Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Another Crazy, Wackoid’ IndyCar Season’s Start!

Marcus Ericsson, Will Power and Scott Dixon pictured at the end of the St Pete race. (The Tomaso Collection)


Yet at least I got to listen to the Important parts of the St Pete Broadcast!


First off, I’d like to tackle something that seems to being overlooked on Ye Blogosphere.


Yeah, I’d like there to Not be a four weeks gap in IndyCar’s first two rounds like everyone else. But what’s not being mentioned is the fact that this is primarily due to the multiple IndyCar Teams who also race in IMSA Sports Cars competition, and the need to Not race on the same weekend as the prestigious 12 Hours of Sebring.


As Sebring’s legendous’ ‘Ol School 12 Hours race is typically held on the second full week of March, and was held on March 18th this year. Which if Y’all recall, IndyCar’s race at Texas Motor Speedway exactly did so last year with great Dissatisfaction from those IndyCar teams affected!


Ah, it seems fairly strange to think that I haven’t Scribbled’ anythingy’ new for Ye No Fenders Blog in a month’s time. Having been on another glorious 23 days Holiday, albeit I’ve enjoyed being away from the Keyboard!


I simply love how Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen Always takes care of me!


Case in point, after telling Her I wanted to listen to the St Pete IndyCar race while On Holiday, Abracadabra!


And in a case of apparently prescient knowledge, I was totally unworried over missing the season opening Formula 1 race also taking place in Bahrain the same weekend, since we All know how that Max Verstappen Red Bull Whitewash worked out! Although one does not need a Crystal Ball to foresee this. With Sergio Perez leading another Red Bull Farce in Jeddah. Along with reading subsequently Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward predicting a further Red Bull Massacre Down Under in Bloody Melbourne Mates! But I digress…


Yet fortuitously I asked Mary ellen to pull up the results of Friday’s practices for both F1 and IndyCar, to which She also inquisitively asked me where to find the IndyCar Radio Broadcast online. And when I mentioned they’d also be broadcasting Qualifying Saturday. She immediately said, Don’t you want to listen to that also?


Spending the week at Her Seester’s house on Vashon Island, Catherine had earlier divulged that the Internet service was currently awaiting a 48 Hours Reboot. Since She’d accidently cancelled the Credit Card it’s monthly Autopay payments had been being made from. With No idea when it would resume, or why it was taking so g-Damn long? But more upon that later…


As Saturday was a veritable “Keystone Cops” Comedy of Errors! Although it ultimately turned out to be a good “Spring Training” workout for Ye Apple Orchard’s technical issues!


Strangely, the Intrawoods’, nee internet service still wasn’t activated, with Catherine making another phone call to their Internets’ Service Provider (ISP) to find out what’s taking so long? With Catherine saying She knew how I could listen to it, as I sat on the couch with my faithful lap Hog Hang 10’ Hilo counting down until Qualie’ began at 11:15AM Pacific. As Catherine was initially busy listening to Wait Wait… don’t Tell Me! After saying I thought the race was tomorrow? Before pulling up the IndyCar Radio Network on Her Smart phone.


As perhaps it’s what All those Uber Smart Kids due these days? With Catherine saying She could stream the broadcast via Her phone thru their Rocu’s Bose Wave surround sound Speaker, and it would be just like being at the track! Whale’ not exactly Catherine, Hya!


Thus I marveled to Thyself after Catherine had repositioned the Bose speaker directly in front of Mwah for true “Stereophonic” sound. Along with Hilo seated on my lap as the start of the season’s first Qualifying session from St Pete began , musing “It Doesn’t get Any Better than This!” Especially when not having to inhale those typical, noxious wafting Cigar and Cigarette Fumes trackside!


Wallah, Just-in-time! Thar was Mike Gravelly’ James and Davey Hamilton Yacking at me as Catherine flitted about the house, being able to hear Her having a Chinwag’ with Mary Ellen before the broadcast suddenly Quit playing with just over 90 seconds remaining for Session One, Group One’s outing. Before I yelled Catherine!


