Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live from Indy – Sorta...

Pictures: Jimmy Clark’s rookie 1963 Lotus; Danica Patrick’s rookie-car & Mario Andretti’s 1969 Indy 500 winner...

So this has been kickin’ around awhiles; BUTT! It’s definitely NOT everyday I get a phone call saying: Guess where I am? Which was exactly the case when I answered “line-1” a few weeks ago... As none other then No Fenders Fan Club member Randall was pourin’ Salt in the Wounds by giving me an impromptu telephone call from outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Hall of Fame museum; SHEISA!

But I’m happy that Randall made the effort to go visit not only the Speedway, but the most Excellante Hall of Fame museum – which everybody should visit at least once! And hopefully my cheesy pitch-job to go ride the shuttle round the famed ‘Ash-fault ‘N across the Yard ‘O bricks was enough to convince him to do so?

Thanxs for the Pic’s Randy, albeit I’m NOT so sure ‘bout the DannaWho? Rookie car; URGH!

(Jim Clark & Danica Patrick picture courtesy of Randall)
(Mario Andretti picture courtesy of “CARPETS”)