Monday, February 28, 2022

IndyCar TV Blues…

Yeah, NBC really does stand for Nothing But commercials! Uhm, Liberty Who?


So the first NBC IndyCar Broadcast of the 2022 season is Done and Dusted, and I simply turned off Thy Telie’ after an Uber Brief Winner’s interview shaking my Head over how neutered the TV Broadcast felt to Mwah…


As I spent the next half hour after the broadcast was Sliced ‘N Diced for a Golf Promo walking around thoust Bungalow muttering how much I’m Not Impressed! As is this what I’ve waited All winter for? Oh, what’s that Leigh diffey? Did you tell us 43 times how many Fans were Onhand? And what’s your point there? Just trying to Sugar coat that everything in the World’s Fantastic while the Rooskie’s’ are Obliterating Ukraine! Since am I the only one to notice the irony of racing in Saint Petersburg…


While may be it’s just me? But what’s up with the constantly fluctuating TV Volume? As I had to keep turning Up and Down my volume level during the entire race! Especially during the opening portion of the race.


Now Don’t get me  wrong, as I’d much rather have Indy Cars on NBC vs. ABC, but the whole broadcast just seemed overly Homogenized to Mwah! Just a Very plain Vanilla feel…


As The Mayor ‘O Hinchtown’, aka James Hinchcliffe is a very competent Announcer, who I’d definitely prefer in the Booth over Kevin Lee! And James  definitely knows his “Craft,” but He’s just No Paul Tracy! And it just felt like Peat and Repeat were in the Booth, with (Townsend) T-Bell and Hinch’   going back ‘N forth along with the Moderator Diffey…


Marty Snyder, Kevin Lee and Dave Burns were the Pitlane Reporters and were fine, even if I’m really Not a Fan of Any of them, especially Dave Burns. As the only one who gave us some Amusing interaction between Himself and the Booth was Kevin Bantering with Townsend! And lookie’ Thar Mum’, I Didn’t even call Kevin the Werewolf this time, Chuh-Ching!


Yes, I totally understand that it’s a Business decision, and solely predicated on what makes the Most Profit for the Deathstar Comcast, who owns NBC! But I say you Cannot Bitch one single measly time about Reaping what Yuhs sew IndyCar!


So Put A Sox in It Penske Entertainments No. 1 Puffed shirt Mark Miles! I Do Not want to Hear Any Bellyaching about Ratings dip or Revenues being Down due to being Greedy and Selling Out to Comcast and it’s cock A ‘lil dudu Peacock Streaming service…



Now I’m fully aware that we cannot compare IndyCar to RASSCAR’, but you’ll Never be Nothing more than a Niche Sport if you continue Hiding your product on Hard to View platformes! As Funny How Fox manages to find time and has enough channels to Show Qualifying on Cable TV.

As seriously Comcast? You cannot find 90mins late evening on either USA Network or CNBC to show a “Canned” Tape Delayed Qualifying Show? Oh Yeah, that’s right I forgot you’ve gotta run nine hours of Law and Order reruns and Veg-O-Matic cooker Infomercials…


As Good Luck Pumping Up your remaining, loyal Fan base! Since How Much “Excitement” and Social Media buzz was lost due to the multitudes who Didn’t see Scott McLaughlin score  his maiden IndyCar Pole, Eh? I mean how much “Buzz” was there as a lead-in for Sunday’s race on Big NBC?


But what IndyCar should be most Disappointed by, and NBC and Comcast should be embarrassed over, albeit they probably Don’t give a Royal Fuck over as long as the Wire Transfer arrives ahead of time…


But Seriously IndyCar? You let yourselves be Cut Off from hosting your traditional Half Hour Post race “Debrief” by a Canned 30mins PGA Tour Documentary highlighting “Greatest moments in Golf,” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!


Just totally inexcusable! Like I get the 429 Commercial Breaks during the two Hour race window, but Not having the time or wherewithal to interview the other two Podium finishers is just plain Stupid! Not to mention having time to talk to a few other drivers of the Day.


As you’re Never, ever gonna build this Fan base you claim to so desperately covet if you Don’t give the Drivers, who are the Stars after All! Proper Mainstream Media exposure!


C’mon Comcast, NBC and IndyCar, Pull your collective Arses out of yourBums and give us back our traditional three Hour IndyCar race Broadcast window! 

Friday, February 25, 2022

INDYCAR: The 2022 Season Commences at St Pete

Let’s Light this Candle! Vroom-Vroom showtime boys ‘N Girls, rock ‘N roll!


