Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Great Beth Paretta Racer Interview

Covering All facets of life…


This is a wonderful interview of Beth Paretta by Racer’s Marshall Pruett for his numerous, weekly Marshall Pruett Podcasts. It was intended to be released last May prior to some ‘lil Oval race at 16th and Georgetown, but for reasons unknown never happened. The entire interview weighs in at a Hefty two hours, for which Marshall’s broken into two segments  for which I’m eagerly awaiting Part 2 of Beth Paretta’s life in Motor Racing and Career!


As Part 1 covers Beth’s childhood, initial introduction to motor racing, her Parents and Older brother, and how She went from working for Aston Martin to Dodge’s SRT Division…


Being Blind, I’ve only managed to figure out how to “manually” find and activate the Play button on the Racer Podcasts. As I found what appears to be the second part on ye Intrawoods’, nee Internet, but couldn’t find a readily Accessible Screen Reader Friendly Play button to “Click” upon, so good Hunting!


As I highly recommend checking out the first Hours portion in the Racer link below!