Monday, June 22, 2020

Will Racism Ever End?

As C'mon People, it's the 21st Freakin' Century, Wake Up!

Was doing my typical Sunday night routine of listening to the Freaks via Ye Intrawoods', nee internet, when at the top of the Speed Freaks program's second hour Kenny Sargent read the Despicable News via NASCAR responding to some Unconciousable Person having placed a Noose in the legendous' #43 Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) Garage Stall of Darrell Bubba' Wallace, the sport's only Black Driver; WTF!

This is not only inexcusable, but is beyond any words I can type right now, as it Pained me hearing Statmann Caruthers' Incredulous tone and loss for words he could say on the Radio regarding this unbelievable turn of events occurring at Talladega on Father's Day No less!

Oh Wait, that's right, Talladega's in Alabama, and this is a Sickening twist of the ever Ratcheting Up of the Pugnacious Mental Aptitude of NASCAR's Good 'Ol Southern Base.

As I'm not gonna even bother discussing the Yeahoos' driving round with Thar Confederate Flags outside Talladega Super Speedway, BARF! But what Pains me worse about this incident, Statmann' eluded to by noting how there's been multiple Hangings of Black Men (and Latino's) lately in California, Texas and New York, and paints an Ominous note to the long standing tradition of Lynching's in our Country.

Not to mention the proximity of having just celebrated the 155th Anniversary of Juneteenth' 48 hours previously, when the last Holdout to Slavery, Texas was finally Abolished in 1865!

Along with just having also commemorated the 99th Anniversary of Tulsa, Oklahoma having the largest ever Massacre of Black People when Whites Rioted, Looted, Pillaged, Plundered and Burned Greenwood to the Ground! Murdering possibly as many as 300 African Americans! Not to mention the Displacement of 8,000 people from their once proud town! Once known as the Black Wall Street.

Or in the Immortal words of the late Rodney King, "Can't We All just Get Along?"

VIDEO: Ebony and Ivory Song


By now if you're following this story at All, then you already know that the FBI has Concluded their Investigation regarding the Noose found in Darrell Wallace Jr's Garage at Talladega Super Speedway. Having ruled that it was Not a Hate Crime after photographic evidence confirmed that the Garage Door Pull-down rope was there during last October's race, if not longer.

While one of racing's most polarizing figures, partially due to his Brashness, Willy T. Ribbs knows a thing or two about Racism. As he laments after NASCAR finally Banned the Confederate Flag from All of its Premises.

Ribbs recalled when visiting Talladega in the late 1970's, Fans Spitting on the ground he was walking on and thinking "That's Nice, They're trying to shine my shoes for Me!"

And I certainly don't need to tell Y'all that NASCAR, and America have a very, very long way to go towards overcoming it's inherant Racism. But how can you not be moved by the Overwhelming Show of Support for Darrell Wallace Jr. by All of the NASCAR Drivers and Team Members during Monday's Pre-race festivities...