What better way to Rev U-P IndyCar Fans then with the first Practice Sessions, or is it Session? After another Gory 154 Days  Offseason, eh? STEE-RIKE!


Nope, Yuhs Won’t be able to See ‘em take to Saint Petersburg’s Airfield temporary street course either Friday’s Practice or Saturday’s qualifying live unless you’ve signed up for the newly re-imagined NBC Sports Gold Bricks Paywall, Err NBC Sports Streaming’s Peacock service, Cock A Doo little dudu!


As it’s a royal Pain in Thy Keister having to wait until 13-days “Out” before I can start rummaging round my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service’s Zap2It’ TV Guide to try Deducing if Thars Any chance of Qualie’ being shown Tape Delayed on either USA Network or CNBC? C’mon IndyCar and Comcast, you can Bleepin’ do it!


But it’s actually great knowing that I Don’t have to spend All day Saturday in a virtual Bubble waiting impatiently for the 9:30PM Pacific Canned replay of IndyCar Qualifying Interrupted by 43 Freakin’ commercial Break during it’s 90mins Airing! As it’s Another Day I can Delete from my Motorsports Activities…


you can watch the Race Sunday morning, February 27th on BIG NBC as Geo Phillips like saying, also fondly known by it’s acronym Nothing But commercials! But as always, check your local listings for TV Times!


Rookies Abound…

#11 Tatiana Calderon: A.J. Foyt Racing; #14 Kyle Kirkwood: A.J. foyt Enterprises; #18 David Malukas: Dale coyne Racing with HDM Motorsports; #29 Devlin DeFrancesco: Andretti Steinbrenner Autosport; #30 christian Lundgaard: Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing and #77 Callum Ilott: Juncos Hollinger Racing.


So it’s probably just Mwah, but I find this year’s Rookie IndyCar Crop far more fascinating than last year’s Overly Ballyhooed Rookie Class, with the exception of Romain Grosjean, who Definitely Wasn’t a rookie in any sense besides joining the IndyCar Circus!


I tend to recall that Racer’s Marshall Pruett picked Christian Lundgaard to be Rookie Of the Year (ROY) last year, based on his team’s “Equipment.” As I struggle with this choice, especially since the young Dane’s only run one IndyCar race, and as far as I know, has Never been on an Oval.


If we’re going solely equipment-wise, then you’d have to think Devlin DeFrancesco would be the Frontrunner, although I’m most definitely Not Sold on the young KuhNuck’, especially due to his tepid Indy Lights campaign.


Callum Ilott’s also Arse-sumedly not been on an Oval before, and as much as I want him and his team to succeed, they seem to be vying with Dale Coyne and Company for Minnowesqe status and have yet to prove they can put a car Ontrack that finishes the entire race respectively. Not to mention Thar the Only single Car team on the Grid this season.


Have already written that David Malukas is my Dark Horse pick for ROY’, as I just really like this “Kid’s” Demeanour. Yeah, I know Not to get Hooked just by one single Marshall Pruett Podcast, but He also gave Kirkwood a spirited fight for the Indy Lights title last year, and perhaps DCR can continue it’s magic of last year’s Grosjean campaign?


Lastly, how times have changed, Eh? With ‘Ol SuperTex’, nee A.J. foyt Not only running a pair of rookies, but with one being a Girl to Boot! But Don’t get me wrong, as I think Tatiana Calderon will Open some Eyes this season, albeit She’s hampered by running only the Street and Road Corses as the only partial season rookie.


Meanwhile, I’ve been a Huge Fan of Kirkwood’s ever since learning his name Wayback in his F3 Americas Days, and He’s simply blitzed every rung on the Road to Indy ladder with multiple Championships. As Kyle’s only knock is running for foyt, who’ve become legendous’ for Perennially  running in the Back Half of the Grid, Ack!


What to look for?

Naturally Questions Abound, as this is the Shiny, Happy New Car Smell time ‘O year, when Hope springs eternal  towards Grandeur of Championship quests…


Beginning with the low Hanging Fruit, obviously you can Never count out Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden or Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon to figure into the title fight. Whilst many will be wonderin’ how Alex Palou Defends his unexpected IndyCar crown from last season.


And I’d like to believe that Arrow McLaren SP’s Pato O’Ward, Hmm? Have I mentioned lately He’s my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver? Will once again be part of the Championship discussion. Not to mention, Arse-sumedly Colton Herta will do likewise for Andretti Autosport, while I’d like to see his teammate Alexander Rossi do so also, but not sure if that will happen?


