Friday, March 11, 2011

Double Ringer

So I began the day with an unexpected phone call informing me of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan last night (Seattle time) and the fast approaching tsunami set to hit the west coast at any moment... As ironically I’d watched a 2hr episode about the seven most deadliest oceans just a week or so ago, which focused upon the ‘Mega tsunami that killed 220,000 people back in 2006.

So I reluctantly watched the local NW News prattle on ‘N on ‘bout the size of the impending tidal wave, albeit just like our SNOW forecast’s, it seemed like the predicted surge kept decreasing, becoming smaller ‘N smaller... HEY YOU! Where do you think you’re going? We HAVEN’T given the ALL CLEAR signal yet... OOPS! I’m late for my appointment – in the damp, dark Pacific Northwest, as Grunge seems like the colour of the sky & landscape today!

Yet, on the flip side, I did read the GREAT news that Firestone has been convinced to change their collective Corporate minds and will now stay onboard Indy Car thru 2013, which I’m absolutely certain is a huge 100% relief for everybody concerned... As even I was not overly enthused ‘bout having to spool up a new rubber supplier at this critical juncture in INDYCAR’s “recovery,” especially with the 2012 Body-by-Mennen Aerokit chassis slated to begin testing this July... As Danny B pointed out the sobering fact of when’s the last time a Firestone tyre unexpectedly let go in a bad way Ontrack??? As I could only surmise sometime during the CART Goodyear-Firestone tyre war of the late 1990’s...

Firestone Back Through '13