Friday, June 19, 2020

INDYCAR: Alex Zanardi In Serious Condition after Accident

Just sat down to peruse the Day's Racing News, including my typical visit to Racer's IndyCar section and was very surprised to find the "lead" article pronouncing that Alex Zanardi was out of surgery and placed in Intensive Care after three hours of surgery!

As Alex was involved in a Handbiking accident, ultimately colliding with an oncoming vehicle, which Don't sound good, but Hopefully Alex will recover fully - Quickly!

Zanardi Out of surgery, Condition very Serious

Alex Zanardi has been placed in a Medically Induced Coma after his 3hrs Surgery, having suffered a Smashed Face after Striking a Semi-truck when veering into its oncoming path! As the Driver tried to Swerve Out of the Way - Unsuccessfully, and now All we can do is Wait and Hope that Alex will Wake-up sometime in the near future...