Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have You Run Over a Ferrari lately?

Suppose this is old news; BUTT! I did find it somewhat amusing that the fine folks at the “FoMoCo” (Ford Motor Company) felt the urge to sue la Scuderia – who apparently were unawares of some PickemUp truck sold stateside named the F150; OOPS! Sorry ‘bout ‘Dat – Playing thru; FOUR!!!

Y’all know that ‘Feurd’s “Built Ford Tough” F150 is the Darn Blasted bestest selling PickemUp Truck in the USA for 34yrs running, right?

Ford sues Ferrari over use of F150 name

As from NOW ON it’ll be called the F150th Italia – Yeah, that’s the ticket... Have Yuhs driven a Ford lately? Although I could invision some Monster Truck called GraveDigger crushing some Furr-Rari’s; Hya!

Oh Whale – at least Felipe & Fredrico won’t haveda worry ‘bout faulty Airbags, eh?