Friday, June 12, 2020

Storied Williams F1 Team Explores possible Sale, Seeking New Investors

I first heard the News regarding Team Willys' Shock Announcement of exploring the Sale of its Storied Grand Prix Team via The Guardian, with the small tidbit noting that ROKiT would no longer be its title sponsor, just days after I'd finally Got Cracking on my No Fenders post revolving around ROKiT and its multiple Motorsports Sponsorships.

Apparently Jettisoning ROKiT in order to Clear Ye Decks for possible selling of the Williams F1 Team, which I must say sounds somewhat hard to believe, albeit I suppose nobody can stay Independent forever, Eh? As I think of McLaren as an example, now having gone thru multiple ownership changes.

But it still seems quite Odd that Team Willy would terminate its multi-year Title Sponsorship agreement with ROKiT, who I was unawares had extended its contract thru 2023 when your Organization is Bleeding Red Monetarily!

As there simply seems something Fishy about this Divesture, especially when it's noted that Thars No Guarantee that a Sale will occur or Investors are Forthcoming...