday, KTM Satellite GasGas Tech 3 rider Pol Espargaro lost adhesion with His rear tyre and slid thru the gravel trap Sans Motorcycle before impacting the Wall Himself with a vicious Thump! As the younger Espargaro suffered contusions to His lungs and ribs, a broken Jaw and broken Vertebrae! Being taken to Hospital and obviously missing the weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix.


As His older brother Aleix has revealed following His visit to the Barcelona Hospital Pol was recovering at. It will obviously be a long recovery process due to needing Jaw surgery, and dealing with His Back, ribs and lung issues…


Although presumably the satellite KTM team would draft in a replacement rider, albeit I’d read nothing on this prior to MotoGP’s Friday practice of the second round at Argentina a week later.


Saturday afternoon saw the commencing of the inaugural Sprint race, which MotoGP has introduced for All 21 rounds this year on Saturday’s at 2PM local time. Which simply adds an extra race each weekend, being Half Distance of Sunday’s main event.


With the Sprint race’s paying out Points for the Top Nine riders, with a maximum of 12 points offered to the Sprint winner. With the remaining eight points places descending from 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.


Hence, there will be a maximum of 777 points on offer for the season’s 21 races, with a maximum score of 37 points per weekend available.


And the Hits just kept Ah-Comin’, Yowza! As newly anointed Ducati Factory rider Enea Bastianini, whose nickname is “The Beast was collected in the first ever Sprint race by fellow VR46 Duc’ rider Luca Marini.


As Marini, Half Brother of somebody named “The Doctor,” aka Valentino Rossi, who just so happens to own the racing team. Apparently Overcooked the entry to Turn-5 on lap-2 and Knocked down Bastianini, who went down Hard on His right shoulder! Which afterwards was diagnosed as being fractured, ruling Bastianini out of Sunday’s main race.


But wait Folks, we’re Not done yet with the melee! As the opening laps of Sunday’s main race saw Ye Pinball Wizzard’, nee Marc Marquez Outbrake Himself, when locking up a “cold” front Michelin tyre. Glancing off of Jorge Martin, who later claimed to have a broken toe from this incident.


Followed by Marquez ricocheting into a Hapless Michele Oliveira, for which the majority of the crowd was rooting for their Countryman to be victorious again. As both riders went down Hard and Marquez was met with a chorus of Boos when trying to apologize to the partisan Portuguese crowd!


And thus the Scoreboard would eventually tally these four riders not racing a week later in Argentina! With further controversy surrounding Marquez and Repsol Honda, after if was confirmed that the Spaniard had suffered a broken right Thumb in the incident.


Having initially been docked with a Double Long Lap Penalty to be served at Argentina. The Team believed the wording of the initial ruling thus circumvented Marquez from serving the penalty at a further race by skipping Argentina after having Hand surgery…


Yet it basically turned into The Pecco’ Bagnaia Show, as the reigning MotoGP World Champion Blitzed the field in both Saturday and Sunday’s event.


Since even though Maverick “top gun” vinales gave Francesco Bagnaia a spirited chase, Vinales could never get close enough to the Italian for an attempt to pass for the lead, which Bagnaia managed effectively Flag-to-Flag. Whilst VR46’s Marco Bezzecchi was a somewhat distant third for an all Italian manufacturer Podium sweep Sunday at Portimoa.


And with Bagnaia winning both races, the Italian left Portugal with 37 points in the bag, ahead of Vinales with 25 points.


Argentina’s Round 2 saw both the RNF Aprilia and GasGas Tech 3 KTM satellite Squads electing to not replace their injured riders. As Oliveira who suffered injuries to His Foot, possibly including ligament damage chose to sit out to Heel fully for Round 3 at Circuit Of The Americas at Austin on April 16th.


Then just hours prior to Friday practice commencing at Argentina, the GasGas Tech 3 team announced that KTM Test Rider Jonas Folger would replace Pol Espargaro beginning at Austin, for an undetermined duration during Espargaro’s recovery.


As Folger’s only previous MotoGP campaign was in 2017 as a Rookie with the then Tech 3 Yamaha satellite outfit,. With Folger finishing runner-up to Marc Marquez at His Home race at the Sachsenring, Before the German was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome, prematurely ending His MotoGP career.


Have to say I’m surprised that neither Factory Ducati or Honda Squads elected to have their Test Riders Deputize for their injured Werks’ riders at Argentina. Leaving us with a paltry 18 riders taking the Green Flag for Saturday’s second Sprint Race. Which Hopefully wouldn’t see any more riders being seriously injured!


Yet little did I know that Repsol Honda’s sole remaining rider for the weekend,

Joan Mir would be ruled out of Sunday’s main race in Argentina. As Mir suffered a concussion on lap-1 of the Saturday Sprint Race after Crashing! And suffering Nausea and Dizziness Sunday morning, was ruled Unfit to race.