An apologetic Catherine came out of the bedroom and said Sorry! I only have one bar and was trying to make a phone call. So I totally missed who’d gone thru for Group-1 before Catherine re-established “Connectivity.”


Then somewhere near the middle of Session One, Group Two’s 10mins, whilst Catherine was puttering about at the Dining room table Her phone rang, once again Knocking Out my Qualie’ broadcast! As it was Catherine’s Husband Stuart calling from somewhere in the Dolomites, to which Catherine Cheekily said we’ll have to Text Stuart, we’re currently having Broadband issues…


Next, I simply went into Hysterical, almost maniacal laughter when the next door neighbor teenager Alayla ran the Doorbell about halfway thru the 90mins broadcast and All three Dogs began Barking Madly! And Catherine and Alayla began talking excitedly over the piercing calamity of three Barking dogs! As even Hang 10’ Hilo, whose normally chilled, was Barking! Which obviously caused me to not be able to hear a Gory thing!


And Alayla, whose 14yrs old just wanted to “Play” with Danny, Catherine & Stuart’s 80-plus pounds Pitbull mix. Whilst Catherine and Alayla seemed totally Oblivious to the idea of my needing it to be QUIET! In order to actually Hear the Intrawoods’, nee internet broadcast…


Fortunately Mary Ellen came to my rescue and picked up the wireless Bose speaker and escorted me into the nearby Master bedroom, with Hilo trailing behind. As She left me holding the speaker while going and getting a TV tray table to place it upon. Got a foam pillow for my backside with Hilo hopping onto my lap, and then closed the door for me so I could finally Hear what was going on with three minutes remaining for session two’s Fast 12 Knockout round!


But at least I got to listen in relative silence to the final six minutes Fast Six Shootout. The most important part, being for Pole position, which Romain Grosjean somewhat unexpectedly claimed.


Later that afternoon, Catherine & Stuart’s daughter Elizabeth, a College Senior at UPS came over to the Island for the weekend. And as we sat around the table following dinner the topic of the Internet being out came up. To which incredulously Elizabeth Screamed What


As Catherine tried explaining how it wasn’t Her fault that She’d accidently cancelled the Credit Card! Before I Sardonically said to Elizabeth, I guess that’s sorta a Deal Breaker! To which Elizabeth curtly shot back it sorta is! To which I couldn’t help myself and said I guess that was Need to Know Information…


Sunday morning, the Intrawoods’ service still wasn’t working, WTF! For which Catherine called their ISP again, to which it told Her the service had been restored and would She like them to reset it? Which should take up to 10mins time. And then still without thee Intrawoods’ working, Catherine began reading the trouble shooting guide. And for reasons totally unknown, the modem had mysteriously become unplugged! For which this would take a further 10mins to reset after being plugged back in…


Yet finally just some Gory 10mins before the Pre-race broadcast began, Eureka! Thankfully Mary Ellen was able to set-up Her laptop for Mwah in the guest bedroom where I could close the door! And listen to the whole IndyCar race in relative silence with Hilo on my lap!


As we All know what happened during the race. As suddenly Mark James was Screaming at me over the calamity of the massive six-seven car Pile-up at Turn-3 on lap-1! For which I promptly sought out Mary Ellen to turn down the volume during the 21mins Red Flag period…


As it just seemed like it turned into an All Skate that Nobody wanted to win! As I found myself once again Rootin’ for ScottyMac’, aka Scott McLaughlin before you know what!


And I really thought that Pato O’Ward had the race in the bag, since it had turned into a single groove race track with the propensity of Marbles Off-line. But then that weird, almost never, random plenum fire temporarily Halted Pato’s forward progress, and Marcus Ericsson said Thank You very Mucho!


Photo C/O No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’