As will this be Rossi’s final season at Mikey a’s squad? Since I know Marshall Pruett already proclaimed last December that Kyle Kirkwood would be One and Done at Foyt before returning to Andretti, presumably taking Rossi’s vacated seat? As Rossi’s in a contract year and will definitely be looking to improve His Stock and finally return to the Winners circle.


But which Andretti driver will stand Atop the Podium first, Newby’ Romain Grosjean or Rossi?


As I’m sure we could go Case by Case for every IndyCar team and Thar Drivers roster, but that would run pages long by my lack of scribblin’ short stories here on No Fenders!


As the verdict’s still out upon many, i.e.; Meyer shank Racing’s reboot with Hulio’ (Helio Castroneves) and Simon Pagenaud, which I think is setting itself up for a Disappointing season? Since I definitely think Hulio’ will Fade, but not sure how Pagenaud will do? Although Obviously He’ll wish to prove leaving Penske wasn’t a Bad idea!


Not to mention Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s three Car Monty. Or Ed Carpenter Racing’s “refresh” Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera!


As who’ll get off to a Quick Start? Since you’d have to think St Pete favours Defending Race Winner Colton Big Shot! Herta, who’s on quite the Winnning Streak right now! Not to mention a very impressive maiden Race Of Champions (ROC) outing on Snow & Ice with Jimmie Johnson Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!


 Or will it be another of our countless Contendas’, i.e.; Penske, Ganassi or other Andretti Boyz’ starting off with a Win? And did we really learn anything from the Final Sebring tune Up Test? We’ll soon know… 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

IndyCar Season Preview: Honda runners’

It’s Almost showtime boys ‘N Girl, Ready or Nots!


Well, and No It’s A Deep subject Joke Here Folks, Hya! But It’s time again to throw the Green flag and Go Racing! As the IndyCar’s and their Road to Indy supporting cast take to Saint Petersburg’s Airfield temporary Street Course befinning this Friday, February 25th! And yes, Y’all read that right, as IndyCar has moved forward it’s traditional St Pete Season Opener to the month of February this year, instead of it’s normal March date. So let’s go Racing!


2022 Honda Team line-ups

Attempting another hypothetically short synopsis of the 15 Honda powered Drivers on this year’s IndyCar Grid. Which at least Thar numbers are spread out over five teams, or seven if we’re being technical over Mikey A’s two concerns and Dale Coyne’s fascination with the Alphabet and really long team nomenclatures, cymbal Crash please!


Andretti Autosport (3)

(Team/Car No/Drivers)

#26 Colton Herta, USA

#27 Alexander Rossi, USA

#28 Romain Grosjean, France


Andretti Steinbrenner Autosport (1)

#29 (R) Devlin DeFrancesco, Canada


Changes abound at Mikey A’s team this year, with two new drivers in the fold. As longtime Andretti Autosport fixture Ryan Hunter-Reay, The Dude! Has been replaced by last year’s Hottest “Silly Season” commodity Romain Grosjean, who brings his Dale coyne Racing Engineer Olivier Boisson, a “Dampers” expert with him. And like most, it’ll be weird seeing somebody else in the distinctive DHL #28 entry other than Hunter-Reay.


Also gone, having Hung Up his Helmet in favour of a microphone. The Mayor ‘O Hinchtown, aka James Hinchcliffe makes way for fellow Kuhnadiun’ Hoser, 22yr old IndyCar Rookie Devlin DeFrancesco, who graduates from a fairly mundane Indy Lights campaign, whilst Hinch’ will replace Paul Tracy in the Broadcast Booth.


Colton Herta who began the year by winning his second Rolex wristwatch by making the pass for the lead in the LMP2 Class during the waning minutes at this year’s 24 Hours of Daytona is currently Andretti’s Biggest Threat for Title rival, having finished fifth last year and claiming the only wins for the team . Notching three W’s and tying Alex Palou for most season victories.


While Alexander Rossi is still on his “Eternal Revenge Tour,” now in a Contract year and sorely wishing to get the Dreaded Cartoon Anvil Off his Backside by claiming his first victory in some two plus years.


Chip Ganassi Racing (4)

#8 Marcus Ericsson, Sweden

#9 Scott Dixon, New Zealand

#10 Alex Palou, Spain

#48 Jimmie Johnson, USA



Obviously the Biggest News, Perhaps? Is the News of Seven Times NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson making the decision to contest the entire IndyCar schedule during his Sophomore season at CGR, including his much anticipated Rookie outing at Mother Speedway this May. While TK’ Follow your Schnoz! Kanaan who filled in for JJ’ on the Ovals last year will run a fifth entry for Cheep’ at Indianapolis.


