Thursday, June 11, 2020

What Does Drag Racing and James Bond Have in Common with Formula 1?

Nope, it's Not they're having Anything to Do with Gadgets...

Over Memorial Day weekend, remember that Y'all? Hey, Yuhs know how I'm constantly doing Ye Time Warp here upon thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville, Righto? And some 'lil 'Ol Texas IndyCar race got in the way...

AnyHoo, Team Willys'George Russell won the Virtual Monaco Grand Prix event, his second win in-a-row, which reminded me of a fairly dated story I'd heard Wayback in early February via the Los Angeles Daily News Motorsports section, Huh? Yuhs know when the NHRA Circus was beginning its 2020 season at Pomona, California's yearly Winter Nationals; CRIKEYS!

Hmm, Where'd It Go? Sigh, another 'O Ye Myriad of Newspapers who's content's been Corrupted by the Silly IT Boffins constantly Tinkering  with thou various Newspapers available on the NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, that I tire mightily of having to constantly notify Newsline of their being Scrambled; But I Digress...  

Noting that Alexis DeJoria was returning to the world of Top Fuel Nitro Floppers', aka NHRA Funny Cars after a two year Sabattical in a newly created race team named DC Motorsports sponsored by two major brands, i.e.; ROKiT Phones and ABK Beer adorning her Toyota Camry Funny Car.

And what Peaked'; Oh Never Mind! My Attenzione in said article was the tiny tidbit divulging that ROKiT was co-founded by her Pops John Paul DeJoria, who also founded Paul Mitchell Hair Care products and the Patron Tequila Brand, once synonymous with Sports Car racing in North America...

As I'll confess that I paid little Attenzione last year to the Williams F1 Team's newest title sponsor, other than saying Who?

Having never heard of ROKiT before, and I just thought this was Williams Desperation of finding a new title sponsor after the very recconnizable Martini Drinks conglomerate walked away from Team Willy.

Ok, so it appears to be a Telecommunications company with major ambitions, since it's Company's glossy Fluff website's Homepage doesn't really reveal too much other than it's currently "Wiring" some two Dozen-plus cities in India, albeit presumably Pre-COVID 19 Pandemic crisis.

Yet they must be a fairly large company since I've now discovered they also sponsor the Venturi Formula E Team along with the Women's W Series Motorsports Championship. On top of sponsoring Golden Child's younger brother Nicolas Hamilton in the British Touring Car Championship. (BTCC)

Thought may be I read somewheres' that ROKiT Chairman Jonathan Kendrick is a Motorhead? since he did spend considerable time in thou Tyre Business, which would somewhat explain the push into motorsports sponsorships,

Whilst I also gleamed somewhere else that Alexis DeJoria became infatuated with Thee Need for Speed! After her father took her Tooling' about in his Vector W8 Supercar!

Also, Kendrick's mini-Bio' notes he owns several Drinks companies including ABK Beer, a German Brand dating over 700 years, which you can read below.

Having since read on Ye Intrawoods' that indeed John Paul took daughter Alexis on a Road-trip to Las Vegas when she was "Sweet 16," and let her drive the car once they crossed over into Nevada. With John Paul noting that she kept stepping on it and stepping on it, and pretty soon they were Hurtlin' along at Gory 200mph before he asked her to back it down! With John Paul noting the Vector has a Top Speed of 227mph; SHEISA!

Having subsequently stumbled across this Youtube video clip from the TV Show Steel Dreams Hosted by Ralph "Keyboard Warriors R US" Sheheen Wayback in December, 2010. Where Ralph interviews John Paul DeJoria, and his wife Eloise about their Harleys and his Vector W8. An ultra rare automobile, with only 17 production versions built...

But what about Ye James Bond 007 reference Y'all are saying, Righto? If you're still reading this...

Whale' it's just a tease since Aston Martin Automobiles are synonymous with the British Secret Agent, who predominantly drives Astons, albeit I'm pretty fond of the Lotus Esprit's and a Narly 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 he drove; But I Digress...

as it's now worth paying Attenzione to the car-maker since after all  they'll be racing in Formula 1 in 2021.

As I've previously noted how the man at Ye Helm of the Racing Point F1 Team's Takeover is Lawrence Stroll, father of one half of its current Grands Prix Pilotes Lance.

Since Lawrence has also thrown the beleaguered Auto manufacturer a Financial Lifeline earlier. Has now Arse-sumedly helped influence the Firing of CEO Andy Palmer who's being replaced by current Mercedes AMG CEO Tobias Moers beginning this August.

And lastly, our Hero Fredrico Suave', aka Fred Alonso certainly has a knack for keeping his name in the media, Ci! Having not only swept the Legends trophy virtual Indianapolis Oval events, along with the Will He, Won't He? Conjecture over a possible return to le Reggie', nee Renault - who's in somewhat Desperate need of a Star Driver to replace the departing Daniel Ricciardo at season's end.

As perhaps it's just Mwah, but won't It feel rather Surreal when Formula 1 finally Kick Starts it's Stilted 2020 Season July 5th in Spielberg? Ja-Ja, Ye Hills will be Filled with Thee Sounds 'O Musak'; Err 20 PU's, nee technological Tour de Force Power Units...

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