Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where’s the LUV IndyCarz?

Although Meesh’s scribblings appear all to infrequently – as I always enjoy her totally frank assessment of the Open Wheel Racing world... This latest post is a DOOZY! Albeit once again 1000% totally on target, as our feisty KuhNaidiun lass points out how Indy Car has just potentially taken a HUGE step backwards towards promoting its sport internationally via that world wide web thingy – as Tank Gawd! I DON’T haveda put up with the pathetic TSN television coverage Up North Eh! Nope, all I’ve gotta do is persevere with the ‘Mega-twitchy (Bitchy?) Indycar.com webcasts; CRIKEYS! As I too feel your PAIn Meesh, as I’m forced primarily to attempt scribblin’ about Motorsports remotely, especially since Portland Int’l Raceway’s been wiped off the calendar and the three nearest INDYCAR events are 1,000+ miles away from me!

So now that the Uber-critical rubber issue is temporarily settled – let’s see if we can focus upon providing more eyeballs access to the racing coverage, shall we?

guess we’ll just read about it the next day…
And apparently this is quite the HOT-HOT-HOT! ‘Hotbutton issue, as the powers-to-be just DON’T get it? Or is this simply another case of the 800lb comca$t gorilla raising its UGLY head? You make the call! Hmm? Car capping and NO internetz streams – seems like a pretty GOOFY way to grow a sport, eh?

NBC Missing the Boat, Taking IndyCar with It
Has NBC/Comcast Lost the Plot? A Warning for IndyCar
Hmm? Does that mean if IndyCar throws the Lucky Dawg – We’ll get our internetz stream back? Oh Never Mind!