What can I say about the timeless Scott Dixon? Other than He’ll wish to atone for being upstaged by brand new CGR teammate Alex Palou, who motored to the Championship title in his Debutante season for Ganassi! Although you’d think the Six Times IndyCar Champion will surpass SuperMario’s (Andretti) career tally of 52 wins for second most overall this year, Righto?


Marcus Ericsson is the most overlooked of this quintet of Ganassi’s drivers, but has steadily improve each year in the series. Having had a Breakout season last year en route to sixth Overall, along with scoring his first two IndyCar victories! Not to mention having a totally Sweet sponsor, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!  


Alex Palou is the reigning IndyCar Champion and will have his work Cut Out to repeat, but I do Hope for Good Things to continue for this Affable Spaniard who reminds Mwah of a young Alex Zanardi…


Dale Coyne Racing with HDM Motorsports (1)

#18 (R) David Malukas, USA


Dale Coyne has traded one set of Partners, nee Top Jimmy’ (Vasser) and James Sully’ Sullivan for a new set from just down the Turnpike. As Chicago based Truckers’ HDM Motorsports joins DCR and will run 20yr old Rookie David Malukas, who finished Runner-up in last year’s Indy Lights Championship behind Kyle Kirkwood in a pretty spirited title fight.


As I really enjoyed Marshall Pruett’s Podcast with David and think He’ll be my Darkhorse Rookie Of the Year (ROY) pick. With the only unknown for Mwah is who his Engineer is and how well they get on?


Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing (1)


Takuma Sato replaces the departed Romain Grosjean at Coyne-Ware Racing. And although I’ve been a longtime Fan of Taku-san’s, I can only surmise this pairing was made possible by his longtime Backers Honda continuing to write a Hefty cheque for Him! Since with No Disrespect to Sato, at 45 years Old, his better years are surely behind Him?


Meyer Shank Racing (2)

#06 Helio Castroneves, Brazil

#60 Simon Pagenaud, France

(Technical Partnership with Andretti Autosport)


If you read No Fenders on a regular basis, you’ll know I’ve never been a Fan of Hulio’s, aka Helio Castroneves. And with the Brazilian turning 47 on May 10th, he’s IndyCar’s second Oldest driver. Sandwiching his Buddy Tony Kanaan who’s 130 Days (4 months and 10 days) Older than him. (Dec 31, 1974) And Jimmy Johnson who’s 4 months and a week younger than him. (Sept 17, 1975)


As I still totally believe Castroneves is past his prime, regardless His recent successes, Sigh! Yet naturally is a big Scoop for MSR, giving it “Star Power,” albeit can we please knock this Shit Off about the “Drive for Five,” since it Ain’t gonna Happen! Since I’ll expect Castroneves to come back Down to Earth when trying to run a full season IndyCar campaign this year vs. Young Bucks Half His Age!


Meanwhile, ex-Penske teammate Simon Pagenaud rejoins his former Dancin’ Pardner Hulio’ at MSR, replacing the Departed Jack Harvey. As it’ll be very interesting to See how the Frenchman’s IndyCar career goes at MSR, since I cannot think of anybody who’s improved after leaving Team Penske, as Ryan Briscoe comes to mind in this vain.


Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (3)

#15 Graham Rahal, USA

#30 Jack Harvey, UK

#45 (R) Christian Lundgaard, Denmark


Graham Rahal who’s entering his 16th IndyCar season I believe, becomes the De Facto Team leader by virtue of being the only returning driver. As RLLR has added a third Fulltime entry with the signing of Rookie 20yr old Dane Christian Lundgaard, a former FIA Formula 2 championship driver who made his IndyCar Debut with RLLR at last year’s August IMS road Course race.


But the bigger news was the departure of Jack Not bloody Nige” Harvey as Takuma Sato’s replacement, with Harvey leaving Meyer Shank Racing after spending his entire brief IndyCar career there. But Harvey decided to seek “greener” pastures, since presumably He Didn’t like living in Hulio’s shadow at MSR. As it’ll be interesting to see how this career move pans out.


(R = Rookie) 

Monday, February 21, 2022

IndyCar Season Preview: Bowtie Boyz’ and Girl

Are we really Going Racing in February?


Otay Folks!, what am I gnna Complain about now, Eh? Since our typically, Insufferable Miserably L-O-N-G 43 weeks Off-season since our last G-Damn IndyCar race Done Shrunk, Say What!


Instead, following the unusual April Long Beach IndyCar race being last year’s Season Finale, in another Strange, Covid 19 Pandemic affected season being held on September 26th. It’s only been Five months or 154 Sedate Days Off this winter before this Sunday’s regular St Pete Season Opener on February 27th, Hurrah!


