Friday, April 14, 2023

Marshall Pruett Catches Up with Myles Rowe

Although winning an Indy NXT Championship definitely does Not guarantee you a Full season Ride in Indy Cars these days!


Love Marshall’s “Playful” dig at those Bus Bros’, noting how they’re just Posers in a Motorcoach! But Myles was actually riding a real “City” Bus in New York enroute to the Gym to work out whilst talking to Marshall…


This is a very enjoyable interview from Marshall’s Catching Up Podcast segment with current USF Pro 2000 racer Myles rowe.


And with No disrespect to Indy NXT driver Ernie Francis Jr., Myles is definitely the Driver I want to see making it into Indy Cars in the future!


As Rowe finished Runner-up to Michael D’Orlando in last year’s USF2000 Championship. With Marshall Catching Up with Him after winning three of the USF Pro 2000’s season’s first four races in-a-row! Driving for Pabst Racing with Force Indy in the No. 99, presumably “Red Tail” racecar.


As Rowe will battle D’Orlando once again this year in USF Pro 2000, with the caviot of the Series Champion being awarded a Scholarship prize to compete in Indy Lights, Err NXT next year.