Tuesday, June 30, 2020

MOTO GP: 2020 Season Finally Set to Begin

Although as one fellow member of Ye Bloggeratzi' has already Quipped: Hope Yuhs like Spain!

Was Hunting 'N Pecking around on Ye Trusty 'Ol winDOUGHS 7 Confuzer', to "SEE" if MotoGP had finally issued an updated Calendar, early June and was surprised to inadvertently discover that MotoGP had finally Wised Up! Having totally Missed thou memo that the series along with World Superbike was moving over to NBC Sports beginning this year, AMAZING!

although obviously they'll need to totally revamp their TV Schedule, since the story I found was from February, prior to the season being Discombobulated Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

As now the Stilted 2020 MotoGP Season will begin on July 19th in Jerez, Spain, followed by what's becoming the new Norm' in Motor Racing. When the series Hosts it's first Double Header at Jerez the following weekend, July 26th.

As a total of 13 Rounds have been scheduled, All taking place in Europe for obvious reason, i.e.; logistics, Health & Safety and ease of staying upon European soil.

As Jerez will be followed by 11 more rounds comprising of: Back-to-Back races in Austria, Missano, Motorland Aragon and Valencia. Interspersed with single race outings in the Checz Republic, Le Mans and Barcelona, to make up the mandatory Minimum number of 13 Races to constitute a Championship season.

As you can read below for the exact Dates, which naturally are still  Subject to final Confirmation, with the latter four Fly Away rounds, including the Circuit Of The Americas still currently undecided.

Whilst Yuhs can also read Dorna Boss Carmelo Ezpeleta's thoughts upon Juggling the 2020 MotoGP Season below...

And while most of the latest MotoGP News I've managed to wrangle up seems to mostly concentrate upon the 2021 Rider's Silly Season movements, I did come across an interesting article awhile ago regarding current MotoGP lumps' configurations.

With each Manufacturer having their respective engines completely designed is critical since they'll be "Frozen" in their current Homologated state, which I tend to recall occurred prior to the season being Derailed by the Corona Virus Outbreak...