2022 Chevrolet Team line-ups

This is just intended to be a hopefully somewhat Brief rundown upon the 10 Fulltime Bowtie’ runners in this year’s NTT IndyCar Series Championship.


A.J. Foyt Enterprises (3)

(Team/Car No/Drivers)

#4 Dalton Kellett, Canada

#11 (R) Tatiana Calderon, Columbia (Twisties’ Only)

#11 TBA (Ovals Only)

#14 (R) Kyle Kirkwood, USA


So with just three weeks remaining until St Pete, it was pretty Funny that “Publically” Dalton K-Tel’ Kellett is the “Veteran” Driver of A.J. foyt Enterprises three car armada! Since we still Didn’t know the Identity of who’d be driving the No. 11 Oval tracks programme, albeit I’d Arse-sume it’s between ‘Ol Narly Pinball’ or Captain America, i.e.; Charlie Kimball or Ryan Hunter-Reay respectively…


Naturally, after I finished Scribblin’ this riveting No Fenders prose. Racer’s Marshall Pruett suggested that the No. 11’s Ovalmeister’ will be J.R. Hildebrand, although I still don’t know where the No. 11 Team/Car will be Based out of, i.e.; Houston or Indianapolis?


RokiT has stepped up financially and will sponsor two thirds of Foyt’s entries with two diversely different drivers, including the first Female IndyCar Driver to run in the regular season since Simona de Silvestro’s 2013 campaign for KVRT.


And I’ll freely admit I’d never heard of RokiT until it first briefly was the Williams F1 Racing Team’s Title Sponsor and then became one of Alexis Dejoria’s main sponsors in her return to “Floppers,” aka NHRA Nitro Funny Cars.


As 28yr old Columbian Tatiana Calderon will pilot the #11 entry whilst reigning Indy Lights Champion Kyle Kirkwood will be behind the keyboard of the team’s storied No. 14 entry. As both drivers will be contesting Thar Rookie IndyCar season’s, albeit as noted, Calderon’s not racing on any Ovals this season.


Arrow McLaren SP

#5 Patricio O'Ward, Mexico

#7 Felix Rosenqvist, Sweden


While I highly Doubt I’ll ever be a Fan of Sam Schmidt’s, regarding the way he’s Jettisoned Drivers Willy Nily over the years! Nonetheless, this is one of the team’s I’m most interested in, especially since my current Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Pato O’Ward drives for them, not to mention I’d liked to See Felix rosenqvist rebound this year.


Patricio started off the year nicely by Co-Driving the winning DragonSpeed LMP2 entry at the Rolex 24, and He seems set to spend another season challenging for the title.


But I’m more interested in how the Engineering Shakeup Pans out for Rosenqvist, having noted previously on No Fenders how veteran Engineer Craig Hansen  takes over for Felix this season fulltime, which Hopefully will get the Swede to the pointy end of the Grid., Period


Whilst like Always, as my late Awntie’ Harriet would say, Can Arrow McLaren SP legitimately run with Thee Big boys this season?


Ed Carpenter Racing (2)

#20 Conor Daly, USA

#21 Rinus VeeKay, Netherlands


conor Daly went to Sin City, also known as Lost Wages or formally Las Vegas, rolled the Dice and came up Sevens! As Conor left the Desert with funding to go racing for ECR Fulltime this season, his first full Season with a single team since 2017. As ECR Boss Fast Eddie’, aka Ed Carpenter is just slated to run the Indianapolis 500 in a third car so far this season.


 Rinus VeeKay, who’s second IndyCar season got off to such a great start, including his series maiden win on Mother Speedway’s Infield Road course during May’s Indy GP. Saw his season go Pear Shaped after falling off his mountain bike during a training ride and breaking his Collar bone just before the Road America IndyCar race. As look for the promising Dutchman to presumably come back strong this season and at least give ECR one car Up Front, albeit Hopefully Daly will be knocking on the door for Top 10’s this year.


Juncos Hollinger Racing (1)

#77 (R) Callum Ilott, UK


This is one of the few Bowtie teams I’ll actively be Rootin’ for, since Thar definitely the Minnowesqe Chevrolet Squad on the Grid this year. And for Mwah there’s more questions than Answers about them, although I’ve Always pulled for Ricardo Juncos, since His story impresses me…


Juncos Hollinger Racing, or simply JHR has entered a Technical Alliance with the now Defunct Carlin IndyCar entity, having procured much equipment and the bulk of their Staff in this transaction. And it’s rumoured that it’s Engineers will fill the roles of Technical Director and Race Engineer this year for Callum Ilott, whom despite having run the last three IndyCar races as a Tune-up for both the 23yr old Englishman, who finished Runner-up in the 2020 FIA Formula 2 championship, and JHR, I believe He’ll still be a rookie this year.


