Thursday, February 17, 2022

Indy Cars lack of Diversity

Although I severely Doubt this will ever Truly be Overcome…


While it’s Great that as a Nation we have a Black History month, have you ever realized that once again African Americans are getting the short Straw by having it in February, the Shortest month of the Year


While I notice that as usual, is trying to positively Spin the announcement of Force Indy moving up to Indy Lights with new Driver Ernie Francis Jr., who I’d never heard of before last year’s SRX Racing Series, which seems a somewhat Odd training ground for Indy Cars!


While I’ve got nothing against Francis Jr., and wish Him Great Success as an Indy Lights Rookie! Since Francis Jr’s one Bad Arse Trans Am Driver, and trails only Paul Meatheadz’ Gentilozzi, Mark Donohue and the other TK’, aka Tommy Kendall for most Trans Am career victories, which should speak volumes!


Nonetheless, lost in All of this euphoria is Force Indy giving last year’s U.S. F2000 team Rookie Driver Myles Roe the cold Shoulder! Especially since the team knew whit Myles not having raced in several years, it would take time for him to knock the rust off, which I’d say He did by becoming the first Black Driver to ever win a U.s. F2000 race in New Jersey last Fall!


Yet Myles has been given the proverbial Der Helmut’ Luke warm Bath water Tossing treatment by Force Indy in their apparent rush to get a Black Driver to 16th and Georgetown el Pronto! As Racer’s Marshall Pruett wrote just before Christmas how Myles was trying to find a new U.s. F2000 ride and secure the necessary funding via a Go Fund Me page, which I’ve got Zero Clue if it’s still active? Or what Myles status is, since the U.S. F2000 season begins on February 26th at St Pete, and prior to posting this, Roe’s name Didn’t appear to be listed for any team’s entry.


Notice that Force Indy will continue running the No. 99, Hmm? Who’s number was that in Indy Cars, Eh? And that Myles Roe ran the #99 with a Red Tail motif rear wing in honour of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, which Y’all can read more about Myles in the following link below.!#:~:text=At%2020%2C%20Rowe%20is%20grounded%2C%20confident%20and%20ready,a%20nice%20twist%20on%20an%20activity%20he%20loves


While Conor Daly ran his Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) #47 U.S. Air force sponsored Red Tail tribute livery scheme in the 2021 Indianapolis 500 commemorating the Tuskegee  Airmen of World War II.





Charles E. McGee

“We Shattered All the Myths”


All of which seemingly came full circle when recently Hearing the News via my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service New York Times Obituary section that Decorated Brigadier General Charles E. McGee, one of the final remaining Tuskegee Airmen had just Died at the amazing age of 102.


As McGee’s prophetic comment about Shattering Myth’s was in regards to Black Pilots actually flying combat Missions during World War II. While McGee would ultimately fly 409 Combat Missions in three wars, i.e.; WWII, Korea and Vietnam, the third most combat missions ever.


Yet overt Racism in All facets of African Americans lives is Nothing new, and Sadly I’d say is still alive and Well today, even after the modern day lynching of George Floyd!


Although in a weird twist of Fate, the Summer of2020’s George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement seems to have sparked the interest in telling the story of forgotten IndyCar racer Charlie Wiggins, which I must divulge I’d never heard of him before Marshall Pruett’s Racer article last July.


As it’s Sad to me that I only learned of Charles Edwin “Charlie” Wiggins some Gory 85 years after his last race in the 1936 Gold ‘N Glory Sweepstakes race, held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! The premiere event of the Colored Speedway Association, (CSA) a racing league for Blacks Only.


As Wiggins won this Daunting 100 mile Dirt-track Sprint race four times between 1926 and 1935 and never finished lower than fifth, yet was Barred from racing in the Indianapolis 500! Which seems to make it even more ironic I’d never Heard of Him until 2021, some Gory 42 years after He’d died, Wayback’ in 1979, Y’all know the year somebody known as “Rocket Rick” Mears won his first Indy 500!


And speaking of Mother Speedway and that ‘lil ‘Ol 500 miler Oval race they run in May, the genesis of what Sparked this Story for Mwah was another excellent article by Racer’s Marshall Pruett revolving around why Willy T. Ribbs, the first African American Driver to race in the Indianapolis 500’s racecar wasn’t on display in the Indianapolis Museum commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Ribbs accomplishment?


Yet it makes perfect sense how Derrick Walker and his Shoestring Startup Walker Racing concern would simply need to use the year old Lola T90/00 chassis in further events that season and that the chassis would ultimately be wrecked during the Michigan 500 by Professor B’, aka Jon Beekhuis…


And whilst Ribs muses that El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske could easily afford the ridiculous Half million asking price for a vintage Lola T90/00 for a much deserved replica of Willy’s “Hot Pink” #17 Walker Lola IndyCar, somehow I doubt this will happen?


Yeah, I know it’s Roger’s money, which is probably why He’s a Billionaire and I’m just a lowly Basement Dwelling Blogger. Hey Mom, turn the lights back on! But before anybody says Poor roger and how Harshly He was Hit financially during the Covid 19 Pandemic and No Fans allowed at IMS in 2020.


I’d Beg to Differ, and suggest Y’all check out forbes list of latest Billionaires and how Roger’s Net Worth actually increased! Not to mention Claudio’ informing Mwah that “The Captain” just so happens to have a luxury Yacht appropriately named the Podium!


So if IndyCar’s serious about Thar Diversity Push, then Penske Entertainment can Afford to sponsor two promising, aspiring Black Drivers in it’s Road to Indy programmes, and also commission and prominently Display in it’s museum a replica Lola IndyCar of Willy t. Ribbs first Indy 500 entry!