Monday, February 28, 2011

Tradin’ Paint – the Sequel

So I must say that I found it a tad bit ironic that the day I discovered the news, “Pretty boy Floyd” was busy snappin’ his 0-for-66 winless drought in the Valley of the Sun...

What am I ramblin’ on ‘bout you may ask? Whale in case you haven’t heard, sometime this summer Tony Stewart will swap rides with Lewis Hamilton in an event slated to take place at Watkins Glen Int’l Raceway – which would be a blast to witness and hopefully will be open to the public, as I’d LUV to hear that ‘MERC screaming ‘round the joint!

‘Smoke (Tony Stewart) will buckle himself into a full blown 2010-spec McLaren MP4-25 racecar whilst “Louise ‘JAGUAR” (Hamilton) will do his best Rowdy Holmes impersonation behind the wheel of one of Stewart’s Chevy Cup-cars...

Of course this immediately brought back memories of watching Jeff Gordon swap rides with Juan Pablo Montoya at Indianapolis way back in 2003, which apparently was a precursor for ‘MAC Montoya’s future employment, eh? As I can still see Monty drivin’ too hard into the corner in that No. 24 rainbow warrior machine, Gordon pounding ‘round IMS’s road course at very respectable speed in the Team Willie’s blue & white Williams-BMW and still hear the screeching ‘O Larry Mac’s voice in my head... As hopefully SPEED will do another show a la the ’03 Tradin’ Paint episode.

And lookie ‘Dar – I even stayed away from any jokes ‘bout ‘Smoke not being able to squeeze his backside into the McLaren a la BLOODY ‘NIGE; Hya! Hey! You don’t think I wanna have ‘Smoke throwin’ his helmet at me do Yuhs?