Yet, whilst I wish nothing but success for JHR and Ilott, I have to wonder where Ricardo Juncos previous IndyCar Staff and Indy Lights Staff Members have gone?


Team Penske (3)

#2 Joseph Newgarden, USA

#3 Scott McLaughlin, New Zealand

#12 Will Power, Australia




The Big News at Team Penske is the Departure of Simon Pagenaud to rival Honda team Meyer shank Racing after seven season driving for El Capitano, along with the Shakeup of Race Engineers for Josef Newgarden and Scott McLaughlin.


And with with Team Penske’s contraction back to just a three car squad, and No intents of running an extra car for the Indy 500. Along with Newgarden and Power’s somewhat “Meager” win tally last season, I must say it feels like a bit of a Retooling year to Mwah for Penske.


Although you can never count Newgarden out of the Championship fight, and McLaughlin will be aiming to score his first IndyCar W’. Whilst Obviously DJ willyP’, (Power) won’t want to be outdone by the second year Kiwi’, not to mention trying to tie Mario Andretti’s Career Pole positions record, which I now seriously Doubt He’ll be able to match or exceed.


Hence, for the moment it feels like the Spark has left Team Penske, albeit this is before the first major IndyCar test or the season commencing…


(R = Rookie) 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Indy Cars lack of Diversity

Although I severely Doubt this will ever Truly be Overcome…


While it’s Great that as a Nation we have a Black History month, have you ever realized that once again African Americans are getting the short Straw by having it in February, the Shortest month of the Year


While I notice that as usual, is trying to positively Spin the announcement of Force Indy moving up to Indy Lights with new Driver Ernie Francis Jr., who I’d never heard of before last year’s SRX Racing Series, which seems a somewhat Odd training ground for Indy Cars!


While I’ve got nothing against Francis Jr., and wish Him Great Success as an Indy Lights Rookie! Since Francis Jr’s one Bad Arse Trans Am Driver, and trails only Paul Meatheadz’ Gentilozzi, Mark Donohue and the other TK’, aka Tommy Kendall for most Trans Am career victories, which should speak volumes!


Nonetheless, lost in All of this euphoria is Force Indy giving last year’s U.S. F2000 team Rookie Driver Myles Roe the cold Shoulder! Especially since the team knew whit Myles not having raced in several years, it would take time for him to knock the rust off, which I’d say He did by becoming the first Black Driver to ever win a U.s. F2000 race in New Jersey last Fall!


Yet Myles has been given the proverbial Der Helmut’ Luke warm Bath water Tossing treatment by Force Indy in their apparent rush to get a Black Driver to 16th and Georgetown el Pronto! As Racer’s Marshall Pruett wrote just before Christmas how Myles was trying to find a new U.s. F2000 ride and secure the necessary funding via a Go Fund Me page, which I’ve got Zero Clue if it’s still active? Or what Myles status is, since the U.S. F2000 season begins on February 26th at St Pete, and prior to posting this, Roe’s name Didn’t appear to be listed for any team’s entry.


Notice that Force Indy will continue running the No. 99, Hmm? Who’s number was that in Indy Cars, Eh? And that Myles Roe ran the #99 with a Red Tail motif rear wing in honour of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, which Y’all can read more about Myles in the following link below.!#:~:text=At%2020%2C%20Rowe%20is%20grounded%2C%20confident%20and%20ready,a%20nice%20twist%20on%20an%20activity%20he%20loves


While Conor Daly ran his Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) #47 U.S. Air force sponsored Red Tail tribute livery scheme in the 2021 Indianapolis 500 commemorating the Tuskegee  Airmen of World War II.





Charles E. McGee

“We Shattered All the Myths”


All of which seemingly came full circle when recently Hearing the News via my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service New York Times Obituary section that Decorated Brigadier General Charles E. McGee, one of the final remaining Tuskegee Airmen had just Died at the amazing age of 102.


As McGee’s prophetic comment about Shattering Myth’s was in regards to Black Pilots actually flying combat Missions during World War II. While McGee would ultimately fly 409 Combat Missions in three wars, i.e.; WWII, Korea and Vietnam, the third most combat missions ever.


Yet overt Racism in All facets of African Americans lives is Nothing new, and Sadly I’d say is still alive and Well today, even after the modern day lynching of George Floyd!


