Monday, January 17, 2022

F1: Wolff Still Howling Foul Against FIA’s Masi!

As Toto still hasn’t picked up His overturned Sippee Cup He threw in Disgust at Yas Isle…


Last Wednesday, I listened to an ESPN Motorsports Headlines article via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service proclaiming that Herr Wolff was still Scalp Hunting a month after the Abu Dhabi F1 season finale!


As Toto Wolff seemed to have Demanded that Mercedes, and more importantly the return of his prized driver Sir Lewis, Err Golden child’, nee Lewis Hamilton, who’s still Disillusioned over the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix outcome. And if FIA Race Director Michael Masi isn’t Fired sometime after his meeting with newly elected FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayen, then Hamilton probably won’t return, Boo Hoo Hoo!


As a Hard Core Formula 1 Fan from the States for over 35 years, when Formula 1 wasn’t considered popular in the U.S., it really bothers me that F1 now supposedly has solely grown so attractive due to the Net Flix Reality TV Series Drive to Survive, a la the Real Housewifes of Formula One, Spew!


But what really Burns Me is the constant Hissy Fits Toto, and his wife Susie Wolff have publicly if they Don’t get their way and that Mercedes Doesn’t Wins every single race, Err Drivers and Constructors Championships! As Boo Hoo Hoo Toto! Cry Me A River in your Sauerkraut!


As I’ve said before, I’m neither a fan of Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen or Hamilton, so I Don’t really feel like I’ve got a “Dog” in this Catfight, Meow! And All I can say to Sir Lewis, is Do It Buddy! Walk Away from Formula 1 and let the Young Guns have their  Day in the Sun!


Were the rules arbitrarily applied during the race’s finish? Absolutely, and I understand the Crux of Mercedes and toto’s consternation, But! For Mwah, this constant Whingeing On and On by Herr Wolff, along with his and Lewis’s absence from the FIA required attendance at the Prize Gala simply Pisses Me Off over their continued Poor Sportsmanship! Although predominantly Wolff’s, since Lewis seemed quite gracious in Defeat.


Meanwhile, Racer’s Chris Medland has rightly written how the FIA currently Doesn’t have the luxury of remaining Silent on this matter and needs to be as transparent about it as possible, which I wholeheartedly agree with. But the FIA cannot Fire Masi just because Herr Wolff Demands It after throwing his Sippee cup out of the Pram! As this would simply open up way too many problems of credibility for the Sport of Formula 1 and more importantly the creditability of the FIA as a Governing Body as a whole!


Since how long would it take for Red Bull’s Christian Horner to call for the same thing the next time a decision went against his prized pupil Mad Maxx? And do we really want Liberty Media, the owners of Formula 1 turning it into a reality show? Like F1 Viewers voting via Social Media and  saying Bring Us your Torch Masi, the Tribe Has Spoken…


Although I was initially confused when “Watching,” Err listening to the live broadcast of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix over the decision to only remove five of the eight lapped cars, which still seems completely against the current FIA regulations. I understand this move was simply, and I’d argue correctly made since the latter three Unlapped Backmarkers had No input into deciding the Drivers Championship. As I no longer remember All three of these “Victims,” with the only one I can recall being DannyRic’, aka McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo, who I Don’t know if this affected his final finishing outcome?


As Masi simply was trying to give the multi millions television audience what it wanted, a Showdown Finish “For the Ages!” Instead of the race finishing under a Safety Car procession, albeit that is how it should have ended. Or a Red Flag should have been thrown, albeit the ability to change tyres during a Red Flag seems to make this a muddled option…


Yet I’m still amazed how little is being said over Toto Wolff Badgering Masi to Not Bring Out A Safety Car during a previous “Dubious” situation that would have affected Mercedes as early as lap 38, for which I cannot remember if this was also at Abu Dhabi?


Thus for Mwah, what really Sticks in My Craw is Toto Wolff’s Arrogant, Pompous Self Promoting ways and throwing a tyrannical Tantrum if He Doesn’t Get His Way over every single, perceived Slight that comes his way…


So Put A Sock in It, Toto!