Friday, February 11, 2022

The 2021 Formula 1 Golden Tailpipe Awards edition

As it’s another rousing rendition of No Fenders selections Justin-time, Y’all!


Yessiree Bob, Bob’s your Uncle Mateys! As I know Y’all will rejoice over my not having made any selections for the 2020 Formula 1 season and Hence, am foregoing even trying to attempt choosing any now!


Alas, as the first of the shiny Brand New teaser images of this year’s radically modified F1 Chassis are presented to us via Zed Internets this week. Although I suspect they’ll not be the final 2022 race configurations. As usual I’m playin’ Ketsup and will reminisce over the still Smoldering 2021 season instead.



2021 F1 World Champion: Max Verstappen, Netherlands

2021 Constructors Champion: Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

2021 Monaco Grand Prix: Max Verstappen



1. Driver of The Year

Winner: Sergio Perez

This was my only choice I’d selected originally for 2020, before running into thoust Myriad ‘O Confuzer issues, Shiesa! As I think checko’ electrified All of us with his fantastic Debutante F1 victory at Sekir Wayback in November, 2020. And although Sergio had the typical initial struggles of trying to match pace with his teammate Max Verstappen, All of the Dutchman’s teammates have experienced this!


Not to mention Perez made his Gaffs during 2021, as Spa comes to mind, although the conditions were simply Abhorrent! But his willingness to do whatever Red Bull demanded of him, be it for calling Slingshot On! Or his brilliant Battle royale’s vs. Lewis Hamilton to keep the Domineering Brit’ behind him, not to mention picking up his second career Formula 1 victory at Baku make me far more impressed with Him than anybody else on last year’s F1 Grid!


Other Choices

The Usual suspects, i.e.; Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and I Dunno… Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris, Oh Never Mind!


2. Biggest Disappointment of The Year

This one goes to the Biggest Weinerschnitzel on the Grid Herr Wolff! As Mercedes Boss toto Wolff should absolutely be Ashamed of Himself! Not to mention his wife Susie Wolff! As Seriously? Do you want to raise your Kids by throwing Demonstrative Tantrums, Hissy-fits and tossing your Sippee Cup in Anger whenever You Don’t Get Your Way!


Toto’s Blowing A Gasket at FIA Race Director Michael Masi simply because Masi Didn’t listen to Him was Disgusting! And Toto’s Snubbing the FIA Awards Gala which He and Lewis Hamilton were Obliged to do just further Solidified my Disgust towards Herr Wolff Crying Crocodile Tears Whah-Whah-Whah!


As Sorry toto, you simply Cannot have your way every single Stinkin’ time during the course of a ridiculous 22 or is it a Ghastly 23 Grands Prix now? And I’ll be Uber disappointed with the FIA if they Cowtow to toto and Fire Masi just because He did something Toto Didn’t like!


3. Race of The Year

Winner: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

This race gets the nod for All of the wrong reasons, even though I found it an uber’ Gripping Season Finale! As I was rooting for Max Verstappen, Say What? Simply because I Don’t want Sir Lewis to break the final Michael Schumacher record He hasn’t Broken yet! And with that Now Thars lapped Cars, Now Thars Not! Whimsical last lap Tomfoolery, I just simply sat on Thy Couch Shrieking in uncontrollable, Hysterical laughter, since I was simply dumbfounded over the finish!


Other Choices

Hungaroring, Baku, Circuit Of The Americas?


4. Most Improved Team of the Year

Winner: Williams

Although most would probably scoff over giving this to Team Willy’, simply for finally vaulting from Dead last two seasons in-a-row to an unimpressive eighth in the F1 Constructors Championship. And presumably George Russell’s Haul of second place Half points at the Abysmal Belgian Grand Prix which should have Never been run! Paid a large part in this, yet nonetheless it’s nice to see Williams finally righting it’s floundering Ship. Turning the Storied Constructor Hopefully the right direction and surpassing two Formula 1 Teams, which hopefully is a sign of Better things to come this season.


5. Most Disappointing Team of the Year

Winner: Aston Martin

The easy choice would have been Haas, or even Alfa Romeo, but that’s too easy! And perhaps after the team’s unintended Blunder in Hungary, the team simply gave up on it’s 2021 “Interim” chassis a la Haas? As Haas reputedly was the first F1 Team to solely focus upon the radically altered 2022 chassis during the previous season.


Yet for a team being accused of running a Pink Mercedes in 2020? And having the same Merc’ Power Unit that McLaren utilized to great success this season. Not to mention Sergio Perez giving the team it’s maiden Grand Prix victory, along with having a Quadruple F1 World Champion as one of your drivers, I cannot help but be disappointed by Aston Martin’s performance.

For the Conclusion of this Golden Tailpipe  Awards Categories 6-10, i.e.; Most Impressive Driver of The Year, Most Improved Driver of The Year, Most Disappointing Driver of The Year, Personality of The Year and Rookie of The Year, Please visit the following No Fenders link below.