Monday, March 14, 2011

Saab-Spyker to Spin-off Spyker Cars...

That’s a mouthful, eh? As try sayin ‘Dat Fast Five-times... As apparently original Spyker Cars NV Boss Victor Muller, who’s now the Head Honcho for Saab-Spyker Cars has become so enamored with his new company... Wait for it. We’re just waiting for it to come around... NOT only is he the CEO but he’s a customer too; Hya! As I don’t know why that catchy phrase from the Bosley Men’s Club sprang to mind, eh? Oh Never Mind!

As interestingly, first Messer Muller & Co purchased Midland/MF1 Racing from Russian born Canadian Capitalist Alex Shnaider, in order to Rebrand it as Spyker F1. And now ironically Mister Muller is spinning off his Spyker Cars NV to another ‘Rooskie – this time somebody by the name of Vladimir Antonov; Hmm? NO relation to the Aeroplane company, eh? As the millionaire is the owner of CPP Global Holdings Ltd, who’ll Assume Control of the to be Rebranded Spyker Cars shortly...

Spyker selling off Sports Cars to focus upon Saab

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