Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Schmidt to go really FAZZT in Indy Cars

Here’s another news blurb that seemingly came outta left field to Mwah... As Kurt Cavin broke the news this morning that Sam Schmidt has purchased the FAZZT Race Team; HOLY BOWERS ‘N SEALS BATMAN!

Not sure what exactly triggered this move, but Cavin notes that Sam Schmidt will retain the services of Alex Tagliani as the team’s lead driver, whilst Schmidt’s previously announced triumberant of Wade Cunningham, Townsend Bell and Jay Howard will continue on with their previously announced limited schedules. No idea if this will morph into a revolving second car a la Dryer & Reinbold Racing last year, eh? As I’m guessing the deal may put the kybosh upon Ho-Ping tun’s arrival in IndyCars?

Bell & Howard are both slated to race One-off’s at Indianapolis for Sam Schmidt Motorsports; along with Bell running a further late season oval, albeit there was some conjecture upon the Autosport Radio Show that Howard may be farmed out to the Rahal Letterman Racing team for the month of May instead? While Cunningham is slated to run Kentucky, the Texas Twin 329km’s and Las Vegas...