Monday, June 15, 2020

AUTOS: Maranello Cruiser' goes Silent, Stuttgart Classic follows..

When a pair of 40 year old Classics gets 21st Century Makeovers, You've gotta wonder is this what the Future Holds for Us?

Ironically, this past weekend of June 13-14 was exactly 50 years to the running of the 38th 24 Hours of Le Mans, when two of Automotives most legendous' Marques fought Hammer 'N Tongs for that year's outright victory of what arguably was then the largest Sporting event, or certainly Motorsports marquee event.

As may be you've heard that the Rebellion-Williams E-Sports team won this past weekend's virtual Le Mans 24H race, which featured such luminaries as Fredrico Suave' and Rubino', nee Fred Alonso and Rubens Barrichello as one team. Along with current Formula 1 Pilotes Chuck Luh-cluck', aka Charles Leclerc, plus Max Verstappen and Lando Norris teaming up for the event...

Alas, as I've been tirelessly Serenading Y'all 'bout lately, what do you do when you're "rationing" your limited amount of CD Audiobooks which have Dried Up due to the local Library being Closed now for 3-plus months due to the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Whale', in my case, I've gravitated towards actually watching; Err, Uhm, Oh Yeah that's right Mary Ellen, I'm Blind! Meaning I'm mostly; SHUSH! Be Berry-Berry Quiet, we're Hunting Wabbits... OOPSADAISY, Wrong Soundtrack; Hya!

Uhm, I meant mostly listening to Thy Telie', primarily the Motor Trend TV Channel. Hey, are you really surprised that I'd gravitate towards this totally Automotive related TV Channel, Eh?

Funny how Time has kept Zoom-Zooming by even though we've been in Lockdown mode here in Oregon since March 13th, albeit many Counties, including Lane have now just graduated to Stage-2 implementation of "Re-Opening" on June 5th, whatever that means Hmm, why does that make me think of an 'Ol Boston Album I bought on vinyl during its initial release - largely Panned by Critics called Stage III; Err, Uhm I meant Third Stage; But I Certainly Digress...

As I've included Thee "launch sequence" track, which I've always enjoyed, but let it at least play thru to Ye beginning of the Cool The Engines track, which is one of the singles from this album...

Over a month ago now, somewheres round May 7th, when I first jotted notes for this riveting; Err, Uhm Electrifying No Fenders story, Z-A-P! I sat down and watched my first ever Gory Electric Vehicles (EV) TV Show.

A fairly entertaining episode of Vintage Voltage, which takes classic automobiles and converts them into fully Electrified Rides. With the episode's vehicle in Questione being a "Clapped-out" Ferrari 308, for which I found what seems to be the final portion of this build?

And then two more episodes I viewed revolved around Volkswagen and Porsche Classics, whose two companies are tightly intertwined. As I enjoyed the modest makeover the Karman Ghia received.

But I was far more interested in the show about the Porsche 914, which sadly wasn't finished due to the Client's constantly changing his Build requests bumping up against the interruption of the COVID 19 Pandemic...

And although I couldn't find anything related to this specific Vintage Voltage's Porsche 914 EV Conversion, Thar seems to be plenty 'O 914's that have made Ye Switch to Electric. As this Porsche was the Highlight of an EV Show in Colorado, albeit I have to say I was more impressed with the EV Skateboard; CRIKEYS!

Nonetheless, I did unearth an article 'bout whether or not Porsche should bring back the 914 as a 21st Century EV.

But if you're A Died in Thee Wool Gearhead like Mwah, albeit a Revhead' Devotee. Which makes discovering a totally new website appropriately titled Petrolicious so very Karmic or Apropos. And especially when you're Blind, then ambulatory noise takes on even more significance regarding your passion for Automobiles...

Although I applaud the remaking of these motoring Classics, and think it's totally Cool to give  them a second lease on life. Thars still nothing better than the sounds of a true Blue' Err Momma Mia! Rosso or Teutonic Silver Internal Combustion engine vehicle!