Saturday, February 19, 2011


Friday afternoon I walked into my neighborhood grocery store and waited in front of the checkout stands for my typical Courtesy Clerk shopping assistance. Whilst standing there, I overheard Bob-the-Cashier say: “I’m makin’ a LEFT turn...” Then he repeated it before the middle aged female customer he was helpping chimed in: its NOT REAL racing!”

As I couldn’t refrain from guffawing ‘N chortling laughter – saying: Y’all talkin ‘bout DayToner? YEE-HAW! That’s Funny Stuff – Yuhs hear!?!

Then the other two female cashiers simultaneously told me: Cheryl’s NOT here – she called in sick... As Cheryl is my regular Numero Uno helper, so I found it funny when they volunteered Chris, the Assistant Manager to help me instead.

As we set off on my brief grocery run, having grabbed a cart – I told Chris how funny I’d found Bob’s comments ‘bout turnin’ LEFT to be... And even Chris got in on the Hi-jinx; as she told me at the end of the first aisle: I’m makin’ a LEFT turn... And further on, towards the end of my list, she said: I’m makin’ a right turn... Funny SHIT, eh? “Get ‘Er Done, Y’all...” Hya!

And to think I live in a state WITHOUT an Open Wheel race, eh? Although I did notice that the PBR did just visit Portland...