Saturday, April 1, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: IndyCar “Secretly” Testing NXT GEN Dallara DW12 Replacement Chassis

“Open the Pod Bay doors HAL!”


Although this is Old News, we simply Didn’t know what the Fine Folks at Starship IndyCar’, nee Penske Entertainment were up to now over a year ago, when hosting the inaugural round of it’s Indy Autonomous Challenge.


Yet uncharacteristically, and perhaps because of All of the wonderful, generous Overflowing praise the IndyCar Administration has garnered over the past Offseason. Penske Entertainment’s No. 1 Puffed Shirt Marcus Miles, No relation to IndyCar drivers Marcus Ericsson or Armstrong, Hya! Has let the proverbial “Cat out amongst the Pigeons.”


According to Penske Entertainment CEO Mark Miles, IndyCar, in conjunction with it’s exclusive IndyCar Chassis supplier Dallara. Have been secretly testing various iterations of it’s forthcoming Dallara iNX-27 IndyCar chassis, which will finally replace the aging, current 2012 Spec Dallara DW12 in the near future.


As the final round of the Indy Autonomous Challenge will naturally be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway sometime later this year. Presumably following some ‘lil ‘OL 500-miler Oval race…


As IMS CEO Doug Bowles thinks it would be a great way to cap off the fabled Brickyard’s extensive 2023 season, running sometime shortly after the upcoming Battle of the Bricks, with the first weekend of October being ideal.


While Miles says that the winning entry will receive a Cash prize equivalent to last year’s INDY Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist prize award of $500,000 being Donated to the winning University, since Lundqvist’s prize went unclaimed. With a royalty checque being paid for the duration of the Dallara iNX-27’s racing life.


Dallara iNX-27 Project Manager Paolo Bandini said there’s No current plans to replace IndyCar Drivers with a plethora of electronic Control Systems. (ECS) And instead, will simply scale up the winning Universities Autonomous Open Wheel Racing Chassis to proper dimensions for the inclusion of a Human Driver replete with the now di riggour Areoscreen, and a second generation Energy Recovery system. (ERS)


Yet Bandini stopped short of saying whether He knew anything about IndyCar opening up current Engine regulations, or whether or not a third, new OEM would be coming online in time for the iNX-27’s season debut tentatively slated for St Pete, 2027.


While Bandini also would not be drawn on commenting whether or not the iNX-27 chassis would ride on 18-inch tyres like it’s contemporary Single Seater brethren Formula 1 currently utilize…


With Bandini also saying that the internal code name for the new Next Generation IndyCar chassis was the JW-27 in Honour of the late Justin Wilson. But He didn’t know if that would stick, since Justin was best known for driving the No. 25 And the decision would be made by others at Dallara Automobili in the future.


As here’s the previous Autoweek story recounting the first two rounds of the Indy Autonomous Challenge…