Tuesday, February 1, 2011

INDYCAR: 2011 Season getting Curious ‘N Curiouser...

So the Dale Coyne Memo sitting in the No Fenders Mailbox came as quite ‘O surprise to Mwah... As the title sez: ‘Hamburgular ‘N Plowie to DCR? Say What; WTF? As in apparently ‘Ol PT’s Bosom Buddy: SeaBass,” a.k.a. Sebastian Bourdais has just had his first run in an IndyCar in 3-years at a Sebring test session Monday.

Sebastian Bourdais:
“The car was very good and it really felt good to be back in an Indy Car,”

“I was not sure what to expect, but I was impressed with the way the car handled, and look forward to putting together the pieces to get back into Indy Car racing. I really believe in what Dale is doing with his team and it can be a great workable opportunity for both of us this year.”

Meanwhile, Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) also ran Indy Car Series hopeful Martin “Plowie” Plowman - granting the Brit his debutant running in a Big Car (IndyCar)

Martin Plowman:
“I am very pleased that everything went exceptionally well today. The car was very stable and quick right out of the box, allowing me to improve our times all day long.”

As DCR noted that Bourdais set the quickest test time at Sebring to date, whilst Plowman wound-up in P3. (No word on how J.K. Vernay did for Conquest...)

Meanwhile, Andretti Autosport also pulled a Rabbit-outta-duh-Hat by announcing that 27yr old Englishman Mike Conway has been inked to a full season ride in AA’s fourth racecar – that was previously thought to perhaps be filled by Danny-boy ‘SPIKE Wheldon?

No sponsors were announced as far as I can tell... Which is somewhat bemusing – especially since are Yuhs ready? Penske Racing is reportedly rolling out some more new for 2011 sponsor’s tomorrow afternoon. (East Coast time...)

So, I don’t know what it means – if anything, eh? But it looks like seats are rapidly dwindling in the Big Boyz ranks, and I have NO idea what these developments mean for either Dan Wheldon or Alex Lloyd? Wonder if Dryer & Reinbold will bulk up to a four car effort?

Hmm? Wouldn’t it be funny if some ‘Ol Champ Car rivalry between the blue caped masked crusader Paul Tracy was to end up applying a refresher ‘Chrome Horn treatment to le Hamburgular; say perhaps at Edmonton? Hya!