Although in a weird twist of Fate, the Summer of2020’s George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement seems to have sparked the interest in telling the story of forgotten IndyCar racer Charlie Wiggins, which I must divulge I’d never heard of him before Marshall Pruett’s Racer article last July.


As it’s Sad to me that I only learned of Charles Edwin “Charlie” Wiggins some Gory 85 years after his last race in the 1936 Gold ‘N Glory Sweepstakes race, held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! The premiere event of the Colored Speedway Association, (CSA) a racing league for Blacks Only.


As Wiggins won this Daunting 100 mile Dirt-track Sprint race four times between 1926 and 1935 and never finished lower than fifth, yet was Barred from racing in the Indianapolis 500! Which seems to make it even more ironic I’d never Heard of Him until 2021, some Gory 42 years after He’d died, Wayback’ in 1979, Y’all know the year somebody known as “Rocket Rick” Mears won his first Indy 500!


And speaking of Mother Speedway and that ‘lil ‘Ol 500 miler Oval race they run in May, the genesis of what Sparked this Story for Mwah was another excellent article by Racer’s Marshall Pruett revolving around why Willy T. Ribbs, the first African American Driver to race in the Indianapolis 500’s racecar wasn’t on display in the Indianapolis Museum commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Ribbs accomplishment?


Yet it makes perfect sense how Derrick Walker and his Shoestring Startup Walker Racing concern would simply need to use the year old Lola T90/00 chassis in further events that season and that the chassis would ultimately be wrecked during the Michigan 500 by Professor B’, aka Jon Beekhuis…


And whilst Ribs muses that El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske could easily afford the ridiculous Half million asking price for a vintage Lola T90/00 for a much deserved replica of Willy’s “Hot Pink” #17 Walker Lola IndyCar, somehow I doubt this will happen?


Yeah, I know it’s Roger’s money, which is probably why He’s a Billionaire and I’m just a lowly Basement Dwelling Blogger. Hey Mom, turn the lights back on! But before anybody says Poor roger and how Harshly He was Hit financially during the Covid 19 Pandemic and No Fans allowed at IMS in 2020.


I’d Beg to Differ, and suggest Y’all check out forbes list of latest Billionaires and how Roger’s Net Worth actually increased! Not to mention Claudio’ informing Mwah that “The Captain” just so happens to have a luxury Yacht appropriately named the Podium!


So if IndyCar’s serious about Thar Diversity Push, then Penske Entertainment can Afford to sponsor two promising, aspiring Black Drivers in it’s Road to Indy programmes, and also commission and prominently Display in it’s museum a replica Lola IndyCar of Willy t. Ribbs first Indy 500 entry! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

F1: Time to launch thoust Chariots!

But can any of the Others Beat Mercedes and Red Bull?


Diehard Formula 1 Fans will know that there’s already been two, or was it three? Or may be thoust Number is Four? Glitzy Computer rendered teases of the forthcoming 2022 F1 Cars having been “launched” last week. Since rumours claimed that Haas would “Jump the Shark” to the front of the Queue…



Perhaps we now know why Tom Terrible (Brady) announced his retirement last week, just ahead of Aston Martin revealing Thar AMR22 on Feb 10th, CoInky-dense? As No word on whether or not that Secret Agent Man Daniel Craig was present once again, Queue the Double Ought Secret Agent Man theme Musak’…


The following F1 Car launch Dates announced so far I’ve heard when beginning to scribble this before some other “Roman” Chariots went Round ‘N round in the Los Angeles coliseum were Aston Martin: February 10th, McLaren: 2/11, AlphaTauri: 2/14 – Be Still My Beating Heart, Hunka Hunka! Ferrari: 2/17,  Mercedes: 2/18, Alpine: 2/21 and Alfa Romeo: 2/27. Leaving just the aforementioned Haas, Red Bull and Williams “reveal” dates unknown.


But of course after I’d finished typing this riveting No Fenders prose, word came via ESPN Online Motorsports Headlines and Racer that Haas would indeed Jump the Shark and Digitally reveal it’s VF-22 Contendah’ February 4th, before an actual “Rollout” at Barcelona Feb 23rd. And then Red Bull announced that it would stream Online the launch of it’s RB18 Chassis 2/9, leaving only Team Willy’s 2022 Debut unknown…


Simone Resta, Hass’s Technical Director has already stated the Obvious, by proclaiming that the Haas VF-22 will appear marginally Different when it finally see the light of day in public at the Shakedown test. Whilst I’d expect us Not seeing the true “initial” 2022 F1 Chassis Designs until the first race weekend occurs at Bahrain.


