Friday, March 4, 2011

Quote of the Day...

Sorry ‘bout that Jeffie, Err Mr. Innucci, as obviously this is a shameless takeoff of your long running segment formerly at My Name is IRL and currently One Lap Down... Which I still say is The Wanderin’ Milkalicious’s “Tag-line;” Hya!

Kurt Cavin:
“And Ward Burton is swapping Rides with Milka Duno...”

Which was in reference to the little tidbit thrown out upon Trackside with Kevin & Cavin last night when Kevin Lee read a News blurb from the Birmingham News which noted that The Cheepster’s Boyz Jamie McMurray & Scott Dixon will join the growing Congo-line for swapping rides a la the upcoming Stewart-Hamilton Show which I previously scribbled ‘bout in; Tradin’ Paint – The Sequel.

“Jamie Mac” will drive Dixon’s number Nine IndyCar at Barber Motorsports Park (BMS) during the fast approaching Spring Training/Winter Thaw... Then later on Dixon will try doin’ his best Ricky Bobby impersonation of turnin’ Left in ‘Dat big ‘Ol No. 1 RASSCAR Bomber ‘round duh ‘Tega (Talladega) High banks. (Or should it be Hi-jinx?) As reportedly the swap will take place after Wednesday’s Indy Car Open test and WON’T be available to the public; WTF? How in the HE-LL is that gonna cross-promote ‘Dem AlaBAMMie trackes; Oh Never Mind!