Tuesday, February 15, 2022

F1: Time to launch thoust Chariots!

But can any of the Others Beat Mercedes and Red Bull?


Diehard Formula 1 Fans will know that there’s already been two, or was it three? Or may be thoust Number is Four? Glitzy Computer rendered teases of the forthcoming 2022 F1 Cars having been “launched” last week. Since rumours claimed that Haas would “Jump the Shark” to the front of the Queue…



Perhaps we now know why Tom Terrible (Brady) announced his retirement last week, just ahead of Aston Martin revealing Thar AMR22 on Feb 10th, CoInky-dense? As No word on whether or not that Secret Agent Man Daniel Craig was present once again, Queue the Double Ought Secret Agent Man theme Musak’…




The following F1 Car launch Dates announced so far I’ve heard when beginning to scribble this before some other “Roman” Chariots went Round ‘N round in the Los Angeles coliseum were Aston Martin: February 10th, McLaren: 2/11, AlphaTauri: 2/14 – Be Still My Beating Heart, Hunka Hunka! Ferrari: 2/17,  Mercedes: 2/18, Alpine: 2/21 and Alfa Romeo: 2/27. Leaving just the aforementioned Haas, Red Bull and Williams “reveal” dates unknown.


But of course after I’d finished typing this riveting No Fenders prose, word came via ESPN Online Motorsports Headlines and Racer that Haas would indeed Jump the Shark and Digitally reveal it’s VF-22 Contendah’ February 4th, before an actual “Rollout” at Barcelona Feb 23rd. And then Red Bull announced that it would stream Online the launch of it’s RB18 Chassis 2/9, leaving only Team Willy’s 2022 Debut unknown…




Simone Resta, Hass’s Technical Director has already stated the Obvious, by proclaiming that the Haas VF-22 will appear marginally Different when it finally see the light of day in public at the Shakedown test. Whilst I’d expect us Not seeing the true “initial” 2022 F1 Chassis Designs until the first race weekend occurs at Bahrain.


Meanwhile, although the new Alfa Romeo C42 chassis will be present at the February 23-25 Barcelona Shakedown Test, along with it’s other nine Formula 1 rivals. But running in an interim test livery before it’s Super Duper livery reveal on the 27th.


As this “Marketing” concept is well worn by now, most notably with Team Willy’s endless testing liveries. Not to mention I tend to recall Red Bull running a Camouflage test scheme previously.


As the Barcelona Shakedown test will be followed by the official F1 Test at Bahrain March 10-12, before the 2022 season commences in Bahrain March 20th.


As here’s a video to watch that briefly explains the raft of technical changes made for this year’s Formula 1 championship, with the biggest revolving around the new ultra low profile 18-inch Pirelli rubber and massively revamped Aerodynamics.




As it’s interesting hearing such drivers as Max Verstappen note how different the new cars appear in the simulator, and how He’s not used to how much Taller the new 18-inch tyres are, and how they Block seeing the corner Apexes! Making it much Harder to judge where to position the car, but surely All of the Drivers will adjust to this, since Max said He’s already looking forward to driving the real actual car in the first test…