Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Off to OZ ‘N Places In-between...

So Tacoma Bureau chief Mary Ellen sez; are Yuhs gonna tell your readers where you’re going? Uh yeah, shortly - and thus with NO further adu – Drumrool please... Tuh Duh! Your humble No Fenders scribe is off to the land of Oz. NO! NOT that Oz Up North Eh! BUTT! Duh REAL OZ, as in the land Down Under, a.k.a. Australia Mates! Now, thankfully to Mary Ellen’s insistence, I’ve made the decision to partake in ‘Somme-thun called the Australian Grand Prix; CRIKEYS! I’m still a bit befuddled that I’ll be attending this year’s season opening Formula One race! As my only nebulous links to this is the colorfully outspoken Paul Stoddart ‘N Mark “Handlebarz” Webber... Along with being a HUGE Fan ‘O ze “Toowoomba Toranadoe,” nee will Power. Meanwhile; NOPE! I still have absolutely ZERO idea how far away the Gold Coast Surfers Paradise circuit is from Adelaide – my final destination... Oh yeah as I’ve just scribbled above, I’m trying a different race series as a tune-up for Albert Park... I’m gonna go watch some ‘Aussie V-8 Supercars tussle ‘round the Adelaide street circuit, which will certainly be different, eh? And perhaps it’s just been all of the COOLLLLLLLDDDDDDD weather we’ve had here in the Pacific Northwest: RAIN, HAIL, SNOW, RAIN, HAIL, SNOW,MUD SLIDES, RAIN, HAIL, SNOW... Oh Never Mind! Yooze gets the idea; AnyHoo, thus I’m actually looking more forward to just getting the HE-LL outta here vs. the races. Not to mention possibly pettin’ some Koala’s – LOOK! Aren’t ‘Dey CUTE!?! And I’m not certain if I should try tossin’ out the NoFenderz MoJo once again, especially since it didn’t work for either of my ‘Aussie choices last season. But I’d be thrilled to see “Britanny,” (Nico Rosberg) “FehLippeh,” (Felipe Massa) “Quick Nick” (Heidfeld) “Handlebarz” (Mark Webber) or ‘Rubino (Barrichello) on the top step of the Albert Park podium. And I’ve asked BlogMeister Extraordinaire Miguel to post a few “Canned” stories for Mwah whilst I’m Out of the Office – just don’t expect the usual daily dribble.

Hmm? Somehow I don't think I'll be rubbing elbowz with Uncle Bernaughty, eh? Something to do with the little people... Back after OZ GP...

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