Meanwhile, although the new Alfa Romeo C42 chassis will be present at the February 23-25 Barcelona Shakedown Test, along with it’s other nine Formula 1 rivals. But running in an interim test livery before it’s Super Duper livery reveal on the 27th.


As this “Marketing” concept is well worn by now, most notably with Team Willy’s endless testing liveries. Not to mention I tend to recall Red Bull running a Camouflage test scheme previously.


As the Barcelona Shakedown test will be followed by the official F1 Test at Bahrain March 10-12, before the 2022 season commences in Bahrain March 20th.


As here’s a video to watch that briefly explains the raft of technical changes made for this year’s Formula 1 championship, with the biggest revolving around the new ultra low profile 18-inch Pirelli rubber and massively revamped Aerodynamics.


As it’s interesting hearing such drivers as Max Verstappen note how different the new cars appear in the simulator, and how He’s not used to how much Taller the new 18-inch tyres are, and how they Block seeing the corner Apexes! Making it much Harder to judge where to position the car, but surely All of the Drivers will adjust to this, since Max said He’s already looking forward to driving the real actual car in the first test… 

Monday, February 14, 2022

Ode to DannaCar (2022 Edition)

Yep! It's that time of the year once again to honour the Disco Queen of 'RASSCAR! Although I think She’s already got a Valentine's suitor this year. As I've been told by a ‘lil Tweety-bird’ that She’s quite Smitten with some Dude named Carter Comstock. And that Danica’s Definitely lost both former Beaus’ Aaron Rodgers and Good 'Ol Ricky-boy's phone numbers!


Nevertheless, here we go, And Ah One and Ah Two!


Toe to toe
Dancing very slow
Barely breathing
Almost comatose…


Wall to wall
People hypnotized
And they're stepping lightly
Hanging on her every move each night in Rapture

Back to back
Spineless movement
And a wild attack

Face to face
Sadly solitude
And it's finger popping

Twenty-four hour shopping

InDannaCar Land!

Flavour Flav HMS Monogram told me everybody's high
DJ's spinning' are saving' my mind
Flash is Fast, Flash is cool
Jacke Vanilla sez fast, Flashe' no do

And you try to stop

(Watching’ MAC Montoya, Sam Hornish & ALL those Open Wheel DEFECTORS!)


Just go out to the parking lot
Get in your car and you drive real far

Away from the track!

After you drive all night, you see a bright flashing light

And it comes right down and lands on the ground
And out pops a Girl in a shiny sequin bathing suit from RASSCAR!

And you try to run but She's got a gun
And She shoots you dead and “She eats your head
And then you're in the Girl from RASSCAR!

You go out at night, eatin' Racecars

 You eat Marches, Reynard’s, Swift’s and Panoz’s too…

And you don't stop, you keep on eatin' Single Seaters
Then, when there's no more Racecars left
You go out at night and eat up Open Wheel Racing series instead

Like Champ Car and the IRL

While ‘Ol timers desperately cling to fantasies of a renaissance…


Face to face, dance cheek to cheek

One to one, man to man
Dance toe to toe
Don't move to slow, 'cause the Girl from RASSCAR is cutting thru

(Excuse me HULIO!)


But Mrs. Hospenthal is through with the competition

‘cause She's been eatin' a ton ‘O snicker bars
Yeah, wall to wall, door to door, hall to hall
She's gonna eat 'em all


Be pure
Take a tour; through the sewer
Don't strain your brain

Just check out that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue instead!

And then say it real fast

Boog-itee- Boog-itee- Boog-itee!

Paint a train, cause you’ll be singing' in the rain

If dare ain’t some ‘Tin Tops on real soon
I say stop throwin those mountain dew cans at Pretty Boy Floyd

Junior Nation!

Just be good ‘ol boyzs and cheer for ‘dannaCar instead!

Well now you see what you want to be

Just like Mike, who’s trying to pump up ‘Dem Spin-Car ratings on TV
'Cause the Girl from RASSCAR won't eat Candy bars when She’s PEAK-ing

In the bright lights…


As now She's gone back up to MARS Where She won't have a hassle with the human race ‘cause now its ‘DannaLand!

And you hip-hop, and you don't stop
Just blast off, sure shot
'Cause the Girl from RASSCAR stopped eatin' Racecars
And now She only devours IndyCar

get up, ‘Cause She’s gone HOLLYWOOD!


(Original lyrics: Blondie, Rapture)


Originally written by Tomaso on Feb 15, 2008

(Last Modified: February 10, 2022)